She Change into Equipped Out Of Slavery By A Prince Who Saw Her As A Excellent Princess And Partner For His Son

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Hello friends this is an interesting new storybefore watching please like And subscribe to the channel since 87 of people watch ourChannel without a subscription and this upsets us we hope that you will fulfill ourrequest and wish you a pleasant viewing the Story begins with the fact that ourheroin named Evangeline gets a slap in the face she screams in pain and falls tothe ground covering her face with her hand a middle-aged woman is standing in front of herfrowning and holding her hip with one hand she tells our heroine that she told her to wash therags then he asks how much longer Evangeline is going to lie around doing nothing then she asksour heroine did she Express herself vaguely our heroine gets up a little from the ground andopening her eyes asks in her head what did she.

Call me Evangeline then she moves away fromthe woman holding her cheek and looks at her with fright the woman is about to kick our heroinebut suddenly a child's voice is heard shouting no a little blonde with yellow eyes and tearsruns up to our heroine she hugs her and shouts at the woman not to hurt Jillian apparentlythis woman is the mother of this little girl the woman looks with disgust at how sheprotects our heroine and pointing at her with her finger asks her why Lasher protectsthis stranger Lasher is angry at her mom and shouts to her that Jillian is not an outsiderLester's mom gets even angrier because she's protecting Jillian and tells her that noone in the Shamu Empire has such silver hair moreover people with purple eyes are possessed bythe devil himself our heroine leaned her hands on.

The ground and not understanding anything shesays in her head what kind of Empire is shamia who is Lasher after that our heroine opens hereyes wide and says in her head that this name is very familiar to her because that was the nameof the main character of her novel right Jillian used to be the author of web novels our heroinebefore entering the world of the novel was an Ordinary Girl she was the author of such a novelas yesterday's slave became the Crown Princess that was the name of her first work a girl who wasa slave and the Crown Prince eventually married her the plot was quite simple her first workwas published as an ebook but she immediately failed but she still did not give up her dreamof becoming a writer suddenly someone called her phone it was the editor our heroine picks upthe phone and then the editor says that her new.

Job is just amazing and as she continuesto write then she will certainly succeed after hearing these words our heroine begins towrite day and night like a damn thing but at one point she gets tired and loses Consciousnessthe whole world is plunged Into Darkness have you fully realized our heroine Evangelinelooks at the ground in shock and says in her head what kind of dream is this she can'tbelieve she's in the world of her novel after that she gets up from the ground pointsto Lasher and tells her so are you Lasher Lasher looks at our heroine and asks Jillianwhy are you asking about this when she hears her name again she points to herself and saysis Jillian short for Evangeline Lasher looks at Jillian worried about her and says she's actingtoo weird then he asks if she has a fever again.

Our heroine blushes the little and does not answerLasher and suddenly she starts running somewhere Lasher sits on the ground and shouts to her stopJalen where are you going Evangeline ignored lasher's words and just runs on Jillian ran intothe house and quickly climbing the stairs she runs into the room seeing the mirror which is coveredwith a white sheet she approaches it and removes the sheet she looks at her reflection and whenshe sees her reflection she says in her head that she really is Evangeline those shiningsilver hair purple eyes and pink swollen lips she is a beautiful girl having lookedat her once you will not forget a villain is due to her deadly Beauty who becamethe ninth empress and tried to kill Lasher the girl who protected Jillian is Lasher jelensquats in the room and holding her head says in.

Her head why she got into the novel and eveninto the body of Evangeline who is destined to die at the hands of the main character andwhat do I do now From This Moment the real story begins Evangeline for two years lived in thisworld as a representative of the lower stratum and after her 14th birthday a fatefulday came two years later the red quarter Lasher Evangeline come here thanks tome one of you will have a happy future this is said by a man with long hair anda scar on his forehead he stands with his back to them and tells them that one of themwill become the adopted daughter of a nobleman then she smiles maliciously and tells the girlsthat the girl who can't even be a maid will get a generic name what a Madman Jillian lookingat the Shelf remembers what she wrote about.

