Saitama Has Stress-free With Tatsumaki Infront of Her Followers – One Punch Man Chapter 179

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The epic battle between Saitama and Tatsumakifinally begins, and it does not disappoint. Plus, we get a much-needed update on the artificialpsychics from Tsukuyomi! Saitama had jumped out of the Hero AssociationComplex to avoid more damage and casualties during their fight. And in this chapter, titled Witnesses, forthe simple fact that so many people are going to see this massive conflict between the heroes. This time we got a Tatsumaki cover. She’s wearing her usual sleek dress, sportinga cold stare, and certainly doesn’t look as approachable as her younger sister.

We meet a family headed to live “safely”inA-city. Oh, and for some reason, there’s a blimpoverhead advertising a sale for a store called Buttchin Mart…Anyway, a closeup of a signindicates that they’re going to the Hero Association HQ. Specifically where the housing complexes are,and they couldn’t be more excited about going there. A light-haired woman, a Chad of a dad, anda wide-eyed son are introduced to us within the car, discussing what it means to be movingthere. The mother points out that they were livingin fear of monsters previously, while the.

Father chimes in with the fact that therehave been “way more monsters than usual”, driving home the point that the previous couplediscussed. But unlike that rich son of a government worker,this family doesn’t have the cash or power to get themselves into the complex. Instead, the father points out they signeda 35-year Loan, just to make sure they’d be out of danger. Seriously, what a Chad. Meanwhile, the excited little boy can’twait to meet the heroes within the complex, knowing a lot of A-class ones live there.

He hopes to get autographs even. As they drive forward with shining optimism,they spot something strange in the sky. At first, they think it might be some kindof bird, but as we get closer, it’s shown to be Saitama still holding on to Tatsumakiand gliding through the air. Comparable to Superman, Saitama takes heracross the barren wasteland caused by the Monster Association , never letting go ofher wrist. Even as they tumble, twist, and bounce onthe ground with enough force to kill most other people, his grip is firm and relentless. Tatsumaki can’t believe how stubborn Saitamais, wondering how long he’s going to keep.

Holding on. But when she calls him “pervert”, it’sclear that she’s understanding this situation a lot differently than what’s going on inreality. Our bald hero is taken aback by that comment,even throwing out a “Huh?” while they continue to float above the groundtogether. But Tatsumaki, being the aggressive lady sheis, starts to fight back, trying to shake him off with her esper abilities. She shakes him at first, then gets him intoa full-on, high-speed spin, attempting to launch him away from her.

But all it really does is make him look likea helicopter propeller. When that doesn’t do the trick, unsurprisingly,she smashes him into the ground below, breaking it apart with the force of it. And yet, Saitama’s Crocs don’t even comeoff his feet! AND he’s still holding on to her. We all know this has to be a major blow toher psychic ego. This time, when she asks why he won’t letgo, she seems slightly gentler. There’s even the faint hint of a blush,followed by her asking if he likes her. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Saitama is still dealing with the PTSD oflosing his apartment building during her fight against PsykosOrochi and doesn’t want anyoneelse’s house to be destroyed the same way. What can we say? He’s a man of the people! But that’s not the part that bothers her;what really sets off Tatsumaki’s fuse is the fact that he thinks she might try to runaway. Any niceties she had left have run away forgood. The veins popping out of her forehead lookdownright demonic, and her eyes would burn him to ash if she had that kind of power.

To make matters worse, Tatsumaki throws backthat she wouldn’t run away from someone weaker than her! The blank, but completely annoyed, expressionSaitama has, lying below her, still holding on to her wrist, just shows how utterly tiredhe is with all espers at this point. So he lets her go. At least she’s still aware enough to realizeSaitama is strong, even if she believes him to be weaker than herself. A fact that’s proven by her gearing up toflick him away with two fingers, since she acknowledges him being able to survive.

Tatsumaki’s smirk looks almost evil as shetells Saitama: “Even if I strengthen the output of my psychic power just a touch..”. Then she blasts him away, and he just goeswith the blow, flying backwards. Side note, Tatsumaki doesn’t wear underwear,confirmed. She finishes her line, admitting that shethought he “might not die” from her attack. Saitama slows the momentum by digging hisfeet into the ground and pushing rubble behind him as he does. His expression is serious for a moment, asif he might fight back now, but it quickly disappears.

Something’s changing again. All of the mess she’s made by throwing himaround, is controlled by her telekinesis. She lifts every piece of rock and debris nearby,her eyes completely white and void of pupils. And then she turns the whole mess into a literaltornado of terror. Even seeing this massive swirl building beforehim, dragging more and more debris inside, all Saitama thinks is that it looks fun. We then return to the wreckage Tatsumaki leftbehind in the Hero Complex’s underground area. Stinger and question Fubuki’s group aboutwhat happened down there, and Eyelashes and.

