Salaryman Reincarnates as The Lowest Notorious Healer But Works Tough To Change into SS-Notorious (10) 2023 Anime

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Before starting the video make sure to hit the Subscribe button if you are new to my channel it really motivates me to keep on creating anime Recaps for you guys the story continues and Lucille goes to the adventurer's guild and everyone there wonders what a Healer is doing here.

Lucille then goes to the Guild Master and he states that he wants 10 barrels of substance X the master then states that he has a favor to ask of Lucille and he mentions that he would like for Lucille to take up his trait here like he did in maritoni Lucille states that he can't do that.

Since he is working at the church headquarters right now and the master wonders if Lucille will help if he requests his Aid as an adventurer Lucille thinks that he should lend a hand if adventurers are in trouble and maybe this way he can repay Broad and the others in maritoni Lucille then mentions that he can.

Accommodate if they call on him as an adventurer and the master then goes to bring the substance X Lucille then wonders what's going on and multi states that recently some high-level monsters have appeared and a lot of folks have suffered grave injuries Lucille wonders why they don't go to.

Clinics and milti mentions that they don't have enough money and they don't want to be slaves the master then comes there and he wonders if Lucille will fulfill his request and Lucille mentions that he will charge them one silver coin per person the scene then cuts to Injured.

Adventurers in the Guild's training area and one of them states that he is going to take his friend to a clinic his friend mentions that he is not made of money and the adventurer hopes that somebody could help them Lucille then comes there and everyone wonders what a Healer is doing here they tell him to get out of here and the.

Guild Master then tells everyone to quiet down he mentions that this distinguished person is the urban legend from maritoni and he is the Masa zombie healer he will help them out for a single silver coin and the injured adventurers wonder if he is really the massive zombie healer.

They think that they might be saved if he is and they then start cheering for the masochist zombie Lucille thinks that he doesn't like this one bit and he thinks that at this rate he will be stuck with this nickname forever Lucille then states that he doesn't wish to take away work from the clinics so we.

Won't be able to treat them every time but they shouldn't Riot or attack the clinics for being too expensive he mentions that he can only help them out when he is here to pick up substance X and he has three conditions for treating them he states that firstly he will charge one silver coin per person secondly if.

Anyone from the church like the pope or the valkyrie are in trouble then he would like for them to do whatever they can to help and thirdly the nickname masochist and zombie are hereby off limits everyone understands and Lucille then uses Aria heel to heal everyone at once they didn't thank Lucille for healing.

Them and they think that they should give him another nickname they have a meeting about this and after various suggestions like the cheap healer the battle-crazed Healer and the weird healer they decide to nickname Lucille as Saint weirdo as he is like a saint and he is weird they then cheer for Saint weirdo and.

Lucille thinks that adventurers are really bad at giving nicknames the scene then cuts to Lucille meeting Catalia and Catalia states that Lucille is later than usual Lucille mentions that he went to see off the Valkyries and we then see that while the Valkyries were leaving many people were cheering for them and lumina.

Thought that this has never happened before Catalia then asks Lucille if he will be coming back at his usual time today and Lucille states that this time he is thinking of staying inside the Labyrinth for a while Catalia mentions that she can't allow him to do something so dangerous and.

Lucille states that it's fine is after he defeats the monsters in the main chamber there aren't more until he opens the door Catalia then tells Lucille to be sure to return here once a week and don't overdo things Lucille then leaves and the scene cuts to him coming back.

Catalia mentions that it hasn't been a week yet and Lucille thinks that his internal clock must be off Catalia then states that she has weapons and armor for Lucille from the pope and Lucille then equips them she then also gives Lucille an angel's pillow and she mentions that this can help Lucille sleep so he can be fully.

Refreshed for the next day she wonders what Lucille is going to do for the rest of the day and Lucille states that he will buy some supplies and then head back to the Labyrinth the scene then cuts to Lucille at the healer's guild for some substance X and the master has already prepared it for him.

He mentions that he knew that Lucille was going to come here for it today as today is supposed to be his free day Lucille states that he is surprised that the master remembered this and the master states that this is what makes him the Guild Master Lucille then asks the master to send another letter and he thinks that he.

Still hasn't gotten any responses yet some adventurers then come there and they ask Lucille if he will be joining their mock battle after healing and they mentioned that they can't wait to show him what they have learned the master then mentions that the adventurers are all worked up to fight Lucille and since they train hard.

