She Finds Diamond in the Rough and Makes Him the Lover (1-5) – Romance Manhwa Recap

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The tale begins in the Duke's dining room where a servant informs him of his daughter's arrival Their greeting is unusually blunt and frank suggesting a strained relationship The central mystery is: who has control over the Lady's body? Let's take a step back and explore the novel 'All the Men That Loved Her' as the title suggests, the story centers around Yuri a commoner who is adopted by the Baron and becomes the central heroine.

Throughout the novel four male protagonists fall deeply in love with her the Crown Prince the Sniper the Werewolf and the Millionaire Merchant And what's a good story without a villain? Lady Melissa Foddebright fills that role perfectly Not only is she the Crown Prince's fiancée.

And the older sister of the Sniper but she also serves as a nemesis to the Werewolf and a troublemaker with a unique and hostile relationship with the Millionaire Merchant Let's continue with the story To simplify things Melissa and her father already have a strained relationship During a dinner her father states that Jake,.

Melissa's younger brother, is the sole heir to the family estate Melissa disagrees with this decision, as she believes that Jake is not as committed to the family and is rarely at home like she is. She feels that accompanying her father to dinner is a waste of time and decides to leave early Initially, inhabiting Melissa's body is challenging due to her personality and circumstances.

However, it turns out to be tolerable compared to her previous life as a college student with a heavy workload. With her wide forehead, a potential sign of intelligence and wisdom, so yeah! she can handle the situation and be Melissa! However, she won't be like the wicked villainess in the storybook, and she has no intention of turning into a reformed saint or trying to seduce the male characters and lure them into a harem In order to simplify her life, she starts by addressing the first disturbing issue – calling off her engagement with the Crown Prince, Ian Basilios.

At first, she tries to craft a lovely letter, but soon realizes that a blunt and straightforward approach is more effective. She then asks her maid, Yona, to deliver the letter, but Yona suggests that Melissa call off the engagement in person. It's not that Yona cares about her; rather, she's simply too lazy to do it herself. Melissa wonders if Yona even thinks of her as her Lady. (No, don’t badmouth Yona first! trust me, you’re gonna like her!) Melissa comes to visit the crown prince as she received the royal letter demanding her to come. But what she finds, Ian in a compromising position – half-naked with another woman.

And even using sleazy lines to seduce that woman (ew, disgusting!) Naturally, this isn't Ian's first time indulging in such behavior, and certainly not his second or third. Every time Melissa catches him in an act of debauchery, she used to yell and attack the other woman, while Ian remained unaccountable. It's high time that he learns his lesson. So she calls him out as a filthy dog. Ian halts his despicable behavior and turns to her, asking if she's insane for using such harsh words.

But the way she replies is electrifying. She confronts him and tell him that she's the one who ought to be using that term since he's committing adultery right in front of his fiancée. Unlike the Melissa in the novel, the Melissa now truly despises the crown prince. Ian assumes that she's going to physically assault him, but instead, she makes a biting remark right to his face. Melissa couldn't care less about what Ian has to say; she even goes so far as to insult him by suggesting that she could make him kiss the ground, seeing as his level is no better than that of the floor. wait, is he trembling?.

For a man who has the nerve to cheat, is he going to cry after one insult? seriously?! After so long of being a bystander, watching Melissa inflict her fury on others and never being the subject of her anger, Ian is probably bewildered at being a target this time. Well, since Melissa is the villainess, she can play the part sometimes. Melissa then explains that since Ian despises her so much, it's better to end the relationship now. It's not like they're going to play pat-a-cake in bed once they're married. In the novel, Ian is set to break up with Melissa as soon as he meets Yuri,.

But Melissa stubbornly refuses to let go, waiting for a tragic outcome and a broken heart. However, the current Melissa won't let that happen. Even though Ian has no feelings for Melissa, he still cheated on her right in front of her, leaving her no reason to stay with him. So Melissa thinks Ian cheated because he was waiting for her to initiate the break-up. While their engagement was somewhat political, Ian hated Melissa, and when he demanded they end it, she wouldn't accept. Nevertheless, Ian is going to meet Yuri soon, and he will genuinely fall in love with her. At this point, Melissa thinks breaking up the engagement now is the best decision.

She believes that nothing worse can happen, even if the story progresses faster than the original plotline. As the Duke's daughter, a terminated engagement won't block her path to marriage. In other words, she has no problem with canceling the engagement now. Melissa reiterates her desire to cancel the engagement, which surprises Ian. However, Ian unexpectedly refuses to break up with her and even pushes away the girl he was with. Ian asks Melissa why she suddenly brought up the topic of a breakup,.

But Melissa points out that his actions suggest that he wants to break up. After He said he doesn’t want to break up, his face turned red. Well, if it’s not because he has an adultery fetish, or not because he’s the kind of person that gets turned on by getting caught, then it must be because he enjoys making Melissa miserable. Melissa expresses her belief that Ian had a greater reason for his behavior, although it still caused her anguish. Glaring at the other woman, Melissa laments how seeing her lover cling to other women hurts her as the villainess of Foddebright. The woman gets up and puts on her clothes, while Ian remains speechless.

The awkward silence fills the room as they stand there with nothing but the sound of the woman getting dressed. Following this conversation, Melissa's memories and emotions became vivid. Until then, things had been somewhat unclear. According to Melissa's recollection, Ian had blamed his scandals on Melissa's violent temper. As a result, Melissa had internalized all the criticisms to justify his infidelity. She bore the shame and pain as her own and buried the truth. This reminded Melissa of her past life in Korea, where women were also always blamed for their partners' debauchery.

Ian attempts to shift the blame to Melissa, claiming that her behavior of clinging to him and showing up unannounced is what drove him to treat her like that. Melissa sees through Ian's victim-playing and instead of arguing, she explains that her actions were simply expressions of her love for him, like sharing tea or holding each other. However, she emphasizes that this does not justify Ian's despicable behavior. In the past,.

Whenever Ian sent an invitation to Melissa, she would spend the entire day selecting an outfit, feeling excited, and doing everything possible to get ready. However, every time she arrived at the palace, the scene was always the same. Despite this, Melissa never declined an invitation because it was evidence that Ian had thought of her, even if it was just for a moment. Melissa asks Ian if he ever considered that she would react that way. Ian responds that it's because Melissa loves him. Hearing this, Melissa is left speechless.

