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At the beginning of the episode we are shown that all those guys are already there and after seeing all of them it is very much done and what is going on inside that Ang master we have to get out of here as soon as possible. People have come but now that person has come even closer and is whispering that I have heard that you are a very good musician, I want you to play a music for me, he says that you are the one. You are the people who ruined my farm, they are very proud, Han, we are the ones who ruined your farm, you guys, do you do anything? tried to steal so just we want to teach you a lesson we have come to warn you to get away quietly from here remember the characters we will make your condition worse he says young.

Master Lia starts laughing and wonders why our young master is one of the inner dimples of Lim's act as well as his Li family. mr famous and our young master comes on 7th position and look at the guts of a scumbag like you who has spread in the foundation itself he wants to steal our young master league girlfriend seems you are tired of living or should you say so now We can end your life , he would have been listening to all his words comfortably and says, okay, okay, okay, okay, then you tell me, who punched the face of this child, he would have the name of the child. Hai Dash and this Banda ka raha hota hai ki han toh me hai toh hai ki hai toh ki hai toh hai toh hai toh hai toh hai young master standing here is not visible that is why he has been hit very badly can you please do something about it It will be best for you to apologize to.

Him . So you can't harm me, after all you are a foundation trust. Hearing this, Gu slaps him gently but that slap is for him. It is very fast, the whole target has been hit on its neck, the nose also comes out, its people are trying to lift it, but they are not able to lift it, because it is not lifting it, and here they are pulling it. How dare you try to kill our brother it seems you want to die let's all attack him together I deal with it.

; I remember what you messed up, all the people's condition would have been bad in just one slap, they would have been angry. People can come back to beat you but this time I tell you I am not going to die just once, this time I will hit very badly Let 's start getting ready that look you guys are still young that's why I'm explaining to you guys like a child and if you guys are not ready to understand now then later you guys will regret it a lot Now you people must be feeling good that he is giving so much discourse because we all know that Gu's age is 600 years but INLD doesn't know how old he is and Then the meat is related to the child, don't worry, now everything will.

Be fine, but on the other hand, that child is thinking that you are related, that I should not worry, you also know which family's young master you challenged. Granted now he has been with all these guys ok I let go of the fact that you all have killed the tension very badly but in return you have to fix my spiritual form dig a pit from back Have to put a seat in it and by tomorrow the whole plant should be replaced, that too with the new one, the one who is their boss, the yellow one belongs to oh you just wait once master lee gets to know about it then you have to see what was going on with everyone don't you understand what i said to you i said to you if today today is today If my spiritual form is not right then don't think that any one of you people is going to escape from here alive and seeing all this all those people are totally scared.

A bunch of people are trying to fight back from me, don't even think about it, read now , just like this, you guys will do me someday, the master tells the child that we can't let them go like this. Because it was the first time, it is going to happen for the second time as well and again he starts his discourse that some people are afraid of strong people but they keep troubling the weak and some people's condition is already bad. It happens before they learn what mistake they have made and this thing keeps on repeating again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again no one knows how to stop it and even they are surprised to hear this. It happens that where did such a very intelligent person come from when he was asking all those people to stand up, then they all stand silent and what is happening, go for this pose and fix the spiritual form. But it seems that I am very tired.

And I am not able to do it, so I am going home, I will sleep comfortably and you will keep watching all the people here. And if anyone tries to relax even a little bit, tell me, I will kill him there and there . Why don't you guys remove your ass from me ? Are you looking because you haven't seen your gentleman today? She starts waiting since morning to listen to me carefully . sent the men to destroy the spiritual form of the cave the.

Long haired guy sitting on the side drinking tea says you mean gentleman se han you are absolutely right he sent his man so that he Can go and ruin his farm. She says that I knew that it was you who had fallen like this. Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to disturb him again and again ? Spoiled me a lot and forgive me but you were in love at first site with her and you both were in affair I know very well I know all the things and this is the way she has made me angry indirectly He comes to Bev and says that I had told everyone before that if anyone tries to come near you, it means he will become my enemy and I have also heard that he is a foundation failure.

Still why are people calling genius genius, I will put spices under his feet like a worm and then you will see that he will not be able to do anything . Look, I am giving you a warning, if you do her child marriage, then I am not going to leave you this man. Gets angry and it's about how can you compare me with him what do he have like me he is just good at music and he doesn't have anything his family kicked him out Because he was a foundation failure, he just walks people around and fools them, he walks you around when he's just garbage, and I don't like that at all, idiot, if it's cool, you do n't understand. comes okay so today I will explain you in a good way that's because whenever.

You are around me I start vomiting whenever I see you my mood gets bad character angry hand Picks up but doesn't hit her. Idiot starts saying to her what happened now you will raise your hand on me too Han hit me once then show me if you even touch me then remember I will get you out of this place before that You can even touch me, he does n't know how to do anything and removes his hand and angrily leaves from there, show us here. It is known that it was doing very good, very good, while you like it as garbage, then I will also take full care of it so that it becomes completely garbage and then it will be seen whether you like me or not. Yes the stories are getting more and more interesting so stay tuned with our channel and explain and also subscribe and like and share the video.

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