She gains magic vitality in one other world everytime she sleeps [Anime Recap]

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We are first introduced to the kingdom of Heartland which is a very technologically advanced Kingdom that is confident in its ability in making cars all the people in this kingdom are working in car manufacturing they all have a car which is causing a huge problem of traffic in the Kingdom if anyone is caught not having a car.

They will be punished and forced into buying one the king however has something weighing his heart heavily his daughter the princess called ancient heart is born with magic and is thought to bring Misfortune to the kingdom her magic allows her to utilize a magic tablet to bring machines to life as she.

Has done it with her stuffed toy joy and a motorbike despite the potential of her magic the minister of the Kingdom feels threatened by its existence and has the king seal her in a glass Mansion one of the ministers wadana Bay has been eyeing for the King's throne and is very especially careful with dealing with the princess.

Magic suddenly coconay wakes up from her dream she is a clumsy and cheerful young teenager with a very vivid imagination which allows her to form the entire Heartland Kingdom in her dreams with her as their princess in the real world she lives with her father Momo and the stuffed toy Joy.

They only have each other as her mother already died several years ago due to an accident the year is 2020 in Japan is about to host the Olympics in the year the government plans to have automatic self-driving cars for the athletes on the first day and has assigned sergima Motors the biggest car manufacturing.

Company in Japan to handle the project the news is broadcasted on the television but coconay and her father don't appear to care about it in the slightest despite coconay being so talkative her father is a reserve guy who doesn't talk much of their conversation is done through.

The messaging apps on their phone Momo is a very genius mechanic but mostly only help out the elderly around giving them cool upgrade to their vehicle but is only taking the repair fee from them on her way to school she stumbles upon her childhood friend Mario who studies in Tokyo and is currently back for.

Summer vacation being the hyperactive girl that she is Mario seems embarrassed with her and tries to act cool in school the clumsy coconay quickly fell asleep and returned to the kingdom of Heartland the kingdom is currently being attacked by a monster called Colossus and the.

King ordered the creation of three giant machines called engine heads to protect the kingdom ansian quickly realizes that they will not be enough to stop the monster since their movements are so stiff and can only defeat it if she could give them a life her prediction came true but she notices.

Someone with a pirate Jersey on his back heading to fight the Colossus alone it was her father from The Real World but she doesn't recognize him here ansien takes her tablet and the vehicle she brought to life to save him she arrives just in time to save him and they quickly Escape together in the real world Momo receives a call.

Telling him to handle the tablet or he will face them in court but he ignores it and heads to his wife's grave bringing Joy with him he puts Joy on her grave and tells her about how his father-in-law wants custody of kokone and his tablet after many years have passed the local cops suddenly surround him and.

Take him into custody in school coconay is informed that her father has been taken to the police but when she heads to the local police station she can't seem to find him remembering that he told her that he will go visit mother's grave she goes there and finds joy lying on her mother's tombstone.

She picks it up and realizes that there's a tablet that belongs to her father inside of joy back home her doorbell rings in Watanabe and some other men are peeking from outside she suddenly gets a text from her father that tells her not to trust the evil guy as he sends her a picture of him.

They then break into the house to search for her and the tablet as they enter coconay receives another text from her father to keep the tablet safe from them but by then Watanabe already managed to find the tablet inside Joy as they try to find kokone as well she hides inside but is then saved when.

Mario comes into her house to see her Watanabe then immediately heads to the airport with joy and leaves a man to see if she is still around coconay quickly takes Mario to her garage and asks him to ride Momo's specially designed bike even though he still doesn't have a license as they get to the airport coconay.

Sneaks in and notices Joy alongside watanabe's bag she tries to quietly steal it back but his Joy is tied to the suitcase she takes the entire suitcase with her instead she quickly runs away and gets on the bike escaping Watanabe and his men's Chase.

During the chase she lost her phone and tries to see if the tablet have any contact information of her father inside Mario finds the closed chat app for mechanics instead they decide to post some messages there hoping to contact her father they also find watanabe's card in the suitcase and realize that he is a senior.

Executive of sergima motors despite how famous sergima Motors is coconay doesn't have any idea of it however her mother's maiden name is also shijim which seems like a coincidence for her already tired from the journey she decides to sleep in Mario also eventually joins her when Moria wakes up he also arrives at.

The Heartland world and is welcomed by ancient who is excited to have Mario join her they immediately find out that her father of this World Peach has been taken away by the Imperial Soldier the two of them realize that the world of the dream is somehow connected to the real world.

They quickly get on the bike that ansian has given life to and fly away to the rescue in the police station Momo notices the messages coconay sent in the chat app but the police has realized that in Snatch his phone away from him they have been informed that he stole the code from sergima Motors and.

Interrogate him for that even though he insists that it was sherjima Motors that steal the code as it originally belongs to his wife coconay and Moria wake up only to find themselves in Osaka it is as if the travel they have done in the dream world is also happening in real life the bike has Auto driving capability and.