And only imagines hitting him with an ashtray. To make it clear Melissa declares that she no longer loves Ian at all. Oh look at that fool’s expression, he looks like someone just told him the earth’s shape is a heart. Ian's stubbornness in refusing to cancel the engagement infuriates Melissa. Despite her growing impatience, Ian continues to try and explain himself. Meanwhile, the woman that Ian brought tries to make a run for it, but clumsily trips and falls, knocking over a nearby glass ashtray in the process. The commotion alerts the guard stationed at the front door,.

Who rushes in without asking any questions and immediately accuses Melissa of causing the disturbance. Being the infamous villainess in the palace, the guards likely assume that Melissa is responsible for the woman's fall and the shattered ashtray. As Melissa tries to explain the situation, the woman puts on a show, running to Ian and claiming that she was frightened. (What a pair of drama queens!) Melissa comes to the realization that she is alone and that losing her cool would only worsen the situation. She turns to look at Ian and declares firmly that he’s cancelled for good!.

As Melissa rides home, she considers the possibility of eliminating the crown prince, not because of any personal vendetta against him, although he may have insulted her. Instead, she recognizes that a man with his lack of intellect ascending to the throne would certainly lead to the destruction of the kingdom. He would cause chaos, only to casually appear before his citizens and say, “But y’all love me.” Even if he changes his ways when he meets Yuri, based on his current behavior, Yuri would likely reject him.

Thus, Melissa believes that eliminating him is the only way to secure a brighter future for all. When they arrive at her house, the coachman informs her, but Melissa remains deep in thought about how to accomplish her goal, causing the coachman to become frightened. After sometime, Melissa realizes it’s time to exit the carriage. As the coachman tries to advise her against acting recklessly, Melissa assumes he is concerned for her and offers him a reassuring smile.

However, her eerie grin only intensifies the coachman's terror. Melissa pays a visit to her father, Duke Foddebright, and requests a moment of his time. Despite Melissa's height, Duke Foddebrat towers over her with an intimidatingly fierce expression that mirrors Melissa's own. However, Duke Foddebright inquires about the reason for Melissa's unexpected visit. Melissa's father, Duke Foddebright, was a firm believer in patriarchal principles. In her childhood,.

Melissa never received any love from her father despite being the firstborn. Instead, her younger brother Jake received all the attention and affection. This treatment naturally caused Melissa to harbor resentment towards her father. As a result, the two never managed to build any sort of bond, leaving them with no communication between them. As Melissa and her father stare at each other, Duke Foddebright abruptly decides to leave the hallway. Melissa assumes her father did not hear her request and asks again. Duke Foddebright stops and turns to ask what she wants to discuss. As Melissa begins to speak, he interrupts,.

Stating that they cannot discuss important matters in the hallway and must move to a sitting room. Saying he’ll prepare the room, he quickly disappears, leaving Melissa shocked and wondering if her father is preparing a water to throw to her. Suddenly, he returns to inform her to wait an additional 5 minutes, but then corrects it to be 10 minutes more, causing Melissa to grow more confused and anxious about the meeting. Upon entering the room, Melissa is taken aback by what she sees. The entire room is adorned in shades of pink, and even her father is dressed in a fancy pink suit.

However, his facial expression does not match the cheerful decor. Melissa makes an effort to contain her emotions and avoid saying something she may regret later. She proceeds to explain the reason for her visit, but her father keeps interrupting her, offering her cakes and tea which he claims is quite popular among the younger generation. Melissa notices that her father drinks black coffee instead of the same tea he offered her, which causes her to become paranoid and wonder if the tea might be poisoned. Melissa ponders how to avoid drinking the suspicious tea, while the Duke continues to stare at her intently.

However, as soon as the Duke looks away, she takes advantage of the opportunity and spills the drink The Duke then asks Melissa to tell him what she wants to say, especially since they haven't had a conversation in over 10 years Melissa is startled to hear this, as she greets the Duke every morning during breakfast However, the Duke doesn't remember her greetings,.

Indicating that he has been ignoring her all this time This revelation drains Melissa's patience and makes her want to cut straight to the chase and express her main concern Just as Melissa is about to speak, the door is suddenly kicked open it turns out to be her younger brother, Jake Foddebright Jake is one of Yuri's suitors and also the heir to Duke Foddebright's title and estate.

As “the Sniper” in the royal family's official assassin, anyone who has opposed the royal family has met a mysterious death at his hands Despite his young age, Jake is renowned as the Empire's greatest shooter and is lauded for his impressive magic skills However, he refuses to show his face in society for unknown reasons Whenever he appears,.

He hides behind his black robe and avoids showing his face in public at all costs. He’s barely at home and always wandering somewhere else Despite sharing genes with Jake, Melissa lacks his shooting and magic skills Moreover, Jake is even more stunningly beautiful than her, making it difficult for anyone to believe that they are related In the novel, Jake is portrayed as a silent,.

Handsome, and cool guy who keeps a watchful eye on Yuri However, in reality, Jake is nothing like his novel counterpart Instead of being a taciturn, he is a constant complainer, even nagging about the room decorations and cups it becomes clear that Jake despises his sister and isn't fond of his father either Melissa is frustrated and disheartened by her brother's true personality.

Even the Duke doesn't seem like himself, unlike in the novel. He sits there cluelessly, taking in Jake's complaints like a child The dissonance between reality and the novel is overwhelming, and Melissa feels like someone is repeatedly hitting her head with a hammer Despite her frustration, Melissa manages to keep her anger in check and tries to greet Jake However, Jake's behavior changes drastically upon hearing her greeting,.

And suddenly becomes silent and ignores her Melissa then asks Jake if she could have some time alone with the Duke Melissa hopes Jake will go away, but he catches her attention by saying the name “Ian” This name angers her because it reminds her of memories from the novel. Jake and Ian used to be friends, which helped Jake become connected to the royal family. However, the situation becomes more dramatic since they will fight over Yuri.

Jake informs Melissa that Ian had complained to him about the canceled engagement and pleaded with him to speak to his sister about it Melissa realizes that Jake has returned home to fulfill Ian's request, as the Duke always heeds his son's words This makes Melissa worried that she can’t refuse the Duke's commands Knowing Jake's manipulative plan, Melissa confronts him and firmly states that he has no right to order her to call off her engagement.

