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Hold on, citizens! Fionna and Cake to the rescue! ♪ (INTENSE MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ (YELLING) -(ALARM CLOCK BEEPS)-(FIONNA GROANS) (CAKE MEOWS) I don't wanna go to work. (MEOWS) ♪ (MELLOW MUSIC PLAYS) ♪.

The people are all boringin this stupid city. Nothing exciting ever happens. Why did you stop writingFionna and Cake stories? (GROANS) SIMON PETRIKOV: I didn't write those. Ice King wrote those. I've been having this dreamabout a cool ice prince and giant penguins and stuff. (CAKE MEOWS).

I dream a lot aboutbeing a hotdog. But my dream is special. It means something. (BLOWS ON DANDELION) ♪ (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ Holy cow!I'm in a whole other world! Cake!

Hey, cutie. You can talk?.

These two are a long wayfrom home. FIONNA: Oh, my God. This is one of my top three fantasies. You two are a disease. (BOTH GASP) Come here! Mother crud. Holy shmowzow! ♪ (INTENSE MUSIC BUILDS) ♪.

(CACKLING) BOTH: What? FIONNA: If you don't help us, Simon, our world and everyone we knowwill die. Are you thinkin'what I'm thinkin'? Always, bro. (SCREECHING, ROARING) Action stuff. Found you.

Now, that is a partyI don't wanna miss. Adventure time! ♪ Everything bagel ♪ ♪ Right where I left it ♪ (ICE KING LAUGHS)

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