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Hi, Welcome Back To My Channel Quick Recapped. Today, I am going to explain “Sumuru” Movie. That is an Science Fiction Thriller Film. Watch out and take care! The movie opens in the year 2800, Adam andJake, two astronauts launched from Earth, are seen inside their spacecraft. They are en route to a planet called Antares,where there are rumors of a significant human settlement, as per their mission. As it come about, a lethal virus has renderedall women on Earth incapable of bearing children,.

Leaving Adam and Jake as the last remaininghope for the continuity of humanity. The mission assigned to Adam and Jake is toexplore Antares, locate women, and persuade them to return with them to Earth. Upon nearing Antares, the spaceship experiencesinstability caused by the peculiar gravitational pull in the surrounding area. Despite their best efforts to regain controlof the ship, Adam and Jake struggle to manage the situation, and ultimately, the spacecraftcrashes onto the surface of planet. Both astronauts suffer minor injuries in thecrash, but Jake's injuries are comparatively more severe than Adam's.

Adam promptly evacuates Jake from the spaceshipbefore the smoke inhalation poses a threat to their survival. The scene transitions to an aerial view ofAntares, revealing a desolate wasteland characterized by vast rock formations with no visible signsof vegetation. Adam performs surgery on Jake's injuries andadministers a state-of-the-art syringe that possesses automatic healing properties. While the two astronauts are in conversation,the sudden sound of a dog's barking catches their attention. Up until this point, the existence of lifeon the planet had merely been a rumor.

However, upon hearing the dog's bark, theboth astronauts' spirits are renewed, and Adam proceeds to trace the source of the sound. Following some exploration, Adam encountersa young, primitive-looking boy holding onto his dog with a concerned expression. Adam attempts to approach the boy, but thefrightened child mentions the presence of “snakeheads” and immediately flees the scene. Quickly, they subdue the young boy and apprehendhim, while his faithful dog flees from the scene. Meanwhile, as Adam investigates the peculiarlocation, he is suddenly shaken by a epic.

Earthquake. Feeling frightened, he promptly contacts Jakeusing his advanced wristwatch and requests him to conduct a geo-scan of the locality. Afterwards, Adam continues to venture deeperinto the terrain until he comes out upon a massive temple. He enters secretly inside and is surprisedto discover a significant gathering of women inside. As it transpires, on this planet, women holdall the power and authority, while men are compelled to serve as slaves, and some areused only for the purpose of reproduction.

The women inside the temple seem to be engagedin chanting prayers to honor their god, the “serpent lord.” It is revealed that these devout women aremembers of a cult, which is under the leadership of the fearless Taxan. At that moment, the massive cobra, the modelof their “serpent lord,” emerges from the ground. The story then introduces us to Sumuru, thequeen of planet Antares, who appears to be unimpressed by the cult's activities. Meanwhile, the young boy from earlier is broughtinto the room.

Adam is filled with shock and horror as Taxanannounces that the young boy is to be offered as a sacrifice to their deity. Upon hearing this, Dove, the boy's sisterwho also serves as a soldier under the queen, engages in a battle with the members of Taxan'scult. In this moment, it comes to know that thewomen within the temple are divided into two sides – those who align with Taxan and thosewho are loyal to the queen. As the spectators observe, Dove persists inher one-person battle and all of a sudden, the serpent lord swoops down and consumesone of the cult members. This causes Taxan to become furious, promptingher followers to capture Dove.

However, the queen interferes and argues thatDove acted in self-defense. As tensions rise between Taxan and the queen,Adam, who had been concealed in the shadows, receives a call from his friend, causing adisturbance in the room. Taxan quickly commands her troops to pursueAdam, but he employs one of his advanced firearms to create a distraction and make a getaway. During the commotion, Will, the little boy,also finds an opportunity to flee from the temple. Adam and Will eventually reunite and maketheir way to the spaceship, aiming to leave the planet and escape from the dangerous situation.

As Adam tries to board the spaceship, he isstruck by an arrow from one of Taxan's women, injuring his leg. Despite being shot in the leg by one of Taxan'swomen, Adam is able to make it inside the spaceship. However, the arrow was poisoned, and Adambegins to feel the effects, causing him to gradually lose consciousness. The queen leads her own army to the sceneand orders Taxan's cult members to leave. Initially, Taxan's cult members resist, arguingthat it is within their rights to kill men. However, when Sumuru asserts her authorityas the queen and claims jurisdiction over.

