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My dear guests are all here, but we are missing You're here It hasn't melted yet, but I can't make the guests wait. Today is our big day of engagement As the protagonist, it's wrong to be late I also want to look good, don't worry, it won't be long What are you two whispering about? I didn't bother you, did I? Now, your dress is here, open it up and see good news you are so kind.

Ah, why is it pink? I obviously don't like pink. This is what your fiancé personally contacted a French designer to design for you Just to give you a surprise, what's the matter, don't you like it? I don't think it's as good as yours I'm sorry, Weiwei, next time I order this dress, I will tell you in advance if it's okay It's too late, you should wear it first, you look good in pink I have to go down to greet the guests, hurry up Then change your clothes, I'm going too, don't be unhappy, baby.

Um Doctor Wang, why are you calling me so late? Your medical report from last week came out in something bad. Wait a minute, there are guests outside hmm what sound Slow down, be careful to be seen by others Don't do this, others will see This dress seems to be good news Is Jiayin in love?.

So bold I don't know who that guy will be Mrs. Liu urges you to hurry down It was Butler Liu Mr. Liu said that the boss of Wanye is here. He wants you to hurry up. ok let's go It's all your fault What if Vivi finds out It's not that you're too charming in a blue dress.

French designer dresses are just different Ma'am, I'm going to work first Well you go Hey, what about Qingchi and others? You did a good job, I got it It's your trick Keep Steward Liu aside, as long as Weiwei gets close, call her away in your name She never dreamed that the man with me was you Strange, how can I not find anyone?.

Are you OK fine but This is a new dress my husband made for me from France. You don't like pink, it's dirty, just change one how do you know i don't like pink And how do you sound weird? Like bumping me on purpose to make me change my skirt when of course not.

Why are you blushing I don't Vivi what happened? Qingchi, look It's okay, I'll accompany you to change one As for you soiling my fiancée's clothes I will tell your boss Why do you dare to be dissatisfied?.

No By the way, why didn't I find you just now? What about the boss of Wanye? leave early Let's go, get dressed, it's time for us to dance Um The perfume smell on Qingchi seems to be a lady's perfume And the city's most high-profile blue sky 100 hope primary school plan will be implemented today Our reporters have been waiting here for a long time, hoping to interview Mr. Lan as soon as possible.

Hello blue Why have you been working on promoting the Blue Sky Project? Is it because the program means something special to you? The Lams Group has been passionate about philanthropy since my parents' time. It has always been their wish to create Hope Primary School Although they have passed away, kindness will not Now I've fulfilled my parents' wishes Will you also attend today's ribbon-cutting ceremony in person? Will your husband be there? Of course we'll all go.

You and your husband are really affectionate and enviable He has been very supportive of the blue sky project The plan couldn't have been implemented so quickly without him. Mr. Blue what Have you checked the surveillance? Who did it? Yesterday, there was a power outage in the surveillance room, and there was no video at all. so coincidentally Get someone to wipe them clean Ask those employees who know not to spread it out.

Yes where are you husband I have a meeting with President Chen at Wanye Department Store. What's wrong? Can you go back to the group There's some trouble here I don't know what to do, I want to discuss it with you oh sorry At noon, I also made an appointment with Mr. Qu for dinner, and I can't go back for the time being. What about the ribbon-cutting in the afternoon? In the afternoon, you always.

Oh, I can't go to the ribbon-cutting either. You should worry about yourself. Did he really betray me? Everyone told you to shut down Come and check the post Turning off is more likely to be suspicious Honey, it's my birthday in two days Would you like to send me the bag I saw last time? Then you gotta make me happy, baby give me a smile.

Let us applaud and congratulate the completion of the first Blue Sky Hope Primary School Thanks also to all colleagues who have contributed a lot to this I announce the end of the ribbon-cutting ceremony Daniel you go get the car and take me back to the group Yes Didn't Qingchi say that he was having a meeting with President Chen? how how in singapore Vivi is your waiter.

What are you doing go to the hospital The movie won't come out until tomorrow morning remember to come again I'll prescribe some nourishing medicine for you first go pay your wife what doctor.

I'll go by myself No, he has to go you are sick don't worry about snacks How can this man not hurt his wife? do not worry I will take good care of her This guy took advantage of me beware of the steps.

