RAID: Call of the Arbiter | Restricted Sequence | Episode 1: Galek

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(lightning crackling)(epic music) – Darkness rises. (rocks thudding) And so must light. (epic music continues) (lightning crackling)(portal whooshing) Galek, will you answer the call? (logo whooshes) (metallic whoosh).

(bell tolling)(ominous music) – Orcs on the horizon! (citizen wailing) Get the women and children to safety! (blades swishing) (Orcs grunting) (Galek grunting) (switch clicking) (gate thudding).

(Orcs yell indistinctly) – Go! – To arms! They've broken through the gates! (Artak roaring) (citizens wailing)(ominous music continues) (ax cleaving) (blade stabbing)(citizen wailing) (Fellhound growling).

– The city is ours! (ominous music continues) (Orcs laughing)(fire roaring) – Let me see that! (ominous music continues) (armor plates clinking) (nostalgic music) (Orcs laughing) (magical twinkling sounds).

– Galek. This is not who you are. Make your choice. (magical twinkling)(foreboding music) – Galek, this is justice. These lands used to belong to the clans. We are reclaiming what is rightfully ours. – As you say, father. – Whatever it takes. (friendly punch thudding).

Bring the prisoners. (prisoners groaning) Please! We're just farmers. This man led the Human oppressors. He's responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Orcs, as are his ancestors for millions. He must be punished. (ominous music).

(ax slicing)(prisoner groaning) (prisoner thudding) (prisoner wailing) (Orcs grunting)(blades clinking) This Human too bears responsibility (baby sobbing) and must stand in judgment. (ax drawing) (prisoner whimpering).

(ominous music continues) (air rushing)(baby sobbing continues) (Galek grunting) (ax swishing) (kick thudding)(Galek [Male, singular] grunting) – Son, what are you doing? – Making a choice. – Come back! – There's no escape!.

(Galek grunting)(rooftop rattling) (arrows hissing)(bows twanging) (arrow thudding)(Galek groaning) (Galek thudding)(prisoner groaning) (arrow clinking)(Galek groaning) (baby gurgling) (Galek sighing) – Uh? (baby coos).

Uh. (baby sobbing) Please. (baby whimpering) (horn blaring) (footsteps shuffling) (Galek grunting)(emotional music) (rooftops clacking) – To the docks. Head him off.

(horn blaring)- Don't let them escape. (footsteps clattering) (Galek panting) – Huh? (sail unfurling) All this… for what? A single Human child? – I do not wish to fight you, father. (boat creaking).

– You are no son of mine. (fire sizzling)(Galek and Artak grunting) (blades clanking) (Galek shouting) (blades clanking) (fire roaring) (blades clashing)(grunting) (Galek grunting) (hilt thwacking).

(kick thudding)(groaning) (Artak growling)(hilt thudding) (Artak groaning)(body thudding) (footsteps shuffling) (ominous music) (rope whooshing) (water sloshing) (Galek groaning) – Let go, father.

It is over. (Orcs and Fellhounds yelling) – Not for me. (foot stomping) (scoffing) Ha! Weak. (fire sizzling) (ax clanking)(Artak yelling) (water splashing) (Artak shouting in pain).

(water splashing) (water sloshing) (baby sobbing) (hopeful music) (winds howling) (wind whooshing) (door knocking) (lock clicking) (door clicking).

(hopeful music continues) (baby sobbing) (hopeful music continues) (door thudding) (fire sizzling)

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