Or involve himself in her relationship with Ian She accuses him of being Ian's lap dog, blindly following his orders even when it comes to his own sister's personal matters Upon hearing Melissa's words, Jake becomes upset. She confirms that though they don't like each other, Jake is really crossing the line and not treating her like an older sister Therefore, she won't treat Jake like a younger sibling either.

Her words make Jake realize that his actions were unwise After her confrontation with Jake, Melissa turns to the Duke and expresses her intention to call off her engagement with the crown prince, Ian She declares that she won't tolerate any interference from him and even hints at the possibility of taking drastic action if he tries to stop her As the Duke sits there in a daze, Melissa stands up and leaves, leaving them bewildered.

Melissa appears visibly frustrated and questions whether she is living in a nightmare. To confirm her reality, she slaps her own face, but the reality remains that her room has become an absolute hell The walls, ceiling and floor are plastered in Prince Ian's portraits, thanks to Jake's mischievous plan. Melissa cannot believe that Jake has so many portraits of the prince, and she is even more enraged that she cannot get them off the walls.

For the sake of her mental health, Melissa quickly decides to leave the room. However, before making her way out, one of the portraits catches her eye and triggers a surge of anger so intense that she becomes faint After regaining her consciousness and successfully escaping from the hellish room, Melissa is determined to find and punish Jake. With a fierce look in her eyes,.

She searches around the mansion but is unable to locate him. Melissa asks the servant about Jake's whereabouts, the servant informs her that before disappearing, Jake had instructed the servant to tell Melissa: “You don't need to thank me” As Melissa processes the servant's message, she feels a surge of anger towards Jake for underestimating her and assuming that she still has feelings for the crown prince. She realizes that he must have left the photos in her room.

As a ploy to make her fall for the prince again. The absurdity of his thinking causes Melissa to burst into maniacal laughter, which frightens the servant. Meanwhile, Jake is alone in his secret hideaway at the top of the mansion when he hears a noise and the window opening. To his surprise, Melissa has finally found him. Jack is amazed at how Melissa managed to find his secret place,.

And she lies that it was due to her abilities. However, the truth is that she read about his hideout in the novel. That tells Jack's secret place is located on the roof of the Duke's mansion, close to the chimney. The area is rarely cleaned, and no one ever comes up there. The floor is smooth and there is a stable wall to lean against, making it a perfect spot for spending time alone. Jack often comes up here to escape his oppressive father and sister. Melissa confronts Jake for turning her peaceful haven into a nightmare.

She also explains that she no longer has feelings for Ian and has called off their engagement because Ian had plenty of opportunities to cheat on her. Instead of understanding, Jake laughs and says he doesn't believe her, which infuriates Melissa and leads to another argument. Melissa also advises Jake to be more considerate and think about how his actions affect others. However, Jake seems to be indifferent to this idea, which leaves Melissa at a loss for words. She then warns him not to touch her belongings again, or she will take drastic measures. As Melissa is giving Jake a piece of her mind, a familiar voice interrupts them with a sharp rebuke.

It's Martha, the nanny who raised them both and the only one who loved Melissa. But she left the household when they were grown. Melissa wonders what brings her back. Martha urges Jake and Melissa to come down from the roof and scolds them for their reckless behavior. As they apologize, Martha also apologizes for scolding them right after her arrival, admitting that she still sees them as children. She warns Melissa to be more careful, especially now that she is soon to be wed. Melissa wonders about what Martha meant about the wedding news. It turns out, Martha heard that Melissa is going to announce her engagement at the upcoming royal spring ball.

And that was the reason Martha came rushing back to the Foddebright household. Melissa becomes even more confused, but Martha seems otherwise, as she knows that Melissa has had a crush on the crown prince for a long time. Martha feels a sense of pride knowing that Melissa will soon be associated with a charming prince. She fondly remembers how Melissa used to proclaim as a child, 'I will become a princess one day'. Martha is overwhelmed with happiness and tears up. However, Melissa remains speechless and suddenly loses consciousness.

Observing this, Martha assumes that Melissa has fainted due to being overcome with joy. Melissa remains lying on her bed, unresponsive to Yona's presence. Yona, however, sees through Melissa's act and lets her know that she is aware of her being awake. Melissa hesitantly opens her eyes. Nearly half the day has elapsed since Melissa fainted before Martha, but now all she desires is to remain in bed. As she lies there, she's consumed by remorse as she reflects on the past moment when a teary-eyed Melissa implored Ian to marry her the following spring.

If she could go back in time, she would vigorously shake her past self and demand that she possess more self-worth. As a result of Melissa's prior fits of rage and rash decisions, she now finds herself facing the repercussions of her past behavior. What's most exasperating for her is that the Prince seemed to have ignored her requests initially, only to abruptly change his mind and decide to reveal their engagement at the forthcoming spring ball. Based on the novel, the Prince never planned on inviting Melissa to the ball and instead intended to accompany another girl. However, Melissa's adamant desire to terminate their engagement prompted him.

To gather all the nobles and commoners and declare their nuptials during the royal ball to thwart the cancellation. The Prince never disclosed his intentions to Melissa about the announcement, so he might have gone directly to the Duke instead. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Melissa believes she needs to address the issue by speaking with the Duke. However, Yona informs her that the Duke had departed several days earlier to oversee affairs in the provinces. Yona further discloses that the Crown Prince has been buying the costliest garments and ornaments from every shop in anticipation of the ball,.

Remarking that 'my betrothed must be the most stunning at the ball'. (mind your expression girl!) Melissa is frustrated by the Prince's disregard for her wishes and views his actions as an abuse of power. As a high-ranking noble herself, she is perfectly capable of obtaining her own dress for the ball. Nevertheless, the Prince's demeanor has left her simmering with rage and vowing to retaliate against him in the future. As rumors about the wedding announcement have already circulated,.

It seems too late for Melissa to make amends. After all, she had very publicly expressed her desire to marry the prince. Amidst her confusion, she suddenly has some ideas. Melissa's initial idea is to skip the ball, but as it is hosted by the royal family, the event will be grand and attended by all the aristocrats and distinguished guests. As the crown prince's fiancée and the daughter of Duke Foddebright, Melissa is obliged to attend. Furthermore, given that everyone anticipates the wedding announcement at the ball,.

