Reincarnated In Fresh World He By likelihood Will get Sister Harem

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An unknown village is currentlyunder attack by three orcs that call themselves the three orc brothers. As theevil trio celebrates their ongoing conquest, it seems like all hope is lost. That’suntil a mere boy steps up to fight them. He introduces himself as Asahi Ikusaba,the adventurer. The villains mock him since he’s so tiny, but the boy is unwavering in histhreats. If they attack him, they’ll regret it. As expected, they don’t take it seriously and oneorc rushes in with his club. As the adventurer braces for impact, a large spike suddenlyemerges from the ground and impales his opponent. This understandably makesthe remaining two brothers panic. But no, no, the fight isn’t over yet.

A red-haired woman jumps in anduses her destructive explosion magic to take out another orc.As the final one tries to escape, she lands right in front of itand is prepared to finish the job. Okay, let’s go back a bit to just understandwhat’s going on. Back in the real world, Asahi was just a regular highschool otaku. But one day, he became a hero when he sacrificed himselfto save a girl from being hit by a car. After spectating the results of hissacrifice, he wonders how people will react to the news of his passing.Especially his older sister Maya-nee. That’s when he’s quickly summoned to anotherworld. Being the filthy weeab that he is, he.

Instantly picks up on getting isekai’d,and boy, is he a happy camper. The first thing he does is explore around. Thisworld is very similar to other games he’s played like Skyrom or Witser 3…. Hmm, sounds familiar…Even when he’s scolded for accidentally bumping into someone, the boy understands whathe’s saying since everyone’s conveniently speaking in Japanese. English maybe the globallanguage, but Japanese is inter-dimensional. It’s a dream come true. Although the localsare bewildered by his unexpected celebration. Next, he checks his smartphone and confirmsthe lack of service. It’s useless now – but this storeowner doesn’t need to knowthat. The device is successfully sold for 500 mani, which is enough toget Asahi some starter equipment.

Now fully equipped with agility-centric weapons,the boy’s ready to show off his skills at the front lines. He pays the guild a visit to getregistered as an adventurer and take on his first official quest. But not before getting acquaintedwith the pretty receptionist Tanya first… anyway. His first quest is an easy one: takeout a few killer rabbits. However, things don’t go as planned when he encounters awyvern as soon as he leaves town. Knowing that this would be a losing battle, Asahi flees whilecomplaining that the difficulty is way too high. After taking cover behind a rock,he reminds himself that people who get isekai-ed should have a cheat skillor something to make them OP. However, after opening his status window, he noticesthat he only has a single “level-one rock.

Throw” skill. To make things worse, hisbase stats are horrendously low. Oh no. He still attempts to throw a single rock… andwhile our isekai brains are expecting it to cause an earthquake or something, the measly stonedoesn’t even reach very far. Yep, he’s doomed. Without any proper way to fight back, Asahi’s nowcornered by the wyvern. He pulls a desperate final move and calls out for his beloved sister. Andas if on cue, she spawns from a magic circle to exterminate the wyvern with just a single punch.The monster’s sent flying into a nearby rock face. Finally safe from danger, Asahi questions whyhis sister’s here. At first, he thinks it’s an illusion, but this theory is disprovenwhen she tackles him into a tight hug. “These handsome features, smooth skin, huggableframe… I am certain! This is my little brother!”.

It’s revealed that Asahi’s sister, MayaIkusaba, has an extreme brother complex. Take those…. Interesting movements (10:22)as you will, but we’ll classify them as SUS. As the siblings catch up, Asahi discoversthat the accident didn’t take his life. His real body’s just in a coma. Whilecomatose, he was mumbling about being in another world and sounded like he washaving fun. This convinced Maya that his soul had been transferred to another world.She then bashed her head repeatedly on the nearest wall in an effort to joinher brother. Yep, she’s obsessed. When asked why she’s so strong,Maya simply declares that a sister's love for her younger brotheris almighty! Uhuh… Word to Celine Dion,.

We’re frightened but we’re readyto learn the power of love. With an outstretched hand, she persuades himto come with her. Alright, time to head home… That is, if any one of them knowshow to. Oops. Maya didn’t think of anything as she rushed in to see herbrother. What she actually meant by come with her…. is for them tolive in the new world together. Now the boy’s realized it – in thisisekai he’s not OP; his sister is. They return to the orc brother trio… or, inthis case, the orc solo. Maya mercilessly obliterates the final one with a single spell,clearly upset about what they tried to do. At first, Asahi believes that it’s aboutthe raiding of the village. But in reality,.

