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At the beginning of the episode, we are shown that many people have come to die for our mini character Lance, the eldest of whom is the Elder, who is from the land . today is the day when our united aliens will chhudayegi chase you from the devil like you and destroy you Why are you taking so much interest in me , do you think it is so easy to give who is right, who is wrong, who is good and who is bad, they belong to the elders, you have never shown the world the way to retreat You can sacrifice anyone anytime, it does n't matter to you that someone becomes bad, someone dies, you are the biggest devil, so.

Why are you all chasing dog like him? If you are walking by holding his tail, then give him a heavenly hand, even a little good for the elder. I don't think and what are you doing when you are taking your last breath, you have so much courage, you are not respecting the haveli, it seems you want to go against heaven, he says, and what can you do about it? All people use their power and are doing kill him kill him today the devil who is eradicated from this world he dedicated his whole life to the devil and if we will end him in the name This will be very good for us all those people use their power and start shooting it must be from the ass you don't think that you people think yourself too great and this is your biggest mistake And here it was not going to remain calm either, it also uses its power and creates.

A barrier around itself and all those people's attacks are unable to do anything, its barrier is very strong because after power these People can't believe because they have a united alliance and everyone attacked with full power Happens but still nothing has mattered to Goo, here we see that now Goo uses his power and like he does this time, all the people who come under his energy are killed. You 're gone, you're eating goo . Haveli Dao is so great but it's nothing like that you guys are nothing in front of me and he's coming straight towards those people he's coming towards us everyone get.

Ready And here we are shown what happened to Elder today we have to kill him one way or the other today we can't let him go alive like this he uses his spirit tiger attack but here he also uses his one finger He uses it and the one on which Tiger is, he does not know how to stand in front of this laser bomb, after that he again uses Bheem and that too remains so fast. It is said that the Elder does not get from there and he gets a direct hit. This guy can not believe his eyes that he has killed his master in just one stroke, what else has happened to him? Some little cockroaches from somewhere you have so much courage you have come here to challenge me this guy is getting very angry he is going to be here I will not spare you you have killed our master we all together United will kill you, I am not.

Going to leave you, anger doesn't grow deeper, you guys have beaten me a lot and my sister has also taken a lot of beatings , I am the real power of underworld empire before you kill me. Ka's power is so dangerous that anyone coming in front of him gets killed im mediately and here he was laughing and saying, you guys had brought me here to die, what happened now? Everyone is killing himself, anyone in this world messes with me, he does not know how to escape, he was laughing weakly. From here we see that a thunderstorm starts forming over there, this mansion belongs to all the people, they have attracted the woman towards themselves, hurry up everyone, run away from here, otherwise all of us are also fans towards this evil man. It's going to be a lot of fun It 's going to be havelio.

There is more power, let me also see, after all, the underworld empire Gu darling kills inside your judgment or not and then we are shown that there a very strong lightning falls above the sip and here it is of Banda. So the haveli is sweet tomorrow but when he sees that he is alive he is asking are you still alive what is going on with him my old friend forgive me but I have to leave this world now it seems Hai I was able to get my man back from you just like that let's see you in the next life it would have been of the person what are you stupid like you are talking stop listen to the next thing but nothing happens there he Kaa hota hota hota hota guayab hota hai here we are shown to Gu who was thinking dhaat teri ki as I thought in the end I could not win from my teacher heaven he must have been thinking no I am.

Not here Can kill Celestial Dynasty Heavenly You guys just wait for me I'm in the hut I'll be back for sure after a year 100 years a thousand years after a million years but I will definitely come back and the day I come back see the day what I'm going to do to Haveli Review that day I'll destroy all the immortals and here we see the lightning Happens it gradually fades away Scene change happens On this side we are shown a girl who was crying and crying face to face and what happened in the end you all happen but I still Ca n't believe it at all you can kill regulars easily no matter how many years it takes I will always wait for you even if the world ends even if the last of the world leaves Why shouldn't I be able to reach but I know that you will definitely come back one day or the other. She.

Starts leaving from there and was thinking that one day or the other I will definitely find you . On this side of the mountain, we are shown a suffocating vehicle which has appeared directly here and raises something like this, he was thinking whether I live Nda hoon kya evenli has ended yesterday itself and he is thinking that once he had beheaded many models in Banaras and then since when did he establish himself on the underworld, then after that a lot happens in the end and In the end you know and this is all the story You took everything from me You ruined me You like what you love You just wait for me But from now on one thing is not understood After all mansion Why have you kept it alive, because there is a difference of land and sky between these two, that means there is a lot of fighting between the two, so why have you kept it alive, then he is.

Sure, can it be because of this? Because of this, it has happened that its life has been saved, it is a jet which was a very precious relic that it was found in a Buddhist temple long time ago, all its tracers have been destroyed, everything has been destroyed by kalmedi. destroyed but it still survives it happens that I fought against humans immortals and demons but in the end lap se har gaya what do you think i lost you that's because i am normal human being now but remember i am still alive even though you took my everything from me and made me a normal human being but i swear I will take everything back from you, just wait and wait for me, when I become strong, I will snatch everything that is mine from you and our episode also ends here, tell me how did you like this episode? If you like it.

, then you will come and continue it, otherwise you will leave it too, as it happens, comment and tell it, and many people do not comment, and then later they say why they stopped.

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