Her absence would permanently damage the prince's reputation. Melissa considers the idea for a moment and jokingly suggests to Yona that she should break her leg or expose herself to the cold, but Yona immediately dismisses the idea, stating that even if Melissa falls ill, she still has to attend the ball. Melissa's mind races with desperate thoughts, even contemplating the extreme measure of taking her own life. Yona cynically suggests that assassinating the Prince might be a better solution, but this frustrates Melissa even more.

As she knows that no one would dare to attempt a royal assassination. Desperately, Melissa even considers pretending to be insane and then physically attacking Ian in front of everyone to create a scene and cause chaos, all in an effort to escape from the prince's grasp. None of these ideas make sense and Melissa loses her temper, taking out her frustration on a nearby pillow. Running out of ideas and with limited time left until the ball, Melissa aimlessly wanders around the mansion, causing anxiety among the staff. Eventually, she realizes she has no choice but to attend the ball,.

So she sets out to buy a new dress – the most outrageous one she can find – with the sole purpose of embarrassing Ian. In the dress shop, Melissa declines all the lavish and elaborate dresses and instead asks for a simple sack with holes for the arms and legs. (are you kidding me?!) She realizes that the spring ball is an eagerly anticipated event, unlike any other balls or parties, with many people coming from far and wide to find the perfect dress or wear family heirlooms.

In short, the royal spring ball is the most prestigious social event of the season, and Melissa intends to create a statement with her intentionally shabby dress. Yona reminds Melissa that her reputation will be ruined, but Melissa thinks it has already hit rock bottom and couldn't possibly get any worse. Just as she's about to give up and accept her fate, a hooded figure suddenly appears and intervenes. As he removes his hood, a radiant light emanates from his face, revealing that it is none other than Jake.

Even so, Melissa provokes Jake by telling him that he is so obsessed with his big sister that he even followed her to the dress shop. Jake just smiles in response and shows his one finger salute. Jake says he came unwillingly, but Melissa irritates him by impersonating Ian and telling Jake to keep a watchful eye on her to prevent any misbehavior. Then she disregards him and tries on some dresses.

While admiring herself in the mirror, Melissa declares how pretty she looks, but Jake mocks her. She then asks Yona to tell Jake to leave, but he refuses. Then again she asks Yona to tell Jake to wear the dress and marry the crown prince instead. Jake falls silent, and Melissa eventually loses interest and leaves the dress shop, much to the relief of the shop owner who hopes they never return. Actually, the weather is perfect for playing outside, but not for looking for a dress for an event she doesn't even want to attend.

However, Yona reminds her of the urgency to find a dress as soon as possible. Melissa feels overwhelmed by the task of preparing for the ball event because she lacks confidence in her fashion sense and feels uneasy socializing with high society. Even when she tries to put on a smile, she notices that others often respond with fear or discomfort. While lost in thought about her difficulties, Melissa spots a man lying in a narrow alley. As she draws near,.

She catches a whiff of an unpleasant odor and feels pity for the unkempt, gaunt-looking man. Yet, as she examines him more closely, Melissa formulates a wicked plan to get even with the crown prince. Melissa is delighted that the man accepts her help, feeling as if she has just accomplished a great feat like catching a rare Pokemon. In Melissa's mind, she envisions the upcoming royal ball where many women will try to win Ian's heart. She is confident that her new friend's exceptional looks will outshine all others, with a radiance so intense that no one can compete with it.

Melissa firmly believes that her plan will be flawless. Throughout her life, Melissa had been surrounded by handsome men, such as her fiancé, the crown prince, her brother with his striking features, and even the employees of the Duke's household who possessed a charming appearance. As a result, she had developed a discerning eye for beauty. It was this ability that allowed her to recognize the rough diamond that was the beggar; no amount of dirt could conceal his captivating allure.

To carry out her plan, Melissa decides to bring that homeless man to her residence. Initially, Yona refuses Melissa's decision to bring the man back to their residence instead of finding a dress for the ball. However, Melissa persuades Yona by whispering that she will pay her double. Yona's attitude changes drastically, and she agrees, even calling it a testament to Melissa's duty as a person of high birth. Melissa realizes that Yona is extremely materialistic, perhaps the most she has ever encountered.

As they ride home in the carriage, Melissa can't shake the feeling that she has left something behind, but she can't quite remember what it is. Meanwhile, in town, Jake has lost sight of Melissa. (Poor Jake, don’t cry). With the Duke away in the provinces, sneaking the beggar into the mansion through the back door was easily accomplished. Once inside, Melissa is excited to begin transforming him for the ball,.

Even considering giving him a bath. However, the beggar shakes his head, signaling that he wants to bathe alone. Melissa relents and instructs Yona to accompany him instead. While she waits, Melissa reflects on her plan once again. She thinks about how Ian cheated her, and though there may be no law against her cheating too, she doesn't want to stoop to his level and become just like him. Melissa decides that she will not engage in any meaningless physical encounters with strangers, unlike him. Melissa isn't driven by the desire to make Ian jealous or to cause him to feel a sense of loss;.

Rather, she's curious to observe the reactions of other guests at the ball. Melissa is aware that her previous affection towards Ian has been the topic of gossip, but now she has a new charming man by her side. She anticipates that the other attendees will be filled with speculation, and Ian will probably become anxious and suspicious. Melissa believes that this condition will satisfy her enough, and she doesn't care if other people get the wrong idea about her. Her standing in high society has already been damaged, and she is not concerned with participating in lavish social events or seeking power.

Melissa's only goal is to demonstrate that she is not the type of woman who is interested in someone like Ian Basilios, even if he happens to be the Crown Prince. Melissa asks her new friend to be her partner at the ball, and she also tells him that he can refuse if he doesn't want to. He looks at her for a moment, then nods silently, leaving Melissa unsure of whether his agreement is sincere or not. The new friend smiles and it makes him look even more handsome. She suggests that he smile like that during the ball, but he suddenly becomes stiff with shyness. In an attempt to know her new friend better,.

Melissa asks for his name and origin, but he remains silent and gestures that he doesn't have a tongue. Melissa feels bad about her behavior, realizing that she may have been insensitive. Suddenly, Yona appears with a pen and paper. (Good job Yona!!) The man writes down his name as “Nine” ; he also conveys his appreciation to Melissa for her kindness and for giving him this opportunity. Melissa's guilt deepens as she realizes that she may have used Nine's honesty to deceive others.

