S04E01 Erica Reacts To The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess And the Genius Younger Woman

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Hello and welcome to Yuri Studio. I'm EricaFriedman and today we re doing something completely different at the request of OkazuPatrons. At our end-of-year Patron Holiday party, I was requested to do a series of reactionvideos to Yuri anime that premiers this year. I've never done – or even watched- a reaction video in my life, so bear with me. That said,welcome to my new series, So I just finished readingthe third Light novel for this series which is out in English from YenPress – and, honestly, I loved it. It did everything right. So I was pretty enthusiasticgoing in to this first episode of the anime. BUT. I was reading the light novel.There is also a manga for this series,.

(also out in English from Yen Press) andwhen I reviewed it originally it had some problems that did not endear me to the story.Primarily it is much heavier on the service than the LNs and I found it pointless anddistracting. So how did the anime stack up? Well, I think it split thedifference. But I get ahead of myself. Right away the story differs from the Light Novel and Manga in one key thing. Itstarts … at the beginning. As Magical Revolution Of The ReincarnatedPrincess And The Genius Young Lady Episode 1, opens, we meet Anisphia, an energetic youngPrincess. We learn almost immediately that she is as good or better than most of the adventurers shejoins. As she whooshes around on a flying broom,.

She kills, skins and harvest a magicalbeast. There s a nice nod to Princess Mononoke (and possibly Demon Slayer? as shewear the head of her prey back to the palace, where her prowess is not at all appreciated. Both the Light Novel and manga begin in media res, but they have the luxury of time - and, in the case of the Light Novel space – to back in to the story. Here,the story is laid out chronologically. I initially feared we d be spending some of thatprecious time on the worst bits of the backstory, but to its credit, the episode gives us justenough to tell us what to think about everyone, then builds up to the climactic scene thatstarts the series off in the printed version.

To sum up, let me ask and answer four questions:what did I dislike, what did I like, is it Yuri, and did it work? Each of these give me a chance torethink the whole thing over in a different way. We'll start with the thing I likedleast and get them out of the way. The worst part for me was thefeeling that it was the manga that was being animated. There was a lot ofthigh-staring. I'll always find that creepy. Also, the LN plainly states multiple times, butnever actually shows, Anisphia's outfit is based off a “knight's costume.” Okay, sure. Knights areknown for their pink miniskirts and thigh-highs. It wouldn't worry me too much,except I've read the manga and the service ramps up with more crotchand butt staring before it gets better.

What I liked best? I actually REALLY liked theway Anisphia's backstory was handled. It was short and clean and packed a punch. Great use ofanimation to tell an important piece of the story. Is it Yuri? Not yet. I have no idea how farthis anime will take us I'm guessing the end of the first arc, which is about mid-way inVolume 2 of the Light Novel series. That's about where Executioner And Her Way ofLife Took Us. It would be a good spot, but can I say with certainty that youmight consider this Yuri at that point? No. Maybe. All I can say is that by the end ofthe third novel, the answer is a glorious yes. So, did it work? Yes, I think Episode 1 of Magical RevolutionOf The Reincarnated Princess And The Genius.

Young Lady did what it was supposed todo. It set the tone and the characters, gave us enough info to move ahead with and didnot waste our time for which I am thankful. The animation is adequate but not outstanding.The voice actors and character designs make them all look younger than makes any sense for thestory, but moe still rules anime, more s the pity. Overall, I d give it an 8 out of 10. I ll keep watching it and hope you do too. Thanks for watching my first reaction videoand I ll see you again on Yuri Studio!

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  1. I'm so overjoyed you introduced up the pants component. Lengthy time fan of the franchise, I adore the novels but right here’s one component that had me at a loss for phrases for the reason that very start.It stricken me so unprecedented that despite the novels explicitly mentioning that she wears pants, neither the radical art nor the mangas truly shows her carrying pants (ever). I'm no longer asserting we would favor her in elephantine armor or anything else (even though tbh that'd be sizable), but at the least give her one thing that appears to be like informal and at ease enough to execute monsters in, and withhold the red frilly dress as her “princesswear” or one thing.

  2. Welcome to attempting a new component! As for the repeat… yeah, the first episode kicked off a re-read of the first LN (I haven't touched the manga) because lawful away I believed, “Wait, the radical makes a level in the first few PAGES of pointing that she's WEARING PANTS.” And since I hadn't gotten the third LN but, well, now I in truth own and I lawful executed it closing evening. (Timing!) And… move. Melodramatic as heck, but the account takes the sociopolitical (and interpersonal) scenarios unprecedented extra seriously than I anticipated from a fluffy magical-yuri-isekai component. My expectations for the anime are… middling, interested by the 'service already on camouflage. Recount.

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