Has been automatically driving to Osaka through the night as they stop by a nearby gas station Mario gets a call from his father his father tells them that some mysterious men have been looking for her around her house the men tell them that they were sent by coconay's grandfather who is the.

Chairman of sergima motors they are looking for the tablet as they say that it has been stolen by Momo which is of course denied by kokone Watanabe snatches the phone and threatens to hand over the tablet if she wants her father back safely but coconay decides to just go see the chairman herself to clear things up.

Mario then realizes that some men from sergima Motors seem to be following them around he programs the bike to return home while they discreetly head to the train station however they got no way to buy the ticket as they are both broke through the chat app coconay tells her.

Father that they are on the way to Tokyo to save him she also says that she doesn't have any money to buy the ticket but suddenly a woman arrives and hands them some tickets for the trains they then hand her watanabe's suitcase to be given to the police and quickly board the train.

Inside the train coconay once again tries the chat app and says that she is hungry and wants some lunch suddenly again they are miraculously given some lunchboxes by the stewardess there she then goes back to sleep after eating her lunch and returns to the dream world however this time she is no longer on CN.

And is just herself she can see Peach and on CN together trying to bring one of the engine heads to life they sneak into the machine but the engineers quickly shut the engine down ancient tries to manually start the machine up again as Peach holds back the engineers.

She manages to start most of them but during the last one the machine starts to move causing her to fall she is quickly grabbed by Peach but her grip starts to loosen and onsian turns out to be kokane's mother ikumi her final message to Peach is to look after coconay and as she slips she falls onto the Blazing Colossus to her death.

Coconay wakes up with tears as she realizes that her father has been telling her stories about her mother all along the princess has always been her mother all along and all this time she has been seeing herself as the princess this realization brings her more determination to meet her grandfather.

As they arrive at Tokyo Station they are confronted by sergima Motors employee and kokone leaves them as morio holds them back however the employees turn out to be their allies and are the ones helping them through the chat app they are against Watanabe and don't want him to get the original code for the.

Auto driving vehicle that is on that tablet Mario heads back home and tells Momo who had just been released that coconay is currently in Tokyo they then immediately go back to Tokyo together at shirjima Motors headquarters coconay is rejected and ridiculed by the receptionist after she tells her that.

She is the Chairman's granddaughter fortunately sergima also comes out to get some fresh air and she manages to meet him the two end up in a conversation about akumi even though kokone doesn't reveal her identity in sherjima also doesn't recognize her he says that akumi was a brilliant and.

Forward-thinking engineer who wanted to have shirjima Motors vehicle run automatically using AI however shirjima only cared for traditional cars where people can control them and is too stubborn to accept the proposal causing her to leave the company and live with Momo in the end he never heard of her until.

The day she died the upcoming Tokyo Olympic project is the Colossus that he needs to defeat as he now has to create AI cars and then kokane's dream world and real world got mixed as her grandfather turns into the Heartland King and leaves her suddenly Watanabe appears in his dream form and takes her captive.

He tells her that he is planned for the Chairman's cars to fail during the Olympics so that he can take over the company the man then throws the tablet down and coconay immediately jumps to grab it she is still hanging by The Edge and Peach comes to her rescue the king who recognizes her.

Granddaughter after seeing Joy with her takes Wadena Bay into custody just then the Colossus appears to attack them and Peach manages to expertly control the remaining engine heads and defeat it however Watanabe manages to unleash a curse to destroy everything when the Colossus is defeated Peach manages to lure the curses to the.

Space away from the kingdom with the magic from the tablet as he falls from the sky coconay immediately heads to save her father using the magic vehicle ancient has created before in the real world however coconay is still hanging from a ledge as she jumps after wanabe throws the tablet away just like in the dreams.

But luckily her father arrives at the right time and grabs her arm just as she starts slipping the automatic bike Momo had created arrives and manages to save them both by placing a large balloon beneath them Momo suddenly remembers akumi's last words that tell him that she will be back for him if he needs help Days Later.

Shirjima Motors Olympic project is a huge success as the vehicles successfully carry the athletes on the first day of the Olympics the film ends with coconay Momo and sherjima spending their time together in their Humble House so that concludes the recap of napping princess.

What do you guys think the film explores themes of family bonds the importance of dreams and the relationship between past and present kokane's journey to uncover the truth about her father gradually uncovers a family secret revealing the connection between her dreams and real-life events the transitions between kokane's reality.

And Heartland are skillfully executed providing a seamless flow between the two worlds the Fantastical dream sequences and action-packed Adventure cater to younger viewers while the emotional family drama and hidden mysteries provide substance for older viewers its unique concept and heartfelt.

Storytelling make it an enjoyable watch for audiences of various ages please tell us what you think through the comment section if you like this content please leave us a like and share them with your friends thank you for watching until we see you again

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