The day of the royal ball Yona informs Melissa that the Prince has arrived to escort her to the ball. She can't help but feel uncomfortable receiving his hospitality after the engagement has been called off, rather than before Melissa is ready to put her plan into action. Her ball partner, Nine, arrives at her call looking radiant. However, she's also aware that her plan is daring and carries the risk of offending the royal family, which could lead to legal consequences. Though she's scared, the thrill of the moment compels her to proceed with her reckless act.

Melissa convinces Nine to trust her, but he blushes bashfully in response. (Melissa…stop teasing innocent guy!) The prince's carriage is already waiting, but Melissa feels conflicted as she finds herself still attracted to Ian's good looks. However, she believes that Nine is even more elegant and handsome. (indeed!) Upon seeing Melissa with another man, Ian becomes curious and asks about his identity.

Melissa introduces Nine as her partner, explaining that since the prince had not invited her, she had brought her own escort. Melissa recalls that the Prince had ignored her and danced with another woman at the last ball, and suggests that Ian find a partner among his other admirers, such as the woman from before, who would surely accept his invitation. As Melissa readies to depart for the ball, Ian offers her a ride in his carriage. But Melissa is put off by the ostentatious display of the royal emblem on the carriage, and politely declines his offer.

She also explains that riding with Ian and Nine in the same carriage would be awkward and uncomfortable. Ian is taken aback by her refusal, and watches silently as she walks away. Melissa takes pleasure in Ian's reaction, but she realizes too late that her expression reveals more than she intended. The coachman catches sight of her face, again?! creating an uncomfortable situation for both of them. As Melissa sits in the carriage on the way to the ball, she can't help but think about her plan to make Ian suffer. Her thoughts amuse her,.

Causing her to let out a wicked chuckle. However, her behavior makes Nine uneasy, wondering if she’s alright. In the royal ball As expected, many attendees try to peek and eavesdrop on Melissa, Nine, and Ian. They are curious about why Melissa is with another man and completely ignoring the Crown Prince. The nobles who are aware of Melissa and Ian's situation begin to encircle them, eagerly anticipating what drama may unfold. In an effort to dispel the awkwardness, Ian takes the initiative to commence the first dance.

Despite his intentions, the attendees remain curious and continue to sneak glances at them. To everyone's surprise, Ian then asks Melissa to dance. However, with a “play hard to get” expression, Melissa declines, claiming that she cannot dance. Melissa makes an excuse, saying her partnerwouldn't approve of her dancing with another man, and her father had forbidden it as well. Ian becomes impatient and tells her that makingexcuses won't do her any good.

Melissa continues to avoid dancing with Ian,making more unreasonable excuses. As a servant passes by with canapés, Melissatakes one and intentionally drops it, claiming her fingers slipped. Ian looks confused by Melissa's behavior,but she steps on the fallen canapé, saying her feet are prone to slipping, which is whyshe can't dance. Ian grows even angrier, but then a woman appearsbehind him and asks him to dance. Ian quickly grabs her hand, agrees to dance,and leaves Melissa behind. Melissa feels relieved, thinking that Ianshouldn't have bothered trying to fight it since he was just going to give up so easily.

Holding onto Nine's arm, she leads them toanother spot. After giving Nine a glass of champagne, shepraises his good work, thinking of how she'll reward him handsomely. Nine blushes and puts on a magnificent smile,causing Melissa to be unable to look away from him. As they raise their glasses to cheers, Melissanotices Nine's expression suddenly turn pale, leaving her bewildered. She asks him what happened, but Nine onlyapologizes to her before quickly giving her his glass and running away.

Melissa is left wondering what went wrong. She considers whether she did something toupset him or if Ian gave him a death stare, but she sees that Ian is busy dancing withanother woman. Melissa is left confused and keeps wonderingwhat happened to Nine, as he looked frightened before he left. At first, Melissa assumes that Nine may haveneeded to use the restroom, but she wonders why he didn't tell her. Then, she starts to think that something urgentmight have come up that he couldn't mention. Despite waiting for two hours, Nine doesn'treturn.

The stares from other people make Melissafeel uneasy, and she starts to wonder if Nine got lost in the palace or left her intentionally. To avoid becoming a laughingstock, Melissadecides to search for Nine on her own, since the ball has ended. While searching for Nine, Melissa begins tothink that it might be Ian's fault for his disappearance. Observing Nine's expression, Melissa accusesIan of scolding Nine while she wasn't paying attention. Unable to locate Nine, Melissa takes a seat,realizing she can't call out his name and.

Search for him due to fear of being ridiculedby others. As a result, Melissa becomes anxious, anticipatingbeing labeled as a villainess first abandoned by her fiancé and then her lover. Left with no other option, Melissa decidesto search in the men's restroom. However, just as she's about to leave, shecatches a glimpse of someone near the bushes. Assuming she has finally found Nine, she callsout to him. But to her surprise, a girl emerges from thebushes, looking equally bewildered as Melissa. Melissa is lost in thought and accidentallysays the girl’s name aloud. The girl standing before her is none otherthan Yuri, the novel's heroine, whose beauty.

Could make anyone fall in love with her atfirst sight. It's no surprise that all the male protagonistsare smitten by her. Yuri is surprised to hear that Melissa knowsher and wonders if they have met before. Still in shock, Melissa explains that thisis their first encounter. Yuri smiles and mentions Melissa must hearthe rumors about her adoption into the Elizabeth household. Although it is not entirely unusual for acommoner to be adopted by an aristocrat, it is noteworthy to be adopted into the prestigiousElizabeth household. Melissa feels uneasy responding to Yuri, butshe tells her that she is even more beautiful.

Than the rumors suggest. Hearing Melissa's compliment, Yuri thanksher. Being accepted into the Baron's householdimplies that her magical abilities are exceptional, as the Elizabeth household is populated withprodigious magic wielders. However, since Yuri is a commoner, there ismuch gossip surrounding her adoption. Melissa regains her composure and remembersthat her mission is to find Nine. She politely asks for permission to leaveand suddenly hears Ian calling out her name from behind the bushes. As Ian emerges from the foliage, Melissa isshocked and assumes that he has come to announce.

