She Finds Diamond within the Rough and Makes Him the Lover (PART 4) – Romance Manhwa Recap

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Previously, As Melissa, Nine, and Ian arrive,the attendees are surprised and gossiping about them. To distract others from the negative talk,Ian suddenly asks Melissa to dance with him. However, Melissa responds that she can't dance. Let's continue the story. Melissa makes an excuse, saying her partnerwouldn't approve of her dancing with another man, and her father had forbidden it as well. Ian becomes impatient and tells her that makingexcuses won't do her any good. Melissa continues to avoid dancing with Ian,making more unreasonable excuses.

As a servant passes by with canapés, Melissatakes one and intentionally drops it, claiming her fingers slipped. Ian looks confused by Melissa's behavior,but she steps on the fallen canapé, saying her feet are prone to slipping, which is whyshe can't dance. Ian grows even angrier, but then a woman appearsbehind him and asks him to dance. Ian quickly grabs her hand, agrees to dance,and leaves Melissa behind. Melissa feels relieved, thinking that Ianshouldn't have bothered trying to fight it since he was just going to give up so easily. Holding onto Nine's arm, she leads them toanother spot.

After giving Nine a glass of champagne, shepraises his good work, thinking of how she'll reward him handsomely. Nine blushes and puts on a magnificent smile,causing Melissa to be unable to look away from him. As they raise their glasses to cheers, Melissanotices Nine's expression suddenly turn pale, leaving her bewildered. She asks him what happened, but Nine onlyapologizes to her before quickly giving her his glass and running away. Melissa is left wondering what went wrong.

She considers whether she did something toupset him or if Ian gave him a death stare, but she sees that Ian is busy dancing withanother woman. Melissa is left confused and keeps wonderingwhat happened to Nine, as he looked frightened before he left. At first, Melissa assumes that Nine may haveneeded to use the restroom, but she wonders why he didn't tell her. Then, she starts to think that something urgentmight have come up that he couldn't mention. Despite waiting for two hours, Nine doesn'treturn. The stares from other people make Melissafeel uneasy, and she starts to wonder if Nine.

Got lost in the palace or left her intentionally. To avoid becoming a laughingstock, Melissadecides to search for Nine on her own, since the ball has ended. While searching for Nine, Melissa begins tothink that it might be Ian's fault for his disappearance. Observing Nine's expression, Melissa accusesIan of scolding Nine while she wasn't paying attention. Unable to locate Nine, Melissa takes a seat,realizing she can't call out his name and search for him due to fear of being ridiculedby others.

As a result, Melissa becomes anxious, anticipatingbeing labeled as a villainess first abandoned by her fiancé and then her lover. Left with no other option, Melissa decidesto search in the men's restroom. However, just as she's about to leave, shecatches a glimpse of someone near the bushes. Assuming she has finally found Nine, she callsout to him. But to her surprise, a girl emerges from thebushes, looking equally bewildered as Melissa. Melissa is lost in thought and accidentallysays the girl’s name aloud. The girl standing before her is none otherthan Yuri, the novel's heroine, whose beauty could make anyone fall in love with her atfirst sight.

It's no surprise that all the male protagonistsare smitten by her. Yuri is surprised to hear that Melissa knowsher and wonders if they have met before. Still in shock, Melissa explains that thisis their first encounter. Yuri smiles and mentions Melissa must hearthe rumors about her adoption into the Elizabeth household. Although it is not entirely unusual for acommoner to be adopted by an aristocrat, it is noteworthy to be adopted into the prestigiousElizabeth household. Melissa feels uneasy responding to Yuri, butshe tells her that she is even more beautiful than the rumors suggest.

Hearing Melissa's compliment, Yuri thanksher. Being accepted into the Baron's householdimplies that her magical abilities are exceptional, as the Elizabeth household is populated withprodigious magic wielders. However, since Yuri is a commoner, there ismuch gossip surrounding her adoption. Melissa regains her composure and remembersthat her mission is to find Nine. She politely asks for permission to leaveand suddenly hears Ian calling out her name from behind the bushes. As Ian emerges from the foliage, Melissa isshocked and assumes that he has come to announce their wedding.

However, to her surprise, Ian is flusteredand blushing as he has just fallen in love with someone else. Melissa remembers that this is where Ian andYuri are meant to meet for the first time, and one of the most pivotal scenes of thenovel is unfolding before her eyes. Later in her room, Melissa feels exhaustedand vents her frustrations to her maid Yona, but all she receives in response is a “yes,my lady.” The one thing that brings her some reliefis that the wedding announcement was cancelled, though not because her plan succeeded. In fact, her plan has been ruined, and shefeels as though all her efforts have been.

