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Why did Chang steal the gomo gomonomi AKA Nikka fruit and bet on Luffy why didn't he eat Nikka devil fruit himself and if Roger already found one piece why didn't he bring the dawn of the world himself well we will talk all about this in this video but before starting this video if you are new here please like and share this video And subscribe to.

Our channel for more videos the gomu gomu fruit is special as its real name and its true power has been revealed recently and is integral to bringing the dawn that the Minx prophesied about the person who consumes it will be responsible for finding one piece and bringing the dawn to the world Shang stole the gomu gomu fruit from the world.

Government in order to find someone who could bring the dawn to the world as asked of him by Goldie Roger shang's bet on Luffy because he ate the gomo gomo fruit not because Luffy was special in any way but because Shanks wasn't looking for a second and Luffy accidentally made himself the person responsible for bringing the Dawn by.

Eating the gomu gomu fruit AKA nickel fruit essentially Luffy was not originally shank's preferred candidate for the knicker food and Shanks did not consume nickel fruit himself because of his own reasons as some characters in the series have shown a preference for avoiding devil fruits due to their potential weaknesses or the fear of.

Losing the ability to swim which is crucial for a pirate however the main reason why Shanks didn't eat Nikka fruit himself is because of his role to take down anyone who ruins the balance of new world and those who have bad reputations to obtain one piece just like Blackbeard until the right one came and brings the dawn but why did you think shank shows.

Luffy some people might say that Shanks chose Luffy because of his sheer determination and will to be honest I think that's stupid Luffy has the exaggerated Swagger you'll find in any kid in his age granted he never gave up trying to beat up the Bandit who kidnapped him but all kids are stubborn like that Luffy isn't special Shanks.

Chose Luffy because he had to after Luffy ate the knicker fruit which Shanks were saving for the time when he will find a suitable candidate and since Shanks no longer had any other options after Luffy ate the knicker fruit he choose Luffy to find the one piece apart from this as we also know that when a devil fruit user dies their ability is.

Reborn in a new fruit and if Luffy was not able to find the one piece and brings the dawn of the world Shanks will find another person suitable for the knicker fruit after the death of Luffy and this is what Roger asked Shanks for to find a suitable candidate basically Roger learned what the one piece was and he learned how to bring the dawn of the.

World but why didn't he himself bring down the world in Rogers own words they were simply too early and Roger was dying of a disease even though they had found one piece Roger would run out of time before he could actually bring the dawn of the world as many have speculated before me that is why Roger purposefully called the world to.

Adventure and started the great pirate age so someone else could bring the dawn also they don't have the knicker fruit which also plays an important role to bring dawn of the world I believe part of Roger's plan was and trusting Shanks to find the right person to bring the dawn you may be asking why Roger needed to do this well look at people like.

Blackbeard he definitely seems like someone who is capable of becoming the pilot King and finding one piece but as we all know he's evil and cruel Roger enlisted Shanks to find a good person who would find the one piece and to prevent morally corrupt people like Blackbeard from finding the one piece Roger was probably worried about this.

Because of people he met like Rox dieselbeck about which I have already talked previously in my videos Shang sees how Blackbeard is inspired by rocks how he is terribly evil and how he is on track to obtaining one piece that's why he went to both Whitebeard and the world government he wanted them to stop Blackbeard from gaining any more power.

So he wouldn't find one piece destroy the world government Marines Celestial dragons and take over the world and that's all for today I hope you all enjoyed this video and I also asked you to subscribe to help us it will also help us to grow more and if you like please subscribe foreign.

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