What really enraged Maya was howthe three orcs insulted her dear little brother. Her obsession reachesthe point that she’s willing to use a high-quality elixir to heala tiny scrape on his cheek. The boy reminds her to save such a valuableitem for the final boss battle. Minor scrapes like this will only need some goodol’ spit. That’s a figure of speech…. Until Maya literally tries to lick his wound to heal it. The boy can’t escape hisfate. What are you doing, stepsis?! The villagers begin emerging from their hidingplaces and recognize Asahi as the hero that saved the day. Despite this lie, Maya is overjoyed thatpeople are raining praise on her beloved sibling.

This misunderstanding gives Asahi aquick promotion to the 4th rank, Ogre, and receives a badge as proof. The friendlyreceptionist explains that it’s the first time in history someone’s climbed ranks so quickly.However, he soon realizes that this is a bad thing since falsifying one’s rank is a grave crimethat can end in capital punishment. How, exactly? Like… pretending to be strong by taking credit forsomeone else’s work. Yep, he's in big trouble now. Asahi has no choice but to beg Mayato keep up the act. Unsurprisingly, the selfless sister willingly agrees. Ashe asks to look at his sister’s stats, she accepts since he’s “special” and provides hermeasurements. With some touchy-feely to make sure. The flustered Asahi clarifies theinstruction and has her put out.

Her stat window. It’s all maxed outand even extends BEYOND the display?! Obviously, this startles Asahi and he makesher promise to keep her stats a secret between the two of them. But in exchange, she alsowants to see Asahi’s hidden numbers as well, such as the number of secret markson his body. Ooh la l—girl, what? Their discussion is interrupted by cheersfrom a nearby send-off parade. They, alongside a packed crowd, watchas the legendary party Balmunc led by dragon-class adventurer Siegfriedmarches to challenge the Demon King. Asahi mentions how taking out the demon kingwould usually send a transported person home. Now that the party has left and the paradecomes to a close, a drunkard begins causing.

A scene. It’s Delivn; a former ogre-classadventurer with a horrible personality. And now that Siegfried isn’t there anymore, nobody isstrong enough to stop him from causing a ruckus. Well… that’s until people recognize Asahi asthe newcomer hotshot. Much to his despair, everyone encourages him to teach the rowdy mana lesson. There’s no way out. Asahi’s forced to convince Maya to help him in exchangefor him doing anything she wants. Well, that’s more than enough incentiveto garner her cooperation. With some amazing acting skills, Asahi scaresthe drunkard by pretending to have split the ground between them with a swipe of his hand.No one knows that it’s Maya casually using magic behind him. The townspeople cheer forAsahi, while he is just glad that his plan.

Worked. And like promised, the bro-congets her reward later that day. Smooch! Episode 2 Asahi continues his adventuringlife by taking out slimes in an effort to get stronger. But inthe time he takes out one slime, his sister eliminates well over a hundredthousand. That must be depressing…. In a darker place somewhere, the adventurerparty Balmunc is wiped out by a single mysterious woman. Even Siegfried’s strongest attackfails to leave a scratch. She laments that none of them lasted more than a single hit.Where can she find someone strong to fight? A certain red-haired sister might do the trick..

Although her brotherly obsessionmight need some help first. The next day, Asahi decides to go takeon quests alone to get stronger. He’s unwilling to have to depend on his sister allthe time. Maya, who was left alone in her room, worries that she can no longer feel Asahi’spresence. She barges into his and finds a note that our MC’s going on a “littlewalk.” Her initial plan is to follow him, but instead she snuggles underneathhis blankets to revel in his scent. Back at the guild, Tanya offers extremelydifficult quests to Asahi since he’s an ogre-class adventurer. The boy bluffsthat he wants to remember what it was like when he first started… and he’d ratherbe near the town if anything were to happen.

With that, he was assigned a beginnerquest of gathering mushrooms. He enters the Claudio Forest and immediatelyfinds colorful rainbow mushrooms. As he continues, he stumbles upon a “beware of bears”sign but shrugs off the rare chance of encountering one. Just his luck; there’s abear right there. And it’s running after him. Still determined to finish the questby himself. Asahi gathers his resolve to face the bear. He uses his stone-throwskill to hurl one of the mushrooms toward his opponent. But the only thingit does is give the animal a snack. It then lunges at Asahi in a frenzy, only to betaken out by an unknown spell. The blast sends his face flying into a familiar set of badonkas.Strong magic and big melons?! It’s sister!.