And says in her head that the man said noblemanwhich means it's definitely the Marquis of benon then she remembers that Evangeline was adopted bythe binon family suffered from violence that she will not be able to forget for the rest ofher life our heroine in a panic says in her head that she will not go there for anything themain character of The novella Lasher approaches Jillian and taking her by the hands she asksher what happened to her does she hurt somewhere Jillian looks at the floor and does not answerLasher Lasher looks at Jalen and tells her that the owner told them to go downstairs they need togo the main character of the novel Lasher takes Jillian by the ham and smiling she says come onlet's go quickly Jillian opens her eyes wide looks at her and says in her head kind and sensitiveLasher the main character beloved by everyone.

Lasher looks at Jillian with a smile and tells herthat she will definitely be adopted after all she is the most beautiful in their neighborhoodJalen looks blankly at Lasher and lets go of her hand Jillian crosses her arms lowers her headdown and tells Lasher that she doesn't want that Lasher frowns and looking at Jillian tells herthat she is out of her mind she's going to be an aristocrat Lasher takes Jill in by the hand andstaggering a little she shouts at her that she will eat three times a day and we're still closeevery day Jillian ignores lasher's words and says in her head that if she doesn't go then there is ahigh chance that Lasher will be adopted right she also says that Lasher is the main characterin the story she just can't let such a kind child go to such a terrible place after thatJillian takes Lasher by the hand and tells her.

That they will not be able to be happy if they areadopted by the Marcus so she asks not to go there Lasher looks at Jillian in shock and asks Jillianwhat she means holding lasher's hand tears come to Jillian's eyelids and tells her that she won'tbelieve her but she knows everything so please come on don't go please pressing her face intolasher's hands shalin begins to cry a girl comes up to them and shouts at them to get down fasterour girls say they're coming down now Jillian looks at her and says in his head that this girlJesse and in addition to the cruel master was a servant who bullied them even more than him afterwhich Jill and grins and says in her head that she seems to know a way to save us with Lasher sheapproaches Jessie and tells her that she wants to become an aristocrat right if so they willhelp just looks at July and surprise and asks.

Her how she's going to do it jelen lowers her gazedown and tells her they want them to sing to them after that jelen comes up to Jesse and tellsher in her ear that if she sings the same song she can also become a noble woman after thatJalen moves away from Jessie and putting her hand on her chest begins to sing and thespring piddles have risen into the sky Lasher and Jesse look at July and after that Jessetells her that she understood everything after which she asked her if everything will definitelywork out as she sings it sighing just begins to sing jelen takes lasher's hands and frowning shetells her not to even talk and with eyes full of pain she tells her that if they attract attentionthey are finished Lasher looks down and nods his head our girls along with Jesse went downstairswhere the Marcus was already waiting for them.

The Marquis looks at the girls and tells themto sing Empire of spring emperor of winter Jesse looks at the Marquis and pointing to herselfshe tells him that she will sing this song first our girls stand in silence and jillen saysin her head that the deceased daughter of the Marquis loved to sing Jillian looks at Jesse andsays in her head that everything works out then Jesse will be adopted Jesse couldn't finishsinging and coughed Jalen puts her hand to her head and says in her head wow she's uselesssuddenly Lasher fails Jalen looks at her in shock Lasher begins to sing and the spring titles haverisen into the sky the blades of grass reached out to me Whispering our heroine gelin approachesLasher and Whispers in her ear Lasher what are you doing then she takes Lasher by the hand bebefore she can finish Lasher slaps Jillian's hand.

Jelen in shock looks at her hand after which sheturns her gaze to how Lasher continues to sing Lasher opens his hands and continues to sing thesong Come to Me the Marquis looks at Lasher and hearing her singing he smiles and tells the manthat he chooses her suddenly our heroine Jillian pushes Lasher away and pointing at herself shenervously shouts that she also sings well and asks that they take her then she says in her head thatshe can't let Lasher be sold the Mark was looked at Jillian with disgust and asks what kind of agirl is that the man worries and tells the Marcus that this is an outsider from the lower strataand that compared to her Lasher is just an angel hearing the words of the owner the Marquis putshis hand to his chin thought for a while and getting up from his chair he approaches the girlsand takes Lasher by the hand telling her let's go.

Our heroing Jillian is trying to stop theMarcus She shouts at him not to take Lasher and to take her the owner gets mad at Jillianand pushes her shouting at her not to get up our heroine Falls face down on the floorthe owner looks at Jesse and shouts her name just worried immediately runs up tothe owner the owner points his finger at jeline and tells Jesse to lock the bastardin the attic and that she didn't give her a sip of water Jesse grabs our heroine and tellsthe owner that she has figured out what to do our heroine Jillian is trying to escape fromJess's hands she shouts at her to let her go after that she turns her gaze to the Marcus wholeaves with Lasher and reaching out to her shouts her name to her Lasher stops and slowly turningto face Jolin she shows her obsessive gaze to her.

