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[Title Card Montage] Ladies and jellyfish, shalom, and welcomeback to A.S.K. Air, as today I’ll be going back to a topica lot of you guys know me for, which is the Ben 10 Omniverse redesigns! While the last two times we looked at notonly the aliens, which got redesigns because of Omniverse’s new art style, but also theprimary and secondary characters, today we’ll revisit all those art style changes, to boildown the top 5 WORST redesigns among them! Let’s go! #5: HumungousaurLook, we’ll start off tame here.

I don’t despise Humungousaur’s redesignor anything, but it’s implicative of a bunch of issues with Omniverse’s art style asa whole that I’ll be repeating later, so I think it’s best to just get it out ofthe way now. Take a look at the classic Humungousaur. Perfect, right? A huge dino freak, with a nice color scheme,scary menacing face, cool growth design with the horns and the spikes…what’s not tolove?! Now look at the Omniverse version. Childish looking, too curvy.

Color scheme is oversaturated and too bright. The face has a massive underbite chin forsome reason, and comes off as too goofy and not intimidating in the slightest. And we have this stupid ugly obligatory greenbelt that goes around him! He has underwear on now for some reason! Even the eyes look worse in this design! This is what I call the Omniverse Syndrome,and a lot of aliens suffer from all these symptoms of saturated, too curvy, too muchfocus on the chin, and too much goddamn green just thrown in there!.

And the underwear just makes him seem so idioticand can’t allow me to take him seriously at all! Were they TRYING to undermine what effortand skill were put to make Humungousaur the most dangerous and hulking alien in UAF? Why would you throw that potential away witha stupid childish mess like this! Ugh…moving on. #4: VilgaxUgggh, Vilgax’s design just generally downgrades with every iteration. In the classic series, he was giant, scaryand super threatening.

His face was cool as hell and his entire physiquescreamed ultra-powerful. I talked about this in my Vilgax video, butyou could tell that the Classic writers wanted Vilgax to be this show’s massive villain,which is why he got so much buildup initially. Then in UAF, while I still like the design,he got a massive downgrade. He looks a lot blander, with less detail onhis body, a slightly slimmer physique, and more visibility with his mouth. I feel like the mystique of having his mouthcovered in the classic series was one of the things that added so much tension and menaceto the character. Then it all just went to crap with the Omniverseiteration.

While the body armour becoming a darker shadeof red again is definitely a step in the right direction, Vilgax’s face and body colourjust feel so off! Now he has more texturing on his skin, whichis totally unnecessary because it makes him look all flabby and brain-like! Focusing entirely on the squid-aspect of Vilgaxwas definitely a mistake, and it all started in Alien Force and just got worse over time. In Omniverse, his design makes it look likehe would smell absolutely horrendous, and just be so easy to beat. His face is also just terrible here…I can’tquite put my finger on it, but the menace.

That was once there is totally gone, and theway his character acts in Omniverse certainly doesn’t help anyone’s case. #3: Big ChillBit of a hot take with this one, but Big Chill’s design is absolutely horrendous in Omniverse. So think of this. In UAF, Big Chill is quite literally on ice. He looks absolutely freaky, balancing themore scary parts of the show with this mysterious cool chill alien. He is blue all over except the eyes and theOmnitrix, and adopts a slender bug-like look,.

With more emphasis on the head and the capewhen he is not flying. But Omniverse takes the moth look all theway to the extreme, and makes him a hunchback moth who ate a bit too much of the Thanksgivingleftovers. In addition to the ugly green Omnitrix strap,they even gave him some weird kind of chest hair or something, making him look older andmore husky-like, which just doesn’t do it for me. Especially with Big Chill, he’s the typeof alien that is versatile and cold, not slow and fat! I don’t know what they were thinking withthis one, because it does nothing to make.

Big Chill seem more intimidating. All it does is make him take up more space,seem less scary and fast in the air, and more prone to losing his mind and becoming complacent,like he does when he gets mind-controlled by Khyber’s dog. Call me crazy, but I like my aliens to looklike they can win, not lose. #2: StinkflyAnother super lazy one…Stinkfly’s redesign is really just sad to see, because of howelementary the mistakes here are. The good news is we barely got to see thisone on screen in Omniverse! It only got like 3 proper appearances!.

His hands…yeah, no longer black and slick. Now they’re green. The body? No longer black and white, now IT’S green! Cuz Omniverse is green, damn it! Green green green! Black-colored face, nope! Now that’s green too, suckers! And a cool menacing face that balances thecreepy and gross look while managing to look.

Badass as hell? Yep, just give him the buck teeth! Doesn’t look moronic or anything! Why would anyone even think that? Stinkfly’s redesign screams rushed, andtries to make him seem more gross and repulsive while completely ignoring what made originalStinkfly so menacing and badass to start with! Just keep him creepy and not completely goddamngreen! God, I miss the OG art style so much! Honorable Mentions:.

UpgradeJust keep the damn colors the same, and you’re good! NO, THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT! YOU JUST REVERSED IT! SwampfireThe problem with Swampfire’s blossom design in Omniverse is that it entirely undermineswhat Swampfire’s abilities are, and gives him this wider physique for no reason, notto mention the absolutely horrendous color scheme that is an insult to the perfectionthat was his UAF design. Even his original OV design, just doesn’tcompare to UAF’s pristine perfection.

#1: ChromastoneAaaand, the infamous one which always gets rightfully dragged through the mud…Chromastone. I just loved how Chromastone looked throughoutUAF. The one word to describe him was slick, notonly in his slender design, but also in the perfect shades of purple and pink that heembodied, which made him stand out among the roster, but other things as well. He was a totally cool rock amalgam, with atall presence and a menacing demeanour and face. The mouth fit perfectly, and there’s justsomething so simple and sheen about this original.

Design. Fast forward to Omniverse, and aside fromgetting like 2 whole appearances, Chromastone looks horrendous! He has long ass crystals sticking out of him,out of areas that look really uncomfortable, like his knees and out his arms…like he’sSwampfire or something, and it just makes me feel like a bad guy would just grab oneof those and throw him with it. He has the classic issue of being coveredin green crap, and the Omnitrix is no longer centred on his chest either. His physique is more bulky and horizontal,he has a way-too-long spike on the top of.

His head, and now, THE MOUTH IS FRICKING COVERED! It’s like they took everything cool aboutthis alien’s design, and completely reversed it! Truly a shame to see, because all they hadto do to achieve a successful update would be to just round out the edges a bit and maybechange the face slightly, like how they did in Alien X-Tinction. The way they pulled it off though just reallypisses me off. The funny part is though, that this designwas only presented once throughout all 8 seasons of Omniverse, in only one episode.

Chromastone had one other appearance in season1 and this one seems to look a lot more like the UAF design which was better. I guess they decided to switch things up forseason 8, and fortunately, like Stinkfly, didn’t use this terrible design too manytimes. Aaaaand that was all the top 5 worst Omniverseredesigned characters! What do you think? What would be your bottom 5, be sure to letme know and also if I should make the top 5 best list as well! If you need to refresh your memory on allthe redesigns, you can find both my other.

Videos on this topic in the description belowand card above, and with all that said… I’ll see you in the next one!

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