He apologizes for having to berescued yet again. Shockingly, these bouncers belong to the same mysterious womanwho just took out the adventurer party Balmunc. Asahi realizes his mistake and immediatelyapologizes. But the woman simply shrugs it off, saying that being called “big sis” doesn’tdisplease her. As the two talk, more than a dozen bears surround them. But the woman makesquick work of the entire pack in just one hit. The ruckus causes a clothed, talking bear toemerge from the ground. It’s Kaiser [Kai-ser] bear: the Guardian of this forest. It’senraged by what she’s done to its followers. Asahi then finds out that the woman isa demon called Kilmaria of Corruption. She’s notorious for causing troublein order to seek powerful opponents.

The bear wants to end this with one blow.It unleashes a powerful beam of fire, confident that Kilmaria and the boy havebeen burned to ashes. Much to its shock, Kilmaria’s shield is stronger. Andeven protects Asahi in the process, saying that she needs to protect her littlebrother. A harem of big sisters! Uh oh! Just for the irony of it, Kilmaria takes outthe Kaiser bear with a planetary-size fireball. She even does a pose for dramaticeffect – although her disappointment that the fight was over so quickly is evident. After this, she formally introduces herselfto Asahi as Killmaria of Corruption: One of the demon king's six generals.But she reassures him with a smile:.

There’s no need for him to worry, as shebears no interest in weaklings like him. Her real target is a valiant, unparalleled warriorthat’s famed across the land for his indomitable strength and one-hit KOs. She’ll fight thatperson to the death. Someone named… Ikusaba Asahi? Oh no. Our MC tries to casually escape butaccidentally drops his adventurer badge, revealing his identity to Kilmaria. Hetries running away but she flies over him to issue her challenge. Luckily, Mayais able to save Asahi at the last second. There’s a bit of banter betweenthe “older sisters” before their tempers flare and they begin their fight.

Both charge in for a punch and areequally surprised to discover that their strength is more or less the same.Kilmaria quickly figures out that Maya is the reason for Asahi's fame and is ecstatic tohave finally found a strong opponent. At first, it looks like the two are evenly matched,but it doesn’t take long for Maya to gain the upper hand by not only countering oneof Kilmaria's most fearsome spells, but also overpowering the general with one of her own.The impact sends her crashing into the ground. Now defeated, Kilmaria’s satisfied to havebeen humbled by such an overwhelming opponent. It’s a glorious end to her life. Just asMaya gets ready to deal the final blow, Asahi stops her. She initially thinks that herbrother wants to finish it to boost his EXP.

From defeating a demon king general. Whichshe’d recommend, by the way! But instead, the honest Asahi wants Maya to spareher for saving his life from the bears. Kilmaria is unwilling at first, but Asahiconvinces her by stating that big sisters should listen to their little brothers fromtime to time. Because of this, the demon king general takes an interest in these siblingsand we can expect more from her from now on. With the quest technically done, the siblingshead home. Maya is shocked that her brother mistook someone else for her, but also admitsthat Kilmaria’s leagues above anything they’ve fought so far. Although Asahi saw howeffortlessly his sister won that one. Seeing this as a golden opportunity, shepretends to be weakened by the “intense.

Battle” and requests a piggyback ride fromher brother. The day ends with the two of them discussing “cool” names for Maya'sspells over a sumptuous mushroom dinner. Episode 3Another day, another quest. Asahi is currently beingchased by a goblin. He strategizes that jumping off a cliff would allow gravityto boost his rock-throw skill. Sadly, not even this leaves a scratch on the monster.And it then promptly calls for reinforcements. Just as he’s about to get jumped by a groupof goblins, Maya swoops in once again to disintegrate his foes with a grandiose flame.It appears that he’s improved enough not to need help in a one-on-one, so she justifiesher intrusion since he was outnumbered.

She then proceeds to pat off the dustfrom her brother’s clothes. But not without putting a firm grip on his thickpeach emoji. The girl’s impressed by how much he’s “grown” and would love to seemore… hopefully not the eggplant emoji. After going on even more quests after that,Asahi discovers from his stat window that he’s finally reached level 10. They realizethat the amount of EXP earned after a battle is determined by one’s contribution to theactual fight. This means that Asahi can’t just have Maya deal most of the damage and havehim deal the finishing blow to get all the EXP. Hearing this, Maya suggests that she holdthe monsters down while Asahi attacks until they perish. But the boy isn’t lookingto attain levels through dishonorable.

Methods. Another bright idea hits her:since she’s a high-level individual, wouldn’t he get a ton of EXP from attackingher? But Asahi’s also against the idea of accidentally harming his dear sister.This gets him a ton of cuddly snuggles. Now the boy excitedly opens his skill window.One of the most intriguing parts about in-game character development is picking which talentsto develop – eventually determining the type of combatant one is. But Maya simplycomments that he doesn’t need to try so hard since she’ll take everything out in asingle hit for him. Ouch, salt to the wound! She pounces on him as usual, so hefinds the perfect skill to obtain… and he vanishes. This skill, Escape,lets him slip away unnoticed. However,.

