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You're not gonna lie black Clover's final song has been off to a questionable start has Auntie been borderline underwhelming but for the sake of the heart take yeah black holes found a saga has been kind of whack adding a surprising magic Knight Captain deck on top of it in the recent chapter and we gotta talk about it so in today's.

Video we're going to be doing a bit of a rant mostly a discussion on why I feel this way and how the story of Black Clover has been trending lately because on this channel we tend to justify the hot takes we spit While most of the time anyway before we get into the video make sure to comment down below your thoughts on the arc so far as well subscribing to.

The channel if you enjoyed without further Ado into the video so after an epic Blockbuster of an arc with the space king raid the ending with the defeat of the devil Kingdom's Fairway also's hands but the reveal of a much more sinistered enemy in the Wizard King Mastermind Lucius and with an 18-month time skip in between we then.

Start off at Austin's promotion ceremony fast forward the usual Black Clover Shenanigans and a heartbreaking yet also beautiful rejecting from sister Lily to Asta and Lucy is finally makes his appearance he then proceeds to exert his Mega Chad Dominus by absolutely destroying Asta I mean he broke ran his entire hand through the main character's.

Chest had him choking on his own blood and managed to take his girl as a soldier right in front of him in his declaration of war against the entire world and he even had the brain rush sister Lily quote unquote Kill Oscar but that's what the characters are led to believe but overall Austin had one hell of a day in actuality he was just.

Teleported to the land of the sun yami's Homeland and from there vowed to get stronger in order to defeat this new foe so with a setup like that you'd assume that we get straight into the war where they feel training chapters before similar to the lead-up to this Bay Kingdom race but this time we were treated to a 17 chapter Arc showcasing.

Austin's time in Atlanta the sun's Hino country under the guidance of ryodu yami's childhood best friend ichigo's sister interviews in seven the land of sun equivalent to the imaginary captains now from being honest with myself while the arc definitely put me off with his pace and overall lack of relevance to the main story looking back on it it was.

Actually a pretty good Arc throughout the story of Black Clover we were given a main character in osta who attained his ideals in hard-headed nature from his path of hard work and coming from well nothing and someone who stuck with those ideals absolutely no matter what but with the human country Arc I believe it might have been the first time or at.

Least the first time in a while but we see Oster question himself and feel borderline insecure at his seemingly lack of power and results definitely for the first time he openly thought to himself how you know his rival would have done better in his position and ayuno just kept widening the gap between him and Austin but it's also in this Arc.

We start to see also build back his confidence as well as his power under the guidance of Ichigo as she learned Denton attack think of the Atlanta Sun emerged to defeat the Asian 7 had a dragon with it and it showed himself in an epic I'm him type panel of the type of wizard King you want to be someone was determined to be the strongest and.

Protect everyone around him like I said before overall it was a pretty great Arc with much anticipated backstory on Yami and an interesting group of characters in World building but this was an arc strictly centered around Asta and his development which is fine but because of this there was absolutely little to no appearances of the Clover Kingdom and.

The rest of the usual cast of characters it was back in chapter 336 in the first half of 337 where you got to see the Clover Kingdom's reaction to the death of remember who is the main character of the series and the guy who literally saved the entire world like not too long ago and for the most part all we got to see was blank expressions of anger and.

Disbelief and a few pillars of Yuna wanted to smoke with Lucius and that's it as well as knocked and the black wolf seeking out to find also but again that was it and again this is the death of the main character of the series this should have been such a thematic and just overall tone shift of the story but there wasn't the story just went off.

Without a hitch Yami who literally watches Idol and Lucius or Julius quote unquote killed his student and all we got was a blanket expression Noel and Mimosa was really considering confessing their love to austa minutes before Lucy's pulled up and all we got was break a special swimming too even with you know Austin's best friend and all we.

Got was him declaring to kill Lucius but to be honest that wasn't too out of character for yuno and then seven days later and we see all the characters prepped up for battle in chapter 254 as if nothing had happened no emotional impact no many training arcs and absolutely no definitive lead up to the battle I mean we even started Yami and.

Charlie having discussion on the Romantic feelings towards each other right before the battle had begun now just to clarify I'm not expecting every single character we see before the battle to be depressed but it definitely took out and undermined the impact of the quote-unquote Oscar's death which I believe is supposed to be one of the.

Focal aspects of the beginning of this Saga so again there is nothing wrong with Austin having his own development Arc before the true found about it again but the fact we saw are no individual preparation or moments for the Clover King's characters before the battle make the whole thing feel underwhelming and definitely through the pace of the story.

In a loop fresh off the peak we received in the space Kingdom we're given a fast-paced intro in the awesome exclusive fight to this final Saga then we practically put the main plot on hold to develop boss's character's strength and jumps right back into the main story again as if nothing happened but to be honest I was willing to give Tabata the.

