Recapped Manhwa, A Boy No longer Mindful Has Most Extremely tremendous Cultivator That Made Ladies Loopy About Him (4)

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Continuing the previous story, the plot switcheswith student from Chaampingan named Guozimo. Zimo's appearance apparently caused quite astir in a place called Susan Immortal Academy, because it is told here that Zimo has a confusionSage talent. until the teachers there heard that Zimo had this talent until he was introducedto the leader of Susan Immortal Academy. when he met with the leader of Susan Academynamed Zen Teng who later Zen asked Zimo, Did he have a teacher who taught him since he wassmall because this talent is quite rare. Zimo then replied that during the last four years, he hadoften consulted Chaanpingan who had very extensive knowledge, until Zimo thought that if Chen was acultivator and he might be an Immortal. At first, the headmaster of Grandfather Zen didn't reallybelieve in Zimo words about this Chaampingan.

Because he himself had never heard of Chaampinganname either in the Immortal world, so he was quite regretful Chen who might be a random person end upruining Zimo's future as a result of his guidance. Then Grandfather Zen asked Zimo to try readingpoetry or advice from Chaampingan, then read one of the many poems from senior Chen by thisZimo. Then after listening to the poem from Zimo, grandfather Zhen looked helpless immediatelyrealizing that this poem from Chaampingan had a very deep and beautiful philosophical meaningaccording to grandfather Zhen, so Zhen immediately asked Zimo to meet with this Chaampingan seniorbecause after hearing the poem earlier he seems to be planning to ask Chen Senior to replace himselfas head of the academic Susan Immortal, almost similar to the case of the mountain sect askingChan to become its ancestor, now here it might be.

A bit disappointing because Chaampingan's studentsaren't a cultivator maybe At first you thought that the Champanient disciple was very powerful,but it was a pity that he was only a Philosopher. Then on the other hand, Chen then gets a newmission from his system, which mission requires him to create a new cultivation sect named pinkansect within two months so of course this makes Chaampingan finally become dizzy, How can hewho is an ordinary human being told to create a cultivation sect new, even though entering themountain sect yesterday he was considered as his very big luck, he was even told to form hisown sect just like that, in the midst of this headache then came Zimo and grandpa Zen earlierto Chaampingan's house and after this grandpa Zen was introduced to Chen, Chen immediately gotgoosebumps because he didn't expect such an.

Important person to come to his house, so SusanAcademy itself is a large organization there, so Chen knows How important was it that BrotherZen was shocked, then because of grandpa Zhen's gaze Chen exuded an enormous Aura, he then greetedChen with great respect even bowed his body. this is where Chen began to wonder why allthe important figures there respect him, this is different from the case of Long Aotianyesterday because Chen thought that Long Aotian had relationship with the Murong family so Chenat that time made sense of it but it was different with Grandpa Zhen, Chen already knew that hisidentity was the leader of Susan Academy, which had nothing to do with the Murong family and hereChen started thinking or guessing , is he really that important that the cultivators close to himrespect him so much or he really that strong, Then.

Ask Grandfather Zen about this. Is GrandfatherZen's vision Chen a very strong cultivator? Chen asked again to confirm whether his guess wascorrect and yet again in other people's minds or Zhe's grandfather, he thought that Chaampinganwas an Immortal, who was cultivating his mind or he descended into the mortal world to experiencelife as an ordinary human, so when he was asked he only replied that senior Chen was only an ordinaryhuman and had no cultivation at all, even though in the eyes of senior Zen Senior Chen he is verystrong but because he doesn't want to disturb his disguise as an ordinary human, he doesn'twant to tell the truth, with this, finally Chen who at first almost thought that he was verystrong didn't think so then after getting to know grandfather Zhen, he went with Zimo and herehe is even more excited again he is to Train.

Zimo because it is considered that this Zimo isa disciple of senior Chen who is very valuable. after the departure of Zimo and grandfatherZen. Chen went to the city to look for books on cultivation in order to be able to carry outhis mission earlier to create a new sect so at least he had to learn to cultivate a little. hearrived at a shop called the thousand book store, with the owner being a woman who seemed to haveknown him for a long time with Champingan and Chen calling her Boss Duen, the interesting thing hereis that Boss Duen seems to have feelings for Chen, so whenever there is a chance she always makesflattery that makes Champingan uncomfortable. because this made Chen quite uncomfortable, thendiverted the conversation by asking about books on cultivation, Boss Duen then gave a book entitledCultivation for Beginners to Champingan free of.