What are you doing help you downstairs please You don't really think of yourself as my husband, do you? then can i kid Are you trying to find fault on purpose? you know my identity also know that I'm engaged.

What are you trying to do i just want to take care of you you take me to the hospital I thank you But what you're doing right now is going too far I hope we don't meet again inexplicably in the future no you're back What about Qingchi?.

Is he back Actually, Mr. Liu hasn't come back yet. but Yo Our gossip heroine is finally home mom Why didn't you say anything in advance Hmph, I come to my own son's house and I need to report to you in advance. mom.

What did you say you said in advance I can also send someone to pick you up Ouch where do you have time I see you are busy all day I met another man behind my son's back The President of Lan's Group and Xiao Xianrou's Behaviour Mom, how can you believe this.

This is obviously deliberately designed by some people you hug that kid so many people saw you told me it was intentional media scribbles I'm guessing someone is trying to push down our Lans stock price Mr. Liu you are back Kiyoike.

Great wine Why are you drinking so much? Hmph, you know how to come back Vivi Kiyoike what nonsense are you talking about You wouldn't believe that nonsense, would you? what does my son mean don't you understand.

He thinks you are dirty ouch okay okay baby boy we are not angry Mom help you back to the room lady I help you up I don't have to do it myself Madam is not my talkative But the in-laws are too much for you.

Here is your home not his home do not talk He is Qing Chi's mother i should respect her Even though she has many ideas that are different from mine I am a senior Don't be too pushy All right.

Go get busy How about it I'm good at it you've always been smart oops Sometimes it's a coincidence Who knew my high school classmates were among the reporters? But it cost some money Hey.

You taught me to sprinkle wine on me The trick to pretending to be drunk is also very good. He now regrets himself to death I think Even if I offer to take half of her shares she can agree no You have to hang her for a few days you do now.

The purpose is too obvious I know I know you can rest assured I've been acting for so many years How could it be so close? Kiyoike Um i talk to you I'm in.

Oh I have seen the photo It's the waiter who threw the wine last time we got engaged, right? how long have you been I'm not talking to you about this You told me that you had dinner with Boss Chen in the morning but he was in singapore in the morning do you have anything to say about this you you investigate me.

I do not have I just want to know why you lied I haven't charged you with cheating How dare you investigate me no matter what happened you won't hit me what's wrong with you You find someone to investigate me, obviously you don't trust me how about you.

Do you trust me again Then you may not know I mean Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen from Wanye Not your Mr. Chen in Singapore i didn't investigate you Really do not have Someone wrote about your cheating on the elevator i will call you enough.

Your parents passed away The elders in the company are embarrassing you who is standing beside you help you find a way to protect you I Are you guilty? If not I will always support you by your side do you still have today.

I have already discussed the project with Wanye As for the news about you and that man on TV Try to explain it to the media I'm going out tonight calm yourself Is it Qingchi? who is it Nobody but a letter with your name on it as if it came from France France I have no classmates in France.

Original original Zhang ma prepare the car I really have you, so she feels sorry for you even more I've had enough of these days pretending to be loving in front of her It's almost over now Now Lan's share price has plummeted I've asked my relatives and friends to borrow enough money to buy Lan's stock Don't be in a hurry, wait a few days and the price will be lower, then we can overcharge Who.

I Weiwei, why didn't you say hello in advance when you came here? If I say hello, can I still see how close the two of you are? Weiwei, have you misunderstood? I just came to Jiayin to chat because I was arguing with you we have nothing how do you explain this You already know My man and my bestie are hanging out I wish I didn't know.

You are the people I trust the most, how could you treat me like this What's your man I tell you he's always been mine He's been my boyfriend since seven years ago what did you say Don't you understand, you stole my man seven years ago in college You took him away from me with your Lan's wealth But it was you who told me he didn't have a girlfriend that I chased after him Hahaha Lan Youwei said that you are stupid, you are not smart, of course I deliberately lied to you.

You are so rich, I let my boyfriend fall in love with you You alone can support the two of us So you've been plotting against me since then So many years of love, so many years I have Let's just say I never loved you Lan Youwei, you are just a tool for my superior You've been lying to me for so many years Huh, you deserved to be deceived I gave you the key back then, but to pretend to be in love with your sister.

No use now Why did you do this to me, I always thought we were best friends Who wants to be your best friend Rich people like you don't deserve friends what I struggled to get you can easily get it Why do I just want to destroy you blue young wei it is good.

