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Hello friends, welcome to all people, before starting the episode on my channel and explain, I want to tell you that these two-three-four episodes are going to happen, in this you are going to know the characteristics of our character, who he was, how he was. What was that means all this is just an introduction episode and then the real funny story will start from there means after one or two episodes but I want you guys to watch from here so that you can get an idea about the character in us. I can find out more, as we saw in the last episode, the one who is a guru, starts answering all the questions of the man and here this girl is thinking that how can this happen How is he answering so easily what could be it is really a genius she was talking about no senior is asking her some ordinari questions only if he will ask her difficult question.

Which was written in her book then Let's see whether she really knows the answer or not and after that Pinky starts looking at the girl and thinks that She is still showing that she is very calm while the seniors are slowly asking difficult questions, let's see how long you can stay like this, the purple haired one gets impressed and You have to agree, gentleman , you have read a lot of music books . About which I don't know and there is no such song which I have not tried . You are showing that you have answered all the questions, here it was of Banda, come on, this.

Is a very good thing, now I am going to ask you a question about another song, and if you answer about it, I will go that your capability is very high after that this guy asks his question and tells the name of a song golden like this and listen to the name of this song This girl is also surprised, she is wondering whether she wants to make any such song, because even I have never heard of such a golden song, so the one who is Pinky starts making fun of it and I know that yours is not that high but he is senior and knows more than you and the one with hair on top was talking, what was that gentleman, I thought that you would like all the songs in this world. There will be knowledge about it, but I think you have never heard about it before and it would be very happy in its mind and thinking that I have collected some such songs of the world which have a.

Lot of knowledge. And even the biggest people hesitate to answer them, then what are you in front of them and the answer to the question I have asked you is impossible and says that who gave you such a thing that I do not know about this song And then he keeps on answering all her questions in very easy and simple language that even the girl does not believe him. It was happening that he knows , both of them are getting very angry thinking that how does he know about it, after that what was this girl, she starts speaking to him, what happened, what happened to you both. Ca n't believe I told you he is a genius and knows about things but you guys have come here to embarrass yourself so what can I do but still this guy I don't agree, what is it doing if you flirt with me, then I will know but I feel that it is what it is, they.

Don't have so much spare time that they can meet normal people like you When she starts teasing them, this girl doesn't know how to speak, she also starts talking to them and then she grabs hold of the Guru and carries that let's go from here, after that both of them leave from there and both of them just We keep watching both of them, in the next scene we are shown that they are sitting and eating tea and biscuits and that girl is explaining to him why he was telling her in such detail. I don't have any hobby, if a three year old child doesn't become a little bit, then I am explaining this much detail to you in short, means if the story is like this then it will go on for a long time, after that these people drink juice , after drinking juice, test it I don't like that girl asks did I not like that test, when will that concert start?.

Now after a while we are shown that the concert is about to start and all the people are very excited, there are more people here and that girl gets deep, look, look, the master is there, look at him, this banjo is none other, this old one. There are men and seeing them, our gut is thinking that it is he who seems to be increasing the problem again and that girl is also with them, here we see that she cannot stop herself from seeing the master and carries It happens that you duet with someone, do n't stop, I come and she would have been of Google, you just go on watching what I do, she takes her instrument and starts leaving from there, she would have been of Google Sitting here comfortably, now here we are shown that she starts playing the instrument and she is very good poor girl, after listening to this music, Goo is also enjoying very much because it was his song and.

It is Couldn't believe that this girl gravels its song so well. Now after playing the whole song, she's a master. In front of Jhooti and Kaise hoti hai ki ho gaya, the entire song is all praise for the masters because he has saved the song in a very good way and all the taal sur hote hote , all of them have been applied well, he would have carried Hai Master Banjo, thank you very much for praising me so much, both of them would have also come here to participate and they would have been saying that this time it was good but not next time, I am going to win and I will leave him Chian also to see that I will play better than him and here he came to the girl and saw how well I played while giving chhamavasi from cabbage that Han you have played very well and I am sure that You will become a very good musician in the future and you.

Have played Mr. Guru's song really well, after that the master starts telling everyone that all the people who are present here don't even care about this. may know but just some time ago I met a very talented musician in the courtyard and He used to play very good music and then the grandpa used to stop praising him and kept saying that he was very good and I could not believe that even in today's time such talent exists. But don't know where did he go suddenly, before that I asked, he went away and here he is thinking that he must have saved well. The wind starts blowing, it seems to be of a girl, it seems as if they are talking about you and you are the monar who has made it.

. I have been practicing this for a long time, I know everything, then there is an argument between these two, it says that I have experience, but it does not belong to the girl; He tells her to the girl that he had met the master some time back in the courtyard, but she feels that the girl is doing her favor. There is nothing else, it is just bhajan in front of him, then this girl says, leave it, let it go, and now it is the turn of other contestants, and the other contestants are these people, they are also playing very well . People are clapping but she is going to love her life very bad very bad only then people are watching and then what happened after that the purple one does his trick that he is very talented and he is here But there is also a present, so I want him to come here and play the music once.

, why do you think about it? Master, who is a master, must have accepted it comfortably because he also had to see that he Who is it, but when that guy shows that look, he is sitting there, he is surprised to see the master, and he is getting angry from here and it is happening that I told you, he has no time to waste at all. and it can't do it but it starts teasing people and seems to be doing and nothing is there in front of us and this pinky If this happens, she is even more forward in teasing and this girl changes very easily, but only then the yellow girl's eyes go on her face and then she is further telling her grandfather that this is He is the one whom we met in the morning and he who is the master, he goes straight to the goo, holds his elephant, seeing which the girl is feeling strange, well the master knows.

The one who is this from before it used to be that I am sorry I could not tell you earlier by the way my surname is Chian that's why and further those people are talking whatever is going on and looking at both of them So these people are thinking that he cannot do anything, he is not a good musician at all , both of them have laddu bursting in their man too, come on, this is a very good thing and on this side we are shown who is Grandpa i.e. Being our master, he announces that this is an extremely talented guy, whom I have just met in the morning. All the people present there are shocked to hear this, because he is the master of the musician and he is someone else. They are telling above themselves, it means that it is really Kamal's, this girl is thinking that what is happening after all, was it true from me before but I do not think that she is really so talented and then what was This yellow haired.

Girl would have been saying to her that you can play the song for us again and you know that the boys have never been considered . If he does, then the girl says, and then he is left to play the song, now the episode after this will be the last introduction episode, after that the fun is going to be a lot of fun, slowly the story is going to be fun. No, the character starts dying all at once.

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