Our hero in Jalen is shocked by lasher's look sheremembers her words that she will be adopted for sure after all she is the most beautiful in ourneighborhood and then she says in her head what happened to that bright Lasher Jesse brings ourheroine Jillian to the attic and pushing her she tells her that Jillian is stupid and thatshe fooled her Jalen curled up and holding her hands she began to cry because Shara had betrayedher Jesse looks at your line with a manic look and wanting to mock her she asks her if she stillbelieves that Shara is a kind and innocent child if she was a kind child she would have told youto sing first before that she said that you would definitely be adopted but in fact our harrowingfrowns and getting up from the floor she asks Jesse what was she eavesdropping on Jesse grinsat our heroine and Crossing her arms she says.

That isn't the fact that she was eavesdroppingthe main problem after which she tells Jillian to come to her senses because they are both slavesbut for some reason they only beat her in Starfire our heroin Jillian lowers her gaze to thefloor tears are streaming down her face and she's talking in her head this is because Sharais everyone's favorite main character and I am the villain Evangeline but what if that's notall after that Jillian looks at her dress and says to Jessie because she's an outsider Jesselooks at her and says that she took advantage of this to stand out from your background ourheroin Jillian looks at her hands and says in her head the Betrayal of the main character isa plot twist that I did not expect in any way then she clenches her fists and says in her headno now Lasher is not the main character the plot.

Has changed so the main character is me some timehas passed our hero link Jillian is still locked in the Attic no food or water was brought to herit makes her stomach growl she lies with her hands on her stomach and looking at the ceiling shesays in her head that half a month has passed then she turns her gaze to the bowl and saysin her head that she is starving to death our heroin coughs and looking at the ceiling shesays that the story changed after she came into this world in the original Lasher was the onlyone studying the letter however now our heroine is more Adept at this the former Heaven July wasa character known only for her beautiful face but our heroine is different she lived hardand often smiled like the main character after which jillen says in her head I wonder ifLasher has changed too then why didn't I know that.

Was she hiding it wait no you think about it shealways looked at me with her cold gaze and praised me in front of weak girls thereby provokingthem it seems strange to me at the time but now everything has fallen into place she wasn'thelping me she was just using me and I imprisoned in the original story did not even suspect thisour heroing Jillian begins to cough after which she falls to the floor again and putting her handto her forehead she says that she is burning all over tears come to her eyes and she rememberswhat will happen next in history she suffered from violence that she will not be able to forget allher life will Lasher be bullied instead of me now our heroine clenches her teeth and says in herhead that she was betrayed but she still feels guilty after that our heroine slowly Rises andsays in her head that whatever it was she is no.

Longer writing but Evangeline scum who enjoyedbullying those who are weaker than them wiping tears from her face our heroine says in her headthat she does not want to die such a pitiful death he slowly gets to her feet and shaking herself offshe says that she will take the most out of this life and will be content with what she has lookingup our heroin Jillian is blinded by sunlight she turns to him and sees the window and says in herhead that even if the original Lasher behaved like that in the window she sees a small town shegets out through the window and goes to him in the city she finds a basket of flowerssomewhere and looking around she says in her head where is it I can't remember even thoughI wrote the address before only parts of one phrase flashed through my head suddenly out ofnowhere someone shouts you can't come in here.

When our heroine heard the scream she wasscared thinking that she had been shouted at then she looks around nervously and says in herhead where did the screen come from our heroine sees a boy with green eyes he stands with hisarms crossed and says why am I not allowed to enter the store where I want to buy scented oilour heroing immediately ran to him saying in her head that she knows who it is without even lookingat his face dark hair is hidden under a dirty cap and sparkling like an emerald eyes found it toastwith a go a ticket to the Happy Life of Lasher the man toast is standing in front ofdrives him away with a gesture and tells him dare you talk to me so informally little one let'sget out of here toes was angry that the man called him Petty he clenches his fists and shouts athim who are you calling apologize immediately.

