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Do you hear that focus on the pose I hear it too is it bouncing what the heck was that the rat Bros losers man you're cool what is going on in there uh we're doing Pogo tricks bro we're husting a super cool poker party this Sunday welcome to come except that's right you're a pogo sticks.

Ah I hate those rat Bros yeah I care so much about what they think of me we have to get pogo sticks if we don't we won't be cool oh rap Bros will never cool why does this man Rock if you're uncool people don't know you and if people don't know you when you die you get the uncool tombstone or even worse we could end up like my.

Elementary School classmate Georgie Buell the queen of uncool some jerk didn't invite Georgie to a birthday party once and after that she just disappeared no one knows what happened to Georgie you know because she was uncool we didn't follow up but our pogo sticks actually cool oh do we only think.

They're cool because the rat Bros think they're cool and they make us feel insecure Rock you're overthinking it we need Pogo Sticks no of course I'm back on board I'm back oh boy okay the toy store employees said pogo sticks are in aisle six aisle four aisle five.

Aisle six maybe they have some in aisle seven should we look at aisle five again oh there's still one pogo stick they're all sold out in my time well great how are we going to get pogo sticks if they're so popular I found one way but it might be a little pricey our.

First item up forbid this rare 200 carat diamond ah okay fine how about this vomit colored pogo stick one billion dollars Rock what are you doing 5 billion two 12 billion 20 billion 50 billion well that's my limit so.

Burger party this Sunday you're on the list old lady bro s bro oh we're running out of ways to get pogo sticks we tried the toy store the auction I even went on that game show okay scissors grab as many pogo sticks as you can in one minute turn it off this is so much harder than.

It looked at home I still wonder if we're getting too caught up in what other people think is cool what if we just start our own Trend and do something we think is cool rock we tried that when we made these mood ring pants yeah and they didn't catch on which made me very upset and you can tell from the color of the pads if only there was.

Another way to be cool welcome to convenient news news that's important to you at this very moment tonight's Story the controller of cool a mysterious woman who literally controls what's cool make friends with her and she'd probably make you cool forever oh man we gotta find her here's our address.

I'm glad we pay for this channel coming up next how to control a creature you created from science I'm glad I pay for this channel the controller of cool will now choose a select few to come inside we don't even care about being cool she wants you three pretty smart huh because here's my.

Secret I do care about being cool

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