Charge out of his own love for Chen. after theseduction attack suddenly out of nowhere Chen felt something familiar from this Boss Duen, likea dejavu, like he had known Boss Duan before but couldn't be explained by Chaampingan, the pointwas an inexplicable feeling so Chen then invited boss Duen to have a meal at his house if he hadfree time, after that Chen went straight home. after Chen left There is an interesting thinghere, Where boss Duan thousand bookstore bookstore just now disappeared without atrace, even the building that was was there suddenly just disappeared. Who is this figure ofDuan's boss and what exactly is this bookstore? This will be uncovered as the story progresses.Then Chen started reading the book from boss Duan and unexpectedly the book seemed to have quite acomplete content from the basics of cultivation,.

Food that can increase cultivation,artifacts to discussions about buses or mythical creatures which actually already existin Chaampingan's yard, that's all was in the book. Then because the book was also here, Chen beganto realize that Could it be that the Murong family would be very happy if served something,because this food from Chen could increase his cultivation, thus making the Murong family thinkthat this Chaampingan was a strong cultivator, he wondered here in short Chen began to suspectagain that he was not an ordinary human. After that Murongsu visited Chen's house, givingnews that based on a joint decision the mountain sect and illusionary moon sect would be mergedinto a new sect under the leadership of senior Chaampingan, so Su here asked Chen to name thesect, it was indeed very coincidental that Chen.

Also got a mission to created a new sect fromhis system, so he here directly gave it the name Pingan Sect, just as his mission required.Chen then questioned Su about his curiosity. Just now why the Murong family respected him somuch and called him senior. Su here seems to have slipped in answering that senior Chan has avery high cultivation so it's clear they are very respectful, of course Chen is still not sure aboutSu's answer so he ignores it. Then chen offers Su to eat inside first, but Su here actually rejectsChen's offer while apologizing that she won't be greedy anymore, so in Su's mind when Previouslyshe recorded Chen's flute voice to cultivate with Lanking, Then the artifact exploded they thoughtthat the artifact was blown up by senior Chen because they judged them to be too greedy. as aresult, Su then refused the offer of food from.

Senior Chen Because she was already traumatizedshe didn't want to be greedy anymore. Su who spoke a lot and then ran away screaming for fearof disturbing senior Chen cultivation of mind. Fortunately, Chen here was still confused by Suwords and still thought He was an ordinary human. then moved to a large meteor that fell to earth,according to Long Aotian words the meteor was called Hongze Stone, a stone that was said to havefallen to find a strong owner and if an area or kingdom was knocked down the stone was initiallydamaged, but then it would get a blessing or high enough luck. this Hongze stone almost fell nearChaampingan's house because Chen's luck was very high. Then Finix order Dragon to move The stoneaway from master Chen house and finally the stone fell into a kingdom called the Thousand Featherempire. Long Aotian who saw all these events,.

Was initially shocked by the golden dragon ofsenior Chen's house because he just found out the true form of koi fish, then regretted that thestone did not fall into the Ping'an area or near Chaampingan's house but instead was droppedto another empire, So maybe senior Chen will come up with a plan to give the stone luck toother kingdoms. then in short after the stone just fell into the thousand vedder Empire, afterconsiderable damage the kingdom will then get good luck big one too. The emperor or the emperor ofthe kingdom succeeded in raising his cultivation to the Mahayana level which was considered highenough, then the royal prince also succeeded in becoming one of the best talents on the continentso that they grew in power and influence more and more, then after a month and a half later it wasbecause they started As they ascended to power,.

The Thousand Vedder Empire became quitearrogant, Grandfather Murong was seen here meeting Chaampingan to tell him that thePingan Sect's development was being hampered, because the Princess Emperor of the ThousandVedder Empire ordered the people of Pingan Sect to dig a treasure, So they lack peopleto build Pingan Sect, so all that made Chen very panicked because the mission deadlinefor creating Pingan Sect is two months, So now only half a month is left before themission period is up, but instead construction his sect instead had to be suspended because ofthe Emperor's Daughter thousand vedder Empire. Then Chen thought of some real names to ask forhelp, such as grandpa Zen from Susan Academy or Long Aotian from Tianzu tower, In fact they werethe leaders of a large organization that was even.