Their wedding. However, to her surprise, Ian is flusteredand blushing as he has just fallen in love with someone else. Melissa remembers that this is where Ian andYuri are meant to meet for the first time, and one of the most pivotal scenes of thenovel is unfolding before her eyes. Later in her room, Melissa feels exhaustedand vents her frustrations to her maid Yona, but all she receives in response is a “yes,my lady.” The one thing that brings her some reliefis that the wedding announcement was cancelled, though not because her plan succeeded.

In fact, her plan has been ruined, and shefeels as though all her efforts have been in vain. Suddenly, Melissa remembers Nine leaving herat the ball and feels disappointed. She declares that she will never trust menagain and Yona laughs at this statement. However, when Melissa glares at her, Yonapretends to be innocent. Meanwhile, in the forest, Nine is on the run. It appears that he fled the ball early toensure that Melissa did not get caught up in the situation. Abruptly, someone stops him – a red-hairedwerewolf who launches an attack on Nine.

Melissa is lost in thought and doesn't hearMartha calling her. Martha smacks her to wake her up and asksher what's making her so absentminded. Martha assumes it's because Ian didn't announcethe wedding at the ball and reassures Melissa that Ian will soon set a date. Melissa feels helpless. Melissa realizes once again that she's inthe world of the novel and that most events will follow the story's plot. The only thing she has control over is herown future. In other words, no matter how much she triesto sabotage Ian, he will still find a flower-lined.

Path unfolding before him with the girl heloves. This fact drains her motivation, promptingher to conserve her energy as disengaging the engagement will be a time-consuming process. After spending a whole day in bed, Marthaasks Melissa to go outside and get some fresh air in the garden. Martha says she has also prepared lunch forMelissa. Melissa is shocked and tells Martha she isn'thungry, but Martha insists. Melissa gestures to Yona for help, but Yonaresponds with a “you're dead” gesture. Despite being an incredible nanny, Marthais a terrible cook.

While Martha serves the food, Melissa praysto God to keep her stomach safe. Observing Martha's efforts to organize thepicnic, Melissa decides to compromise her taste preferences if it brings joy to Martha. However, Melissa admits to herself that sheis not entirely mentally prepared for this. But just as Melissa is about to eat, she hearssomething approaching. Melissa instinctively protects Martha, causingthe food to be ruined in the process. To Melissa's relief, this mishap spares herfrom having to eat the food. The unexpected intruder turns out to be JackPhoton, a red-haired werewolf who is one of Yuri's suitors.

Melissa confronts him sternly, reminding himthat he was not invited. Jack retorts that Melissa used to bring homeuninvited men, which infuriates her. As Melissa utters Jack's name, she commandshim to leave the premises immediately. Jack is taken aback when he realizes thatMelissa recognizes him and tells her to stop behaving foolishly. He then threatens Melissa, indicating thathe cannot be stopped. Melissa struggles with how to respond, consideringthe safety of those around her. Unexpectedly, Jack offers to spare her peopleif she listens to him. Melissa is taken aback by his unexpected shiftin tone, at least for the time being.

Before she can respond, a silent white magicnearly hits Jack, causing them both to startle. Melissa realizes it is her brother, Jake,who is holding a gun and warns that a dog has entered the premises. Furious, Jack complains that he could havebeen killed. However, Melissa understands that Jake didn'tact out of concern for their safety or to apprehend the intruder. She knows that Jake is allergic to dog furand a werewolf is, after all, a canine. Jack is shouting at Jake to come down andfight him fairly, and thus pandemonium begins. The Foddebright mansion is caught in the crossfireof this dogfight, with the gardeners, servants,.

And even Martha affected by the chaos. Melissa sees Martha falling down and becomesangry. She shouts at them to stop and brings themto silence, continuing to complain about the chaos they've caused. Melissa calls them an intruder and someonewho chose to play along instead of protecting the household. They are taken aback by Melissa's sudden outburstof anger and are unable to respond. Melissa asserts her authority, reminding themthat she is in charge while her father is absent, and orders them to remain silent andlisten.

Melissa advises Jack Photon to express himselfpolitely in a more formal setting if he has something to say, stating that she is notcurrently in the mood to listen. However, just as Jack attempts to explainhimself, Melissa's frustration intensifies, and she warns him to remain silent or elseshe will use his hair to make a rug. Melissa then demands that her brother comedown from his hiding spot, and despite his reluctance, he ultimately complies due tothe intensity of her glare. Melissa proceeds to lecture them about thechaos they have caused, urging them to recognize their immense power and to use it wisely. She emphasizes that their abilities are wastedif they are used to torment the weak.

The mansion's occupants are moved by Melissa'sspeech, while Jack and Jake feel remorseful. Finally, Melissa commands them to repair thedamage immediately, and this terrifies them. As Melissa puts an ice pack on her head, amaid comes in and asks about her condition. To her surprise, it's not just one maid, butall the other servants also come to check on her. Melissa is shocked and flattered, thinkingthat being an employee of the Foddebright house is difficult. Their jobs require not only physical laborbut also emotional labor, as they have to take care of the three Foddebright with messed-uppersonalities.

Melissa responds by saying that she's theone who should always be thankful to them. The servants are touched even more, and thismakes her feel guilty. As Melissa contemplates the possibility ofJack disrupting the mansion again and causing harm to the people, she decides to take action. With the servants away, she orders Yona tocontact the Duke and request an introduction to the most skilled swordsmanship teacherin the kingdom. She hopes that by learning the art of thesword, she can better protect herself and those around her in case of future threats. The rain is coming down hard, and Melissa'sdog, Lief, is going crazy with his barking.

She's puzzled as to why Lief keeps barkingeven though she just took him for a walk in the pouring rain. But then, to Melissa's surprise, he leadsher to a wounded blue-furred wolf that's stranded. Now, the scene shifts to Melissa practicingher sword fighting skills. Her instructor is impressed, even though she'sonly been learning for a month. She's already become quite skilled at it. Melissa never saw this coming because she'snot magical, and she's not particularly good-looking, intuitive, intelligent, or talented at dancing. Who would've guessed she had a natural talentfor swordsmanship?!.

The servant interrupts while Melissa is takinga rest after her training, handing her a letter from the Photon household. She notices the letter is sealed with a darkred hair, which means it's an official correspondence from the only red-haired member of the Photons. It's mind-blowing because she knows Jack andhis terrible temper must have endured the entire time it took for his letter to arrive. As she reads the letter, Melissa recalls fromthe novel that Jack is supposed to show up on their property by the end of summer. In the letter, it simply says: “Where is Nine?”.

