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The anime medium is open to all forms of characters and you can understand the magnitude of this by realizing that there's an entire genre focusing on two female characters having romantic eyes towards each other this genre is called Yuri and today we will be taking a deeper look at some of the best Yuri anime couples if you enjoy this video.

Make sure to leave a like And subscribe I'm the defenestrator with es anime and now let's get right into it at number 10 we have Haruka tanau and michiru Kayo from Sailor Moon although it may seem out of place at first this relationship is quite unexpected for everyone who seems to enjoy it the story is All About Sailor Moon characters.

Having a positive outlook towards each other and since these girls happen to have a ton of characteristics that define them with their greatness their bond together is hurtled by nothing but themselves this is one of the many reasons why Sailor Moon characters happen to have a lot going on between them while Haruka and michiro were first.

Portrayed as cousins the bond that they started to develop with the passage of time was definitely something unexpected and paved its way into the minds of the viewers at number nine we have Tomoka kase and yui Yamada from asegawo to kasesan although one of them may appear like a man I promise both of them are women who.

Wish to experience some Yuri in their lives however this Bond will be a lot more complicated than you might Imagine The Duo is part of an anime that goes by the name asagawo to kase-san which is an hour-long OVA episode take it as a positive notion since an hour-long episode will entertain you without any hitters whatsoever this is why the.

Characters in this story happen to have a strong and vibrant personalities that don't waste any time in any activity whatsoever let's just say that the duo will be a lot stronger and more powerful together and this energy can be felt in their presence at number eight we have Emir and Historia from Attack on Titan Attack on.

Titan fans may not agree with this but yumir and Historia do share an interesting bond with each other while they always look at each other with a positive eye there is just something completely different about them that can't be explained whatsoever this Duo has strong connections from the past and as we all know The Narrative of Attack.

On Titan is so complex that every bond has a reason behind it this character relationship is a staple for all of us as it gives us a general understanding of how anime manages to leave a lasting impression on the audience and the variety that this show offers is absolutely gorgeous at number seven we have ushio Kazama and.

Sumika murisama from whispered Woods I am certain that most of you wouldn't have heard about this anime before it's called whispered woods and the story that emphasizes it is absolutely gorgeous the story is All About sumika who is madly in love with usio and this romantic story has a long way to go however the problem is that ushio isn't.

Aware of sumika's affection and so the events that take place in this story will create some of the most unexpected situations for the characters and that's how all the characters come together and prove that their presence in the show is crucial and acts as the driving force for ushio and sumika's relationship things will get a lot more interesting.

Between these characters at number six we have yukoito and Toko nanami from Bloom into you although the anime is new the couple manages to entertain the audience without breaking a sweat and that's one of many reasons why they will be together for a long time you and Toko will be sharing a complex bond between them and that's.

Part of what will make their bonding so strong moreover with the passage of time their relationship becomes more and more complex with each character trying to figure out a way around the situation getting into a relationship is hard and used character highlights that any story will have a ton of ups and downs in the flow however their bond will continue to.

Stay strong and powerful with the essence of admiration and affection towards each other at number five we have Yuzu ihara and May ihara from Citrus Citrus is one of the most fascinating anime of all time there's no second thought about it however the fact that the women in the series happen to have a sense of.

Affection between them is quite fascinating the story is about two stepsisters falling in love with each other yeah don't question that and as the show progresses the story gets more and more charismatic with its contents and values let's just say that the characters are going to have a great time within themselves and that's one of.

The best reasons why everyone enjoys Citrus and the duo of Yuzu and Mei this couple will break some serious stereotypes at number four we have coconut and papika from flip Flappers flip flapper is an anime that is not known by a lot of anime fans however the story does have a sweet Yuri relationship so that.

Is a plus coconut and papika are the subjects here and let's just say that their character is a lot more enticing than what meets the eye the traits that they hold makes their relationship quite complex however the mutual understanding that they hold between each other is the driving force for the viewers as well as the characters to make sure that the.

Entire series is on point this is why kokona and papika is a Duo that you should keep your eye on they will entertain you much more than you would have imagined and that's why they are placed so high in our list at number three we have Haruka takayama and you sonoda from sakuru Trek sakuru trick is a series that most of you might.

Be aware of after all it has a ton of reasons why a Yuri fan should watch it however the relationship between Haruka and you is probably the sweetest one of them all this is one of the biggest reasons why the entire show is so entertaining the romance between them isn't just linked with intimacy instead their romance branches out to actual fun.

And enjoyment and so as viewers this impacts us a lot more than a typical yuri-oriented anime this is why the series is so popular with fans all around the globe it is Way Beyond anyone's control to create something like Sakura trick ever again that's how amazing this show is at number two we have chicane himamiya.

And himeku kuruzukawa from Destiny of the shrine Maiden this anime is yet another Hidden Gem that you would want to watch as soon as possible and once you realize the beautiful relationship that exists between chicane and himeko things will get better and better automatically the story is All About mechs fighting each other and the love.

That chicane and himeko hold for each other is the key component in their relationship and survival to put it simply the characters will have no choice but to fight extraterrestrial creatures with all their will and make sure that they survive to see each other again as time passes by things will get more and more interesting between them.

And in this battle only one feeling will stand strong that is love and at number one we have anti-hemamia and uttana tanejo from revolutionary girl utena revolutionary girl uttana is an anime that has a major impact on the Shoujo genre and so every character featured in this anime is a lot more special and fascinating the characters.

Within the series share a mutual understanding between them and that's one of the biggest reasons why their relationship comes off a lot more effective than anything else Anthony is one of the lead characters in this series and her association with uttana changes her life for the better with all said and done we experience the.

Greatness of uttana and her personality and that's why this couple is placed at the top of the list without a doubt the most fulfilling relationship in the Yuri anime segment if you enjoy this video make sure to also check out part 1 of the best Yuri anime couples and don't forget to leave a like And subscribe see you next time.

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