Renji Vs Cowl Plump Fight 【Bleach TYBW Ep18】 Appropriate Make of Renji’s Bankai Vs The SuperStar

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Unforgivable. Die! Uh?! Who are you?! A villain. Let's not waste our time. Hey, James! Cheer up! Superstar!.

James! Didn't you know? Villains are dirty cowards after all. Y-Y-Y-You can do it! Superstar! You can do it, Superstar! You can do it, Superstar! Star Power-up…complete! Special kill!.

Star Lariat! Star! Star Rocket Punch! You can no longer rest your hand against a wallor keep your feet on the ground! Star Murder Punch! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star, Star, Star,Star, Star, Star, Star! Star, Star, Star,Star, Star, Star! Star!.

You will stay in the air like this forever. You will turn to dust,never to return to the ground! Star Flash… Supernova! Huh? Wait… Super…star…? Not to worry, James. As long as I'm alive, you will eventually come back to life.

But more importantly… Villain! A giant snake skull? Is that something called Bankai? Bankai… So-Oh Zabimaru. Hihioh! I don't give a shit about justice or evil anymore! You are so dead!.

Orochioh. So-Oh Zabimaru…! Zaga Teppo! Did you burn yourself out? This is what you wished, right? Superstar.

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