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At the beginning of the episode, I am shown looking at the head of the Lucent family and what is happening. He has fallen very badly because the head of the Bay family is breathing very hard and this condition It is too bad, he takes out a seat from him and says that battery, don't worry at all, I am not going to let you die so easily here, I will save your life, he takes the seat and goes straight. It goes straight and hits their head and as it hits their head we are shown that more starts coming out from all around them and now they start regaining consciousness, their voice comes out, their eyes open and they remain How can this happen ? You saved your life,.

So you could open your eyes, you can't open the letters and I would like to give you this advice that you don't answer too many questions from me, hurry up and And stabilize your cultivation and break through quickly, the battery starts doing exactly what it says and they are thinking that I do n't know it, I have never seen it before, but I don't know, it hit me. What magic has been done that I am feeling more powerful than before and I am also feeling much better, now they have been completely cured, that means all the injuries that have been there have been cured, they would have been asking Lochains . Hai my lord, what do you mean by saying that I have all the tricks and techniques of my bay family and sister, except all of us, Dun Lotion tells them that look, I am just going to pass you a technique and after that you yourself But understand yourself that what you have to do, he makes gestures with his hand.

And he keeps gathering all the information in his head, saying that this energy is very powerful, it is not a normal energy at all. After that they start concentrating and thinking that after all who is this person who is standing in front of me and what is his origin. Because its power is very extra and female and its methods are also very different, now they have come to know who is the real sister of their family, they are folding hands in front of Lucent and asking for it. Son thank you very much for this by the way son I don't know your name and I do n't even know where you come from Lotion says I am sister's friend he says ok so you are my son's friend yours again Thank you so much because you have not only saved my life but you have helped me to break through in extra ordinary real you are really.

Great you owe us a lot by the way Mr. Lucent you taught me the exercise Hey don't you think that exercise is too easy because I practiced it only once and then started doing it comfortably why do I feel that exercise is made for our family only and it is very suitable but there is nothing wrong with it Lucent says that you bill They are absolutely right, this exercise man has taught you, it was made by your ancestor only for your bay family. This is his real de and he was the one who made this technology and that is the reason why the family is doing this technique so comfortably, Lucent gives it further, that I cannot tell you further because you will not understand anything. It is going to happen in the future, you.

Will understand everything in a better way, you will be able to understand about the battery, whatever you said, Mr. Lu, I did not understand that much, but I just want to say one thing to you that please you are my family. stay with us i just made a breakthrough to extra ordinary reality and i still have to pass a few levels to stabilize it anyway i can't thank you enough because you've helped us so much so bae This battery of the family wants to give you our order means it is the same order Luken is very happy about what Lucent needs from the beginning but does not show on his face that he was doing very well. Now we are shown the scene of the next day where he is doing a lot of training but this training In fact, its training remains that it had to keep its eyes closed for 10 hours, which could not be done, then it would have been better to sleep.

Comes, hits his head with a finger and goes deep, you don't have to be so lazy, look, hit one finger and the bomb went off on h is head, by then his head would have been there too and he would have been crying that you What are you doing here He asks what are you doing here He tells that he is training here He thinks I have been fooled What do you think of this and I listen to your words But will you believe me, are you still trusting him on Lucent's words, are you following him, who has been saying that our Bay is not family, but there is a white monkey, that means, White Tape tells his sister, look at me now. I don't want to talk about all these things by the way will you tell me who brought you here. She says I have come here for Lucent. He asks why what happened then you went to meet Lucent. Why did she also come suddenly like this, she says if.

You don't know why don't you take a kiss from her mouth, but Lucent's is what I did, I did something I didn't even do anything and I don't even remember that I did something like that, she says do n't lie, do you remember that pink girl whom second uncle took, the same loser who had killed a lot in the jungle, yes, he went from the second angle. Has complained that Lucent was troubling him, he was telling him like this , he was doing like this, so now second uncle has come in his words and he is very angry, so that's why they are coming to die, what is Lucent? I didn't do anything like that you guys must be getting into a wrong family but she says don't lie to me I remember that day I held you both in the range what are you both doing now hurry up Do it and get out of this house, if you don't, Second Uncle is very angry, he will kill you for sure, but by then.

It was too late because Second Uncle, that girl and some of Second Uncle's cute bodyguards were also there. He is sent to be beaten only then and he is explaining to his uncle that you must be getting into a wrong family. Because lucas is not there at all he can never touch him but his uncles have been saying that you have no right to speak in this because a guilty person has no right to even be here Get out of here too, get lost from this house of mine and then they are asking the girl to tell me where have you touched in heaven, I will cut off both her hands or anything she has touched. It seems that he has touched with both hands. Uncle is very angry . Cut off both of his hands.

, they stand forward very fast on both the soldiers, but till then since I was young, I have not asked anything from you, but today I want to ask you one thing, please leave Lucent. And get him out of our family, he will never come back to this city again, please listen to me , what are they doing, after all I am yours. How can I avoid this thing because you are also the most powerful person in this whole Haveli domain, which means you are missing in a way and she is the most powerful person in their house because I am so powerful, otherwise, that's why uncle doesn't even want to talk about it. Dal can the man goes to become Lucent but this one who is very manipulative she starts saying to uncle no you can't do this you can't do this for me cut off both his hands if you If you don't do this, I will not be.

Able to show my face to anyone and I will take my life on my own . I'm sorry but I can't accept your point, now what should these two do because the second angle will go after killing Lucent . As soon as you hit the lotion to die lucent their taste is broken think how strong it is and then gives both One carpenter punches each and both of them go far away and fall unconscious . If you want to take it on the head, you can take it, but later don't believe me that I have united your bones and ribs . Pinky is again provoking uncle and she asks, have you seen this, you are serious.

Not taking it he's making fun of you guys why don't you kill it yourself and you uncle and lucent will have a fight by the way in the next episode by the way i want to tell you guys that i have started a new comics You guys must go and watch it, it will be good for you guys to watch four-five episodes , after that say how did you like it, okay gas, see you all again in the next episode, till then

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