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This video is sponsored by expressvpn Toy Story shorts those are a thing around Disney plus maybe you've been recommended a couple of them it's kind of confusing to follow here's the whole Toy Story franchise Library there are of course the four Mainline Toy Story movies then during the Toy Story 3 phase there is Toy Story 2 . three of them.

Small fry Hawaiian vacation and Partysaurus Rex then you've got two television specials for Halloween 2013 and Christmas 2014. then for the Toy Story 4 era there's four he asks a question which is 10 separate micro episodes there's Disney Pixar's Lamplight not even Toy Story in the title and then of course light year and.

A behind the scenes dock of it you get all that today we're tackling the meat in the middle no main Lines no light year no forky because that's barely any content at all and no Pixar popcorn because that's a season of 10 episodes from all sorts of Pixar IPS this takes grounds for a whole other spin-off episode but first hop onto the.

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Into things in chronological order that being the first Toy Story 3's Toy Story Toons Hawaiian vacation these three Tunes are reached like half a year apart so this one came out alongside Cars 2 and was directed by Gary reichstrom the guy who attempted Newt huh anyway this six minute episode all focuses on Barbie and Ken as they are hoping to join.

Bonnie as the family go to Hawaii for winter break as this story takes place three months after Toy Story 3. however after stowing away in Bonnie's bag you can put mad luggage right here uh Ken this is Barney's bedroom oh they come to find their plans are ruined as Bonnie has left her school bag behind.

Of course and what's worse Ken was hoping to set up a romantic kiss at sunset for Barbie but obviously can't now this is and so despite being in the opposite season the rest of the room worked together to recreate Hawaii as best they can with what they've got to try and set up the moment for Barbie and Ken anyway.

Doing so somewhat in an assortment of charming ways oh look at that following a real Hawaii brochure along the way it's simple it's wholesome and it's pretty nice and creative as well gags ensue of all sorts of variety until it finally comes to the big moment looks like she does have this one.

Covered I'll get the shovel nice sweet funny and amicable it's nothing special but a nice display of some toiley creativity and a plausible detour you could see all these characters going through not to mention so many gags crushed into a six minute run time they've even got a post-credits scene for a mini episode the whole set.

Of Toy Story Side Stories aren't gonna be this basic mind you as even episode 2 is now doubled in size Toy Story 2 small fry is all about a mini Buzz Light Year with a disproportionately large head man they really enjoy their Buzz Lightyear clone huh so this one actually feels like a creative new extension to the universe that makes sense that couldn't.

Carry an entire movie it's fast food kids meal toys you know the knickknacks of toys so this one puts Bonnie at Poultry Palace forget Pizza Planet as she selects a kidsman of course this month sponsoring the universe of light year and this Buzz being a buzz of course can't stomach standing still and watching all the fun happily especially.

After witnessing our Buzz out there as a potential opportunity and so hops into action he does I think I just found our ticket to play time and with that Switcheroo we have room 3B plot as well the small fry bars has infiltrated Bonnie's room um Buzz Lightyear I come in peace and is of course trying to insert themselves.

Into the mixed whilst our Buzz sees behind the curtain into the world of fast food naturally even though somehow the mum has no apparent perception of proportions Our Gang clearly knows what's up immediately and as for our Buzz I think there's been a mistake you see I was just left with the ball pit.

Turns out kids meal toys are accustomed to being abandoned and forgotten not to mention they each come with their own gimmicks and varieties why don't the kids like me I'm like history but on Wheels even setting up a support group for the bunch of them it's an excuse for Pixar to stretch their creative juices some more by playing around with ideas.

For doofy toy designs get along little piggy small fry Buzz of course refuses to assist with recovering his counterpart or even playing nicely with the others as they are just in it for themselves whilst all Buzz is disallowed from escaping through the vent up top instead taking part in activities how am I gonna.

Get up there but as Buzz clicks on a way to leave using one of them off he goes Yuri do you mind yeah sure whatever whoa and poor lizard wizard clearly the guy's going through something Buzz uh he left I'm glad Pixar has learned of the perfectly cut scream so the two plots start to merge in the middle of the gang.

