Recruitment of All Akatsuki Members || Formation of the Akatsuki Organization

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Akatsuki is one of the most powerful organizations as depicted in the Naruto anime before we get into the videos topic we need to understand how the Akatsuki organization came to be abito and black setsu came to meet negado who happened to be with yihiko and Conan at the time and abito introduced himself as Madara.

And invited the three of them to work together to create world peace through the eye of the moon or mugen's creamy plan but yahiko refused the invitation due to disagreements with the Beto about how to create world peace and in the end a beetle was left alone by the three of them it wasn't long before several karega Shinobi wanted to join yahiko's.

Group as underlings but yahiko refused informing them they were all teammates not underlings following this incident an organization named Akatsuki was formed with yahiko as its leader at the time this organization was established with the intention of achieving world peace without the use of force.

This organization grew in size over time making Hansel fearful of the presence of an organization that would replace his leadership in the village of amigaikour this gives rise to hanzo's evil intentions and eventually Conan becomes a hostage by his gang seeing this yahiko sacrifices himself to save Conan and eventu ally yahiko dies right in front of.

Nagato nagato took over as the Akatsuki organization's Commander after that abito and zetsu were also responsible for the deaths of the other Akatsuki members with yahiko's death the aim of this Akatsuki organization shifted abito was able to manipulate nagato and direct him to follow his plan which was to establish world peace through.

Muginskumi by collecting all the Bijou monsters and putting them in one container namely the getameso statue however nagato did not completely follow abito's plan at the time he meant to use the power of the Bijou to rule the world and force all major countries to submit to him to carry out this scheme they need new members.

After nagato gathered six members of pain abito instructed nagato and the others to gather at least 10 new members not including himself the Akatsuki group currently has three members nagato Conan and zetsu abedo had identified three candidates to serve as members of the Akatsuki group at the time kakuzu Sasori and achiha Itachi.

They then started their mission to recruit new members Payne and zetsu arrived to meet their first Target kakuzu and asked him to join the Akatsuki organization Payne clarified to kakuzu that the Akatsuki organization's goal was to bring peace to everyone but kakozu refused and didn't care.

They resolved to fight because he was only interested in money after witnessing pain strength kakuzu understood that if he joined Akatsuki he could raise more money and he eventually agreed to join the Akatsuki organization Sasori who hails from Sonic your village is the next member at the time cesori was looking for someone strong to use as.

His human puppet weapon Conan unexpectedly appeared in front of cesori and asked him to join the Akatsuki organization Conan explained the Akatsuki organization's reason to Sasori as well as told him that a ninja who betrayed The Village like you would be safer in Akatsuki Sasori appears to have had an.

Interest in the Akatsuki group but he was more interested in turning Conan into his human puppet so Sasori launched his first assault on Conan which Conan avoided by using a paper Shadow clone following this incident the two of them resolved to fight which Conan eventually won.

Then Conan asked him back to Sasori to join the Akatsuki organization and eventually cesori accepted the invitation and joined the Akatsuki organization thank you

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