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It looked at first like akane woke up hungover in yamada's bed but it turns out she's in a tube top and jeans he brought her to his place to sleep it off after she passed out at the Izakaya then washed her puke-soaked clothes a mortified akane prostrates herself then makes herself scarce and Yamada notes that they'll probably never see.

Each other again it isn't until akane showers changes and decompresses that she realizes she lost the heart necklace that was the first gift her boyfriend gave her she concludes it must be at yamada's place so she logs on and waits in her Guild Hall when he arrives he tactlessly complains to The Guild Master roheim.

About all the trash in the guild storage gear Yamada thought would be helpful for newbies but is just taking up space after telling him she was the culprit and being told to be more selective akane logs out and doesn't log back in for days after a disturbing dream where takuma takes her back only to give her a box that contains his new girlfriend she.

Commiserates over lunch with Momo who is honestly tired of hearing about takuma and is not sure why akane would care about a necklace he gave her when the guy dumped her while on the way home akane spots a scenario she once found herself in as a youth a high school girl confessing to an upperclassman the moment she hears.

His disinterested reply she knows it's Yamada the reason he was drinking soda at the Izakaya is that he's a third year in school he tells her he'd hoped to see her again because he actually found her necklace unfortunately after stepping on it now in possession of two broken hearts.

The one in her chest and the one in her hand she thanks him and runs off into the rain because Yamada is Kurt and often clueless but not heartless he Flags her down and gives her an umbrella to avoid catching her death making clear she doesn't have to return it akane who had been crying tears in the rain accepts it.

Like a much more significant gift than it was meant to be that night akane gets an extremely rude and unfortunately time delivery boxes upon boxes of all her from her childhood bedroom that her mom packed up and sent to her so she could have a workout room akane is overwhelmed and enlists Momo to.

Help her go through the stuff and Momo already exhausted from work proves merciless in culling just about all of the stuff if it was truly that important why was it Gathering dust at her mom's house tossing all this stuff including apparently the broken heart necklace ends up being cathartic to akane having.

Heard from both her best friend and a rude gamer bishanan that she needs to be more selective she should also use better judgment with alcohol as she decides to drop by yamadas in the middle of the night with an totally sloshed Momo akane is a lot more lucid and wanted to return yamada's umbrella and properly.

Thank him for helping her both at the event and all the time since she then collects Momo who is all over him and goes along her Merry way but before he goes back to bed Yamada tells her The Guild Master is worried about her so she should log back on when she's free after returning home he's pressed into.

Services helping her battle slimes only to fall asleep at his computer leaving her to fend for herself

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