(Season 2)The Steady Demon King Chapter 118 English Sub

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chapter 118 at go pick Yan are youawake he just finished his morning cultivation huh it's morning people will come here youare not a cop anymore I can't always carry you and you are in a human from now you needto wear clothes you can wear mine for now what is Siri talking about and youand your demonic Aura are too strong you need to learn to control it or whathappened last night will happen again last night he and I my memory is a blur I think wedid this and then that and I had yellow's eyes huh so it was a total failure wowwhere are you running away it was your first time I won't lock it too getdressed let's have breakfast together later um why is he so calm all those angels on his bodyare because of me I thought I was helping him.

I don't like this I don't want to be a humananymore hey I am a loser even though I am a human I don't deserve to be with him I thought keptbeing a cup squat huh but how can I change back but what I had this whatever I need to stayaway from me and the first run away oh he is look who this is n't that thearrogant and all for bearing hundon hot up ha ha ha ha look at him he's a drop nowhow cute so no I am the most fierce zombies in the world anyone has a problem come on it'sa teeny hunting call me boss party be careful let go of me Hanan is angry now but this isimpossible it's just been a few months since he was reborn how could he have his fullstrength I am the boss here damn how dare you hit me I will teach you a lesson todaythey are fighting again Chelsea stop them.

They won't die they used to fight every nowand then they will be fine it's so funny to see tati get beaten up by a teeny hunting let'sjust enjoy the song Rock nearly is here really did you do it last night tell me about it allthe followers on the Geo Pig Blossom I bet it was a wonderful night it was complicated whyare you covering your eyes did you get hurt I'm fine my palm against that wall taste did not goeverywhere last night yen is a little bit upset can you look after him for me his transformationis not stable yet he still think like a child unstable transformation a teenager body lookswith a tight spread how is Sally supposed to do it with London I just can't imagine it reallyI'm sorry that you had to go toward that but there is good news I think we don't have to waitfor hundreds of years before Hanan gets better.

I didn't want to simulate him I only wanted himto grow up naturally but now I think stimulation is not a bad thing for him his crown cannotbe predicted in the normal way you mean it's possible for Honda to go mature in a short timeyeah yes that's great if it's true the sexual position will be the best demolition Hanan mightbe totally Awakening after a few more times it's not that simple demon beasts writing desire comequick and lips quick too we don't know when he will want to do it again the last time she had hiswedding season was 432 years and eight months ago it is say in order to keep Honda turnedon here it has to take the initiative Lord really enjoys such a high status and he isso different to everyone now you ask him to take the initiative to fraud with a child it's justimpossible at another word cause chat no one is.

Wrong with yourself this place is a thousand milesfrom the floating point I did not expect we could really get here don't forget to like commentand subscribe thank you it was an easy talk the rot of the networks at this barrier especiallyfor you give me some time I can crack it you can you have time many times Iwill do it your majesty your body part there isn't much energy left in my body Rasta your majesty I was saw theseplaces before that I never wanted to escape my plan was to kill the rod of the netherat the course of my own life I will never be that this surprised again I will do mybest to serve you clams I'm glad to hear that I'm almost done you know how to deal withthe girls outside okay I will kill them all.

He is as kept in from our Lord he has helpedFlash and the way to hear was an easy as well person and space where everywhere thispuppet body is a square side but not durable it can withstand a long and hard journey but Imanaged to use it to fight together with function now that we finally got the costchat the next is two your majesty hold him your majesty he opened eyesare you okay you nearly feel asleep oneself I think have trained my personal spiritnext episode of you fox your girls helped him with a scary facial expression then he points athimself smile quickly and say look what is this

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