Benefit of the doubts and was hoping not to see flashbacks of the characters and how they process Austin's death and if training for the battles as they fought their opponents with the first actual fight of the war in Universe Lucius while we saw a much needed flashback of you know breaking a new city orphanage he proceeds to pull a borderline BS.

Spell out of nowhere that completely turns the table on Lucius and puts you know on a whole different tier of Power with Neverland a spiral born out of collaboration between wind spirit and star magic I mean even had this man William Von just a character people seem to think his high tier and power get one-charted immediately and gives up his.

Captain position to you know the moment he stepped on the field I mean why is William even still a character at this point and sure you could say that there was foreshadowing although very small that Bell you knows when Spirit could stop time back in chapter 20 of the dungeon exploration Arc but even then it wasn't very apparent she could do that.

And was never done again in the series let's fast forward to chapter 356 and not only you have you know destructing me full of time thus nullifying Lucy's attacks but he's literally managing to somehow also weaken all the enemies in the city while strengthening all the Allies bro if you thought rules Twilight of Valhalla spelled back in the speaking.

Of Marcos plot armor then this spell is Lily Tabata doing whatever he can to make this a fair fight because about this Netherland spell they were definitely screwed like big time and in a way similar to asa's death we have yet to receive a solid look at how this spell came about would you do training in the seven days which we never got to.

See did you already have this before Lucius attacked instead this battle simply just spawned which also just adds into this Arc feeling like something without substance something with really no deeper meaning besides it being the final fight light and if all that wasn't enough in the next chapter we'll see the first ever death of imaginary captain in.

Jack's final slash now my homeboy Jack the Ripper was easily my top 10 favorite characters of the series so maybe my defense of his final moment is biased but still where did that come from I mean we got absolutely nothing meaningful on Jack before he upped and died sure he got an epic and Well Done final flashing before his end but.

Besides a few pages before his death there wasn't much foreshadowings or signs he was dying yeah he had a hold his stomach and arm cutter but be honest we all expecting Mimosa to come in clutch so with Tabata finally killing off a captain honestly something me and a lot of other fans have been expecting why doesn't this feel well meaningful to.

Be honest it kind of feels like he killed Jack for the sake of having to kill a captain to show our songs the paladins were and not as a proper end to his character which honestly concerns me in going forward on how to bottom I do these captains and beloved characters now that this is the final Saga and he's probably just itching to kill some.

Characters off instead of actually taking the time to something like a character set up and give them a proper send off thus avoiding this feeling of just well underwhelming but in a big butt will pause there's also a possibility that Jack might come back as a paladin you don't get say much to do flashback regarding his new spell and we.

Get to see every other main character in Wolf they've been doing the past few days because at the end of the day it's Tabata and the final Arc is just getting started call it bad foreshadowing bad writing or just lack of substance whatever it is it is definitely undermining the vast potential of this final Arc and the impact it can bring.

And I didn't mean to make this video to hate just to discuss some of the recent harmful Trends I've noticed in Black Clover and what they need to do to fix it and in that regards well just let Tabata cook I guess anyway this is the end of the video definitely before these rant slash discussion videos over the pretty long ones I've been dropping.

Lately overall thanks for watching the video make sure to comment down below your thoughts on the final Arc or saga subscribe to the channel for more block over content follow the Twitter at basically anime and with all that said also gets more girls than your favorite empties bind have a nice day

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  1. I’m going to Disagree with every level here. I will open with Astas demise. It became straight up mentioned that the sad bulls don’t mutter Asta is ineffective. In the occasion that they don’t mutter have you indubitably judge Yami would mutter it? Yami out of EVERYONE would possibly perhaps possible perhaps possible furthermore restful know that Asta isn’t ineffective. Those that’re legitimately traumatized are the ones who witnessed it. Nero, Noelle, and Mimosa. For Yunos spell, Your complete time notify comes from the spell he mature in the dungeon, and the strengthening of Allies and weakening of enemies right came from bell rising and getting stronger(as we know all spirits develop). For Jack, i judge his demise became plentiful. He wasn’t an overly cherished or hated persona, we obtained barely sufficient in the previous arc in his fight with Dante to develop hooked as much as him nonetheless not so powerful that he became a fan fav. And I judge Asta wished an Arc namely to himself. He hasn’t had one devoted fully to himself, now we devour seen so powerful of the diversified characters, Yunos arc became the Spade Arc Noelle has had several, and lots diversified sad bulls devour had arcs of their very have, nonetheless Asta never obtained one devoted indubitably to himself, he wished that and it became awesome. I judge you’re jumping the gun on this one🤙

  2. I dont judge Bell can stop time.I judge the time stopping/warping is an discontinue of the Megastar magic.Celestial bodies, notably giant ones (like stars) from their sheer mass can warp time, which is why astronauts age slower than unprecedented folks. That would possibly perhaps possible perhaps possible furthermore be the identical precept at play here.I furthermore would possibly perhaps possible perhaps possible furthermore be very tainted haha

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