Russian thugs mistook him for somebody else and tried to stab him, now now not realizing he used to be a talented…

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A friend of mine is known for sweeping girls offtheir feet. He’s an extremely aggressive janitor. Today, I'm going to recap a 1996 actionthriller film called: Maximum risk. The movie begins with a man being hunted down onthe streets of Nice, France. He escapes into a building while being chased by some individuals.He smashes a door and enters a house, then jumps onto another balcony. Eventually the man fallsdown, and continues to flee on a tricycle, as individuals chase him in a car. He manages toavoid the chasing strangers, but gets distracted, and falls on the windshield of a car. He smashesthe glass, and then we find out that he is dead. Alain Moreau, a policeman and also theprotagonist is brought to the scene by his colleague Sebastien, because the dead man'sface is identical to Alain's. Sebastien reveals.

That he was tortured and then chased. Matchesrecovered from the victim's pocket point to a nearby hotel. Sebastien says he doesn’twant to involve Alain in the investigation, but he tells him that he is already participating.They go to the hotel, where the owner mistakenly identifies Alain as Mikhail Suverov, and leaveshim a message saying, “Call Alex Bohemia.” In Mikhail's room is a passport with Alain'sdate of birth, and a plane ticket to New York. In addition, they find cash and his driver'slicense. Alain visits his mother, who reveals that he had a twin brother, who they had toabandon at birth due to poverty. Mikhail was adopted by a lawyer. Now the mother is depressedand regrets what she did, so Alain consoles her. Alain and Sebastian decide to visit the lawyerwho adopted Mikhail, and travel to Paris..

When they arrive at the lawyer's apartment, theydiscover that someone has set fire to it. Alain goes inside and discovers that the lawyer has beenkilled. In the process, a woman keeps screaming, and he grabs a fire extinguisher to put out thefire. The woman begs him not to kill her, and gives him Mikhail's adoption papers. He grabs thelady, and is about to leave the apartment, when he is suddenly attacked by a man, a huge Russianhitman. A fight breaks out between the two, and Alain manages to beat him. He then grabs the ladyand runs away. He shows the adoption papers to Bastien, which reveal that Mikhail was adopted bya Russian family that came to the United States. Alain travels to New York with the passport andplane ticket, to investigate his brother's death, and find out more about him. He remembers thetickets found in the hotel, and decides to go.

There, posing as his brother. In New York,he meets a naive and talkative taxi driver, so he persuades him to look for a person namedAlex Bohemia. He arrives in a poor neighborhood, and meets a man named Martin, whomistakes him for his twin brother. Martin reveals that Mikhail was a member ofthe Russian mafia. Alain names Alex Bohemia, and Martin directs him to the Bohemia Clubin Little Odessa. He enters the club, and the bartender offers him a free drink. Soon after, awoman named Alex Bartlett mistakenly identifies him as Mikhail, and kisses him. She then handshim a key to a hotel room, and tells him that he should not be here. After he leaves the club, thehenchmen of a man named Ivan intercept him, and tell Alain that their boss needs to talk to him.The man tells them that they were like family,.

But he betrayed them. They try to stab him, andAlain knocks them out. Soon after, the talkative taxi driver arrives, and Alain asks him to takehim to the hotel, showing the key Alex gave him. Since he doesn’t trust the woman, he takes anotherhotel room. In the meantime, Ivan arrives at the Bohemian Club, and discovers that his henchmenhave failed to detain Alain for even 10 minutes. Startled, the henchman says that Alain has beentalking to Alex. When Ivan asks the woman what they talked about, she lies and leaves. Alainfalls asleep in the hotel room, but wakes up when someone knocks on the door. Alex comes inside, andstarts kissing him. The woman begins to undress, and he reveals that he is not Mikhail. Soon after,he notices that Ivan is in the hotel, and is looking for him. The criminals ask the hotel ownerfor Alain's room number, but when they go inside,.

The two have already escaped. They run acrossthe rooftops, and shortly after, the criminals spot them. They arrive at a nightclub, whereIvan's men start shooting, and chaos breaks out. Alain's taxi driver friend notices themoutside the club, and offers them a ride. Fortunately, they manage to escapethe Russian hitman and Ivan's gang. In the car, it turns out that the taxidriver has been shot, and they have to stop. Alain says goodbye to his friend for the lasttime, and escapes with Alex. They stop at a bar, where Alex reveals to him that Mikhail was herboyfriend, and that she was planning to escape from the Russian Mafia. Alain asks to take him toMikhail's house, to find out more about him, but Alex considers this a terrible idea. Nevertheless,she agrees to take him, in order to stay together..

Shifting to FBI agents working with the RussianMafia, they need Alain to complete a task. Back to Alain and Alex, they arrive at Mikhail'shouse, where a henchman is waiting for them. Alain knocks him out, and then they check thehouse. He discovers that Mikhail found out about his existence, after reading an articlein the newspaper about his combat exploits. At that moment, Yuri, a henchman of Ivan's, knocks onthe door. Alain opens it and beats him violently. He takes a mirror, and repeatedly hits Yuri, andtells him to stay away from him. Ivan goes to meet a Russian mafia boss named Kirov, who asks himto bring Alain to him, thinking it is Mikhail. Ivan would like to deal with him in his own way,by killing him, but Kirov forbids him to do so. Alain and Alex move to their friend's cabin, aftermore Russians arrive home. When he wonders why the.

