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At the beginning of the episode, it is shown that Big is about to attack, but this house , which is very strong, holds the sword only with the help of its two fingers and does not break it. Puts and here Viksis is not sure that how can this happen, how did he stop me so fast, he not only breaks the sword , he also kicks very fast and he falls far away. And it is thinking that how can this happen, no, it is impossible, it is impossible because it is already blocked by the Magical Treasure, and at the same time, when I attacked it, it finally attacked me. How did he block and along with blocking, he also kicked me that too very fast, on this side we are shown making the magical treasure very small and seeing this no one can believe that after.

All it is like this. How can it be that about 500 years before you, I had fought with this earlier also and at that time I got a eunuch whose name was Gum Gyan and at that time I got this treasure. The stem was more dangerous that our hero almost died but I still can't believe that 500 years have passed and someone is really using this magical treasure then our hero tells him to the long haired guy what You seem to have some sense of knowledge, this long hair tells that Gunjan seems to be his teacher and it is a very good thing that you know the teacher, if you do not bow before me, then my teacher will come and They will put your head in front of you and this is what happened here, your teacher seems to be there, is there any incident and man is thinking that 500 years ago I had washed his teacher and now look at his student after 500 years. I am washing, maybe it is God's will, but even here, the.

Guru is crying, what are you doing ? I am keeping this pressure with myself, now I am going straight to the girl He would have been moving forward and went to her and went to the group and was saying let's see how much your dignity is worth and then he would have gone ahead and that baby would have been following him and she would have been thinking that after all this hunger what happened is its physical body really so invincible strong it has withstood the attack of golden tower as well as senior sister's flying tiger attack is its body really foundation trace or is it something else In this he goes more and suddenly stops and turns back and gets upset that this show is already over and you all.

Go back to where you came from because there are still some people left. And all of them are already so scared that they do not have enough courage left in them that this group can even attack. In the next scene, we are shown that he has returned home. They come near and keep asking where have you gone. You know, you gave me half a day to find you. He says you are true . Spent half of my day searching for me, what was the teacher, I also want to ask you the same question , where have you disappeared for so many days, just a few days ago you disappeared and now you are returning back and what are you doing with me? You have been looking for me for the whole half a day, are you afraid that along with me you will also get involved in this fight or else I will eat you till all your bones are about to break , go and sit comfortably on the chair. After that, there is a lot of joking between these two,.

Because what was happening here, it does not make any sense between these people, these people are just teasing each other in a joking manner. Guddi is laughing and Gair is okay baby okay I talked to you a lot and I went to a special place for you . He says tell me which special place did you go that it took you so many days. And now he is coming back and he says that he went to get special juice for her and this juice is very old and it will be fun to drink it. Seeing this becomes very happy and what is this made of? This is a thousand years old old monk . By doing and listening, told that which one is this, it is thousand years old and at the same time it is old monk, then what was it, he immediately removes the cover and starts drinking giddy, he is so fast.

Bone gets angry and says leave a ship for me too. In the next scene, we are shown that these people remain unconscious and now it is the next day, thinking that Looks like I drank too much juice last time that's why I was sleeping for so long and he is still sleeping he is trying to pick up the bone and the bone wakes up from sleep at once and What are you doing I feel sorry last time I drank too much juice that's why I fell asleep That's why you made me drink so much special juice I know you need my help He says I have a Had to get a small reduction done, that's why you don't do anything less without any benefit, tell me what help is needed and is thinking something, it doesn't matter if he asks me for any help, I can't accept him at all Because Guddi has helped me many times when I was young.

, even she tried to save my life and this time also she is helping me a lot. Audi asks him that you have been living in this set for a long time now, so what do you think has changed now in the part, he says a lot has changed here. And already the people here have become even more powerful and Google starts coming that he has heard that there are three mountains, 6 pavilions, 9 pikes, 12 kotyard and more than 10000 difficulties, they have as well as two There are also small sub-ordinate fractions, like how one set remains below it and two sectors remain, the same one with the name of the same set, and the count goes on and there are workers, so already their set has grown a lot. Hai Guddi says this is all fine but there is one very strange thing that I want to tell you, you are.

Going to feel very strange knowing this, soon other sets are going to occupy our set. He says after all what about this. Means bone tells that after haveli kalmedi jo or daemons they started collaborating with each other then after that it happened It means that the big sets started fighting with each other because the resources were limited and their number was very large, so this fight went on for many days and this is the UCS Act, they were able to save themselves, but They had to make a big sacrifice and that sacrifice was that all their senior members were badly injured. He was swinging between life and death, but somehow he was saved and now he is in isolation, almost 100 years have passed, when he asks him how is he now, he tells that his.

Life So he is saved and now he is already in very good condition, but his cultivation has become very bad, he is in a very bad condition. He was able to give a good life to this act, but as soon as his cultivation got spoiled, he too could not save us in any way. so why don't you all keep your sex together are you brothers having an internal conflict that you can do it this way too and that's it our episode is over here because too much The explanation is in detail , you will understand step by step, then only going forward, the whole story is going to be related to each other . If yes then see you in the next episode till then bye bye.

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