Bigger than the Thousand Veder Empire. He evenhad the thought asking for help from his father Flute or Immortal Emperor who should be able tosolve this problem with just a snap of a finger, but unfortunately because Chaampingan doesn't knowthe true identities of these other than grandpa Zen and doesn't have any contacts either, So hewas quite confused here and said Grandpa Murong said that he would think of a solution later. Atthe same time, saw the Thousand Vedder Princess named Liu Yuxi giving orders to the PinganSect's superiors to dig up a treasure. Why are they just obeying? Apparently this princess wasaccompanied by a cultivator at the transcendence level, so let's just assume that this transcendentlevel is above divinity, because Zang Xiao Feng was also seen digging there. Yusi was then thrownat the watermelon because she said it didn't.

Taste good, which made them all quite emotionalinside, but they couldn't do anything about it. Grandpa Murong Then came after senior Chen's housejust brought news that senior Chen would take care of everything, even though Chen was also dizzyactually. then there was a fairly large earthquake at the quarry, then emerged from the quarry alarge black snake monster which then attacked Yussi until she was injured even her bodyguardwho was at the transcendent level ran away in fear from the monster, which Zang Xiao Feng saidwas a Black serpent and cultivation level was at the Mahayana level. then came Long Aotian tellingthe Black Serpent earlier to stop injuring people, the snake then stopped because it might be afraidof Long Aotian because Long's cultivation was already at the Eart Immortal level so it wasabove Mahayana, then the snake also had an.

Reason that he only came out to sunbathe,not There is an intention to harm humans. Then Yussi even provoked Long Aotian to just killthe snake, she said while the snake was afraid of senior Long, so just kill it as well, if youdon't kill it later when senior Long is gone, it will actually go berserk said Yusi. This made LongAotian even more disgusted with Yusi's behavior, because Long thought that the rise of the ThousandVedder Empire was due to the stone that Senior Chen's dragon had thrown the other day. whengiven such great luck, they instead used it to bully the weak and were extremely arrogant, soafter confirming that the Black Serpent did not attack anyone else, Long Aotian then went andordered the cultivator from his Tianzu Tower to teach a lesson to the Thousand Vedder Empireabove to his arrogance, and the snake who felt he.

Was slandered by Yusi then returned his annoyancebut it was not shown what kind of punishment Yusi. the plot then showed that night the destructionof the Thausand Vedder Empire was carried out by cultivators from the Tianzu Tower. To the nextday after the thousand vedder empire was destroyed by the Tianzu Tower, The Emperor and his fatherwere confused What really happened to the point that the Tianzu Tower attacked them. Apparentlythe Emperor himself didn't know either, All he knew was that Yusi had gone somewhere to look fortreasure, Apart from that he was also confused. Not long after, Yusi appeared to have not sufferedfatal injuries from the Black Serpent yesterday, then she sat near the Emperor and shouted orderingthe maids to bring her a drink and looked very arrogant. Her father or the Emperor then askedYusi, What is she doing, when outside the kingdom?.

Yusi then told him everything, from she diggingfor treasure by commanding the mountain sect which she said was a useless sect becauseshe was very lazy. Here the Emperor and her father finally found out that Yusi's behaviormade their kingdom hated by many big groups. then on the other hand, Long Aotian Then metsenior Chen and gave news that he had taught the Thousand Vedder Empire a lesson because of theirarrogant attitude but the interesting thing here was that he also apologized to senior Chen if hisactions might interfere with senior Chen's plans, Long simply thought that all the recentevents were senior Chen's test for himself, just as senior Chen's words were testing whatLong Aotian would do when he saw such a situation. it was all guesswork from Long Aotian. hearingthis news Of course Chen was very happy because.

His mission to build Ping'n Sect was not hinderedanymore and at the same time he began to think that this Long Aotian was apparently not fromthe mountain Sect Because He had quite a lot of strength to be able to suppress the Thousand VederEmpire while the Mountain Sect is impossible, so Long Aotian is definitely not from theMountain Sect, so Chen then asked Long the reason if he had that much power why he calledChen as senior. Long Aotian who had previously thought that all of this was senior Chen'stest, then answered quite clearly that this Chen senior was the most powerful person to becalled senior, without hesitation he said that. and here Chen again concluded that it was possiblehe is indeed very strong, then smiles to himself. Then after Long Aotian left, Chen immediatelyscolded the system why didn't he say that I.