Everything, they begrudgingly comply and leave. Following the departure of Taxan's cult gang,the queen boards the spaceship and confronts the aliens. She produces an antivenom and administersit to Adam, thus saving his life. Adam and Jake were escorted to the queen'sopulent residence, where they finally found a secluded spot to meet in private. Jake disclosed his previous findings fromthe geo scans, revealing that the planet's deteriorating condition is the root causeof the frequent earthquakes they have been experiencing.

The planet has a maximum of two months beforeit completely self-destructs. Subsequently, Adam was brought before thequeen's chamber to face interrogation. He introduced himself and made it clear thathe hailed from Earth. Jake made an additional claim that the inhabitantsof Antares are actually seeds of Earth, as they were originally sent on a terraformingmission over a thousand years ago. the terraforming team had maintained regularcommunication for the first century, but afterward, all contact with Earth had dismissed. Additionally, Earth had undergone a devastatingwar, which interrupted any efforts to investigate the situation on Antares.

The queen was initially shocked upon hearingJake's revelations, but ultimately she found them to be believable as their legends hadalways spoken about Earth. As their conversation continued, the subjectof the snake cult arose. Queen Sumuru disclosed that the persistentearthquakes caused the people to turn to religion, and it was during this time that Taxan emergedas a powerful figure. She explained that she herself came from ahighly distinguished family and believed that she was appointed to become the queen, butthe people did not elect her to the position. Queen Sumuru had been building a cult followingin hopes of one day hold the throne for herself. The queen claimed to have no knowledge ofthe origin of the giant cobra, which appeared.

Unexpectedly. Despite Adam's attempt to warn her about theplanet's impending destruction and the need for immediate evacuation, the queen dismissedhis advice, refusing to take attention from a man. The queen shifted the conversation towardsthe topic of male subjugation in Antares. She disclosed that in the distant past, menhad caused a massive “flash of light” that resulted in the deaths of numerous individuals. Since that fateful day, women had assumeddominance over the land, and the act of killing men for disobedience had become legally allowed.

Following this revelation, the queen escortedAdam to a crude mine where he witnessed all the male workers toiling as laborers. As per the queen's account, men were primarilyemployed as slaves, sacrifices, or occasionally for breeding purposes. Adam was appalled by the sight of such inhumanetreatment, and when he voiced his concerns, he was brutally beaten and subsequently hauledaway. Regrettably, while Adam was being led backto the queen's residence by the guards, they were ambushed by Taxan's gang. The infamous members of the cult executedall of the queen's guards and captured Adam.

Tragically, Dove was among the casualtiesof the ambush, and she perished. As she took her last breaths, her brotherWill rushed to her aid, but unfortunately, it was too late to save her. Adam finds himself in Taxan's chambers whereshe attempts to recruit him to her cause. She even goes as far as passionately kissinghim in an attempt to seduce him into joining her team. However, Adam, being a wise man, immediatelyrejects Taxan's offer to join her cause. This leads to a heated argument between them. Before things escalate further, the queen,Jake, and Will come to Adam's aid and rescue.

Him. Taxan, unable to overpower the queen, is swiftlyknocked out with a single punch, and the group makes their way out of the tunnels. Along the way, the astronauts discuss thedire state of the planet, and Jake reveals that they have even less time than he hadinitially estimated. Jake informs the group that he has calculatedthat Antares could explode within a few days. The queen eavesdrops on their conversationand the astronauts become excited when the queen reveals that the special element inher locket is extracted from the ‘burn zone’ – the same spot where the spaceship from Earthhad landed a thousand years ago.

This means that if they can somehow reachthe burn zone and restart the spaceship, they can return to Earth before Antares explodes. The group sets off towards the burn zone withthe queen's assistance, facing multiple obstacles such as avoiding Taxan's followers and rescuingenslaved men along the way. After finally making it outside, Queen Sumuruinforms the astronauts that their journey is not over yet, as they still have to travelseveral kilometers to reach the burn zone. This is because the burn zone is located behinda large hill that they need to cross. Despite the challenges and the danger posedby the serpent group pursuing them, Jake and Adam are determined to continue their journey.

