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What's up today I will show you a cultural anime it follows the story of a high school student who is discriminated against because of his appearance but after a miraculous change in his looks he starts a new life at a new school where he makes friends with diverse students and together they face various challenges related to body image.

Self-acceptance and discrimination before we start this recap make sure to like And subscribe and I'll buy you a new car as the indifferent Moon illuminates his dark surroundings a man wakes up in a haze it's odd the fixtures in his house all seem to be lower than usual Everything feels out of place but he couldn't figure out why he stumbles.

To his bathroom and when fragments of his chiseled face comes into view shock coats his system and he can only say one thing who the heck is that person now let's replace this perfectly respectable bathroom with a more stinky looking one from two weeks ago a bulky delinquent named Tae songs in the middle of roughing up Park hyung-sok who's on all.

Fours in front of him he's got a lot of expectations for hyong soak here first off Tae song expects regular payments from him doesn't matter if hyong Sook already paid him a lot the other day he can't be slacking with the amount though he doesn't owe this bruise or anything it's bark or gets sparked so hyong soak meekly agrees with everything he says.

When Tae song wasn't happy about him answering with words Tae songs Pals cruelly mock hyong soak as he keeps barking and crawling around like an overzealous dog as for the big man himself he isn't satisfied no sir this criminal son of a gun bashes his foot against hyung sook's head and apologizes for calling him a dog when he's a pig he.

Kicks him on the stomach before menacingly approaching him to ask why a pig is barking like a dog with his pride and dignity being forced into torpert hyung soak squeals like a pig and starts rolling around like one unprompted Tae songs girl and his buddy are having the time of their miserable lives poking fun at the poor guy but the girl sudden only.

Stops to accuse him of peeking under her skirt pissed Tae song grabs hyung soak by the hair and wails at him even more you belong on the Bottom Rung until the day you die trash he snaps in that moment only one thought filled hyong soak's head I want to die he carries his misery all the way to his dingy apartment a humming hyang soak tries to.

Feign normalcy but all he could think about is his sad little life his kindly mother arrives commenting on how lovely his voice is before apologizing for being late she makes him Ramen and hyong soak grows irritable when he sees it since it has an egg he told her countless of times not to add egg in his Ramen since it's making him fat and his.

Mother only apologizes as it must have slipped her mind hyong soak just eats the ramen hurting his cheek in the process he remembers the face of his bullies and defeatedly the boy asks to transfer schools saying that everyone they're smarter than him getting good grades is hard his mother sadly answers that it was hard for her to get settled.

There and to find a place that cheap besides you'll lose touch with all your school friends if you transfer she adds if only she knew hyong soak can't take it anymore in his frustration he yells at his mother asking if it's his fault they're poor what use are friends if I can't get good grades his mother wouldn't resent him and yet he can't.

Bring himself to tell her about the reality of his hellish school life hyong soak punches a hole through the wall and in an instant he realizes what he's done but instead of apologizing he just doubles down what have you ever done for me anyway hyong Sook asks before walking away to cry in his room the following day before PE class Tae song and his.

Friends compete to see who can kick a soccer ball directly into hyong sok's face Tae song goes first but the poor boy Dodges it causing the ball to miss the bullies vexed since he's bet on this may sick Grins and gets in position with impressive form he puts enough for force in his kick to send the ball flying into hyung-sook's face the propulsion's.

Enough to send the boy flying into the fence and Landing face first into the dirt as May 6 celebrates his victory hyung soak begs Tae song for forgiveness and even offers to pay for the debt only to get punched in the gut everyone just laughs as the victim is humiliated by a series of slaps suddenly Mrs Park comes charging toward them she checks on her.

Son's unfortunate condition and curses Tae song hitting his arm in the process the bullies try to make an excuse that they're just playing she isn't buying it the others whisper about hyong Sook being a crybaby and calling his mom to save him hearing this the boy feels even more embarrassed and cusses her out for the Outburst everyone's a little.

Surprised he can talk to his mom like that seriously what's wrong with these kids later that day hyong Sook comes home to his mom sitting on the floor he wants to apologize but she gently Cuts him to explain that she's already been fixing his transfer the reason she was at his school was that she just finished discussing it with his teacher he'll.

Have to survive alone there since she has to stay for work but she won't forget to send money over regularly with that settled he no longer has anything to worry about we'd all die for a mom like that hyang soak feels remorseful but can't find the courage to say anything now exploring a new city hyung soak feels more optimistic than ever.

Despite his shabby apartment and independent life definitely sounds good he Ventures to the nearby City shopping districts to buy some stuff it's filled with stylish people who capture his eye it's time to be reborn it's not long before he bumps into a Chic girl am I Jin she politely apologizes a stark contrast from what he's experienced up.