Plan to infiltrate Poultry Palace we could drive a truck through the front door or you could use the drive-through well there goes the tail but it's not all the end from there but with the help of my sponsor the real prize is inside of each and every one of us as Buzz has joined right alongside him too and still joins the support group where he can it.

Seems oh oh and it turns out that the 12 12-minute run time was still six minutes just the entire second half was put to credits I mean it's nice to see they had such a solid theming with the fast food menu idea but did it have to take up 50 I.

Feel like I enjoy these projects more for the creativity behind the concepts more than anything else but have thought that the Toy Story concept would have so many implications to explore and again there's a brief post credits with small fry Zerg and his badge speaking as well belt buckle you crack me up sometimes nice I think this one I like more than.

Hawaiian vacation so far it's similarly as creative but love the way that the plot splits into would have been better if they actually infiltrated Poultry Palace and you gotta love lizard wizard finally for the Toy Story Tunes we come to our final installment Partysaurus Rex this time expanding onto bath toys of course and Rex is at the.

Center of it all this time coming in at nine minutes long nope no you're not getting me this time it's it's still six Rex is seen as the party pooper of the group since within the first five seconds of the short he's panicked over getting bubble soap on the floor open the floor this is some incredible pacing to get the idea across I'll.

Certainly give her that and just as quickly Bonnie swipes him up and takes him over to the bath whoa nice and a Godzilla reference in there you've got to appreciate how Pixar manages to fit in all these extra fan services against such a micro episode but yes it's all part of Bonnie's play.

Time in the bath until just as quick it's all over and the many many toys around the bath can awaken with their real thoughts what a different opinion these guys have of Rex and he's aware of it time for an identity change about the idea of sentient bath toys.

There's something you've got to address pretty quickly when bath time's done actually it sounds like quite a tragic reality only being useful or even mobile for a fraction of the day and not to mention you have to remain in your object form while the child is even in the room it's a very small window in there and they don't have any arms but.

These guys Wanna Party and there's only one way to make that happen with Rex's Grand ability of having hands short hands but their hands well I've got arms I could get this party started up in here the guy who's usually the most cautious is now taking the dive and the party is ready to continue on it's the best day of their lives and they're not.

Gonna live it down check me out bit of a mystery how they managed to not get heard this whole time but sure sure it's a full-on rave now something I don't think the Target demographic of this movie would have ever experienced before but okay it's a nice flip side of philanthropy the Rex can provide except.

Well this dude really knows we all overflow it's time to leap off the deep end as they've even clogged the drain that will mediate the water and though Rex has come to his senses regarding this disaster fall apart from here what's the lesson.

Don't party I don't know sir this party is out of control whatever the case as Rex comes to witness the over barrage of bubbles he finally works out a plan that was close it wasn't the best of plans but again great integration with reality to make.

Everything make sense whilst being a great piece of action as Rex is overwhelmed a hero to the bath people but soon to be an aquatic liability everyone is upset Mr Potato Head gets his comeuppance and Rex is seen as the party animal he is bit of a weird one this one but hey you.

Could tell someone said at the writer's table hey what about bath toys and this came of it it's nice and the actual coloring and directing is fantastic considering there is a lot going on in front of your face wouldn't say it has created from a writing perspective as the past two Tunes but it's enjoyable not a bad first Rave but now it's time.

To upgrade our spin-offs coming out of the Toy Story Tunes collection we're now getting to the Toy Story 3 television specials whilst the past three examples all showcased in cinemas in some form these next two were director TV and themed over holiday events starting in 2013 now so three years since the film we've now got a run time of 21 minutes.

And the credits are just on the side this time starting off with the Halloween one Toy Story of Terror with a reimagining of old school black and white horror Aesthetics wow watch out he's right behind you Bonnie is being driven on this dreary stormy night to her grandmother's but one flat tire later of course and they must stay at a.

Creepy cheap motel it's your standard setup for horrible things to happen and Mr Pricklepants knows all of the tropes patience all great horror films start slowly you see their design and I love how everyone reacts differently Buzz talking tactics instead meanwhile Jesse has her personality trait of claustrophobia and fear in full.