Mob wanted him dead, Alex reveals that Mikhailhad to cooperate with the FBI against Kirov. Two FBI agents arrive at the cabin the nextday, knowing it is Alain, and not Mikhail. According to them, Mikhail has keptevidence against the Russian Mafia, that he wanted to bring to them to get out of thedirty business. The agents want him to disguise himself as Mikhail, to gain access to his safedeposit box at the bank in Nice. In actuality, they just want to erase the evidence linking themto the Russian Mafia. Realizing that the FBI, not the Mafia has knowledge of Mikhail's death,Alain concludes that FBI agents killed Mikhail, and refuses to cooperate. At that point, they tryto use violence, but Alain ties them up, and then leaves with Alex. Alain tells Alex to stay inthe car, and goes to meet Kirov, the head of.

The Russian Mafia. He discovers them in a banya,and informs Kirov that Ivan tried to kill him, enraging the mob boss. Kirov chases Ivan away,to speak privately with Alain. He asks for safe transportation home to France, and promises himthe list in the bank that his brother has hidden. Meanwhile, Ivan sends the big Russian thug tokill Kirov and Alain. The mob boss is stabbed, and Alain begins to fight the Russian. Duringthe confrontation, Kirov is shot dead by Ivan. Subsequently, Ivan and his henchmen chase Alain,who manages to escape from the banya. A chase through the city ensues, where Alain is aboutto be hit by a train, but escapes just in time. Soon, the NYPD arrives, and Alain is arrested.Ivan meets with the two corrupt cops, and the two say they need Alain to dispose of the evidencehidden in the bank in Nice. The two corrupt FBI.

Agents track down Alex, bail Alain out, and usethe girl to force him to open the safe in the Nice bank. Next, everyone is in a hotel room inNice. Alex runs to the bathroom, and asks Alain if he has an escape plan, but the latter saysno. Alex stresses that the agents will not leave them alive, even if they get the list. The nextmorning, they arrive at the bank, and we find out that Ivan has captured Sebastien, Alain's friend.Because of the bank policy, only Alain has access to the safe deposit box, and the FBIagents have to wait outside. After a couple of test questions, Alain gains access to thebox. When he opens it, he discovers thousands of dollars in cash, a gun, and a recording of Mikhailexplaining why he left the mob to reunite with his family. We learn that Mikhail made the recordingspecifically for Alain, as he cannot trust others..

His brother tells him to send the evidenceblaming the Russian criminals and the FBI, to the American Embassy. Also, the money is forAlain and his mother, who Mikahil has learned to forgive. Mikhail says he discovered he had a twinbrother by accident, and at that point, wanted to leave the criminal life. Alain gets emotional,and then prepares to leave. He directs the banker to send the materials to the American Embassy.Afterwards, he lights a cigarette, and activates the sprinkler system to escape. When he leavesthe room, he discovers the banker dead, and the material gone. The Russian hitman was sent by Ivanto steal the evidence. The fire alarm goes off, and Alain reaches an elevator, where he begins tofight the Russian. The elevator opens, and people are about to enter, but the Russian shoutsat them to go away. Then the criminal starts.

Choking Alain, as he tries to grab the knife.He kicks the knife, stabbing the goon's foot. The Russian falls to the ground, and Alain stabshim. The elevator opens, and the policemen point their guns at Alain. The two FBI agents grab Alexand drive away, running off in a car. Meanwhile, the police officers are about to check Ivan's van,but Sebastien shows his badge, and they are about to leave. Suddenly, police cars surround the van,and order them to abandon it. Sebastien tries to immobilize Ivan, and at that moment, Alien alsoarrives, and shoots the driver right in the head. Ivan takes Sebastian hostage, and attemptsto escape. Nevertheless, Alain manages to shoot out the tires of the van and overturn thecar. After an explosion, the car catches fire, and Alain attempts to save his friend. He smashesthe glass of the van, and shakes Sebastien's hand,.

But Ivan holds him back and shoots, missing Alain.On the other hand, Sebastien beats Ivan, and then manages to get out of the van with Alain's help.Finally, the two friends walk away, just before the car completely explodes. Sebastien informsAlain about the two FBI agents who took Alex away. He runs into traffic, and then identifiesthe agents' car. He steals a car, and a long chase through the city of Nice ensues. Alainchases the FBI agents into a cold storage room. The two agents use Alex as a hostage, and try tokill Alain, who is still dazed after the impact. He gets out of the car, and manages to shootone of the agents. The last remaining one says he knows he no longer has the evidence, but nowhe wants the money Mikhail left for his brother. Suddenly, Alain comes from behind, and pusheshim to the ground. The agent finds a chainsaw,.

And attacks him with it, but Alain managesto get the gun back, and kills him. Next, Mikhail's evidence about thecooperation between the Mafia and the FBI successfully arrives at the AmericanEmbassy. Finally, Alain brings Alex, his new romantic interest, to meet hismother to inform her about Mikhail. If you enjoyed this video, don't be shy tohit the like button and if you disliked it hit the dislike button twice, just to besure. It would be best if you watched the whole movie. Thank you very much for watching.Please subscribe for more videos like this.

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