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Chapter 128 the demon ceiling all right hungryhungry so hungry we need to roll him here that Cliff is too far away he won't get away he willnot have another chance as perfect as today got it we will serve him if we agreeno one so take him along deal asked him to go back to GOP to come down inchess he loses himself father Uncle Goss look more and more demons are coming to the modelingtoward this portal this cultivator can only hang on a few dozen of horror maximum when the spiritenergy is trained the demon ceiling already will fall I must figure out a way to send those demonback to the diamond ring before I seal the portal and face the barrier but with the car my conditionI can do none of this steps they are condensation and they are only about 800 cultivator in themotor rim I guess you can use your associate.

Power to suspect them either right now unlessI have no other choice but to die with them Ponder I think only the one who caused thissituation can solve it now what does that mean most of those demon and monster are lowlevel they have low intelligence and power the simple acts best on their instance we canreason with them but the fear of the demonkey is growth in their bones so only 100 can quietthem down now huh him what this pinky is mine I also know that but yeah it'stoo small now he can't do that yet why don't you push him a little bit harder like now he can create a life of the increases forhim so supporting him down there directly foreign and let him die that's the grill even for ademon Beast yeah what if he can involve in.

Time he will be dead within a secondoh of course you don't care everyone is dispensable to you anyway what didyou say don't you tell say that again apologize now Mr jutan suggestion is strict but itis experienced so I think he must have his reason don't be improved just apologize no way I did notsay anything wrong let go of me I don't understand horror till he can forgive him so easily eventurkey fought against the heaven itself with us it doesn't mean we can forget about everything hehad done home father I apologize for him please don't mean he is ill-considerate words there is noneed to apologize what he said was right foreign no matter how he is too important to me I knowbut now is not the time to be soft-hearted abandon your emotion andfocus on the final victory.

Better smile father hasn't changed abit stamped master I have a good news what good news testimony send words that theywanted to talk to you to negotiate a trust really that's what they said Master this is ourchange it's so good that they are willing to talk how lucky we are that's actually what we need theyhave changed the upper hand it's just a matter of time before we lose why do they want a trust nowwhat are they really up to but those little level demons are not likely to have a plot we aretired I have no reason to refuse these tanks I will go meet them and see what they wantfather you so stay here with Uncle girls I have set a barrier around here it's safeokay we can make a plan after you come back you want us to provide humans to everymonth for you to eat that's impossible.

Accepting that terminal different fromyour wedding they are trying to make us theirselves that they can kill at willin their dreams we don't accept it never you hurt them there is no way the motoring with asubterm like this we also want peace to be brought to the mortar rim and the demon dream but you haveto show your sensority first how many of you are open your eyes and see for yourself we demons maynot be a good of at finding the food only but we have the number there are tens of thousands ofus you are going to lose you don't get to virgin let's go back where do you think you are going wehaven't done talking yet I'm sorry to have this place you so we start again no need I think wehave talk enough we will fight to the last minute Can you steal some of the Meatballs that dogwill stop for me I need to sacrifice my stomach.

To have enough energy to fight oh how could youtalk to me like that please off your daily look what is that wow a dragon a big trigger I thoughtthey had agreed not to enter free is he in long no this one is much bigger than you know don'tforget to like comment and subscribe thank you he is powerful he is attacking the weakest partof the demon ceiling array ah the array is Bridge and where does this black fall come from TottiYoon Hua we are free it was cultivators first be careful this Fork must be a trick shotsI will call for you do you see my master he disappeared evil since the fall come out youare all in my formation now I feel real so my formation is easily from its order your men canfind you nice to see you again chew from yearly you know I knew it was you what do you want whata heartless thing to say I miss you during all.

This year we are parted I can conjure any Spiritenergy now and without Spirit energy I can use my differences I closed it so hot just for thisday I finally caught you in the palm of my hand I'm very friendsful had it not been youthe demon king would have married me already I will never forget that you took my lover fromme and he was the reason that the Demon King died the demon rewards have been fine if it weren'tbecause of him he is the sinner of the demon Realm I only want his eyes you can sell the rest ofhis body accept your faith they said this try for me it's going to be hard for me toescape that alone I can't see anything

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