Because of this the number of casualties has also decreased Lucille states that he is glad to hear that and an adventurer named delitz then comes there and he wonders if Lucille has mastered the physical enhancement he taught him Lucille mentions that it is still difficult for him and he mentions that.

It sounds easy to accomplish but it's not elitse then states that he is surprised that Lucille is still stuck at level one even when his magic control is so good and Lucille states that it's because he hasn't slayed any monsters and he thinks that all the monsters he has slayed were illusions.

Milty then informs Lucille that everyone is ready for the treatment and Lucille uses his magic to heal everyone he then asks them if they have any news regarding the Valkyries or maritoni and one of The Adventurous states that she has heard that the Valkyries are safe but there were some deaths among the Templars.

Another Adventurer then mentions that he has heard that the Whirlwind is out of control in maritoni and he is kidnapping adventurers and taking them to the training Hall he mentions that he has also heard that the bear Chef is making new dishes using substance X and multiple receptionist of the guild are getting married.

Lucille asks him to talk more about this and the man states that some Beast folks have captured the receptionist's heart he asks which receptionists and the man mentions that he doesn't know Lucille wonders if this is why they haven't replied to his letters and he thinks that they should at least have invited him to the wedding.

The scene then changes in Lucille states that it's been half a year since he defeated the level 20 boss and after all his training he finally managed to defeat the level 30 boss the scene then cuts to Catalia saying that she is glad that Lucille is all right and she mentions that he earned 426 549 points this time.

Catalia mentions that Lucille should think about stocking up on magic potions if he has this many points and Lucille mentions that it could be a lifesaver for him as he does depend a lot on Magic he mentions that he would have been in trouble without area heal in his last mission and catalyev can't believe that Lucille can already use Aria Keel at his.

Age she wonders if he is taking some kind of drug and Lucille then remembers substance X Catalia then drags Lucille to see the pope and Lucille thinks that he might be able to finally find out what substance X really is the pope then commends Lucille on.

Reaching level 30 on his own and she states that Lucille has also grown more powerful since the first they met Catalia then mentions that Lucile has been drinking a beverage called substance X and Lucille shows her the drink but he has to put it away quickly due to its foul odor Lucille states that they serve this.

Drink at the adventurer's guild and it is said to be crafted by a sage he mentions that it's called substance X and the pope states that it was first created to awaken people's latent talents she mentions that at first it came in the form of a pill but a sage developed a magical device to replicate the pill.

But what came out was Liquid instead it was named substance X in the pill form and God's lament in liquid form Lucille then mentions that he drinks three months of it every day and he has been doing this for the last two and half years the pope states that Lucille's efforts and hardships are what allowed him to.

Grow so much and she then wonders what kind of monster Lucille encountered in the main chamber this time Lucille states that he encountered three whites and Five Ghost Knights and he defeated them using area heel the pope can't believe that Lucille can already use area heal and she mentions that he might become a sage one day.

Lucille then gives the Pope the items he got this time and the pope states that this is all for today and she mentions that she will lead his reward with Catalia the scene then cuts to Lucille meeting catlia and she gives him a letter left by the Pope she mentions that it details the effects of substance X and Lucille.

States that he will read it later and Catalia mentions that she will be here for Lucille if he ever needs her the scene then changes to Lucille reading the letter in the Labyrinth and he finds out that the substance X was developed by a sage the sage thought that humans have three Primal desires and they are food sleep.

And sex but those desire tend to wane when they devote themselves to the church this is why he developed substance X to amplify the three Primal desires but it produced a side effect it seems to protect the body from various maladies and Revitalize the cells while sleeping however it was.

Criticized due to its bad smell and it was slated for disposal but this medicine helped him become a sage so he left it with the adventurer's guild and he prayed that this item could one day save the world Lucille then finds out that substance X sacrifice is one of the Primal desires to enhance the rest of them and he.

Thinks that he still has the desire to eat and sleep and he wonders if his sexual desire has been taken away he wonders if this is why Catalia felt sorry for him and he wonders if she thinks that he is impotent Lucille thinks that this can't be true and he mentions that he is going to fall in love once he makes it through this.

Labyrinth he then gets angry that he hasn't received any replies for his letters and he starts slaying the undead like a madman thanks for watching part 10. the rest of the parts will be on my channel please like and share the video If you enjoyed it and make sure to hit the.

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