The blue-furred wolf is getting treated andis currently knocked out in Melissa's room. Melissa enters the room to check on it, andYona lets her know that it will still be some time before the wolf wakes up. Melissa approaches the wolf, having a strongfeeling that it's Nine, but she can't be certain because the wolf is still unconscious. As she gently pets the wolf's head, she decidesit's best to prioritize its treatment for now. One month later, at the start of summer… Melissa asks her father, Duke Foddebright,for a moment of his time because she has something.

Important to discuss. Just as her father is about to summon a servantto prepare tea, Melissa interrupts and insists that her father simply listen to her request. Her father inquires about her desires, andMelissa boldly asks for a summer vacation. She proposes keeping only a minimal numberof staff at the estate and granting the rest a break. This request completely shocks her father. But Melissa isn't done yet—she follows upwith a second request: to increase Yona's pay to the level she desires.

When her father hears this, his jaw practicallyhits the floor. In the end, the duke fulfills Melissa's requests. Melissa believes that the staff benefits atthe estate have been lousy thus far, so it's only fair to give them some breathing roomnow. Besides, having fewer people around when Jackarrives will lead to fewer problems. She recalls a past incident and is determinednot to let it happen again, especially since Jack is supposed to return today. Melissa remembers how difficult it was toconvince Yona to take a vacation, as Yona preferred a bonus instead.

Melissa knows Yona well and can't risk hercausing trouble around Jack. Despite Yona's flaws, Melissa can't affordto lose such a rare and talented individual. Melissa checks in with the maid to ensurethat everything is set. The maid, Haney, eagerly responds, assuringMelissa that everything is prepared exactly as she requested. Haney is a lively and kind girl who took overYona's responsibilities. Melissa instructs Haney to notify the guardsimmediately if a red-haired man shows up at the front gate. However, Melissa suddenly stops and graspsher sword, signaling Haney to step back.

She positions herself for an attack, knowingdeep down that Jack will try the same trick to sneak in as he did last time. With swift expertise, Melissa unsheathes hersword and strikes Jack without hesitation. Now, Melissa is more than ready for whatevercomes her way. Jack tumbles to the ground, reeling from thesudden attack. Melissa taunts him, mocking his audacity tobypass the gates and come soaring through the air once again. Still seated on the ground, Jack questionsMelissa if she used magic or cheated somehow to throw him off earlier.

Pointing her sword at Jack, she silences hisbabbling, firmly stating that it was her skill alone. However, the sword in her hand, despite itssimple appearance, is actually one of Basilios' secret treasures. It's a forgotten secret of secrets, unknownto commoners and even the royal family, as the last King misplaced it. It's an unlucky sword whose existence hadbeen completely forgotten! In the original novel, Ian was supposed todiscover the sword and become the greatest knight in the empire, but Melissa…

Well, let's just say she “borrowed” it andbrought it here. With a mischievous grin, she thinks to herself,”finders keepers, right?!” In simpler terms, that sword is an awesomeoverpowered item enchanted with magic and divine protections. Of course, its effectiveness still dependson the skill of its wielder. Jack still can't believe what Melissa is saying. He recalls how clumsy Melissa was last timeand suspects that Jake must be behind all this again. Melissa smacks Jack to shut him up as he continuesto blabber.

She then asks him why he barged in here. Jack calms down and informs her that he alreadyexplained it in the letter. Melissa responds by saying she doesn't knowwhat he means. Suddenly, Jack moves closer and reveals ascar on his face, explaining that scars caused by another werewolf leave a distinct mark. He tells Melissa that the scar was a giftfrom Nine on the night of the ball. Melissa looks down, confirming that Nine wasindeed a werewolf. Jack then emphasizes the word “was,” statingthat someone who betrays their kind and runs away, with their tongue and fangs extracted,can no longer be called a werewolf.

He mentions that he should have wrung Nine'sneck first. The situation becomes more complicated becauseNine had to go and run away, and Jack didn't anticipate that Melissa would bump into Nine. Assuming that Melissa and Nine have becomequite close in the meantime, considering Melissa took Nine to the ball, Jack accuses Melissaof hiding Nine. He explains that if Melissa hands Nine overto him without any trouble, he won't bother her anymore. Melissa's face turns serious, as if she wantsto say something to Jack. However, Jack seems unable to hear her clearly,so he asks her what she's about to say.

Without warning, Melissa swiftly kicks Jack'sshin, causing him to yelp in pain. She then puts on a mischievous grin and tellshim to shut up. Melissa calls Haney over and asks her to stepaway for a moment, explaining that she needs to teach Jack a lesson. Melissa proceeds to give him a lesson aboutnot being rude. She tells Jack to give up, but he refusesto back down. He continues to try and attack Melissa, butonly ends up with wounds scattered here and there. Eventually, he is defeated by Melissa.

Gasping for breath, Jack demands that Melissahand over Nine to him. Melissa asks him what evidence he has to believethat she is hiding Nine. Unable to contain himself any longer, Jackexplains that he searched every corner of the city but couldn't find a single traceof Nine. He only learned about Melissa's involvementbecause one of his subordinates happened to attend the spring ball. Upon hearing this explanation, Melissa finallyunderstands why Nine disappeared suddenly during the spring ball, and she feels compelledto forgive him. Jack continues his explanation, revealingthat he intended to kill Nine back then, but.

Nine attacked his eye and managed to escape. Knowing that Nine is unfamiliar with the capital,it was clear that Nine would eventually find his way back to Melissa's house. And just like that, the war that had occurredearlier happened. Melissa lets out a big sigh in response toJack's explanation. She asks him if Nine wasn't here, he wouldbe wasting his time entirely. Just then, someone approaches them. Melissa puts on a smile and tells Jack thatshe'll give him some credit this time. Suddenly, Jack's expression turns to confusionand shock.

It turns out that Nine is fully healed now. Melissa tells Jack that he's only got it halfwayright. Jack gets up, boiling with anger, and Melissaboldly says that Nine is hers. She makes it clear that she won't just handover something that rightfully belongs to her without a fight. Let's go back to the conversation betweenMelissa and the Duke. Her last request was to hire a commoner asher personal steward, which obviously shocked the Duke even more. In this society, the employees of noble housesare basically treated as the property of the.

