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The Episode starts with You all arrogant kids you guys have so much guts you all together are trying to kill me but I want to tell you this thing is going to be very heavy go out of my way he just says If there is, we are shown that all the people who are there, they must have felt a hit, they have hit a very fast punch, and here the leak is very angry, why did you dare to come to our set? You show your bullying in front of me, she has black lightning in her hand and she is saying to shut up in front of me and here this girl is thinking that she has already brought her Black Vortex Fifth to the pitch stage and this one It is a very powerful attack, till date no one has been able to block Samle and once it hits our group.

, it is going to hurt a lot, here we are shown, please, Gus comes to attack like this. grabs K's hand and shakes his hand very hard, he must have been saying that I was just like Bro was joking a lot but see one of your rules I will finish your spiritual root and I will destroy you completely It must have been broken, everyone is surprised to see how it happened, now its hand is fluttering in the air just like a kite, just like that and it is hurting it very loudly, it is also screaming along with it. I am also young but very arrogant so I just broke your hand to teach you a lesson so that in future you will never do such things and whenever Think of doing then.

Look at your hand don't do such things and you can become a good person in future that's why I just broke your hand but he starts saying what are you all standing and watching and go and kill him I'm not gonna leave him today I'll kill him goo where did anyone try to attack me don't kill me Only going to survive because I still remember that when I was young means no one could beat me and since then till now I have never been defeated you guys don't know who this boss is and how powerful I am Yes, you people don't even know me, you people are not even fit to fight with me, you are all small children, that's why I am explaining to you with love, I want to advise you not to raise your hand on me. First of all think about which frequency what is going to happen with you I am not a Buddha I have mercy on you people will leave.

You even if you try to kill me I have killed many people like you I have seen and here you guys are as many as I can beat most of me with just a pinch of mine, I do n't have cultivation so what, but still I can dust you all and when I have Cultivation was there, then I go even more, the long haired one starts saying that you are a foundation failure and you are showing yourself to be more powerful. hey ho even you don't have any powerful body spiritual body you don't have anything even i will see if you really have it or not i like a guy with a mobile he takes out his selfishness and attacks Here we are shown this girl, she also takes her wife out and is carried away .

All of them have also taken out their weapons and they are saying that this is garbage, today we will have to put this garbage in the dustbin, all of them go on, let's attack it together, today it is not going to survive . The long haired guy makes a direct attack with his sword straight up but Gu completely destroys the attack with just one hand. Seeing this, they all start to back down and run away. but before that part would have come in front of you and why would I have brought you here so easily I will not let you run away from me, I will make you very bad . uses his power and has a surtaar panchmarta on the stomach of the straight long haired one who.

That she felt very strong and as soon as she hits the ground there is a big bang on the ground Pinky doesn't like it she immediately comes to attack with her web as soon as she attacks she directly Let's wrap it around his hand and here we come to know that it is not a normal way at all, there is a lot of city inside it and the master has already come to know, but this poison is not going to harm him. And it's holding him to the pinky you shouldn't have been so venomous he pulls her towards him and lands a hard punch straight on his face even though he doesn't release it so easily he's on his stomach 140 kicks and says get away from here Pinky goes far and falls now seeing these two fighters being beaten so badly everyone else didn't have the guts to go and attack her and stay there It happens that anyone who tries to attack me is.

Also going to have the same condition, suddenly they all start watching YouTube because there The scene is attacked by another and it happens to be the Golden Seven Tower, it is a superior great magical weapon, which even big experts are afraid of, and those people also do not want to face this weapon, and these people would have been He is a Found Faller Cultivator, after all, how will he be able to stand in front of this magical treasure, now you are not going to survive at all, today your game is going to end here, what happens now, you are not going to survive, now your You will go and he attacks, but here it is shown that the one who is goo, his physical body is very strong, he lifts the tower and keeps it up, everyone is surprised to see how this can happen. That's why it has withstood the attack of Magical Weapon and look at it, nothing has happened till now, even after a long delay, it.

Remains standing in exactly the same position. How long can you last and the big sister here on the side, what you had taken, must have been with the sister, why don't you help me? So that both of us together can finish her because seeing this power, she is very surprised and she is thinking that are these caves really, is her physical body really so powerful, is it so much a pick stage for her. The tower that is there is a very powerful attack and even the big cultivators are afraid of attacking it because they too would have been destroyed in such a long time, but how has it been vaccinated so far? It's a big mystery to these people, why don't you hurry up with Libs?.

Make sure that she doesn't even move and then with the help of the tower, we will finish her, but she is about to die, then he starts saying to Live, what happened, why are you hesitating, you don't want to finish her, can I tell you? I always bring you whatever you need for cultivation, and do n't you always want a magical treasure if you If you help me to eliminate him then I promise that I will give you a magical treasure and then he starts giving him a lot of pressure and says to Big Sis that look if you just help me to injure him You will be made before capitalization, this will be a great opportunity for you and everyone wants to become a decimal of capital and it is a great possibility for everyone, it also thinks that there is a great opportunity. Can't let go of my hand and then what comes after that she.

Takes out her sword and says I'm sorry but I have to go higher and I don't let this chance go maybe she takes out her sword and is moving straight towards the goo could this be the end of goo comment me han or no ok see you all in the next episode anyway that's enough for today Bye bye to all the episodes

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