Raiden Shogun asks Albedo a opt – “PROGENITOR: The Shogunate” – FULL EPISODE (dillongoo X Genshin)

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No mom! Don't! I don't want him to go! Alice, please! I would never have let ZandiCorp hurt her! Then you shouldn't have lied to us. Goodbye Al, or L-13. Whoever you reallyare. D-does this mean you're notmy brother anymore? I'll always be your brother. Klee! Where are you? You always knew what I was, didn't you? But youdidn't care. I wish more organics could be like you.

H-hey, it can't be that easy. You'd be askingme to fix it every other week. Maybe next time, you'll think twice about getting into a fight. I finally found you, L-13 H-hey! Relax, I'm- I'm not with ZandiCorp! It's me…see? RS… oh, General Raiden! Shhhh! Don't you have a war to fight?.

Yes, that's why I'm here. At this rate, ZandiCorp will outnumber us ten to one. We don't know when they'll strike, but… …as we are now, we don't stand a chance. And so, because you missed me so much, you ran away to hide in this hellhole, New Khaenri'ah. Very funny. I'm not running anywhere. I'm here because…we've been taking heavy losses since you left. We need you back. We need Albedo. I don't go by that name anymore. Right. L-13 then.

If I came back, and made you more soldiers… You'd only have more lives to lose. But what's a lifeworth when you can make a new one, right? You know I don't believe that! I just want youto give us a fighting chance. And what if that fighting chance doesn't want to die for ourcause?! We'd be no better than ZandiCorp. We are nothing like ZandiCorp! But sometimesone death can save thousands of lives… Could you tell that to Sucrose? Could you tell her, for certain, that her death meant something?.

I'm done getting myself involved. I don't wantus to lose…but it's already cost me too much. So now, whatever happens…happens. Including thewar. You think you're not involved now? Hiding behind Organics and putting them in danger? Just so you can pretend to leave your past behind? ZandiCorp doesn't know I'm here! And organics never get more than a slap on the wrist, anyway. They'll be fine. If we lose the war…life will never get better for synthetics like us. I know. But the way things are now…I think I can manage.

So I'll take my chances. Thanks for the tea. I wouldn't bet on things staying the same. I tried it once. It didn't work. Raiden…even if I wanted to help- Get down! This is Synthetic Control! We have reports of a highly dangerous rogue synthetic in this area named L-13! Please come out with your hands up! It's ZandiCorp!.

And one of their new L-Series Bots. I'm not quite sure they got your nose right. Here, give me your hand. There's no way…they've never come down here before! Maybe one of your organic friends reported you. You ready? F-for what? W-w-w-wait what wait wait!! Come on, let's go!.

Are you insane?! That's ZandiCorp property! This is gonna draw every drone in the city! I'm supposed to be lying low! Yeah? Well, it's too late for that. They already know you're here. …I really hope you can still outrun a security drone. Hey! I'm retired–not out of shape! [Mysterious explosion] Let's go!.

You know…maybe we don't have to run? Maybe we can take 'em. No. ZandiCorp vastly outnumbers us, remember? This way! Let go! I told you, I don't know where he is! Where are you taking me?? When my mom gets here… All right. It looks like we shook them off. Come on! This is our chance!.

L-13! Look out! Leave my brother alone! Klee! I got you chemical Don't you dare touch Dodoco! I thought you said you were done gettinginvolved? This this isn't your responsibility. You shouldn't have come back You really think you can handle them all? On your own?.

I have to try. No. I'll protect this organic girl with you. If you agree to join the war again.

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  1. IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! I’m hoping you all revel within the complete episode of Progenitor: The Shogunate! Anyone attracted to Episode 2, let me know down under 👀 Thanks again to HoyoFair Spring 2023 for making this project likely!

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