Force not to mention having some bad luck on the side as well but eventually they're settled in their room and being The Adventurous kind they come out to investigate once Bonnie has gone to bed we're at a motel I just want to check out the amenities the first to leave usually gets it each with their.

Own contributions and decent reasons for being a part of this episode there's a mystery to this room and what's more wait where's Potato Head And So It Begins something Dreadful is a foot as well now bringing them underneath the floorboards where Buzz can glow in the dark I love every time they reveal more of Buzz's.

Glow-in-the-dark element I forget about it every time and it works so well to add some atmosphere he was the only one who knew what the heck was going on but yes they're each being picked off by some Beast one by one leaving it down to just three thank you God that's horrifying it's fine in Toy.

Story logic but geez and as the three and that hand escape to a bathroom stall eventually we come to witness Jesse as singled out and since you're halfway through the video so far do consider subscribing or send us suggestions for this new spin-off series I'd love to see more expansions of these animated movies I.

Love and check out the shorts live and Community tabs on our channel for more stuff come back Carlson things horrible things never mind it's a combat Carl here to rescue them warning her that her only chance is to escape back to warona while she asserts that she's gonna find her friends and then it reappears.

Forget about come back come just go it's only Jesse left cornering herself in a shower as it's the best she can do it's just a vague psycho reference turns out it's an iguana that's been stalking around the place this whole time and a very dog-like one at that daintily placing her somewhere with a bell announcement.

Everything Loops back to the motel owner who's another Chicken Man Chicken Man an adult hoping to sell the toys for profit on ebit so glad you're everyone is fine and in one piece they're just collected in a glass cabinet also combat Carl Jr is here combat car would like to introduce you.

To his one-third scale counterpart combat Carl Jr man and despite the paperclip plan of action is unsuccessfully able to get them out just as Woody has sold for two thousand dollars well I'm glad to finally learn the actual value of the doll though somehow I thought it'd be higher chance it we got another gold mine.

You gotta guess with a flat tire that needs fixing absolutely come on I'll show you the way but now an opportunity is opened up as Jesse is released onto the outside ready to save Woody as he's been boxed out and shipped remember your training when I have a lot of meme material I'm pretty sure I've seen this one vaguely around.

It's great this this is a Jessie episode through and through and what more way to challenge this character than by having her have to handle more boxes and Styrofoam in order to save Woody she has to empty a box get in close herself in and take the brunt of it Zoom me in wait wait don't tape it I won't be able to get out are you sure.

About this no not really not taping it makes it not that bad after all except for one last thing I forgot the tape again the worker notices and her worst fears are discovered it's actually kind of tense considering it's literally just tape and they keep up the claustrophobia.

Element it's really good and just as quickly Bonnie's car has been sorted but she overcomes finds a way out with that trusty paperclip and things are looking up Jesse finds a way and just like that she manages to save Woody look they're coming back.

Oh my God but there's more as Jesse wants to expose that they're stolen to Bonnie reveal this conspiracy and save all the toys in one Fell Swoop all that needs to be done is open the curtain to reveal the back rooms just gotta fight the Iguana first my hand see told you before eventually.

Come and get it Bonnie's been missed middle time anyway so for them to be deemed as stolen rather than lost as a great turn for the toys as well as Bonnie four come on buddy let's go and the mum.

Can make some phone calls to have the guy receive Justice separate it again I'm nuts and thus they drive off into the sunrise and our credits roll side space with what happens next to all the other toys popping onto a moving truck a la Toy Story one as a motel owner is approached.

By the authorities sorry if you notice the spoilers from the blast preview told you not to leave the keys in the car oh Jesus this project clearly had way more production value and time put into it compared to the three mini episode Tunes but boy does it stand out this was a stellar story all the way through from everyone's contributions to Jesse's.

Genuine character development that stems from the mainline movies to the events the comedy the characters all of it puts this as my absolute favorite so far yes it is treading a little on Toy Story 2 but Toy Story of Terror now stands at the top against all three Tunes time to move on for some more jumping ahead in the timeline to 15 months later although.

