Prime 10 Isekai Anime Where the MC Reborns Overpowered in a Delusion World

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The Isekai genre has explodedin popularity in recent years, and 2022 was no exception. But whichof the lot is the best on our list? So before you get bored and jump intoanother world, let’s get right into it! First off, on our number 10 spot,is a new season of a popular anime: “Rising of the Shield Hero” Season 2. Thefirst season of this show was already a big hit and the second season was welcomedby fans. Shield Hero’s protagonist Naofumi may be overpowered, but is not well-likedby his peers in-universe. Him and several others got sent to a fantasy world only forNaofumi to get stuck with the weakest power. Not only that but his reputationis also quickly dragged through.

The mud. So he has a long way togo if he wants to prove his worth. Fortunately for Naofumi, he’s able to use hisless than great shield abilities to get stronger while along the way meeting a bunch of differentpeople. Such as fan favorite character Raphtalia. Naofumi can be a little edgy sometimesand while it’s not for everyone, we certainly can appreciate an edgy hero whenit’s done well. So if that’s something you like, you should give Shield Hero ashot if you haven’t already. Next up is yet another new season. That’s right,number 9 is “The Devil Is a Part-Timer Season 2”. The first season of this anime came out wayback in 2013 but it was a pleasant surprise to have this one come back. Since it’s been solong, here’s a quick refresher on the plot.

It’s the story of Satan Jacob, a demon whois forced to flee from his home dimension and ends up in modern day Japan working ata fast food restaurant. The only problem is, the hero who defeated him in hisold world has come to the human world too. And he can’t run from his past forever. So yeah, this isn’t exactly a traditional Isekai.It’s a reverse-isekai with plenty of hilarious moments. It was a fun show back in 2013 and havingit come back was unexpected but we’re glad for it. Putting an all-powerful demon in such a mundanesetting leads to plenty of amusing situations. But enough about new seasons, our number8 spot belongs to a brand new anime: “I’m the Villainess So I’m Taming the Final Boss”.It’s an anime from the Otome Game Isekai subgenre.

Taming the Final Boss is the story of AileenDautriche, a noblewoman who suddenly gains memories of her past life and realizes thatAileen is a fictional video game character. And not only that, but her character is alwaysdestined to die. Wanting to change her fate, Aileen sets out to find the game’smain villain and romance him. Aileen may seem like an ordinary woman at first,but she’s actually got quite the cunning mind. She uses her intelligence and knowledge of thegame’s plot to manipulate events in her favor. Plus being involved with a demon lord doesmake Aileen quite the well connected woman. If you’re a fan of shoujo anime, this showmight be right up your alley. Aileen is a very intelligent protagonist and watching herjourney with the Demon Lord Claude is very fun.

Next up is number 7 with “Parallel WorldPharmacy”. Now the main character of this show isn’t exactly a warrior like some ofthe characters later down on this list. But we think the adventures of Farmaare still very entertaining to watch. Parallel World Pharmacy is the story of abrilliant doctor who is reincarnated into a fantasy world as a young boy namedFarma in an aristocratic family. Here, he uses his knowledge of modern daymedicine combined with this new world’s magic to make the world a better place.It’s honestly a pretty wholesome story. The main character Farma is also pretty cool. Hemay not be as flashy as some of the characters we have later on the list, but his intelligenceand compassion make him a good character..

Plus we always love the concept of using modernknowledge to make a fantasy world into a better place. Parallel World Pharmacy is definitely afeel good story that you might want to check out. Sixth place on our list goes to “How A RealistHero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2”. Like with Farma before him, the main character of this animeisn’t much of a fighter either. Fortunately, Kazuya here has a whole bunch ofbattle-ready women to defend him. For those of you who aren’t familiar,Realist Hero is about Kazuya Souma. He’s an intelligent young man from modern day Japansummoned to a struggling kingdom in a fantasy world. Using his keen mind, Kazuya is ableto help get the kingdom back on its feet. He isn’t just smart though, he’s also verypopular with the ladies. In the first episode.

Of season one he’d been given the position ofking and has been engaged to a princess. That’s the sort of thing most isekai protagonistshave to wait for a series finale for. But Kazuya gets the status of a king right outthe gate and he’s able to prove his worth quite well. And now that season two’s hero, weget to watch Kazuya journey on even further. So even if Kazuya’s not a great fighter or a magelike some of the guys later on, his brilliant mind and political power as king make him someone tobe taken very seriously. Not to mention his ever growing list of love interests are all powerfulin their own right and massively loyal to him. Next on our list is number 5, “BlackSummoner”. Black Summoner’s protagonist Kelvin is the first truly overpoweredfighter we’ve got on this list.

