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The tale unfolds beneath a moonlit sky, cloakingthe night in darkness. A young maiden with silvery locks flees throughthe forest, her tearful cries betraying her fear. Haunted by past scoldings and the sting ofa slap across her face, she bears the burden of being an illegitimate child, scorned byothers due to her mother's profession as a prostitute. Each day leaves its mark upon her woundedcountenance. Yet, as she runs, the girl yearns to mendher pain, for she possesses the gift of restoration. A sudden noise startles her, causing her tohalt and cast a glance behind.

A mesmerizing sight awaits her gaze—a toweringinferno, consuming the leaves in its wake. Drawn closer, she ponders the nature of thisenergy, perhaps a fiery essence. A resounding boom shakes the air, and as sheturns her eyes toward it, a mighty dragon emerges before her, its body scorched andravaged by flames. Fear eludes the young girl, replaced by adeep concern for the dragon's well-being. Moving closer, she meets the dragon's gazeas it rouses, its roars echoing through the air. Instead of fleeing, she ventures to inquireabout the creature's wounds, offering her assistance.

The dragon responds with an intense roar,seemingly displeased. Unfazed, she smiles and reassures the dragonthat she can heal its wounds. With determination, she channels her healingpower, mending the dragon's injuries with great effort. Astonished, the dragon observes the younggirl's actions. Although the wounds were vast, her unwaveringresolve triumphs, and the dragon's injuries are completely healed. Overwhelmed, the girl loses her balance andcollapses to the ground. Turning his gaze upon his savior, the dragonrises, transforming into a man—a striking.

Figure with red eyes, dark flowing hair, andadorned in dragon armor. As he gazes upon the unconscious young girl,he commends her fearlessness. Gradually, she opens her eyes, straining tohear the man's words as he carries her in his arms. A decade passes… The young girl has blossomed into a womanof twenty. Unfortunately, the hair dye applied by themaids causes an irritating rash on her delicate skin. Sold off to an elderly king with a preferencefor blondes, her hair is forcibly transformed.

She ponders the possibility of escaping tenyears ago, but her encounter with the dragon left her weakened. The maids forcefully apply makeup to concealthe rash on her face. Her stepmother ridicules her lack of beauty,concerned that the king will not be pleased with her appearance. However, her stepbrother assures his mother,revealing a substantial dowry he acquired from the Tayar's tomb. Shocked, his mother attempts to explain further,but their conversation is abruptly interrupted by the deafening roar like a thunder, accompaniedby the cascade of rubble from the roof.

Peering out the window, the girl catches sightof dragons attacking their stronghold. Knights storm the castle, responding to theking's command to engage in battle. The war commences, but the tide appears tofavor the Tayar faction. As the king enters the fray, the girl remainsat the window, transfixed by the sight of the Tayar slaying castle dwellers. In that moment, her gaze meets the eyes ofthe king. Overwhelmed with fear, she instinctively retreatsinto hiding. Unmasking himself, the king commands his knightsto set the castle ablaze. And the truth is revealed he is the very samedragon, the one the young girl had healed.

The assault by the dragon tribe wreaks havocupon the castle and its inhabitants. A castle knight informs the stepmother thatthe intent of the dragon tribe appears to be annihilation. Reacting swiftly, she commands her knightto surrender and raise the white flag. Seizing the chaos as an opportunity, the girlstealthily escapes, driven by her determination not to fail again. The castle's residents surrender, hoping formercy from the King of Tayar. To their shock, he orders his tribe to slaythem all and display their heads upon the castle gate.

As the moment approaches for the stepmotherand her son to face their fate, they tremble as the king draws near. The son pleads frantically for forgiveness,promising to return the stolen treasures. Yet, the king remains unmoved, issuing thecommand for his people to kill and incinerate all the humans present. Gripped by immense fear, the stepmother desperatelyseeks an escape from the imminent death before her. Suddenly, she calls out to the King of Tayar,offering her precious daughter as proof of her beauty, claiming that King Brion himselfhas chosen her daughter as his lover.

