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At the beginning of the episode, it is shown that a rumor has spread all over that the guy who Baba has brought is actually a gentleman, and on this side, we are shown a fool who is Carrie, I don't know, after all, Elder Bone Goo. Where have you taken her and she is thinking that I do not even know who is spreading these rumours, and it has spread in the whole set that there is some relationship between me and him. She is drinking till then her teacher comes there , seeing her teacher she immediately stands up and giving respect to him, she carries on, teacher, you were in seclusion, after all, when did you come out of there sheikhusian means she The place where there is a room or any other place, take that man, you people shut yourself up to do cultivation there, for a few days or even for a few years, now its condition is getting worse. And she is thinking.

That all those rooms must have been taken by the teacher, that's why she has come to me, now even God can't save me. First of all I thought that you are making such a joke on Gentleman Gian but I never accepted that he actually exists and if he is an all time genius then it is a great thing But I came to know that she is also a foundation failure , why have you brought her to our set, she is not doing anything, then her teacher says that now the whole set is talking about you and them. You both are in relationship and you fell in love with him at first sight do you really want to do some chamkcham with him and also want to do cultivation together he is of no use teacher tells him my stupid disphal you know It is also if you will fall in love with me only then he is a foundation failure and I will.

Never agree to this teacher, there is no such thing, he is a real gentleman , I have not done it, I just wanted to pretend him like that. But what happened in the last minute, I did not even do it myself, don't think so. hiega his teacher is having sex my dear dimple look i was just passing by and i know what you are thinking but i would like to give you some advice it is first love at first sight it makes you move on Go then it will be better for you and don't even think about the relationship, you both are not going to look good together and even if on the lips, it is not going to last till the end, now look , I don't know. But it is definitely known that the line that the teacher has said with love at the first site has put his hand on the sad melody of many people.

Hey, you are not understanding my point, what is she doing, my disciple, look, I want to tell you, you are thinking that there will be a way back to cultivate your intelligence, but I tell you, this is not going to happen. It is impossible and his body is garbage, even if God comes to help him, nothing is going to happen to him, just hope. The teacher is thinking that I know my student wants to save the gentleman because if this thing spreads in front of everyone then everyone will start pointing fingers at him and saying all this But I know that she has done all this only to save them, here tears have come out of Bev's eyes and the sea is being formed, she is deep, that teacher, I am telling you the truth, she is really a gentleman. It's not a friend, her teacher is making her okay, let.

's not talk much about this now, and you don't go away with the time you have left, and go there and cultivate well, and as for the gentleman, I'm talking to him. I will deal with it later, now I have to complete the rest of the tasks , what is this, she goes away, but still she does not stop crying and she keeps on saying , Teacher, why are you not believing my words? I am telling the truth, the scene changes , on this side we are shown green grass, on the other hand, we see that a man is plowing He goes and asks what are you doing, he says that I am doing farming and what am I doing, that guy immediately takes the shovel from Ku's hands and asks whether you are not Can't do farming here if Elder Wood di comes to know about this they will punish me that too not once but many times but ku ka raha hota hai I was just doing farming like this so that.

I will find a good piece of land here and put a spiritual seat there to make it fertile and then that spiritual seat will grow. Why don't you forget about Budha Guddi ? There is no need to worry about now tell that the rumors have spread too much and this guy is thinking that I have heard that we master is very extremely talented in playing music and someone has made him a He had also offered 40 to 50 gold for playing the tune and look at this he is doing farming here, tell me why he is doing so much less labor by coming here but he was going to listen to the man a little bit, in the end he He prepares it and then asks for a seat from the person, that person immediately goes and comes running to bring it, after that what was there, while they were spreading the beach all around, sell it there. Guria.

Turns back and says what are you doing here. Dev looks at the spiritual seats. Planting then she asks him why are you doing all this, he says that I was getting very bored and I didn't find anything more fun than this, so I was doing all this, well you are here. What are you doing? Have you also come here to do farming ? I have diamonds, pearls, jade, are you the one who keeps coming to see me again and again, she says, you and I'm thinking, this guy doesn't know what he's trying to be, which he's not. It is spreading from all sides like you are spreading. Now what should I say , it doesn't know anything and then I was gone, what happens if I say something,.

Why are you wasting my time? Chuka hai mujhe aur bhi seat chukha hai means b bone hai she says you idiot of somewhere, haven't you heard all those rooms that are spread about you the whole set talking about you only It has been said that you are a foundation failure and your clansmen have kicked you out of their clan and I have brought you here to our clan. But it doesn't matter what it is about, it's all nonsense, people keep talking like this, it 's less of people, stop talking nonsense, don't let my seeds get beaten, it's okay, so much nonsense A like is made for a joke, because everyone tells a good joke, but no one can tell a joke, but no one can tell a joke, but bevkuhari is easy for you to leave it, but you don't know.

The whole set about it. I am talking even my teacher like you let me go let go forget it I know you must be going through a very difficult time with Guddi and take it you don't talk about all these things Want to say look at me carefully, so I feel like he wants to make things worse for me. Da mushkil kar raha hai, look at it well once , she says no, it is not visible by looking at it, but she is thinking that it does not seem that its body has become very strong or its martial art is also very strong. Better yet, Elder Guddi doesn't really have any test opinion or else he just wants to change it a little bit but he is reluctant to stop at this place because he knows that the Elder Guddi yes she is a hypocrite and she has no way to.

Bring back her division or make her body more powerful than before so she just wanted to convince her by any means that come on Come with me, they can't find a way but I will definitely find a way out for you It is a very important task and once that task of mine is completed, then I leave this place and go like this and then even if you No matter how much I fall in front of me ok please go please go stay in my set stay in my set I'm not going to stop I'll leave and he's in the minivan thinking after talking to the bone for a long time I noticed that there is something wrong with his cultivation and he is not progressing so I decided to solve this big problem.

I will do it and then what was a good friend, that's why he wants to solve, there the girl is getting very angry, till then someone else also comes there and she was doing little sister, now you will know in the next episode that See you again in the next episode, till then bye-bye

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