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Hello gas you guys are welcome by the way have to say you guys are very fast tell me it took only 26 seconds to delle such a video and have also done three likes very great people clap once for yourself in the comment or thums up kar dena aur han last video maine tumse kaha na ki introduction was about to happen so the whole episode with introduction is over now real episode starts from here and daily now five-six episodes will come so get ready ok at the beginning of the episode I am shown that he plays the instrument and saves this girl after listening to his music and she is not sure whether it is really the same person who saved this song before but I am still shocked by this. But I can't believe it at all till then he comes from behind, puts his hand on her shoulder and says what are you doing, why are you frozen here like ice, she starts saying what are you doing.

. Get away from me baby, will you call me, what do you say ? Totally have to act like that so I am doing all this so that those people can come to know . Something important is also less so now I have to go from here. She asks can I meet you again. He replies very easily and with a smile yes why don't you just tell me where you live whenever I can see you. I will have free time then I will meet you there A Jaya Karunga he had killed her the girl tells him where she lives she lives on the mountains as well as Grandpa also lives on the mountains in the next scene we see It is shown that both of them are doing ghusawari and here he is doing something.

, then he does not hear the girl. I was checking have you fallen in love with me? Anjali says who are you after all. He says who am I. He really tells his name to her. That bitch and says do you believe me on this thing what would she have been doing are you the god I worship he is not like you at all he would have got the girl angry I mean would have got angry And she says don't be too big on yourself just because you saved her most famous song doesn't mean you won't leave Mel in your arms. She takes Hunter and starts running after him to kill him. And he is also running away, both of you are having fun. Carrie is angry with me, why do you want to come to the set, why do you want to come to my set.

? I am going to meet an old friend whose name is She says do you know Elder Guddu Guddi would be better I also gave money to drink the juice, but till now he has not returned my money to me, what would you have done ? What nonsense are you talking about, all your words are nonsense, from now on I will ignore your words, I am not lying, I am just telling you the truth, and then in the next scene, we are shown the set where But there is a lot of commotion and as soon as she goes inside everyone is saying hello to her but no one looks at our guru everyone leaves and here everyone is shaking hands with her now here But these people are walking with anger that I.

Had never thought that it would be so popular here and on the other side she is smiling and saying, what do you know, I am an extra of this act and I am very popular here but here Goo's attention is attracted by something else and that thing is not a stone, it is a bird that looks like a phoenix and you have been talking about your set so much There are good resources that he calls Fire Sunburn to himself, after that he is wondering where this bird you like is from. Because this word is very rare, he does not like it at all and carries it, after all, what do you mean by saying, from where do you take it from people, why do you always speak bad and aggressively like this? You speak as if someone is listening to you , then he gets angry and then she starts telling him the story of the bird that this sunbird is.

It came by itself in their set and it was a matter of many years ago and then it started living here and now it has become a treasure of their set. Then what was she doing, I know it's too much for us and legends also believe that it's just like a phoenix but it's not a phoenix but suddenly we see that the bird It is like she is coming straight towards them as if she has lost a lot after seeing that why is she coming towards us Wave immediately starts running from there and Carrie is stupid that what are you doing there yes this is not good hurry up and run away from there she would have been saying what is this mad man doing still standing there now I don't think he is going to escape and she is thinking in the man what should he do with her She doesn't seem scared at all she knows who she is now I.

Don't think anyone can save her because that word was so harsh no one tries to stop her I was thinking how bad is it that it will die in front of me but she is not doing anything to the sunbird goo she starts going round and round around it as if it is her pet and after seeing this the girl thinks I can't believe my eyes, is what I'm seeing really true? She's not doing anything ; They are also looking outside and wondering who is this and by the way I can tell you that Dun Yang is there and everyone is wondering sister who have you brought back and this sunbird is so rear yet What is the meaning of this, for the first time these people had seen it, then they could not believe what is happening, it was penetrating, could it be that.

The help fire energy that is inside my body, this San Bird felt that energy. Can do and both energy is almost from now so he has been me as his friend till then everyone starts shouting loudly that Elder Mood is back here we need Elder M U Di I means Elder Mood is shown and he is one of the top five elders here and he is also very arrogant. After seeing the Elder man in the group is thinking is it really Modi han ye pakka He is the same even after all these years, he hasn't changed at all, not even an iota. He still holds the same useless piece of wood in his hand and wears the same useless demeanor on his face, and it feels like it's too much Elder is no problem I will settle the account with him Elder asks him who are you He says my surname is Guru First name is Queen Frank and my nick name is He says you are not.

Looking our secrecipal So are you one of our cleaners that girl starts saying with folded hands in front of Elder Elder please forgive me this is my friend and I have brought it here please forgive us and Mani Man is thinking that Now our game is over here because even if we have found who is the most straight elder and then elders start asking him what is the youngest you have fire spiritual treasure he says no i don't have and then after that they start asking him more questions about fire does he have fire configuration body he says not at all so is he someone special He types fires. He says no, never thanks. Elders lands on the ground and says can I check your body in a good way? Can check, after that they start coming to him and.

Here in his man he is thinking that at this time the old man did not tell him that my cultivation is very bad and what makes me very weak in front of all the people. I had also insulted him, let's see whether his eyes have become better after being beaten for so many years or not . Let 's see what reacts, now what do you think, how will you know who is our Koo in real or else No, do you have to comment and you will get 5 videos from tomorrow, don't forget to support fully

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