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In the beginning of the episode, we see that Gufa has got some clothes and he is going somewhere, he is looking right in the morning and looking at all the people, he is thinking what are so many people doing here. They are also together in the next scene we are shown that he has come a long distance while walking near the grapes, he is thinking about the grapes of Scarlet Mountain, after all, who would have been buried here so far, there is a voice from inside. It is said that the ghut yan was a very great fighter . He fought with many people including demons and immortals. He spared none. People were shaken and they used to give punishment to whoever does bad but now there is no more monas left here is it taking my name it means that this stone is there But we are shown that.

There is a girl who is asking whether the monarch will be able to return to the Internet. We see that the girl has tears in her eyes and she She is thinking that Monj's strength was known to the whole world and his songs are also very famous, even in history it has been described, but why is he punished, does it mean that all the people in this world He is a hero, they all have to travel with the jailer and the head. Goo comes from behind and calls her the girl's miss. Murthy behind and says who are you Google says looking at your clothes it looks like you are and you are walking on the right path but you shouldn't regret Gu's death it's a good thing for you no look he was not good person at all he was criminal that's why down punished him and you.

Should not make him but before he could say anything further he knew that girl would have come to attack him and she would have What do you think and you have so much courage, you are doing all this to Munaj but that girl attacks, goo attacks her. Gu says see miss I haven't friended you so why are you trying to hurt me. The girl is thinking am I not feeling any spiritual energy from inside this one. Not even poot it means it is not a cultivator but still how can it stop my attack guru leaves his hand the girl is still talking rudely to him and says after all your body is so big How stupid is he, he is praising himself, I was very strong since childhood, maybe I have the power of God already and he is thinking that this little miss's talent.

Is not that bad either, but If comparison is done then it is very weak in my comparison , here she is getting angry with the girl and she is doing what she is doing . I trust you a little bit and I don't believe in things like this natural lap strength. I know you must have spiritual energy inside you and you are very powerful. I want to see. She holds his hand and is trying to see. The vein is different, you guys don't look at it, yes, she looks and thinks, are there no spiritual roots visible anywhere in it, na dandiya hai, number radians hai, this is very strange, and then for a long time After seeing, she is doing your body, your.

Body is a legendary useless body and she is explaining that whenever someone releases his cultivation power first from inside his body, then only after that I mean Radian It releases it from the body then it spreads in the whole body, but at the time when its spiritual energy is being released from its body means i.e. its radian, then it must have done something wrong due to which the malaria which sends spiritual energy to the rest of the place is not there. Was able to send and then the sequence is that this trash got spread in the positive level itself, take the foundation Val means starting stage and thinking that the worst nightmare for the cultivator is that it spreads in the foundation level itself, this is a very rare case and because of this the body of our house has become a fresh The body is thinking that he is such a fuddy person, here he is also smiling like this and takes care. Foundation dress body is good.

This is the thing and Mani is thinking in the van that she has wasted so much time in analyzing me and now she is calling me nick name unnecessarily and wants to say that my body is useless, she does not know that I am the don of the underworld, I am not a don, I am a king, and it seems that she cannot analyze me well, well, there is no fault in this, but seeing our goo like this, this girl feels pity and she Man is thinking that it seems many people have cheated him and many people must have scared him, this truth must have gone through a very difficult phase because in the foundation stage itself your body can no longer do cultivation, so now go ahead. Even you will not be able to cultivate it and it will be roaming everywhere like this because it must have been kicked out by its people and I don't know how many people have threatened it till now and then she tells Ku it's okay here Don't stand like this.

Follow me my aunt's house is there on the mountains, you can go there and change clothes and eat a lot of food Maybe he also doesn't say anything, starts following her quietly and keeps saying such things are okay and he is thinking that this miss is really very nice, she is going to be a girl, see today my aunt's meeting so that's why when you reach there don't act like that he says do n't worry at all I am a very honest man in the next scene we are shown the clothes are changed and he is As he was told by Miss that these people are going to have a grand music concert where a position master named Vanshu is going to come and play a song of the same name called Wind Blouse I never thought like this The song that I had made in Majaak Masti so many years ago , today's people will like it so much.

, I am speaking to only you people who are watching this video after 2 years, what are you doing? Like Do subscribe , all of a sudden he becomes happy and is doing absolutely irrigating actions, this is a very good thing, it is very interesting to see. It is going to be more fun that how that person will play my song, in the next scene we are shown that he has reached the garden where a girl is practicing to play the song, but she is not able to escape in a good way. Yes, it is the girl's voice , again and again I am coming to this lesson and stopping, in this I am making mistakes again and again, till then there is a goo and he is telling her to play the strings a little slowly. He pulls the idol in his fingers like this and says who is there till then he has been a lot of this player he goes that I was passing by some side then I heard the sound of this thing and I am here But went to give some comments, the.

Girl tells him that you have learned from the book or do you want to play from the book, do you want to play with the book, do you say here, no, there is such a thing that we have to learn from ourselves, we do not have that book. If she teaches then she is doing it means that you are not a music teacher at all so why are you talking these nonsense things and why are you reading this music book You are watching in front of him that girl says ok then why don't you play the song for me he says yes why not why don't I definitely play and Mani man is thinking anyway I am getting very bored right now By the way, instead of being bored, I play with it for a while and he sits down to play and he is asking the girl, which song do you want, I will play whatever you say, then it is a very strange song. Takes the name of Sister Swimming's Heart Fallen Flower and First is Flying Clouds, he is thinking that he.

Does not know which song he is talking about and he does not know who is the musician, I have never heard about it. She is a new musician and she is asking the girl that miss you forgive me, I don't listen to new songs, I just listen to old Devan type songs, I know all these songs, that girl says Don't you know who is sister swimming and with this our episode also ends here then see you in the next episode till then here bye bye

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