RWBY Ozpin AMV || Lies and Half of Truths

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Do you know who I am? You're Professor Ozpin You're the headmaster at Beacon Who are you? I've trusted him for years. We both have. I can't help but feel… Like he's keeping us in the dark. Such arrogance This is the beginning of the end, Ozpin.

And I can't wait to watch you burn There are just some matters that I prefer to play close to the chest. This curse was bestowed upon me by the gods because I failed to stop Salem in the past What knowledge do you seek? What is Ozpin hiding from us? Noooooooo! [Ruby gasps].

A great and terrible secret. So who… a-are you? How much do you know about Professor Ozpin? About his past? Professor…Ozpin? I've made more mistakes than any man, woman and child on this planet. You have to understand that my behaviors arebacked by experience. How do I destroy Salem?.

You can't. What happened to no more lies and half truths? I— There was so much you hadn't told us! The creatures of Grimm have a master named Salem. She can't be stopped, she can't be reasoned with, and she will not restuntil humanity crumbles at her feet. [Oscar gasps] Do you honestly believe your children can win a war?.

I hope they never have to. I'm sorry

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