Mountain Ape explain that an esper they didn’tknow attacked them. And that Tatsumaki captured him in the sphereof broken walls and ceilings. Of course, because Tatsumaki is busy elsewhereand they just had to mention there being a threat within the sphere, it starts to fallapart. Fubuki’s group, knowing how strong theyare, freaks out right away. The rocks split open, freeing the men inside. But as the heroes prepare to fight and catchthem again, a hole is revealed underneath where they were trapped. The two artificial psychics are gone!.

Not only that, but they’ve managed to getall the way back to their car. The security, probably not knowing how dangerousthe situation is, tries to stop them from rushing the gate, but it’s no use. They drive right through at top speed, breakingit into pieces as the poor guard has to dodge their vehicle. They race out of Gate 33, with no one ableto chase after them… At least, none of the people who know they’veescaped. With both of the Tsukuyomi members beatenup and bleeding, the younger man asks Apollo if he’s okay.

We’ve finally got a name for this mysteryman! Even as they drive away from the Hero Complex,they can clearly see the giant tornado forming off in the distance to take down Saitama. The dark-haired man wonders if it’s her,but before he can finish his sentence, Apollo holds his head in rage. With a dark expression, Apollo vows that “nexttime I’ll get you…!” So clearly, this isn’t the last we’llbe seeing of him. We jump back to Tatsumaki and her tornadoof rocks as she launches some directly at Saitama.

But before they can even get close to them,he swats them away with one arm. This must piss her off, because she doesn’twait to send even more than the first time, with nonstop psychic throws. With how insane both of their powers are,this triggers the security system of the Hero Association’s complex—and not for thefirst time. A woman investigates the activity, which sheassumes is monster-related. Her colleagues panic since a lot of heroesare busy with things internally, and now there’s an unknown problem coming from outside theirfacility. They’ve also been trying to get help fromMetal Knight, since the system is his and.

He has a ton of robots he could send to providebackup. But it turns out he’s “unreachable”. But since they still think this needs to beaddressed, they decide to send out a request to the S-class heroes for support. Meanwhile, the poor family from the beginningis right in the thick of the confrontation, trying their best to not be killed by Tatsumaki’srock shower. Thankfully, they swerved out of the way. And the child remains excited and happy tosee this, probably hoping he can meet some cool heroes in this scenario.

He takes out his binoculars and instantlyspots Tatsumaki using her powers above them. Impressed, he tells his parents who it isand that she’s fighting “something”. Saitama is leaping onto the bigger rocks now,avoiding all her attacks that way rather than punching each one. And seeing as the car is just a speck in thedistance behind where he’s floating, it’s clear the kid wouldn't have been able to seehim. The father in the car admits this situationmust be pretty serious, so they should hurry to the Complex and get out of harm’s wayas quickly as possible. But the boy is too invested now.

He even asks to get closer so he can hearTatsumaki’s voice because he’s a huge fan. His mother rightfully says they shouldn’tdo that, but there’s already a massive rock the size of their vehicle coming towards them. Before it can cause a crash or crush them,Saitama smashes it to pieces with his signature punch. He screams “Hey! Watch it!” to Tatsumaki to get her to realize the dangershe’s causing for innocent people.

But Tatsumaki just takes it as him speakingas though he’s above her, and it only annoys her more. She says she knows what she’s doing whilegrabbing more things to launch at Saitama. Since he can’t get her to be reasonableor properly communicate, he decides the best course of action is to move their fight somewheremore deserted. He plans to do it until “she wears herselfout.” But while he’s planning his next move, anotherstray rock heads for the family’s car. His eyes bulge as he realizes his mistake,so he zooms there, looking more like a beam of light than a person rushing to save someone.

Thankfully, Tatsumaki lifts the car with herpower. Tatsumaki childishly tells him to watch wherehe’s deflecting things, poking fun at what he told her moments ago. But she also refers to him as “baldy”. And since she used an insult that strikesa nerve with him, he uses one of his own—attacking her height. And just as expected, it works as planned. She even shrinks to her smaller, cartoon sizein anger. The boy, at the same time, is trying to gether attention but realizes that this is probably.

Not the moment to do that. Especially when she says: “I’m gonna pulverizeyou and turn you into fertilizer.” Without even looking at the family, Tatsumakidrops the car to the ground, even referring to them as “car.” As they end up bundled together from the roughfall, the boy’s father points out that he did get to hear her voice at least. Tatsumaki’s tornado continues, and she tauntsSaitama by saying he can’t do anything against her. And she probably thinks that because he can’tfly or use psychic powers.

With a confident smirk, she calls him pathetic,revealing that she can’t trust Fubuki to someone like him. Continuing to misinterpret their relationship. With a smile, she tells Saitama to get awayfrom Fubuki since he’s not reliable enough. Saitama continues to run, his face half coveredby shadows. But when we fully see his expression, it’sobvious he’s done with both of these sisters. Not only that, but he wants to go home. Too bad Tatsumaki isn’t done with him. In fact, she looks like she’s playing aroundnow and enjoying the way he can survive or.

Avoid all her attacks.

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