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The San and ninja Orochimaru was the next to be recruited at the time Orochimaru was spying on the Akatsuki organization's activities and attempting to learn as much as he could about them to join as we all know Orochimaru has become a runaway ninja and a fugitive from kanahedukur when the three of them met Orochimaru who was surprised to.

Learn this it turned out that within the Akatsuki organization there is someone who has very rare eyes namely the Rinnegan and plus the Sharingan are these two factors made Orochimaru truly desire to join Akatsuki at the time abito instructed pain and Sasori to find out the true purpose of Orochimaru then Orochimaru gave them the information he.

Had thus far telling Sasori that his best weapon was the third kage puppet and that his true self was in the puppet when cesori heard this he became enraged and quickly transformed into his true form to battle Orochimaru during this battle Orochimaru purposefully conceded while ready for the ideal opportunity to steal Payne's Rinnegan eyes.

When cesari started to let down his guard Orochimaru suddenly attacked Payne to take his eyes but Payne already knew this and quickly used his strength to throw Orochimaru away Orochimaru realized that this was not easy then he offered himself to be able to join the Akatsuki organization and said that if he would be very useful later Payne.

Agreed to have Orochimaru join the Akatsuki organization but Sasori refused and said that if he was really dangerous he could have leaked our information then Payne said it would be better if we could watch him closely than we lost his track and in the end as we know that Orochimaru failed to get both the eyes.

Of the Rinnegan and Itachi's body because pain and Itachi at that time had stronger abilities from him Orochimaru realized that his goals could not be achieved for this reason Orochimaru left Akatsuki and began to turn to his younger brother Itachi namely achihasasuke after the death of jazobiwa he carried.

Out his mission with Hitachi and karigakir Village the akitsuki organization at that time needed a new member to replace jazobiwa abito who at that time had succeeded in controlling yugura and also Carriage Village thanks to this Obito managed to get a new candidate as a replacement for juzobua is hashigaki Kisame.

And the one who will recruit him this time is a Beto himself after Kisame succeeded in killing the fuguki who had betrayed the village of kirigaku suddenly yugura came to meet him and praised kisame's actions as well as asking him to become his subordinate but Kisame when it rejected him when abito started showing his Sharingan eye.

And also showed himself Kisame was immediately surprised to learn that the fourth mizukic had been controlled by someone here a beetle claimed to be Madara and explained to Kisame his plan to create World Peace he finally agreed to join the Akatsuki organization the next recruiting member is dadara comes from the village of awaku who will.

Recruit him this time are Sasori Itachi and Kisame then the three of them come to dadara and invite him to join the Akatsuki organization but dadara refuses his offer and says he is not interested in that I'm only interested in the art that I make because the name of art is an explosion seeing this Hitachi realized that if he.

Couldn't be invited peacefully Itachi also asked him to fight then dadara immediately launched his first attack but his attack was avoided by attaching dadara didn't give up and started attacking him again but didn't realize this that he was already an Itachi's genjutsu and the attack was back on him dadara who was amazed by Itachi's way of.

Fighting said that this was an art then dadara admitted his defeat and agreed to join the Akatsuki organization after this incident dadara really hates Shinobi who have Sharingan because he almost killed himself with his own style when fighting Itachi and he also trained his left eye with something to make it immune to jinjutsu.

The next member of recruitment is Haydn who comes from yugakur actually there are two versions of Haydn's recruitment in the anime and the game in the anime version the leader of Akatsuki at that time received a request from someone to kill a human known as The Immortal Payne instructed kakuzu Conan and Itachi to handle the issue and.

The three of them went to meet the person known as the immortal kakuzu immediately attacked him to test Haydn's immortality while attachi and Conan observed the battle between them when Haydn managed to draw blood from kakuzu he performed his ritual to the jashian religion which caused kaku's heart to instantly shatter.

After observing their fight Conan asked Itachi to stop the battle between them he remembered that kakuzu always sacrificed his partner during missions so Conan found someone suitable to become kakuzu's partner and invited Haydn to join the Akatsuki organization Conan then explained the Akatsuki organization to Haydn and in the end.

Haydn agreed to join on the condition that he could continue to spread the jashian religion in the game version Orochimaru proposed Haydn as the next member of the Akatsuki because he was a human who achieved immortality upon hearing this Payne decided to make Haydn the next member and instructed Orochimaru kakuzu and.

Zetsu to recruit him the three of them met Haydn and invited him to join the Akatsuki organization but Haydn refused saying that as long as he could kill he did not need anything else he sacrificed those he killed for jashin kakuza then criticized Haydn's belief in jashin as very strange which made Haydn angry and caused him to sacrifice them.

To jashin they decided to fight and the battle ended quickly with hide and losing to them Orochimaru warned Haydn that if he continued to behave like this he would become a wanted criminal in the five Great Nations and he would no longer be able to sacrifice to jashin Orochimaru then offered him protection.

And freedom to do whatever he wanted if he joined the Akatsuki organization and in the end Haydn agreed to join abito instructed pain to gather all of the members and give them a mission the ultimate goal of Akatsuki which was to collect all of the Bijou monsters from Tale 1 to Tale 9. Payne then told them all that failure was not an option and.

The final goal of Akatsuki had begun during the final mission of Akatsuki Sasori died while carrying out his mission abito who was disguised as Toby replaced his position and became didara's partner despite his funny and ridiculous Behavior he was looked down upon and considered to have no ability even.

Though he was The Mastermind behind Akatsuki only a few people knew his abilities and true identity nagato Conan setsu and Kisame after many Akatsuki members died while carrying out their missions the organization needed new members to complete the plan of the eye of the Moon at that time abito informed Sasuke about.

The truth about Itachi after learning that the village of kanoha had made his brother suffer Sasuke decided to destroy the village however he realized that even with taka there would not be enough to destroy kanoha abito then manipulated Sasuke by offering akatsuki's power to destroy kanoha but with the condition that.

Sasuke and taka joined the Akatsuki organization in the end Sasuke agreed to join Akatsuki that is the complete story of recruiting all the members of Akatsuki if you have a different opinion write it in the comments section below thank you for watching the video and see you in the next video.


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