The premise of Black Summoner is that ourhero reincarnates into a RPG-like fantasy world. Only in order to become more powerful, hewillingly sacrifices parts of his memory in order to gain the powerful class of Summoner. Not onlythat, but when the reincarnation goddess Melfina offers him his choice of companion, Kelvinpulls a Kazuma and chooses Melfina herself to accompany him. However, Melfina can’t manifestphysically until Kelvin gets enough mana points. So yeah, right from the start our maincharacter here is already set up pretty well. He’s a member of a powerful classand can summon up a variety of monsters to help him out. And not only thatbut a literal goddess is there to talk to him. That’s not even gettinginto the other companions he meets.

Overall Black Summoner is definitely thetype of show that’s fun to watch if you want to see an overpowered guy wrecking a bunchof people with the help of a fun supporting cast. Just shy of the top three is our number 4 pick -Arifureta Season 2. Yes, Hajime and his companions came back in 2022 for a brand new season. Fans ofArifureta may already know what they’re in for, but if you’re less familiar we’d loveto fill you in on what you missed. The story of Arifureta follows Hajime Nagumo,who was reincarnated into another world along with the rest of his high school class.However, his classmates didn’t respect him since they saw him as the weakest out of theirgroup. He already wasn’t popular before getting sent to the other world. So when his partnerhas a chance, they abandon him. Big mistake.

After this, we follow Hajime on his journey toprove his old classmates wrong and become the world’s strongest. Not only is Hajime powerfulon his own, but he has a powerful group of women accompanying him. Such as the vampire Yue or Tio,who has the power to transform into a dragon. If you haven’t seen the new season orwatched Arifureta at all, we recommend it. Taking a break from new seasons wehave a brand new anime at number 3: “Skeleton Knight In Another World”. Despitethe terrifying skeletal appearance of our hero, this anime’s main character is probablyone of the nicest guys on this list. If you missed it, Skeleton KnightIn Another World is the story of a gamer who one day wakes up in his favoritevideo game in the body of his character:.

A powerful holy knight named Arc.The only problem is Arc is also a living skeleton so obviously peoplearen’t immediately going to trust him. Already right out the gate, Arc is a very powerfulcharacter. Before being sent into the game, he’d been playing as this character fora long time which made him a very strong paladin. Of course at first, Arc does needto adjust to this new world. But he’s able to do so and prove himself to be a strongwarrior despite his abnormal appearance. Arc’s heroic journey is definitely afun one so Skeleton Knight is a show we recommend. Arc’s a powerful character but hisgenuine heroism is what makes him truly great. Speaking of spooky scary skeletons, ournumber two anime is also about one. That’s.

Right it’s Overlord Season 4. Yep, Ainzis back for a fourth season. Which makes this the longest running out of thesequel shows we’ve got featured here. Our main character Ainz is also probablythe most iconic character on the list and fans of Overlord certainly know why.Not only is he an awesome protagonist to follow, but he’s also got a role in thecomedy crossover series Isekai Quartet. If you’re not caught up, Overlord is the story ofa regular Japanese salaryman named Momonga whose favorite online video game shuts down. But on theday it shuts down, he suddenly finds himself in the body of his in-game character Ainz. Now asAinz, he decides to make the world better. By force. The show is called Overlord after all,Ainz can be very brutal if he wants to be.

Ainz has a lot of power and isincredibly intelligent making him very dangerous and quite the funprotagonist to follow on his journey. And last but not least there’s our numberone spot. All these shows were great, but our number one pick is “The Eminence In Shadow”.Part of what makes The Eminence In Shadow a fun series lies in the main character Cid Kagenou.More specifically, how he’s kind of insane. See, Cid’s kind of a chuunibyou; a Japanesecharacter archetype of a young person who’s way too into playing pretend. In his previouslife, Cid’s fantasies of playing a shadowy hero manifested as him beating up criminals.But now that he’s in another world, he can live out his fantasies. Of coursehe’s still as over-dramatic now as he was.

In his old life. Now he just hasthe power to back up his claims. But Cid’s still a bit of a weirdo sometimes.He puts in a lot of effort into trying to look and sound cool, only to actuallydo cool stuff by accident. In fact, he doesn’t realize that the mainvillains, the Cult of Diablos, are real at first. He just thinksthey’re another part of his game of hero. That’s not to say Cid isn’t cool at all. He’s got plenty of awesome moments. Plus he canliterally summon magic nukes. So yeah, we think all of this makes The EminenceIn Shadow the top isekai of 2022. Now, over to you dear watcher. Are there any.

Isekai anime we missed? And whichof these anime was your favorite?

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