To this point this gives hyung Sook a little confidence in building a new identity for himself so he goes for an out of character response he arrogantly flips his hair puts on a forced smile and checks on her creepily the iffy expression on her face shows us that his depth addiction of cool hasn't worked at all it's giving off stalker Vibes our.

Boy fumbled the bag Jin Seung Mi Jin's textbook delinquent date suddenly arrives to pick her up without hesitation she tries to drag him away to defuse the tension it actually almost works that is until Jin seong is insulted by hyong Silk's sheepish smile hyung soak scrambles to explain what happened with Mi gin genuinely backing.

Him up finally a decent female character that isn't his mother tired of being the victim hyung soak clenches his fist which captures the boyfriend's attention he calls the fist out and we're back to square one with a cowardly hyong soak RMC does his best to make excuses but these are cut short as Jin seong's clenched fist makes contact with his.

Face the force is strong enough to send the boy flying again m i Jin tries to stop her date but the man continues the bloody Beatdown a sizable crowd forms around them though instead of helping they simply begin taking recordings of current events it's both a physically and emotionally traumatizing experience videos of the terrorizing Beatdown go.

Viral on the internet finally alone in his apartment hyong soak cries as he reads the dehumanizing insults in the comments section regardless of where he is life hasn't changed at all left questioning his self-worth he heartbreakingly cries himself to sleep we're back to the start a little magic happens later that night hyong Sook.

Awakes and stands up only for his head to hit the ceiling the sink is unusually lower too but the weirdest thing is what he finds in the mirror a muscular beautiful young man staring back at him whose reflection is this he looks back into his room and finds his chubby self slumbering peacefully on the floor discounting this as one of those.

Dreamlike out-of-body experiences he slaps his other body in the face alright he's back in his normal body chubby arms stubby legs complete few that was a good dream although he turns to the other side and finds his handsome self-sleeping obviously taken aback hyung soak shakes the body and passes out he finally comes to but this time.

Back in the Charming body hyung soak panics and tries to call 9-1-1 but something stops him his chubby self was already exposed and humiliated on the internet determined to make a change hyong Sook decides to appear in school as this stunning young lad the sun rises to greet a new day in jaewon high school Blondie Kim seul bomb Revels in the.

Crowd's Praises as the school hottie absolutely confident in a repeat well not until hyong soak steps into campus even the self-confident boy is Star Struck by his presence actually every living soul in the area gazes at the new student like an artwork is he a celebrity he's Paparazzi when the teacher introduces.

Hyung soak to the class everyone instantly falls in love with him even the dudes are speechless in admiration hyung soak feels extremely nervous from everyone's stairs he remembers his past first days of school where literally everyone was antagonistic toward him well things might be different this time checking who his seat mate is it's uh-oh.

Jin Sam yet the guy who humiliated in public yesterday even m.i Jin is in the same class ooh he's screwed thankfully Jin seong doesn't seem to recognize him and even greets him first it doesn't take very long before classmate hanul flirtatiously shoots her shot it seems like that's her usual Mo with attractive guys on campus Jin seong surprisingly.

Shushes her away from hyung Sook what a devilish woman he thinks to himself it's good that his own Mi gin wouldn't do that or would she he finds his flustered girlfriend staring a hole into the new kid for this reason Jin seong hates the handsome hyung soak too it's Destiny out of nowhere hanul appears to inform him on where each course sits however she's.

Curious why hyongsok chose a fashion major of all things the real reason is that it was his previous teacher's advice befitting his mediocre grades but he simply tells hanul he thinks it'll be fun in class hyong soak feels drowsy and wonders if it's because of his activities the day before he was apparently practicing his stride.

Appearing to others like a model catwalk practice fascinated with how light he was he got a bit carried away and accidentally did a cartwheel what the he ended up enjoying this newfound athleticism and running until night time that's biting him in the back today as he dozes off during class suddenly hyung soak wakes up in his apartment it's his.

Other body in a panic he struggles to force himself back to sleep to return to his handsome self hanul finally surprises his other body in class reeling his Consciousness back in the jolted man scares hanul but wholeheartedly thanks her for calling his attention on the other hand little missy over here is giving meaning to.

Simple acts of gratitude that night hyong soak comes across a convenience store looking for part-time workers the moment the owner laid his eyes on him he knew he had hit the jackpot with a super handsome cashier hordes of females will be happy to spend their money here cha ching in an attempt to hire him immediately the manager Mr Park John.

Jang forgoes all requirements and gives him an offer however the handsome man clarifies that it's for his friend wait he has friends oh wait yeah friend his chubby self the non-conventionally attractive version of himself returns to the store this time Mr Park's expression is not so welcoming he tries turning him away with the excuse that he can't take.