Ke Qingchi, you and I have been together for 5 years There's no love between us at all. The love in your mouth It means that I was called the son-in-law of the tea door. It's your parents' contempt for me back then Or those relatives who say that I have a dragon and a phoenix. For the past five years, I feel sick even touching you Ha, is that so? If not for the Lan Group.

I won't play with you for so long I have used the opportunity to talk business Communicate properly with other shareholders Just waiting for the shareholders meeting next week and you Who wants a woman covered in scandal to be the chairman? oops Brother Qingchi there are still people here.

Make her look good Just took the opportunity to let her know how much I hate her for the real me I understand I will fulfill you Mr. Blue I have already contacted you go abroad for surgery Although your breast cancer is at an advanced stage But as long as you actively cooperate.

There is still some hope for a cure hope what hope do i have Mom and Dad are unfilial daughters It was the daughter who disobeyed you and married this man Mom and Dad, I'm here to accompany you why is it you again my phone, you have to pay me Mr. Blue.

How did you come I want to see you, Mr. Chen Mr. Chen told me that as long as it's you, you can't go in. how in public You can't make a move on me Mr. Blue We must listen to Mr. Chen's words please come back nothing more.

You help me tell him I have a video of him in Macau casino if he doesn't see me I will send the video to his dad Daniel let's go His car has gone away. Let's do it. Boss, since Mr. Chen doesn't see us, why don't you make an appointment with another company first? Please help me ask President Mo of Brilliance Group.

It's time Strange why I keep thinking of that guy go to the mall first i want to buy something Find a place to eat by yourself, don't wait for me turn right Wow, there is such a beautiful sister there Return your mobile phone to the teacher Oops.

Hurry up I will make you pay This invoice has the time and place of purchase right monitor you want to watch the surveillance video I came here to buy something an hour ago and lost my wallet So I want you to help sorry for your troubles Oops, nice to say.

The gate an hour ago, right? Yes here License plate number A73567 Hey boy, don't you look Kidnapping for extortion If she can't get something, she must be safe So I want to find her location as soon as possible The kidnapping vehicle is heading east.

That's the closest place out of town There are three ways out of the city On the left is the farmers market, crowded On the right is the mountain, but the road was blocked by a landslide a few days ago, it is impossible Only the middle one is left. There is an abandoned factory on the way. I guess she should be there Mr. Lan, do you drink water? I can't drink this water. What if I get drugged? Stop drinking, or you will have to go to the toilet, causing trouble for everyone.

I didn't expect Mr. Lan to think about our brothers. can you tell me who is kidnapping me No, but Mr. Lan, you are a smart person, you should have the answer in your heart Liu Qingchi, he really is so cruel what does he want It's easy your phone It was the video you wanted me to record It's a pity that the video is not on this phone what no.

Boss, don't worry, what if she lied to us? You bitch, tell me the truth, or I'll be careful You dropped the bag in my hand when you kidnapped The phone with the video is in that bag If you don't believe me, you can get it Boss, I can't get money without that video, what should I do? But now it's too dangerous to go back to the city Why don't I pay double and buy that phone back? This way you don't need to venture back to town.

As long as you let me go, I can get the money right away i see you shut up We pay attention to the morality of the rivers and lakes, where can we see money open our eyes? But back to the city too You wait, I'll go and call that person and ask Shut up or I'll cut your throat Why has he been gone for so long? Why don't you try to persuade him.

I swear I will never call the police as long as you cooperate with me And I can put more money into your personal account you really don't call the police If the kidnapping scandal breaks out on me, the group's share price will definitely fall. I'm not stupid. Then I'll go and persuade him, you are not allowed to shout, do you hear? Boss, how about you? Boss why are you tied up here? Hurry, hurry back, someone's here to save that bitch what.

Hateful not good Keep running, there is an unlocked car in front of you, just drive away, don't look back What nonsense are you talking about, let's run together to the law go fast come to die Be careful young.

What, are you asking if there is water? There is water, there is water, Ma Zhang, get some water Hey you are not hurt No But you almost died after being shot twice, thanks to the police, otherwise Yo, it's so shameless to bring my little boyfriend home Mom, he's my savior, please show some respect When is this family's turn to teach me a lesson?.