At her words, the Tayar’s king turns hisgaze, confirming the stepmother's assertion that her daughter is King Brion's beloved. Aware of the ongoing war between King Brionand the King of Tayar, the stepmother sees an opportunity and readily agrees, statingthat King Brion desires her daughter. King Tayar inquires about the whereaboutsof the mentioned daughter, only for the stepmother to realize that her daughter is nowhere tobe found. Meanwhile, the runaway girl descends the tower,freezing in her tracks as the sound of wings flapping reaches her ears. To her astonishment, the dragon arrives andtakes her into its grasp, soaring above the.

Gate adorned with the heads of the castle'sknights. The dragon returns her to her stepmother'sside, releasing its grip, causing the girl to tumble to the ground. Before her stands the King of Tayar, his gazefixed upon her. He questions whether she is the girl the stepmotheroffered. Observing her, the king is struck by her mesmerizingeyes, evoking memories of the past when a young girl aided him, possessing eyes identicalto hers. He wonders if she is the same girl, thoughher hair color now differs, suggesting she may be someone else entirely.

Extending his spear to tilt the girl's chin,the king poses a question: Will she become his bride, or will she and all the castle'sinhabitants meet their demise at his hands? Overwhelmed by the fear of impending death,the girl reluctantly accepts the offer to become the bride of Tayar's King. To her astonishment, the King draws near,kneeling down before her and inquiring about her name. Nervously, she stammers that her name is Lucina. The King affirms that in the language of Brion,her name means “moon,” to which she nods in agreement.

He remarks that her name befits her appearance. Introducing himself as Hakkan, he leans inand whispers in her ear that he forgives her. Rising to his feet, Hakkan proclaims the needfor a priest to officiate their wedding ceremony. Turning his gaze towards a nearby priest,he commands him to lead the ceremony, as Hakkan and Lucina are to be wed immediately. This surprises both Lucina and her stepmother. Hakkan instructs the priest to inform KingBrion about his marriage to Lucina once the ceremony is concluded, revealing that KingBrion's intended bride has been taken away by Hakkan, the King of Tayar.

Hakkan claims that a decade ago, King Brionhad sent a dragon slayer to kill them, and now King Brion must pay the price. He intends to use Lucina as a catalyst toincite war between Brion and Tayar. The wedding ceremony between Hakkan and Lucinais on the verge of commencing, with the trembling priest leading the way. The atmosphere is tense and somber, promptingHakkan to order his people to fetch some flowers. A beautiful bouquet is prepared, and Hakkanholds it out to Lucina, telling her to take it. Understanding the tradition of Brion, wherethe bride carries the flower bouquet, Lucina's.

Hand trembles in fear as Hakkan places itin her grasp. Satisfied with Lucina holding the bouquet,Hakkan turns to the priest, signaling the start of the ceremony. And so, the ceremony begins. The nervous priest declares that it is timefor the bride and groom to exchange a kiss as part of the wedding vow and to concludethe ceremony. This announcement shocks Lucina. Hakkan wraps his arm around Lucina's waist,drawing closer to her, and she is taken aback by his proximity.

Hakkan instructs her to close her eyes, asshe will faint shortly afterward. Their lips draw nearer, and as Hakkan kissesher, Lucina tastes a mixture of blood and sweat on his lips before suddenly losing consciousness. One of his knights playfully teases Hakkan,remarking that he only needed to kiss Lucina and not make her faint. This makes Hakkan wonder if his kiss is somehowlethal. Hakkan carries the unconscious Lucina andplaces her on his horse, declaring his forgiveness towards her family. He warns them that any attempt to harm Tayar'sprecious gem again will result in their castle.

Being wiped off the map without a trace. With that, Tayar's tribe departs from thecastle, leaving behind the chaos. With Tayar gone, the stepmother asserts thatthey must reclaim Lucina, shouting to her son that King Brion has promised a great fortuneif they bring Lucina back to him. This revelation shocks the son, who questionshow they can retrieve Lucina when they do not possess a single knight. The stepmother declares that they must hiremercenaries to aid them in their mission. Lucina awakens with a start, her surroundingsunfamiliar as she gazes out of the window. She catches the attention of a knight fromTayar's tribe, who promptly informs Hakkan.