High school students but that didn't seem to be an issue at all earlier wanting to impress his potential boss hyung soak effortlessly identifies all cigarette brands on the Shelf being an errand boy has its uses and so he's hired although his pay is lower than what Mr Park promised his handsome version as soon as Mr Park leaves hyong.

Soak thinks about his body switching schedule it's getting expensive since both bodies independently need food his thought process is interrupted as three customers arrive and he quickly recognizes them as delinquents from his class Han Gill asks for four cigarettes and presents a shoddy fake ID despite his persistence hyung Sook remains firm.

That he can't comply with the request unexpectedly Jin seong walks in and recognizes hyung-sook's face as a threat he fills a shopping basket with goods and forces the boy to pay for them the bully then eyes his name tag and realizes that he shares the same name as the Charming new student this irritates him heavily and he takes out his anger.

By repeatedly punching the boy in the face in the end hyone do takes a photo of a beaten up unclothed hyung soak it's blackmail if he ever tries to call the police when they finally leave the unfortunate cashier sobs in self-pity meanwhile Mrs park checks up on him she's been working multiple jobs to make ends meet for hyung soak he decides to.

Keep his circumstances a secret to prevent his mom from worrying anymore the following day at school Jin seong and his crew brag about beating up a chubby kid last night with blackmail photo in hand they mock him call him a pig and even insult his parents who might be dirty Hogs like him hearing that hyung-sook loses his cool they can.

Humiliate their victim all they want but never bring his mom into this Jin seong is startled by this response but his head blows off when he sees m.i jinn's worried expression he squares up and challenges the new student to a fight m.i Jin tries to stop Jin seong but jealousy clouds his judgment how is this guy not a walking red flag the.

Fashionable Kim sule bomb tries to intervene but is also repelled if there's something noteworthy about this guy it's his boxing ability apparently his punches are lightning quick surprisingly hyung soap can clearly visualize his fist and evades all his attacks flawlessly everyone gasps in disbelief which infuriates Jin seong.

Even more the bully lets off a barrage of punches but none of them hit the mark cornered against a locker hyong Sook has nowhere to go Jin seong capitalizes on this opportunity and tries to land a clean hit on the wonderboy's face but his punch was caught with a palm ooze and Oz emerge from the crowd If Only They knew that hyong Sook is at wit's.

End on the other hand Jin seongs frightened that this guy can actually fight better than he does the camera clicks bring back some trauma in hyong soak's head his rage is immeasurable as soon as Jin seong strikes him again hyong soak delivers an earth-shattering blow to the gut his foe falls to his knees writhing in pain as the day ends.

Other classes are beginning to hear about this amazing feat hyung soak is definitely going to get more than what he bargained for what are jinho bin from the vocal dance class and Bosco from the architecture class up to one night at the convenience store hyong soak remarks at the difference in how people treat him when he's in his actual self versus.

The handsome One suddenly a thin jittery the spectacled boy enters the shop the kid acts suspiciously and runs away obviously having shoplifted of course he chases him desperately in order to keep the job he finally catches up with the culprit in a dark alley only to realize that he's an errand boy of Hong Gil and his friends He was ordered to steal in.

An attempt to shoo him away Hyun do pulls out his embarrassing photo and blackmails him Jang Ji soak suggests they do something more fun because the picture isn't enough to keep hyongso quiet the three finally agree on a wicked plan to have hyung soak and poor Park ji-ho fight each other as soon as it begins jiho reluctantly hits hyang.

Soak it's obvious that he doesn't want to do this but isn't left with a choice but before the bullies enjoy the fun of it all an infuriated Bosco interrupts them the tattooed gangster Towers over the three like a skyscraper he effortlessly lifts high on Dew by the neck until he whimpers for Mercy as soon as he lets him go The Three Stooges run.

For their lives the man's expression transitions from a fearsome to a gentle one he tells the two that working out or building muscle might help after they thank him for saving them jiho introduces himself as his classmate hyung soaks surprised to discover their classmates hearing their from Fashion class Bosco confirms if it's the one.

With the new student jiho nods tears streamed down the man's face as he passionately says be sure to tell him don't go messing around bro why are you crying the next day jiho is absent from class hyong silk wonders what happened to him later in in the cafeteria hanul explains that Bosco whose real name is Lee un Tae is the leader of the burn.

Knuckle gang yesterday's bullies inject themselves into the conversation describing the man as someone who's nice to the weak but hates show-offs um like you guys please be self-aware speak of the devil Bosco walks through the cafeteria with his gang hyung Sook gets so excited to acknowledge Him forgetting he was a different person.