Obviously you betrayed my son first, you still have the face to say respect Beware I make my son abandon you don't touch her What kind of thing are you, dare to stop me and teach my daughter-in-law I'm breaking up with Qing Chi What did you say Mom, this is the last time I will call your mom, please move out today From now on, this is my Lan Youwei's home, and it has nothing to do with you. Zhang Ma, go to help Mrs. Liu pack her luggage.

Yes lady not lady Impossible Impossible This Is My Son's Home This Is My Son's Home Don't have to help me with everything On my site, there is a sister, I will cover you, you just need to rest in peace Um I haven't asked you how did you find me I checked the surveillance and deduced that you were most likely tied up there. But sorry how.

I know that the news that you're tied up keeps getting out and it affects you and your company's stock price But I still called the police for your safety. Fool, life is more important than money, this is what you taught me, forget it I'm going to call Dr. Wang, and by the way, I hope the attached kitchen can make you something to eat. take a good rest In fact, you taught me, Youwei what okay how about qing chi did not succeed.

But fortunately, the family members in those two bondages are in my hands, and they dare not talk nonsense. Instead, tell that bitch to hide. She has our recording in her hand If she releases the recording at next week's shareholders meeting My chances of taking over the Lans Group are very slim. Although you broke up, the company is not her alone. how can that As long as she dies, isn't the Lan Group yours? It doesn't matter if there is a recording at that time, you are the only one who can inherit it.

What do you mean It seems that Mr. Xiang is recovering well. Is it because the young man is in good health? Remember to change your medicine later and eat less spicy seafood for more than ten days in your diet. Dr. Lao Wang By the way, Miss Lan, last time I mentioned to you about going abroad for treatment. Dr. Wang, let's talk about this next time, okay? I was abrupt, then I'll go first and many more Doctor Wang, what's wrong with my fiancee?.

I've seen her listless these days and I'm very worried. Please tell the truth. Alas, Mr. Lan, she has advanced breast cancer and must go abroad for treatment Procrastinate any longer, your life is at stake. how can She didn't tell you because she was afraid that you would be sad If you have time, you should persuade her to cooperate with the treatment as much as possible. Don't worry, I will am i still staying here tonight Of course what's the matter.

This is your room I live here where do you live Of course I live here too what you me I'm teasing you, what are you thinking about when you look like this? no no I actually what I was wrong, I was wrong, I shouldn't be teasing you, are you all right? it's my fault you wait for me to get the medicine for you.

What are you going to do in a hurry? This is no longer your home. I'll let Ma Zhang sort it out and send it to you. Weiwei, let's stop making trouble, okay? Reconciliation, why, kidnapping me won't work? Do you want to use reconciliation to deceive me? It wasn't me who kidnapped you, it was Zhen Jiayin who did it in my name without authorization When I found out you were kidnapped, I cut ties with her immediately. Weiwei, I have always loved you in my heart It's just that I didn't know before, could you give me another chance you.

Don't touch her Okay, you little three dare to come to my house See if I don't take care of you well Liu Qingchi, enough is enough Vivi, you can't be serious about this kid Liu Qingchi, do you think I'm as cheap as you are? Then why are you protecting him, I ask you Then I ask you when you came to my house as a waiter Is it to get close to my fiancée, tell the truth.

Yes what did he say Weiwei, you heard it, he just has bad intentions for you Maybe this time you were kidnapped, he directed and acted his hero to save the beauty. You can hold Zhen Jiayin and say that you and her are true love, so why can't I you Are you satisfied, Mr. Liu Vivi, I really know I'm wrong I will trade my actions for your forgiveness.

I know I have no right to accuse you until I get your forgiveness Do it yourself, Mr. Waiter I'm sorry just now, I just wanted to piss him off I know myself Then I'll get you medicine, go back to your room and wait for me Um Ah, I just performed okay, right? Not very naive, must be very calm It's just kissing a little kid, why am I so nervous.

Mr. Lan, Mr. Chen, there is still no news. It seems that the same general meeting of shareholders will be held next week. what about the others Mr. Sun from Huamao Industrial supports us. As for the other three I really don't know what benefit Liu Pleasechi gave them. Mr. Blue You go first, send a few people to pick up Mr. Chen, and report to me at any time. Yes Why do you get up so early? I sent someone to bring you breakfast. i can help you.