Am a really strong cultivator, proof that manygreat cultivators respect him. but the system then says that Chen is a weak person and ifyou don't believe it try fighting someone. then he asked Flute to hit him with a bamboo stickto test whether he was really strong or not, after a few punches Chen was actually defeated by Flutebecause she was an Immortal while Chaampingan wasn't had no cultivation at all, so with thisChen finally believed what the system said and came back with his original thought that hereally wasn't strong at all but here he was still curious. Then Chen remembered the cultivation bookhe had read that cultivators could sense other people's cultivation levels, maybe Chen thoughtthere was some kind of error in Chen's self that made him emit great power or detected that he hada great aura so these cultivators saw Chen as very.

Strong even though he was is a normal human.Chen's conclusion seems to make him even more happy because even though he is an ordinary humanbeing he can fake his strength as if he is very strong, so it is certain that Chen finally knowsthe reason why he is so respected by cultivators, the result of the aura he emits even though he ishuman. Why is this Chen actually weak? The answer is no, how strong this Chaampingan actuallyis will be revealed as the story progresses. then in the evening, the kitchen knifetold the dragon that he felt that there was a Dragon essence or dragon core thatwas quite large inside the Black serpent. but apparently the snake couldn't use the dragon'score properly, so it couldn't being a dragon. according to the dragon whose shape is koi it'spossible that the snake had eaten a dead dragon.

From the Immortal world but then was attackedby Immortals so he was injured and hid in the mortal world. Then finix suggested dragons tohelp him and appointed him as a new subordinate so that These guys have new subordinates besidesswords. the dragon then agreed then let out and told the sword to give the yellows to the Snakeso he could change shape, if the snake doesn't want to force it. Then sword go to meet the snakewhich makes the snake afraid of the sword because it is usually weaker than Long Aotian let alonecompared to swords which are Immortal artifacts. The sword then ordered the snake to eatthe yellows from the dragon even though it was slightly threatened. Then afterhe ate the snake turned into a black dog, then the dog was taken to meet the artifactsat Master Chen's house. of course, the dog.

Was surprised by the creatures that was thereAnd he was even more surprised when he saw the koi fish who apparently was the ancestor of thedragons who used to be called The holly dragon. based on the memory of the dragon he had eatenbefore, The Holly Dragon was the true ancestor of dragons even before the world was created , sothat the dog suddenly got goosebumps thinking how strong the Master of this house was who couldeven raise The Holly Dragon as a cute koi fish. then a peach ordered a Flute to persuade MasterChen tomorrow to accept the dog as a pet. the next day this dog was introduced to Chaampinganby Flute and she said that she found the dog stray outside, so why not just take care of him,but Chaampingan did not agree because maybe the dog belonged to someone else So just leave itoutside Later Maybe go home alone said Chen..

But after being chased away by the Flute, the Dogstill wouldn't come out So Chen finally let him. then a new mission appeared from the systemtelling Chaampingan to find 10,000 disciples for his Pingan Sect in 10 days, which automaticallymade Chen emotional, what kind of mission is so ridiculous 10,000 students in just 10 days.then came grandfather Murong with news that the construction of Pingan Sect had been completedand he could start recruiting new disciples, all thanks to senior Long Aotian expelling theThousand Vedder Empire, in Murong's grandfather's mind this was senior Chen who had sent LongAotian. when Murong saw He was suddenly scared because the black serpent's aura was the same asthe black serpent that was excavated yesterday, but after that he thought maybe the black serpenthad been tamed by senior Chen so he was no longer.

Afraid. Chen then asked Murong whether PinganSect could recruit 10,000 disciples in 10 days, Murong's grandfather unexpectedly agreed tosenior Chen's request quite easily but he needed the dog to borrow, because his plan wasto show off to the people that in Pingan Sect has a black serpent at the Mahayana level so inorder to attract many disciples in, Then after being allowed by Chaampingan, the dog was finallybrought by Murong's grandfather to Pingan Sect. the dog was actually also annoyed with MurongBecause at Master Chen's house there were many opportunities to get stronger instead he wastaken out of the house so he became annoyed, but Murong said that all of this was to helpsenior Chen so later for sure senior Chen would praise the dog if it succeeded in carrying out itsmission, it sounded like this the dog thought was.

Right too then finally totality to help Murongwith activating the blending formation in Pingan Sect then give many artifacts and weapons thathe had then turned into his Black serpent form in order to attract many people. they set out tofind disciples to be recruited by Pingan Sect.

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