Bonnie is still the same-ish age as ever we come to Toy Story the time forgot the Christmas special that they obviously couldn't slap out just three months later now this one is all about dinosaurs as bodies enjoying the Christmas period but is heading over to visit a friend of hers with a very different taste and status when it comes.

To toys and on the theme of dinosaurs there is of course Trixie the dinosaur who's never actually been played with as a dinosaur before which leaves her perturbed oh don't worry Trixie next time you'll be a dinosaur for sure there's also now this Christmas ornament added into place speaking in ominous words of deep wisdom limitations are the.

Shackles we bind to ourselves and so as body comes to visit Mason he's far more interested in playing video games with his brand new console gotta be kidding me he got enough to move it for Christmas so the rest of the toys are relegated to the other room which it turns out is an old school toy paradise and a dinosaur one at that the whole.

Room is a set piece with a giant consistent branding across it from one particular toy franchise and seemingly these guys are really into role play Speak swiftly foolish Outlanders or suffer my battle blade and at the center of it all is the dino Prince rectalus Maximus who seems enamored by Trixie as well what fearsome.

Dinosaurs are these who I am reptilis Maximus the handsome flirty Dino Prince but then comes our episode Palpatine the cleric as he's known who's disgruntled by Buzz and Woody's snickering demeanor which they're doing so because this guy's really into his role play Strange edges from the unforgiving outlands I find their lack of armor stabbing they.

Then go on to upgrade Trixie with some more armor parts as that is just the necessities of this world and also weapons weapons are on her shoulders of course Rex clearly gets the best deal out of all of it and in case the evil hints weren't enough the cleric also has the eye of Sauron element to them as well we then come to learn that this.

Entire set of battle saws have never been played with before by Mason since they were bought for Christmas two days ago and because of this they are not even aware that they are toys though they do seem to have their theme song ingrained into their brains.

It's Buzz Lightyear syndrome on an entire collection and what better way to learn that than by brutally taking out the other toys they had previously taken prisoner in an awful Coliseum Arena fight and what's next Buzz and Woody are next on The Chopping board against a super agile Dino Prince with no intention to.

Pull back they don't even know their toys incredible isn't it and now we know all the context it's time for battle it genuinely seems kinda tense since it feels like the pair are in genuine danger you're worried for Woody stitching and all that I didn't think I would ever care.

But as Trixie hops in pushes reptilus and they start to win a giant Beast is higher to swallow them whole all would be lost if not for one final Twist on Trixie's part what is dumbfounded as she spouses her branding a written loyalty to a child an experience that none of them have had before it's a moment of recognition.

Briefly for reptilus if it wasn't for the cleric labeling Trixie is a heretic for having branding as well as Reagan the supplicator force controlling Rex's Robo arms in order to attain her now it's a fight between friends too in an interesting yet brief way but with all hope lost Trixie blasts out of there and Raptors.

Is set to Trail her raptorless it's a more action-fed version of The Buzz reveal as the box of reptilis's Origins is laid out directly in front of him whoa he is a toy a child's plaything not a genuine fighter sent to defend his kingdom.

Cleric knows this and just opts for their assumed power reaching Woody and Buzz from the giant Beast where they can now see that the cleric has been aware of their toiley reality hey hey that's Mason and Barney and as long as Mason is distracted by his video games the cleric can maintain total control over this room and all of its entities and now he.

Intends to shred Woody and Buzzard an event all the wild Trixie is in the room and headed headed console to find a solution her plan is to cut off the console power in order to force Mason into the other room and have everyone surrender to child play time just one time it is an event that will broaden all.

Horizons and give all A New Perspective learning their toy reality and coming to be less authoritative and controlled you can be so much more and you know it convincing to have reptilis make that choice to press the button it's about being there for your kid surrender and so he does and for the first time.

Becomes an emblem for childlike Joy oh what planet is from Neptune or maybe Florida just in time for Buzz and Woody to avoid being shredded at the last second his toys of course going static involuntarily and poor cleric visibly distraught over these turn of events.

but for Raptors he's never felt more important it's the joy of being a toy and it all stems from Trixie's contributions on this Christmas special visits a toy's first experience being played with and an emotional moment of the score is to be believed that was glorious so shall we say.