He fails to consider that the skill onlylasts until he runs out of MP… and he doesn’t have a lot of it. This goose-chasegets Maya fired up and she goes Yandere mode all over our poor MC. You can neverescape an obsessed older sister, huh. After all this commotion, Asahi pays theguild a visit in hopes of joining a party. It’s definitely one of the cornerstones ofisekai life. But the only recruitment forms he sees either have tough requirementsor just sound super shady. He starts to daydream about how being in a partywould lead to unforgettable experiences like taking on raid bosses, exploring,and of course, the classic romance. Tanya explains how the best partiesand members have already been occupied,.

Leaving behind the stuff that nobodywants. She thinks of decent parties for him and his sister, whom shemistakes as his support, to join. An ideal, well-balanced party would be onelike Balmunc. They’re covered on all fronts: magic, defense, offense, andlong-range archery. But shockingly, they were recently walloped by astrong enemy and scuttled back to town. After finishing his business atthe guild, Asahi begins heading home. Although that’s interrupted he chancesupon three men trying to extort money from a drunkard. Despite not wanting to intervene atfirst, Asahi decides to throw rocks at the men to give the poor victim a chance to escape.Then he’ll use his skill to slip away as well.

Much to his surprise, that isn’t needed asthe drunkard capably knocks out his foes. Asahi takes closer look and is shocked todiscover that it’s actually Siegfried… the so-called hero. Why did this guy suddenlyenter a midlife crisis, Paul Greyrat style?! Siegfried then recalls how his entire party wasso hyped up, only to get wiped out by a single demon. People began pointing fingers which led himto depression and drinking. It even reaches the point where he complains about his MC-soundingname. We’re with him on this one… who names their kid Siegfried? He throws away his “DragonHunter” moniker in favor of “Loyal Dog Pochi.” Asahi tries to cheer him up by reminding him ofhis revered party members. But Siegfried opens the boy’s eyes to the reality of life: it isn’t allthat great. One member’s addicted to host clubs,.

One is unbearably arrogant, and the other hasabsolutely no social skills whatsoever. But Asahi maintains his positive outlook, sayingthat despite their differences, they still protected each other on the battlefield.And that makes enough of a good memory. This focused optimism reminds Siegfriedof how he was when he started adventuring. He resolves to remember this boy’s name andperhaps turn his life around for the better. Asahi now returns to the guild in hopesof still joining a party. However, Tanya suddenly approaches him with an urgent quest. Ahorde of wyverns is attacking a settlement out of town and he’s the only high-rankingadventurer available to subdue them. There’s no time to spare. Noteven enough to ask Maya for.

Help. He’s immediately transported tothe frontlines where the wyverns soar over the skies. It’s one against a lot ofthese creatures. Not looking good at all. As the wyverns charge in, a purpleeruption sends them to the afterlife. Kilmaria casually greets him and requeststo be called his “big sister” instead. She’s dropped by to return his adventurerbadge, but her real objective is..… aaaand she’s cut off by another group of wyverns.But they’re effortlessly dismantled by Maya, who’s just arrived. Speak of the devil (ordemon)! Kilmaria’s actually here for a rematch. Uninspired, Maya doesn’t want to fightas she doesn’t have a reason to. Now the demon pulls Asahi in and askshim to play along as she takes him.

Hostage. It’s a lousy act but somehowenough to get the bro-con fired up. The plan immediately backfires as Maya travelsfaster than light to deliver a solid punch. As Kilmaria recovers, the combatants preparefor battle. We’re on the edge of our seats for another well-animated, spectacular battlescene. But instead, it’s a… cat-fight? As the two bicker about Asahi’s clothingpreferences, the boy’s captured by a wyvern and lifted high into the air. The two quicklycooperate to spring into action, with Maya taking out the wyvern while Kilmaria catches Asahiin the air. Teamwork makes the dream work. The rivals seem to finally get along… untilKilmaria decides to once again take Asahi hostage to start a fight. This time, however, Asahi useshis escape skill to break free from her grasp.

This impresses the demon. She realizes thathe’s continuously improving and growing at an unprecedented rate. With this, she declaresthe siblings fascinating and bids them farewell. All these events push Asahi to realize thatthe only party member he needs is his big sister. Of course, vocally expressing it leadsto another misunderstanding of a proposal. We have no idea how that came into the picture, butit just leads to her tackling him once again. Even though he didn’t get any OP stats or skills,Asahi seems to have gained two big sisters who love him dearly and would do anything toprotect him. That’s a win in our books.

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