Adam then tries to persuade the queen to accompanythem by highlighting that life on Earth is much safer than what they're experiencingon Antares. In response, Queen Sumuru declines politely,stating that she is a servant of her people, not a ruler. Suddenly, a powerful earthquake strikes, causingthe entire group to fall down. After the earthquake, Jake realizes that theplanet's destruction is close. As the group continues their journey, theystumble upon the remains of a man, which Jake examines. Based on his findings, he deduces that theman died around 900 years ago, the same year.

That humans first arrived on Antares. On further examination of the skeletal remains,Jake discovers evidence of a solar blast in the area that caused the deaths of most ofthe men. The queen realizes that this must have beenthe same “flash of light” that their ancestors viewed before many years ago. Since the light was a natural occurrence,the men were not responsible for the deaths, and therefore innocent. This means that for all these years, the religionof the Serpent Cult, which claimed that men are dangerous and wrong, was based on a falsepremise.

Although the queen is heartbroken by the revelation,Jake and Adam urge her to continue on their journey without losing any more time. The next scene shows the group finally arrivedexterior of the 'burn zone,' which turns out to be a massive space dome. Jake and young Will work diligently in thecontrol room to initiate the engine restart process, while Adam and the queen move toa separate room to manipulate the controls from there. Despite facing numerous challenges along theway, the astronauts eventually succeed in reigniting the engine.

However, their joy is short-lived as Taxanand her goons make an unwelcome appearance. A fierce battle erupts between the two factions,and Adam, armed with his cutting-edge technology, successfully eliminates a majority of theevil female opponents. After that, only Taxan remains standing, andshe boldly challenges the queen to a fair and honorable one-on-one duel, which the queenaccepts. Initially, the queen and Taxan seem evenlymatched, but the queen's exceptional combat skills soon give her the advantage. As Taxan realizes that she is on the vergeof defeat, she resorts to desperate measures and draws out her knife, attempting to launcha surprise attack.

However, the queen remains composed and effortlesslydeflects the attack. After a prolonged fight, the serpent queenhurls her opponent into a generator, resulting in her being electrocuted and almost killed. Despite her tenacity, Taxan refuses to surrenderand lunges at the queen with her knife. However, Adam intervenes and shoots her, finallyending her life. Jake successfully initiated the spaceship'slaunch sequence from the control room, and it is now prepared for takeoff. Upon discovering that the men are not accountablefor the crimes committed on Antares and the planet's impending demise, the queen choosesto accompany Jake, Adam, and Will on their.

Trip to Earth. The spacecraft lifts off and soars into thesky, leaving the inhabitants of Antares, including the men, the queen's soldiers, and even Taxan'scult followers, looking in wonder at the magnificent spaceship. Witnessing the leader's absence, Adam experiencesremorse and proposes that they invite all of the individuals left behind to board thespaceship, which can comfortably accommodate up to 500 passengers. Jake expresses concern that the violent earthquakescould potentially damage the ship, but both Adam and the queen are willing to take therisk.

With no other viable options, Jake concedesand begins to bring the spaceship down for the people of the Antares. As the spaceship lands on the surface, thepeople of Antares are stunned to see the colossal structure, which they had previously referredto as the “burn zone.” Queen Sumuru emerges from the spaceship andinstructs everyone to enter, explaining that their planet is on the brink of destructionand they are going on a journey to a distant planet. The queen informs the people that the newplanet they are heading towards will be inhabited by numerous individuals, where there willbe no discrimination based on gender, race,.

Or religion. Upon hearing this, the people become thrilledand promptly board the spaceship. Just as Jake and Adam are about to initiatetakeoff, a colossal earthquake shakes everyone on board. Upon observing a colossal serpent assaultingone of the spaceship's propellers, Adam urgently instructs Jake to activate the propeller atmaximum capacity to thwart the attack. Fortunately, as soon as Jake follows Adam'scommand and activates the propeller at full throttle, the serpent pull back due to theflames emitted from the propeller. With the spaceship now airborne, it departsfrom planet Antares, leaving it behind forever.

For good. In the last sequence, a woman enters the controlroom and reunites little Will with his beloved dog that he had lost earlier. It is revealed that the woman had saved thedog and kept it hidden from Taxan. The movie ends with everyone in the controlroom playing and bonding with the puppy, while the spaceship continues its journey towardsEarth. Thanks For Watching Guys.

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