Of her awakening. Hakkan halts and turns his head, confirmingLucina's consciousness. Anxious, Lucina swiftly closes the curtain. Hakkan then instructs his people to preparea meal and set up camp. Inside the carriage, Lucina still feels uneasy,but to her surprise, the carriage door suddenly opens. Hakkan inquires about her well-being, expressinghis surprise at her sudden fainting spell earlier. Trembling, Lucina assures him that she isfine.

Hakkan extends his hand, inviting Lucina tojoin him for a meal. However, she declines, insisting on stayinginside the carriage. Yet, her stomach betrays her with a loud growl. Lucina feels embarrassed, but Hakkan chuckles,stating that his wife is shy. He suggests they step outside as he plansto light a bonfire to keep her warm. The aroma of the food entices Lucina, andshe reaches out for Hakkan's hand, stepping out of the carriage. As they walk toward the camp, Tayar's knightleads them to a ready-made tent. Hakkan thanks the knight and dismisses him,urging Lucina to sit inside the tent for a.

Softer seating arrangement. Hakkan removes his cloak and wraps it aroundLucina, providing her with warmth. As she wears the cloak, Lucina feels the comfortingembrace. Hakkan offers her a meal, a tuna-stuffed breadthat emanates a delightful scent. Unintentionally, Lucina inhales deeply, recallinghow she only had dried or old bread in Baron Berg's house. Observing her, Hakkan assures her that thebread is not poisoned. Gathering her composure, Lucina begins toeat. The taste of the bread astounds her; it isdelicious beyond belief.

Seeing her eat heartily, Hakkan advises herto eat slowly to avoid any stomachache. He then offers her a glass of milk, assuringher that it is also safe to drink. As Lucina sips the milk, memories flood backof the days in the castle where she had to toil relentlessly for a meager breadcrumb. She can hardly fathom the fact that she cannow enjoy such good food. Curious about Lucina's age, Hakkan asks herwhile she still has her mouth full. Lucina responds by gesturing with her fingerthat she is twenty years old. Hakkan's expression darkens slightly, realizingthat Lucina is too young to have been King Brion's intended bride.

He reminisces about the previous war whenKing Brion had sent a dragon slayer, which resulted in the loss of his beloved brother,the former King of Tayar. If circumstances had allowed, Hakkan wouldhave gone mad and slain King Brion, were it not for his own injuries at the time. He asks Lucina if she regrets not being KingBrion's bride, but she shakes her head, confirming that she is better off where she is. Suddenly, Lucina inquires about Tayar, promptingHakkan to expect tears and pleas to return to her family. However, she remains remarkably composed.

Breaking off another piece of bread, Hakkanexplains that the people of Brion perceive Tayar as a haven for monsters, but that perceptionis incorrect. With a smile, he offers another slice of breadto Lucina, informing her that she will discover the truth for herself. For some reason, Lucina would rather livewith Hakkan than in Berg. Lucina happily savors the bread, promptingHakkan to inform her that the food will only get better when they arrive in Tayar. Yet, Lucina insists that the current mealis already more than enough. This leads Hakkan to realize that Lucina isdifferent from other noble ladies; she possesses.

Humility. He then suggests that Lucina rest after eating,as he needs to remove his armor. Hearing this, Lucina is taken aback. As Hakkan begins to unfasten his clothes,Lucina turns around and covers her head, informing Hakkan that she will wait outside. Hakkan smiles in response, suddenly liftingher up and questioning why she should wait outside when they are husband and wife. Moreover, they will be sleeping together fromnow on. Lucina is shocked by Hakkan's statement.

Hakkan proceeds to explain that in Brion,the husband and wife share intimacy on their first night of marriage. Lucina blushes and becomes nervous upon hearinghim mention intimacy. Let’s continue this story next time, nowsmash that like button and leave a comment below so we can read your thought. Thank you so much for tuning in! hope you enjoyed every bit of it!

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