What Just seeing Xiao Chen is always useless You also need to know what offer Liu pleasechi gave him you lend me the computer A scum like Liu Qingchi cooperates with others in private, coercion and inducement are inevitable. As long as we hack into his mailbox, we can find clues. Wow Alright, all those bosses' handles are kept in the drafts box.

I think you'll get at least half the battle with these. Amazing And their interests are bound to fall on the contract You have to find an excuse to get these contracts, not only know yourself and the enemy, but also for future evidence You, you are really a physical education teacher I, I, I just, I just learned from people before Little brother, don't you lie to me, okay? I can hear it. what is that Vivi, forgive me.

What is he doing this for? Long time no physical activity why are you jealous No, I'm just exercising Okay, I'm hungry, I'm going to eat Does this guy really like me? go find me some nice girls yes yes yes you wait Brothers, what's the matter.

Is Mr. Chen inside? in in Very good, just stand here with my men and look at this door No one is allowed in, you know la la la la Whoops my kitty is here Mr. Chen praised it badly. I don't dare to be your cat. Mr. Blue Mr. Chen has been avoiding me all the time, it really makes me look good.

Now that it's so coincidental, why don't we talk about it? In the end what you want How much benefit Liu Qingchi has given you, I will give you double I've already promised others that I won't betray easily You Wanye account for 10% of my Lanshi's shares As long as you support me at the shareholders meeting, the Lans will still be mine Then I will pay you back the money you owe the casino I have no reason to believe you I know you signed a contract with Liu Qingchi.

Why don't you take out the contract you signed I only supplement the terms on the basis of the original content As a sign of sincerity, you have received this video Your father will be back from Singapore in two days. Can you still be Mr. Chen? It is closely related to whether I can still be the blue boss. I can trust you, Miss Lan, just do as you say. Vivi, I want to talk to you, just the two of us I'm waiting for you at the restaurant we used to go to, please come by Miss Lan, Mr. Liu is waiting for you in the box on the third floor.

I see what's the matter Weiwei, I ordered some of your favorite dishes, please try it i love to eat This is ginger chicken, sorry I don't like ginger But we used to eat when we were in love I used to love you before, naturally I would like to accompany you to eat the food that you like but don't like Then you can come to the appointment to prove that you still have me in your heart, right? I came because I wanted to make it clear to you that I don't love you anymore.

Weiwei, I was ignorant before, can't you forgive me once? You see you're still wearing our engagement ring Weiwei, do you still have something in your heart? You reminded me that my life started to fail with this ring ok goodbye Did you get it over there? Don't worry, Mr. Liu, the suicide note has also been placed in her car. Weiwei, your unfortunate life, let me end it for you Brake it out.

I said earlier to get Youwei's inspection report I didn't expect it to take so many days Hey I happen to have something to tell you Oh no to the law My car's brakes failed what Where are you.

What is the speed near Chongming Road speed sixty You drive in the direction of Baolu Street under the premise of safety Raise the handbrake lightly, slow down a few times Get out of the car and run away as soon as the speed stops Share your location with me in a safe place it is good.

Xiang Lil, there are two cars following me how did you know for sure Neither car has a number plate Probably a black car don't panic I'll be right there OK play with me to the law.

I want you to turn on the phone recording remember everything i say to you now I made the decision voluntarily sober and judgment Below is my will you don't do stupid things All the assets of our group are inherited by Xiang Lv And my fiance, Liu Qingchi, who broke off the engagement.

I will never get my inheritance Damn even if it is death I'm also pulling a back pad today to the law I'm driving fast now Can't stop with handbrake anymore Vivi, jump to your co-pilot and hold your head Vivi, you must believe me There was a car accident on Chongming Road this afternoon.

According to the survey The owner of the car is Lan Youwei, the president of the Lan Corporation. The police have notified the family I am Lan Youwei's fiance my fiancee is she alright We didn't find your fiancée in the car But found a will It says she has breast cancer.

So I want to commit suicide Mr. Liu, do you think this is true? she does have cancer But I never imagined He will kill himself My colleague is also investigating the scene you go back with me and make a note Wait a moment Police officer.

I'm going to charge him with murder you you are not dead Of course you wish I was dead If it wasn't for Xiang Li who saved me I'm afraid you're counting money at home right now Miss Blue Please do not leave the local area during the investigation of the case it is good When will this case come to an end?.

Need to investigate as soon as possible as long as there is evidence you can detain him evidence

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