The man points his finger at toes and grinninghe says to him what are you a nobleman or what toast clenching his fist shows it to the Man andfrowning he shouts to him that he really is a nobleman it's just a secret the man has alreadyhesitated toes he points his finger at him and frowning also shouts at him to stop lying and toget out of here after that the man spits and says that stupid parents could not raise their childhearing the words about stupid parents who stands in shock after which he runs away and shouts th athe will not forgive those who insult his parents speeding up who splies into the man'shead causing him to fall to the ground our heroine Jillian watches all this and saysin her head that this is a power that only the whitego clan possesses a mystical ability thatonly a small part of aristocrats are born with.

And her name is dallent the man is angry at toesand trembling with anger he clenches his teeth and says to him oh you little bastard I'll handyou over to the guards and show you a sweet life our heroine runs off to toes andclosing it she shouts to the man wait after that she points her finger at the manand tells him that he was the first to start insulting his parents won't you tell them about ita man looks at our heroing and asks her who she is our heroine looks at the man with an evil look andanswers him well I'll tell you so what toes stands in a little shock he did not expect that anyonewould stand up for him he departs a little from our heroine our heroin Jillian turns to face himand straightening her hair asks him young Master are you all right toes looks at our heroineJillian and asks her who is she our heroine.

Stands a little in a stupor and says in her headI can do it I'll tell you as the main character like the original Lasher exhaling gelen tellsToes that she is just a crook from the village toes crosses his arms and looks at the manasking our heroine why she asks if everything is okay with him when it is more reasonableto ask someone who is lying on the ground our heroine looked at the man who was lyingon the ground after being hit by a foes after which she turns her gaze to toes andtells him that he is the one who really suffered our heroine is a little worried because she isfacing such a noble child she tells him that most likely this person simply did not know about hisorigin since he hid his hair toast stands in front of our heroine arms crossed and ignoring her ourheroine Jillian is trying to tell him something.

But toast doesn't care about it he just turnsaround and starts walking in his own Direction our heroine clenches her fists and angry attoast she says in her head that it's impossible he didn't even ask what our heroine's name was andwhere she lives our heroine begins to follow him and looking at him and smiling she timidly saysto him may I ask what your name is toast just goes on averting his gaze somewhere to the sideand ignoring the attempt of our harrowing somehow get closer to him our heroine Smiles broadly andasks him if he hears her after which she tells him that her name is Evangeline suddenly toaststops abruptly and lowering his head down stands there for a few seconds after which he looks upat our heroine and frowning asks her why she is so interested in his name our heroine stands withfolded hands with each other and not knowing what.

To say to him says in her head that of course sheneeds to know his name in order to become friends and live together with ego is the most influentialfamily in the Empire capable of suppressing even the Imperial family and to avoid the death penaltyI must definitely become their adopted daughter toes puts his hand on his belt and frowning at ourharrowing he tells her that his brother told him to beware of people who try to approach him afterwhich he says that if she's just a crook from the village then why didn't she just pass by ourheroine Jillian stands in a stupor and not knowing what to answer him says in her head that he issmarter than she thought and what kind of child is this anyway toes with ego he's 10 years oldhe is a curious prankster and he also complexes because of his small stature kind until you starttalking about his height or mother our heroine.

Doesn't know what to say to toes and says in herhead that I don't even know what to answer him suddenly someone grabs Toes by the vest and sayshere you are buddy he was picked up by a guy who is apparently his brother he looks at toes andasks him who allowed him to wander here toast doesn't like being picked up he resists andshouts to him brother let go after that toast brother notices our harrowing and asks him andwho is this lady our heroine covers her mouth with her hands and says in her head that if thisis toe's older brother then it means it's Kato wittigo K build is the Duke's hair the youngestKnight who was initiated at the age of 18 and received the nickname crazy dog of the Empire TheEmperor's best friend as well as the half-brother and bodyguard of the main character a minor herowhose friendly feelings turned into love our.

Heroine looks at kadal and says in her head thatalthough it was said that he was beautiful but so much isn't that what they call an indomitableand dangerous charm he's brutally attractive our heroine smiles and tells Cato that her nameis evigiline kadle does not let our heroine finish and tells her not to say that she was justpassing by he saw her follow his younger brother our heroine Jillian stands in a stupor not knowingwhat to answer she looks down kadle looks at our harrowing and frowning asks who's covering forher the aristocracy or maybe the Imperial family our heroine is worried and looking at Cato shetells him that the young gentleman is very nice so she followed him Kayla looks at our heroineand asks her do you think I'll believe this our heroine is very angry That No One Believesher Gathering her will into a fist she shouts to.

