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At the beginning of the episode we are shown an idiot who is wondering why did I do such a stupid thing if I could go back in time first of all I would not call him a gentleman at all and because of me now he He has also studied in danger, he belongs to a very powerful and rich family, that is, his family is very powerful in this set and he does what he says , and as for Gu, everyone knows It is impossible for him that he can mess with Lee , so it will be best for him that I have to take him as far as possible, then his senior sister comes in front of him, the web says that senior sister is his senior sister's. Hoti web I am really very disappointed with you yesterday whatever you said secretly I let it go but today again today again you did the same thing and today I have.

Seen it with my own eyes and what will I do to you I can only say do you have a little respect for the teacher no I know the senior system that I am wrong but but now what can I do I was going to go to seclution for sure just once this was less to settle and now I am going to do cultivation she says no you can't you if you want to go back So you will go back with me right now and this time but Bev starts saying to her senior sister that you already know that it is a question of someone's life and death and I cannot let her go like this and you know that It is also known that once he gives a talk, he keeps on completing it, he will try his best to kill Gu, then it is his senior sister 's care, see if it is UC or SET and you uselessly treat her as a person. you are delaying our talk you should stop following her how about this i will help you so that you can send her ku.

Person away from here and she is also surprised to hear this i am making a big compromise for you Only then we are shown that some girls are coming from behind shouting and she is saying what happened what happened something went wrong What has happened to Chien, has she messed something up, has she been hit by someone, what is she doing to this girl, has she hit a disciple of the outer set, and not just hit her, hit her very badly, her condition Stupidly wondering if it is her big sister Carrie that how is this possible she is a foundation failure and her 20s is not enough to kill the Outer Disciple so badly and Baby is thinking that this is impossible, Bay immediately leaves from there and carries that it is out of my way, I have to go to find guinfeng and here it is about her sister,.

I will have to come back in the whole set. The word must have spread to you that the guru has hit the disciples of the outer set very badly, he has not hit them again and again, he has given suggestions to all the girls in just one slap and hurt them very badly. Some people are also saying that he is a secret master and some people are saying that he is a foundation failure, but how can he Can kill the display on the net, there are displays, they are very powerful and it is not so easy to kill them, everyone would be talking about this, by then the baby would have reached there and he would have got all the information here. Information has been received that when it was not there, then what did they do behind it ? She.

Goes to some men and asks where the caves are, one of them tells that she has heard Dash End and that they have gone to the Red Lift Mountain and that mountain is here. She is wondering what those people are doing on Red Lift Mountain. I don't like it at all. I think they will have to go and see if something goes wrong. Here the scene changes. On the side we are shown that these people came here to pick fruits and the environment here is also very beautiful . There is a child behind there we have collected a lot of fruits shall we eat all of them and he starts eating till then we see that he has reached there Bev she is What are you doing here, he says what are you doing here, you should have been in seclusion right now . She says leave me, what are you doing here, you are eating these wild fruits.

He says yes, its taste is very good and it improves my mood too, I enjoy eating these and I used to eat a lot when I was young, here you have one, you also eat it. You will also enjoy it, but she is getting angry, she is saying that you have so much courage, you do not know how much trouble you will be trapped in if you do not stop eating it, then what else was there, she starts shouting at Goo and It seems that I had already told Tashan to keep you in Lincoln Courtyard and wait for me there, what are you guys doing here and also why did you beat those guys so badly, father and At the same time, the father also got the spiritual form completed after that, do you feel hungry, what are you talking about ? I didn't mean it, I.

Wanted to say that you have become very reklas and in this affair you could have got hurt too, so you should have let them go like this. Should have given it he says it doesn't matter those people are just some wild monkeys bringing their butts in the middle of my business and I didn't like it so I kicked him over well it sounds in English It will be very nice but it is not less funny in Hindi also it is of the girl ok ok ok let go now we will not talk about this time she holds his hand and starts taking him from there she says Come on, now we can't stay here and date together, but only then he sees that there are many people gathered next to him and this is happening, these days even these children have become very violent. Tell me, they have brought hundred guns only for the fight and when I was so young, then I was just like Captain Cool, I used to keep my mind calm.

. yes I want you to get out of this place as soon as possible because there is a lot of danger here and I do not want you to study in any danger so I I want you to get out of this place safely now let's stand with me don't look at my face but till then there comes her senior sister her senior sister says you want to get out of here it's in junior system want to say That you are a big fool, even if you help him, he will come out of the mountain, but after that where is he going to escape, further his senior sister is telling him that the people of the live family are Let's go to Puri Territory and just once in their ear its name should be read and as soon as its name is read in their ear that its name is Guha and it has to be killed then they.

Will shake the whole set and After hearing this we will kill him by finding him anywhere in the whole set, she starts crying in front of her senior sister and carries please senior sister just once this is the last time please help me from now on Whatever you say I am ready to accept everything she says ok I will help you but you have to make a promise to me Have to do after that she is doing bev ok I promise you whatever you say I am ready to do whatever it may be her senior sister says ok like this incident will end you immediately At the same time, I will have to go back and I will personally take him out of the book and in future you will never see him. She says okay I promise you till then we will see that he has climbed the tree. If he is sitting like a monkey and eating fruits, then why is it that you, whose surname.

Is Goo, what are you doing there, hurry up, put the fool down somewhere, but why is it that when your senior sister took care of this matter ? Then I am not going to come down at all and I am not going to go under this mountain at all, now I will stay here and have fun and while having fun, the episode also ends, tell you guys Enjoying it na abhi toh bhi bhi episode is going to come so just stay tuned with our channel mx player haven't seen the second series then rest Must check out the series too especially Dark Emperor will enjoy that too will be in playlist

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