With our episode ending off telling the tales at home Barney's dinosaur gets to be everything and finishing up on that Don Christmas ornament again be grateful for your gifts they are all around you oh oh okay and we once again have the credits to the side of the screen as reptiles has the marking of Mason on his.

Hand my heart will burn bright Tuesday 3 30 . it's another sweet extended tale that's a neat Direction an entire set piece and a hint of video games I guess though this one is kind of treading on the same old Tales of toys don't know their toys which kind of loses me it seems more like a reinterpretation of their first movie this time with more.

Graphical improvements and some neat new circumstances and directing it's solid but certainly not the best out of what we've seen so I'd say it ranks as fourth not as creative as it could have been but a sweet story overall tried and tested but decent and finally for today we come to the timeline of Toy Story 4 again skimming all of the Pixar popcorns.

All the four key questions which legit have so little substance to them I couldn't even try to make any content out of them instead we sit solely on Disney Pixar lamp life this is not a sequel to Toy Story 4 is an extension of the in-betweens following what happened to Bo Peep the entire time between her separation post 2 and pre-4 so really I.

Guess this is all the same time period huh this project now releases six years after that last TV special over directly to Disney Plus in January of 2020 seven months after Toy Story 4. so here while it is the same night of Toy Story 4's ending and we do get to see where Bo and Woody go to after that point this short covers Bo Peep's story as she retells it.

It's all done via narration okay well why don't you tell them your story first telling of how she was replaced into the possession of another younger girl having good times with this new one we had some nice moments in a lamp kind of way with all sorts of playtime experiences though she wasn't allowed to necessarily play with a lamp.

No this is not a toy no no no other times it was more of a grind to get through and then we learned she was treated a little more recklessly with a young Corona damaged mostly in the stick multiple times before being moved for safety in a more desolate place with a side of bad parenting as two children are brought into the mix and it.

Just seems to get worse as these kids are a bit Scrappy oh and soon enough she was rejected by her kids as they grew older plonked into a donation box and routinely rejected before being picked up by the strangest detour what it's a baby lamp I love how she continues to express in.

Her Frozen form so much character coming out from what is essentially the same static shots and from there Pixar whips out all the more creativity they can think of at the same composition moths ships snow cats streets as you know appliances have a shelf life and we were definitely not on a shelf until eventually they were in disarray being.

Repaired at that classic vintage shop we're good even if a little stuck though this time glued together so not exactly perfect I realized the playground and on that Epiphany they choose to abandon the lamp and become exclusively toys escaping the overprotected shop and avoiding best boy now finally with some new camera angles.

As we've reach New Freedom grounds there is no security system in the antique store well not anymore before running out into the playground born Anew with a great lifestyle and a new sense of purpose we're off to be lost toys that all happened yeah well more or less the gang then choose to run off on the Fanfare rooftops happy.

To live their new lifestyle choices together it's the most closure we'll get out of the Toy Story Saga the latest part of the timeline if you don't count the fact that there's another full Toy Story movie coming sometime soon apparently and for one final time of course they threw me off course again with a 12-minute promise that is 50.

Credits of course time this short is great for how limited it is the camera work is staying consistent for the majority of the runtime and is using that Foundation to tell an interesting story in an interesting way not to mention just expositing that narrative lore and I find it really Charming the visuals of.

Course are stunning and the actual Journey sounds great comedy is on point as always but is it the best of the bunch I think a lot of it comes down to Personal Taste but for me in particular I think I'd put it as third very good in total that brings all rankings as follows Toy Story Tunes Partysaurus Rex Hawaiian vacation Toy Story That Time.

Forgot Lamplight Toy Story Tunes small fry and the best of the rest is Toy Story of Terror I did come to learn while writing this that there were also Toy Story treats which were Saturday morning cartoon bumpers made in 1995 to 1996 but again there's too little to cover there and maybe someday we'll do the full-on Buzz Lightyear cartoon but.

That too isn't on Disney plus huh either way feel free to suggest future spin-off projects you'd like to see us cover over on our Discord as for now my name's been Daz you didn't really care and I'll see you in a bit oh

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