Kadel that she is telling the truth shehad never been outside the red quarter kadle hearing about the red quarter is verysurprised he asked our heroine again red quarter after which with a surprise face he says toher are you really our heroine stands with a distressed face and looks at kadle he saysin his head that everyone's reaction to the red quarter is similar this is silent contemptwomen there get money in exchange for smiles and little girls like me are beaten and then soldinto slavery however in an Empire where slavery is officially abolished it is simply properlyhidden toes climbs out from behind Catal he has never heard what A red quarter is and whenhe hears it for the first time he looks at his brother with a surprise look and asks him what isthe red quarter cadell turns his gaze to toes and.

Says it's too early for him to know toes startsulking and tells kadel what he wants to know after that toes turns his gaze to our heroine andfirst asking avigiline is that your name then he tells her to tell him about the red quarterour heroine lowers her head down a little and says red quarter suddenly without letting herheroine finish kado grabs her hand and frowning and clenching his teeth he tells her not tofill his brother's head with useless things it hurts our heroine tears begin to come to hereyes he's holding on to the hand that Cato grabbed kadle and Toes turn around and start walkingsomewhere our heroine watches them leave and tells them to wait a second and the fact that sheis not a suspicious person at all she apologizes for lying calling herself a simple tunnelerbut since I have already apologized I will.

Allow myself to interfere a little kadle and toaststopped and turned to face our heroine our heroine Jillian leans forward and says that it's good ofcourse that kadel is taking care of his brother but she asked him to tell him what he wants toknow our heroine sat down and takes a flower from the ground telling kadel that this problem willnot disappear from ignorance unless you are the only one who does not own the information thenonly you will become a fool Cato looks at our heroine and grinning he says asks her if sheis sure that she can throw such words around our heroine picks up a basket of flowers andsmiling she tells kadel that she should not be so careless in front of members of the aristocracyif she touched them with something you can report it Cato looks at our heroine Swift is streamingdown his face he tells her God you really our.

Heroin bows and tells kadel that if they are notgoing to report it then she will go to the master a little away from them are heroine stops shelooks at her hands tears welling up in her eyes she says in her head that she has confusedeverything going to wittigo was the safest solution she also quarreled with a minor characterthere's not much time left before the slave auction will everything be all right the originalplot was as follows toast who was accidentally helped by Lasher baked for a week to bring her tothem as a result kadle headed for the red quarter our heroine stands upset with a basket offlowers looking down and saying in her head that this should have happened today but kadledidn't take her with him suddenly our heroine is grabbed by the hair and pulled to herJalen screams in pain and sees that it's.

Jessie Jessie smiles and holding tightly by thehair of Jalen asks her what she is doing here our heroine looks at her and says in herhead that she was the only one missing here Jesse smiles and asks our heroine if she wantsto be beaten to blood again if this is your wish then I must definitely fulfill it Jess Eliseare harrowing back to the red quarter by the hair our heroin Gellen has Tears In Her Eyes she saysin her head that she will still be beaten even harder than before suddenly someone's voiceis heard why don't you let go of your hand our heroine heard a familiarvoice she looks up and sees kadle just looks at kadel and smiling sheasks him what does he care at all Kato looks at her and tells her that our heroineis in pain Justin exhales and frowning she looks.

At Cato and tells him that it hurts or not heshouldn't care kadle approaches Jessie and looking her straight in the eye says I don't know whyyou don't understand what I'm saying after that he takes and squeezes her hand releasingJesse's hand kadel looks at her and tells her that if it hurts you then others too don'twaste your time and just take me to your master tears of pain come to Jesse's eyes she frowns andtells kadle does he even know that she is a Slave Kato looks at Jesse and tells her that he knowsshe is an impudent slave teaching aristocrats our heroine blushed at kadle's words she looksat him and after that turns away holding her head and says in her head what a handsome manhe is after all kadle looks at our heroine and smiles after which he turns his gaze to Jesseand tells her so where is your master kadle.

Came to the red quarter and looking at theowner he tells him to sell our heroine to him the owner looks at kadel and frowning tells himthat how many times can I say that I can't come back in a month after the auction opens afterhearing the words kadel turns his gaze to our heroine and tells the owner that a month is toolong and his younger brother is waiting the owner by even more Angry he frowns a lot and shoutsat Cato that he sells slaves only at auction kadel looks at the owner and tells him that it'sall funny then who has Marcus been on recently taken away from here the owner instantly changedhis face and says to Cato what kind of nonsense is he talking about cada looks at the owner andtells him why he pretends not to know anything can I tell you which Carriage he came in the ownerputs his head down and says Oak I'll sell it then.