Nobles. If someone harms the employees, it's likeattacking the entire estate. In the end, Jack was kicked out without evenlaying a finger on Nine, who had become a member of the Foddebright household. Melissa remembers the moment she discoveredthat the wolf was Nine. She was just as surprised as Jack when hesaw Nine here too. Nine recalls how Melissa comforted him whenhe suddenly burst into tears back then. He also remembers the moment when Melissaassured the Duke that she would take responsibility if anything happened, which eventually convincedher father.

Nine felt flattered by Melissa's actions. Interrupted by Melissa calling his name, Nine'sthoughts are brought back to the present. Melissa mentions that she went through a lotof trouble because of him and even treated his wounds herself. Seeing Nine feeling guilty, Melissa reassureshim that she was joking. However, she tells him to work hard in returnfor the free treatment and food. As they enter Melissa's room, she instructsNine to lock the door. Throughout the day, Melissa has been feelingsomething wrong inside her. Suddenly, blood starts dripping to the floor.

Melissa finds herself vomiting blood, andseeing her in that state, Nine's expression turns to shock as he desperately tries tohold onto Melissa, who is starting to lose consciousness. Melissa finds herself in an unfamiliar place,wondering who she is and what's going on. Right in front of her, she sees a little girlcrying. Melissa asks the girl why she's crying, andthe girl explains that nobody wants to hug her. Wanting to help, Melissa offers to give hera hug, but the little girl refuses. Trying to stay calm, Melissa asks what shecan do to make the girl stop crying.

Out of nowhere, the little girl shouts forIan to come back. It turns out that the little girl is a youngerversion of Melissa herself. She reveals that no matter what others say,she likes Ian, and she also wants to get along with her little brother. Big Melissa listens patiently to the burdenof the little Melissa, who longs to be loved, and also confirms that this is who littleMelissa truly is. Then she tells big Melissa that she is differentfrom the original Melissa, although they are both Melissa Foddebright. Suddenly, the surroundings start to scatter,and they hear someone calling out to them.

Big Melissa can't remember anything, but LittleMelissa tells her that those voices are calling out to her. Since she is someone who doesn't seek meaninglessand empty love from others, someone who won't tolerate unfair treatment, and someone whocan forge her own path without relying on anyone else. The future is entirely hers. They share a fist bump, and suddenly Melissaopens her eyes. The maids and Nine are there, crying and callingout to her. All the servants are relieved to see Melissafinally awake.

But Melissa feels annoyed by all the noise. Noticing that Nine is still crying, Melissaremembers the moment she was talking with the little Melissa. Honestly, she doesn't fully understand howmuch she has changed by becoming Melissa. She assures Nine that she's not dead and promisesto always protect him. She realizes that having Nine by her sideis only possible because she is “her.” However, Melissa reminds Nine that she specificallytold him to lock the door before she fainted to prevent situations like this, where thestaff comes in and creates such a fuss. (This lil rascal needs training).

In the dining room, the Duke asks what theheck happened to Melissa that made her faint. Deep down, Melissa wants to unleash her angerbecause her father didn't give a damn about what's been happening in the estate. But she struggles to keep calm and tells himthat she's just been a little exhausted lately. She then asks the Duke if she can take a breakfrom the estate for a little while to get some rest. Truth be told, Melissa got herself injuredwhile trying to handle Jack. That fancy sword she had didn't do much forher defense. If it were a regular wound, a good meal andsome rest would do the trick, but this was.

No ordinary wound. The clash between the powers of a werewolfand a human caused a nasty reaction in her body whenever she was attacked. That's why she's been dealing with some internalinjuries lately. Duke Foddebright gives her permission to leave,and he even suggests a place for her. But Melissa quickly rejects his suggestionbecause she already has a place in mind. This leaves the Duke speechless, so he asksher where she has in mind. Melissa reveals a place called Livton. The Duke is shocked, picturing it as somedesolate wasteland.

But with a big grin on her face, Melissa explainsto her father that she actually loves wastelands. She wants to recover while enjoying the viewof the barren land. This explanation leaves the Duke unsure ofwhat to say. Melissa then adds that she knows Livton ispart of the Baronnie of Elizabeth, and she's well aware she won't be treated as a guestthere. But that's okay because as long as the Dukegives his permission, she'll handle the rest on her own. Melissa is feeling confident, knowing theentire story, that the beloved heroine's magic will surely cure her illness and restore Nine'smissing tongue.

On the day of departure, the usual gang gathers. Most of the staff offers to come along, butMelissa tells everyone except Nine and Yona to back off. Yona takes a seat on the coachman's benchand mentions that it will take at least two days to reach Livton, no matter how fast theygo. Melissa is surprised to learn that Yona candrive a carriage too. However, Melissa complains that two days istoo long and insists on making it in one day. Yona refuses at first, but then Melissa temptsher with a bag of gold coins if they can reach Livton in one day.

As expected, Yona's mood instantly changes,and she promises to give her heart and soul to make it there in just six hours. Melissa realizes that Yona has become obsessedwith material desires and has been lying since returning from vacation. And off they go, the carriage moving forward… Suddenly, Yona's voice breaks through Melissa'sdrowsiness, calling out to her. Melissa tries to shake off her sleepinessand gather her senses. Yona's usually emotionless voice now has anunusual calmness to it, indicating that something isn't right.

Melissa slaps herself to stay awake, realizingthey're not in a normal situation. It's a bandit ambush, demanding their belongings. Melissa calmly soothes Nine as he starts growling. Assessing the bandits, Melissa and Nine confidentlystep out of the carriage. Melissa reassures Nine, telling him she'llprotect him and he doesn't need to do anything. Despite being a werewolf, Nine has lost hiscanines, which are a werewolf's main source of power. Melissa's words touch Nine, but they enragethe bandit. Preparing herself, Melissa gets ready to drawher sword.

The bandit then taunts Melissa, saying he'llbe patient because he's in a good mood today, as they've caught a beautiful woman. Melissa stops and wonders who the bandit isreferring to. To her surprise, he points to Yuri, revealingthat they plan to make a fortune by selling her. Melissa is shocked and asks why Yuri is thereand being kidnapped. But all Yuri responds with is an awkward chuckle. Thank you so much for tuning in! hope you enjoyed every bit of it!.

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