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The Episode starts with we see both of them standing in front of Uncle's grave where Mr. Bay's remains lie . I used to live surrounded and gave him time only that uncle who took care of me just like my father, he always used to play with me . I have spent more time with him than my father and I want to say that he is not at all like the rest, he is very nice and he has never considered me worthless even though I am better at cultivation Wasn't but still till today he never said anything to me and today he lost his life while saving me I never understood him that he is a servant of our family I always.

Considered him as my father lo asks my dear do you want to take revenge what happened to lucent i understand You are not a normal person at all, you are very strong, that's why you easily broke that artifact with just one punch, that too in such a hurry and you are not concerned, I believe you too, says Lucent. I am never BJP, it says it does n't matter to me, whether you are there or not, that is, you play the same hymn, meaning to praise yourself more, to make yourself look bigger, then after that, when they happen, they are lu peacefully This seems to be the last time I am asking you will you help me can you turn my life back Lucent says yes I can do this I am going to have a little bit of trouble doing this it is difficult but It is not impossible , I can do this, he becomes happy and says that this time I have full faith.

In you and whatever you need, I will bring it to you and he gets down on his knees. Because he was very sad and worried Lucent please will you help me I am with you on behalf of my father I will fight Lucent says han I will help you but I have one more request he says han tell whatever request I will accept all of them Lucent's attitude is that you have to follow me always unconditionally also you follow me You will keep doing this, whenever any difficult situation will come, then you will keep following me, I guarantee you that I do not want to harm your family, nor do I want their bad, I just want to bring your luck back. I want to change Mr. Bey says ok I will help you fully I have full faith in you Lucha lucent ka raha hota hai ok so let's take me to your.

Aniston hall in the next scene we are shown bhi's sister The one who is talking to him, have you gone mad, are you explaining to him and here Lucent is thinking that even though the Bay family has chosen their end sister wrong, that means they are worshiping the other end sister. Not doing their assistant's but still their assistant's inside them Stent is kinda in spirit and here too he is asking his sister to calm down first you calm down look if you want to punish then you can punish me but Luchha is an outsider and for him things should be more Don't make it too difficult . In the next scene, we are shown that both of them together are trying to make their uncle understand that this is such a thing, but his uncle was not prepared to accept it because everyone knows that he is very He is very weak and no one will believe him, his sister.

Is trying to understand uncle better and she says that the decision will be taken only when father comes back, but his uncles are a bit arrow and type. They do what their man does, they do what they do and what they do, first of all you learn to handle yourself, after that you can handle the hold of the ancestor or anything else, first of all you practice well. If you are not able to learn to practice well, after that if you want to talk big, you can come to me and come back. Don't come to me to talk all this nonsense, while leaving, his uncle also says that you don't think that you have gone mad and your mind has stopped decreasing because you do n't change your life. Maybe we are weaker than them and will remain weak and you can never be on strength .

So he has always been listening but today he has sold too much, even after his departure, his sister is still very angry because he is getting all these things done by those people, not Luccha, it is clear from Lucent. – She asks in clear words, do you have any relation with bf family, do you have anything to do with us, he does not say anything, then she is angry with him , then why are you coming between us. why are you troubling do you even know she was getting so angry right now that she kill lucent one chance but don't kill you also know how important her young master status is to her about bay What is she doing but tries to understand from her and what is she doing I am doing this for the good of your family I do n't see any angle that you want to do good for our family first of.

All I want you I want to tell that he does not know how to cultivate well and if the status of Young Master is also from his forehead, then You know that everyone will start humiliating him, even like this he will be inferior to everyone and then what will happen to him, his future will be ruined, but even here he is talking to him comfortably, that's why I want to turn his world upside down. I want it so that it can grow in the future, only then it gets more angry and it keeps on crying . Many big people took it to Tantrik and another sister, but still still do not know how to do cultivation well, so what are you doing, after today, never try to provoke my brother and Don't make such big promises to him at all and I want to tell you that the Lan family is.

Still calm because there is a very old relationship between us and the Land family. Would have done because that family is not normal family at all those people are very dangerous all colors brothers are beyond their family Me and exactly 3 days from now I will send someone to take you out of this city safely because you are in danger too but Bay is trying to make his sister understand that look that's not Luken's intention at all Yes , he only wants good for us, he has full faith in pollution, but his sister calms him down, says he is silent, he becomes silent, she says that there will be no talk about it now . Hai Lucent Lucent's life is also in danger because the land is behind the families and we will talk about the rest of the matters when father comes back.

. And after three days Lucent will go out from here for the first time I have seen my sister so angry and here now her heart is also sad and she is saying calmly what should we do now he says It is obvious that we will keep the plan continuous and take it forward even if no one comes or not, but it is deeply felt that now my man is not doing it because I think there is a lot of danger in this and my life is so small, my life is so small, what will I do if she also goes away. Asks, look, I am asking you this again and again, do you want to do it or not, now here he is thinking that what should I do, should I not do it, but with a lot of courage , he gives me that yes, we continue. Will definitely do and just with this the episode also ends.

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