He says in his head but how did he know after thatthe owner tells kadel that there are quite a lot of people who want to buy evodeline and because ofyou customers trust in him has fallen kadel sits with his arms crossed and asks the owner how muchthe owner folded his hands and smiling he tells Cato that at least 600 gold our heroine looks atthe owner in shock and says in her head 600 gold this is simply an unthinkable amount andalthough the original kadel paid 10 times more Cato thought for a while he looks at the ownerwith his arms crossed after which he tells him to lower the price our heroine Jillian along withthe owner is shocked by Kato's words Jillian says in her head did the Duke's hair just ask for alower price the owner looks at kadle in shock and clenching his fists he shouts to him that imageof line is a beautiful girl who cannot be found.

Even after going around the entire Empire Catallooks at the owner and tells him that he knows the host continues to praise our heroinetelling kadel that with shiny silver hair and violet colored eyes even FIA would envyher face kadel exhales and says that he sees everything himself after which he points hisfinger at our heroine and tells the owner does he notice that her eyes are sunken fromHunger the owner looks at our heroine and wants to excuse himself in front of Cato kadel continues totell the owner besides her whole body is wounded our heroine hears kadle's words and says in herhead that's right 600 gold is too high a price for a slave with a bunch of scars kadel is muchmore frugal than she thought kadle takes out a gold coin and smiling tells the owner thathe will give him five gold coins in a deal.

After hearing the price the owner got angry andtold kadel not to joke like that after which he puts his hand on his chest and says that this willnot do he bought another 50 gold and raised for several years kadle was disgusted by the wordbrought up he looks at the owner with disgust and tells him to speak as is not to educate but tomock after that kadel puts five gold pieces on the table and says that this is not a ransom paymenthe is not going to buy our heroine after that cadell gets up and approaches the owner he swingsand says that this is money for his treatment kadle hits the owner in the stomach fromwhich he falls our heroine looks at all this in shock and says in her head dalan kegelahe flew so far away after just a light blow cadol approaches the owner and kicking himtells him you're alive right if you die I'll.

Be in trouble our heroine laughed at whatshe saw kadle hold his neck with one hand and smiling says to our heroine is it funny willit be very problematic if he gets to the hospital our heroine looks at kadel and tells him that thenhe should have hidden weaker Cato looks at our heroine and tells her that he has been wantingto ask for a long time are you really a Slave our heroin looks at Cato like a fool and tellshim that he doubts it so much that they even wanted to lower the price still don't believe mecatel lowered his gaze down and tells her heroine that he asked for forgiveness if it offended herafter which he extends his hand to our heroine our heroine lowered her gaze to her handand asked cadella do you want me to take your hand cada looks at her and tells herthat's right he's actually polite to women.

Our hero and guest kadle her hand and tells himthat she is not a woman but just an impudent slave Cato holds our heroine's hand and tells herto remember once and for all that while he is here no one will dare to call her a Slave thecarriage together with our heroine and kadel goes to the estate our heroine presses her handsto the window and looking through it says wow The Carriage pulls up to the estate and drivesthrough the gate our heroine turns her gaze to kadle who is sitting with his arms crossed andhis head down after which she says in her head this is really the withegoestate exceeds all expectations the duchy of with ego is the only family that isnot inferior in influence to the Imperial family the Duke owns the strongest nightly order Moonwolves as well as the reconnaissance Detachment.

Moon crows the people consider him a hero of theempire our heroine looks at Cato covering her face a little with her hand and says in her head thatthe hair of the family is none other than Cato kadle opens his eyes and sees our heroineJillian looking at him he asks her why she looks at him like that our heroine looks away fromawkwardness and thinks that he can be answered after which she turns her gaze to him and askshim what then in the market did he follow her Cato looks at our heroine and asks her why shethinks that our heroine jelen answers him because he appeared just in time after which she addsthat he also followed the young gentleman when he was walking Undercover after which she askedhim how he found out that our heroine was there cada lowered his gaze down and tellsour heroine that this is a secret.

Our heroine looks at Cato witha disappointed face and says hmm

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