Last night the leader Witnesses hyang Sook with the three stooges and makes his approach he thinks hyang Sook wants to avenge the three who were brutalized the night before with this Bosco performs his renowned shoulder knuckle grab it's known for being inescapable for any human gravity seems to be working against our pretty boy who's.

Being pushed down onto his seat despite Bosco's bone crushing grip still increasing hyung soak only uses one hand to lift it off himself he apologizes for the misunderstanding not knowing that he's performing a feat deemed calculus by the strongest man on campus it's not that he wants to fight though bomb J steps between them to end the dispute.

And drags his boss away deep inside he knows Bosco would surely have lost in a fight to the stronger man on the other hand The Three Stooges Curry favor With hyung-sok's Friends by inviting him out to have some fun um friends fun it's a feeling he's waited all his life for don't trust these people boy that night he meets his.

So-called friends at a dingy restaurant peering inside he sees The Three Stooges in hanul having alcohol and cigarettes this isn't the fun he wants but it's too late to escape as they've already seen him worse Jin seong is also invited they offer him a drink and promise to drive him home but he refuses after some prodding the Discover he lives alone and.

Assume his place as their Hideout again hyong soak declines and backtracks on what he said earlier he's been living with a friend who's a Dropout and works at night so he doesn't want to bother him they look at the oversized shirt hyung soak apparently borrowed from the guy they put two and two together and assume that he's a massive tattooed sumo.

Wrestler or something their imaginations conjure some sort of fearsome character anyway hyong soak wonders where Mi gin is since he knows she's dating the now inebriated Jin seong they explain she doesn't like hanging out with them because she's innocent and doesn't like fights unlike hanul apply ice to burned area also they aren't really together.

Because they went out on only one date so Jin seon was probably trying to impress her when he beat the Daylights out of the chubby kid still hyung Sook compliments they look good together shaking due to the alcohol Jin seong yells at him and tells him he's a great guy wait huh Jin seong scoots over to put him in a buddy buddy hold so hyong.

Sook takes the chance to apologize for punching him luckily he doesn't hold any grudges with two powerful men by their side side the three bronze believe they're Untouchable even if Bosco interferes again speaking of yesterday's events they blame jiho for Bosco's Interruption last night if only their peon wasn't so useless but for a good.

Laugh hyown do brags about the brawling video they took hearing that high-owned soak gulps a glass full of Soju grabs high on dues phone and crushes it into pieces with one hand this catches everyone off guard before long the Pretty Boy collapses to the ground instantly hyung Sook wakes up in his original body he forces himself to sleep.

But dreams of Han Gill and his mom instead when he wakes up again he's still in the same body oh oh now desperate he scrambles to the restaurant and quickly opens the door to the VIP room relief overcomes him when he sees his handsome version is okay however his friends look at him quite differently and in a disgusted tone ask what he's.

Doing here hyong soak tells them he's here to pick up his friend in order to have a believable Alibi he mentions that the tough roommate has ordered him to be here luckily they buy this strategic excuse as they head home they come across a punching game machine Jin seong positions himself and gives hyangsok a quick crash course on the proper boxing.

Stance the boy is confused about why his bully is teaching him how to fight but watches anyway a ferocious punch leaves the boxer's arms and it registers a new high score on the machine Applause memories of the Pretty Boy dodging his punch come back to Jin seong though there's no point in an amazing punch if it can be easily dodged hey Piggy make.

Sure you don't get yourself punched anymore alright seeing him a bit nice toward hyung soak is refreshing and then he vomits okay time to go home now but hyong soak stays behind lays his handsome self on the ground and faces the machine time to give what Jin seong taught him a try he punches with all his might and runs home carrying his other.

Body after words unbeknownst to him his strike managed to shred the target whoa out of the nearby Shadows emerge Bosco and friends the leader is shocked to find rips on the pad trying his own toughness he hits it too and resets the highest score it's clear he isn't content with this despite his gang's cheers the following day hyong Sook.

Returns to his attention grabbing gorgeous self he spots jiho in the cafeteria and greets him asking why he couldn't make it to school of course the nerd is bewildered that the school's cutie is talking to him but responds anyway much to everyone's surprise hyong Sook asks the loser to eat together hyang Sook has been through a lot all.

Because of his unfortunate arrangement of Flesh and Bones it's hard to live in a world that prioritizes the superficial and now that he's gone from being at the bottom straight to the top of the echelon he's now in a better position to keep the cycle going or maybe put a dent in it though his appearance has changed his heart still beats true maybe an Idol.

Like him can help others see the world better through his weary eyes thanks for watching this recap don't forget to leave a like And subscribe to es anime if you haven't already see you on the next one goodbye

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