In vain. Suddenly, Melissa remembers Nine leaving herat the ball and feels disappointed. She declares that she will never trust menagain and Yona laughs at this statement. However, when Melissa glares at her, Yonapretends to be innocent. Meanwhile, in the forest, Nine is on the run. It appears that he fled the ball early toensure that Melissa did not get caught up in the situation. Abruptly, someone stops him – a red-hairedwerewolf who launches an attack on Nine. Melissa is lost in thought and doesn't hearMartha calling her.

Martha smacks her to wake her up and asksher what's making her so absentminded. Martha assumes it's because Ian didn't announcethe wedding at the ball and reassures Melissa that Ian will soon set a date. Melissa feels helpless. Melissa realizes once again that she's inthe world of the novel and that most events will follow the story's plot. The only thing she has control over is herown future. In other words, no matter how much she triesto sabotage Ian, he will still find a flower-lined path unfolding before him with the girl heloves.

This fact drains her motivation, promptingher to conserve her energy as disengaging the engagement will be a time-consuming process. After spending a whole day in bed, Marthaasks Melissa to go outside and get some fresh air in the garden. Martha says she has also prepared lunch forMelissa. Melissa is shocked and tells Martha she isn'thungry, but Martha insists. Melissa gestures to Yona for help, but Yonaresponds with a “you're dead” gesture. Despite being an incredible nanny, Marthais a terrible cook. While Martha serves the food, Melissa praysto God to keep her stomach safe.

Observing Martha's efforts to organize thepicnic, Melissa decides to compromise her taste preferences if it brings joy to Martha. However, Melissa admits to herself that sheis not entirely mentally prepared for this. But just as Melissa is about to eat, she hearssomething approaching. Melissa instinctively protects Martha, causingthe food to be ruined in the process. To Melissa's relief, this mishap spares herfrom having to eat the food. The unexpected intruder turns out to be JackPhoton, a red-haired werewolf who is one of Yuri's suitors. Melissa confronts him sternly, reminding himthat he was not invited.

Jack retorts that Melissa used to bring homeuninvited men, which infuriates her. As Melissa utters Jack's name, she commandshim to leave the premises immediately. Jack is taken aback when he realizes thatMelissa recognizes him and tells her to stop behaving foolishly. He then threatens Melissa, indicating thathe cannot be stopped. Melissa struggles with how to respond, consideringthe safety of those around her. Unexpectedly, Jack offers to spare her peopleif she listens to him. Melissa is taken aback by his unexpected shiftin tone, at least for the time being. Before she can respond, a silent white magicnearly hits Jack, causing them both to startle.

Melissa realizes it is her brother, Jake,who is holding a gun and warns that a dog has entered the premises. Furious, Jack complains that he could havebeen killed. However, Melissa understands that Jake didn'tact out of concern for their safety or to apprehend the intruder. She knows that Jake is allergic to dog furand a werewolf is, after all, a canine. Jack is shouting at Jake to come down andfight him fairly, and thus pandemonium begins. The Foddebright mansion is caught in the crossfireof this dogfight, with the gardeners, servants, and even Martha affected by the chaos.

Melissa sees Martha falling down and becomesangry. She shouts at them to stop and brings themto silence, continuing to complain about the chaos they've caused. Melissa calls them an intruder and someonewho chose to play along instead of protecting the household. They are taken aback by Melissa's sudden outburstof anger and are unable to respond. Melissa asserts her authority, reminding themthat she is in charge while her father is absent, and orders them to remain silent andlisten. Melissa advises Jack Photon to express himselfpolitely in a more formal setting if he has.

Something to say, stating that she is notcurrently in the mood to listen. However, just as Jack attempts to explainhimself, Melissa's frustration intensifies, and she warns him to remain silent or elseshe will use his hair to make a rug. Melissa then demands that her brother comedown from his hiding spot, and despite his reluctance, he ultimately complies due tothe intensity of her glare. Melissa proceeds to lecture them about thechaos they have caused, urging them to recognize their immense power and to use it wisely. She emphasizes that their abilities are wastedif they are used to torment the weak. The mansion's occupants are moved by Melissa'sspeech, while Jack and Jake feel remorseful.

Finally, Melissa commands them to repair thedamage immediately, and this terrifies them. As Melissa puts an ice pack on her head, amaid comes in and asks about her condition. To her surprise, it's not just one maid, butall the other servants also come to check on her. Melissa is shocked and flattered, thinkingthat being an employee of the Foddebright house is difficult. Their jobs require not only physical laborbut also emotional labor, as they have to take care of the three Foddebright with messed-uppersonalities. Melissa responds by saying that she's theone who should always be thankful to them.

The servants are touched even more, and thismakes her feel guilty. As Melissa contemplates the possibility ofJack disrupting the mansion again and causing harm to the people, she decides to take action. With the servants away, she orders Yona tocontact the Duke and request an introduction to the most skilled swordsmanship teacherin the kingdom. She hopes that by learning the art of thesword, she can better protect herself and those around her in case of future threats. What will happen next? and where is Nine anyway? We’ll gonna find out in the next part.

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