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At the beginning of the episode, we are shown that as soon as they are leaving, there is a huge explosion in a short distance, he goes unaware because his father lives in the direction and he thinks that there is my father. Father the how there was such a big explosion there, he gets very nervous and starts crying that I am going there to see and he starts leaving immediately but Luccha scolds him that you are at all Don't worry, your father will be absolutely fine, nothing would have happened to him, so he is worried that how can you do this, he is also in dead lock and at the same time I feel like what all this has done to the Land family. It is because right now there is a conflict going on between his family and the land family, isn't it the inner family, that's why the land family is not done, maybe it was said and then he starts telling further that his father who is his sister's They are doing cultivation in the old way.

So that their bay family can be a little stronger, but it is very difficult to do. This is because the land family will not allow these people to become strong so easily because as you were told that the line family has become much more powerful than the beef family but still they have a little control in the city means more From them and here we are shown the division that which realme is in which way, there is no need to remember, of course, it is absolutely Vibgyor's, Vibgyor's only, it was Triangle, but Lucent belongs to it, that I told you guys. It has also been said before that your and sister are white apes, the na's white emperors, you have been worshiping the wrong and sister for so many years and adopting the wrong cultivation method, that's why you are not becoming strong, but what happens He doesn't believe all these things at all.

Because I feel from the beginning that Lucent is a liar and he always keeps lying so he doesn't pay attention to his point that you guys are doing wrong you guys are wrong fekisi Because you are doing this, your Bay family is becoming more and more weak day by day, but they He does not listen and in the next scene we see how those people reach the place where we see that the door is blocked and many stones have fallen, then Bay reaches there, where his uncles are. He is asking uncle that what happened after all, his uncle starts telling that suddenly all these stones fell and there was a huge explosion, all the stones fell from nachanak and the way was blocked, then what happens , he is asking. There is any movement about his father from inside, but his uncle keeps telling him that no, so far he has not come to know about any news or movement of his father and.

His uncle used to say that it could happen. It is that your father is now in critical condition of break through and only then all this accident happened then Lucent picks up a stone that fell there and he finds something very wrong with the design of the stone that this stone was thrown from outside. He is not at all from this channel, so those people were not able to understand what he wanted to say, but he was told in clear words. Tells that the real purpose of the explosion was not to stop your father from breaking through, the real purpose was to bring you here, he would have been surprised to hear this and what would have happened, but how could this happen, only then we are shown behind . A masked man is coming from there, he is also carrying a sword and saying that I will not leave you, and at the same time he is not alone, there would have been many people there and all these people are taken home. The guys are very strong, they are asking.

Who are you monsters, but here they suddenly attack Sun, it was the one with blue hair, I will not let you harm the master, but this guy wanted a lot and would have He kills this guy with a single hand, the blue one and he says sorry master, please forgive me and we are shown that this guy is very strong and he says that today none of them One should not go alive but here these people are there, that means these people are weak and then they are trying their best to save others. And along with them, they keep on beating continuously. Here we are shown a man who is asking Lucent what is your relation with him . If you meet, then the person is smiling, okay, okay, now the next time you want to have fun, do a job somewhere else and have fun, don't be with such a person, but wait.

You go to the children to have fun, then you will have fun, I will kill you right now and he goes straight to attack Lucent but Lucent cuts his sword into pieces with his own two fingers, then he went to the guy. Hits such a strong punch that the answer comes out of his mouth on his knowledge and he ends up there as well . It was known that there is someone so powerful in the family because they do not get the information that everyone in the family is like a loser, although this information was also absolutely correct, here we are shown that these people are also not less powerful, these people are full of preparation. They would have come together, they knew that the Bay family is weak, but this man had a lotus weapon , which was a small bell and that small bell goes up and becomes a big bell.

. Keep thinking that Luken should run away from there but he does not even move from his place and how have you seen Kungfu Hostel? The big bell is also the same big bell and Lu Chan gets inside it doing nothing now and then what was it when Taklu is inside the channel till then all of them together give each and every member of Bay family Will finish here we are shown Lucent who looks at the hourglass before touching it and is saying that this artifact is looking like a lotus, why don't I use a little bit of my power on it and try it with one punch. Hits him on the hour but sadly that hour doesn't break he just goes a little pachhath and he's gone seems like there's going to be a little problem to get out of here Lochan remains stuck and here it The masked men are slowly killing each and every member of the Bay family, these elders who are Mr. Vivek are saying that.

Master, you leave here, I will take care of these people, but whatever happens He said no, you guys are like our family, we can't leave you like this, but Elder said to him, “The Master, if anything happens to you, I will I will never be able to forgive you leave here because the cultivation of these guns is very extra ordinary and you will not be able to survive if you stay here then you run away from here I am the focus of all these people now we are shown That only he and Mr. Bin are left, all their people have been killed and immediately the elders go and punch one of them very hard and they are saying that you all have so much courage, you are my son. Came to attack the family I am not going to spare any of you Elders are strong because there are four or three people they all have difficulty in.

Fighting Elders And the person who was killed by the Elder must have belonged to the Banda that this Elder is a bit powerful, we can't win it just like that, hurry up and use magic, they have a lot of magic weapons, here we see that If they have any other magic weapon, then it is used and those who are elders combine it a little. So he falls and what are you saying that master you run away from here it is very poisonous gas and on this side this guy is laughing and saying that it is poison of Red Lotus and it is very extra ordinary poisonous. It happens that taking even a little bit of flax will completely paralyze and even those who are big meat are not able to come out of it so easily, so I think that today half of Bay's family is going to end here and then after that . They will not have any descendants. Here we are shown on the other side, then Mr. Baby has.

Been in the grip of this poison and the opposition is completely dominating him, he cannot run away from here in any way and Lucent is still trapped inside there you guys have seen lap reverse what haven't you seen then a kid must do now i will be putting regular episodes of that and han if anyone likes to watch longer episodes can watch because i feel comfortable 200 episodes will be made in that ok guys see you in the next episode till then bye bye

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