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Despite Legis having assigned guards to protect Juvel and nothing out of the ordinary happening, the sight before him was unexpected and disrupted his plans of having a peaceful evening with his daughter. Juvel is taken aback by Legis's reaction, which is much stronger than she expects. Legis appears irate as he demands to know what is happening. Juvel remembers that Legis usually doesn't care if she does something wrong, but now he seems furious.

She guesses that it's because things aren't going according to his plan. Holding onto Max's arm tightly, Juvel confirms that she and Max are dating officially. Legis remains incredulous about what he heard. Legis remains incredulous about what he heard. Max courteously pulls out a chair for Juvel to take a seat, and in gratitude, Juvel returns a smile. Seeing this unfold before him, Legis can't reconcile Max's kindness towards.

Juvel with his own perception of Max's cruelty. He suspects that Max is manipulating his daughter into loving him and using her to hasten the rebellion. Legis inquires about how they met, causing Juvel to become apprehensive. She realizes that while she was able to deceive Geraldine and the guards, her father would be harder to trick. In order to make her story more convincing, Juvel decides to blend some truth with lies.

She tells Legis that Max was searching for him when he wasn't at home, and because it was late at night, she invited him to sleep in her room since she believed he had nowhere else to go. The mention of the word “sleep” causes Legis to boil in rage, but Juvel quickly assures him that nothing happened, which Max confirms with a nod. Legis insists that nothing should happen between Juvel and Max, otherwise Max won't leave that place alive. Legis seems desperate,.

Knowing that instead of informing Derek (the butler) to find Max a room, Juvel let Max into her room. Juvel argues that it was too late at night and that Max wouldn't hurt her since he's Legis's student. Legis, on the other hand, knows that Max is an unpredictable and dangerous person, and despite his attempts to reform Max's character, Max remains a tyrant who could potentially harm Juvel. As Juvel seems unaware of the potential danger that Max poses, Legis deeply regrets taking him in as his student.

Juvel interrupts Legis' deep thoughts by saying that since she's only ever had unrequited love until now, having someone she loves who loves her back is a miracle. She also reassures Legis that she won't bring shame to his name and requests his blessing for her relationship with Max. Legis is speechless, he remembers Juvel as a child, his beloved daughter, and he allowed her to do what she wanted because nothing she did would ever hurt him. However, this time, Legis states that he cannot give his blessing and asks them to break up. Juvel feels helpless,.

Knowing her father is still determined to marry her off to the crown prince. But to their surprise, Max refuses to break up with Juvel. Max recalls the advice Legis once gave him, that people become stronger when they have someone precious to protect, and that he would find someone like that someday. Max grasps Juvel's shoulder and proclaims that he has finally discovered his precious one the person he wants to protect – and it is none other than Juvel. Juvel is impressed by Max's remarkable acting skills. Legis interrupts him,.

Still skeptical of Max's sudden change, as he had previously referred to Juvel as a rat and now calls her precious. However, Max's reaction is exaggerated, stating that he won't just sit idly by if Legis gets in the way of him and Juvel, and that Legis, as his teacher, will take second place. Max's words only intensify Legis' anger, causing him to become even more furious, and he announces that he will no longer consider Max his student either.

These beast fights are really something! Juvel turns pale as she never imagined things would happen like that Max asks the confused Juvel to leave the room with him. As they step out, Legis shouts to stop and grabs Max's shoulder. Max glares at Legis and tells him not to tell him what to do. Juvel sees this as concerning and thinks that Max is going too far. However, she tells her father to calm down and assures him that she will handle the situation. Legis is surprised by how Juvel convinces him.

And loosens his grip on Max, watching them leave. While outside, Juvel expresses her gratitude towards Max for standing up for her, but also tells him that his actions towards her father crossed a line. She clarifies that she never wanted him to be disowned, nor did she want him to insult her father. Juvel believes that forcing something on someone who doesn't want it doesn't help them, but only benefits oneself. Max is taken aback and asks Juvel if she still needs his help.

As Juvel takes Max's hand, she explains that she wants his help, but if he continues to help her in that way, she'll have no choice but to find another solution. Max then inquires about what Juvel would like him to do. Juvel requests that Max make amends with Legis and apologize to him. At first, Max is hesitant and almost declines the request, but seeing the sincerity in Juvel's eyes, he softens and agrees. Legis, who has been watching from a distance,.

Is surprised to see Max give in to Juvel's request, and begins to question if Max has truly changed. Max and Juvel enter the room, and Juvel offers her apologies for leaving earlier. She then tells Legis that Max wishes to speak with him. Max takes a bow and apologizes, but Legis is still skeptical of his sincerity. He suspects that Max is using his daughter to further his own agenda. Instead of accepting Max's apology, Legis rebuffs him and announces that he is no longer his student.

Max is confirmed by this declaration that Legis never intended for him and Juvel to marry. Though Max doesn't understand how Juvel could have misunderstood things, his suspicious eyes indicate that he won't clear things up. As tensions rise between them, Juvel senses the need for a drastic action. She suddenly drops to her knees and apologizes, leaving both Max and Legis in shock. Juvel intends to ask for forgiveness from her father.

And assert that she will continue dating Max. Seeing this, Max is shocked and tells her to get up, insisting that he will do it instead. Juvel wonders why Max is so agitated and believes that he has no idea how scary Legis can be when he's angry. Juvel responds to Max by stating that she won't get up until she finishes talking to Legis. Upon hearing this, Legis shoves Max away and states that he understands and asks Juvel to get up.

Juvel notices that both Max and her father suddenly seem to be getting along, but she believes it's too early to relax. She explains that Max's behavior was a result of his intense love for her, and promises to help him improve. She asks Legis to forgive Max, and he agrees immediately. Juvel is surprised by his swift reaction, realizing that it was easier than she had anticipated. While both Max and Legis continue to urge her to get up soon. And back to square one….

While Juvel considers what to say, Legis suddenly says he will forgive what Max said, but he makes it clear that it doesn't mean he is approving of their relationship. Juvel tries to convince her father that he doesn't have to give permission right away and asks him to wait and see how things go for a little while. Deep down in his heart, Legis still cannot allow their relationship, no matter how much Juvel begs. However, He has a plan to show Juvel what Max is really like in the hope that they will break up. Eventually, Legis agrees to Juvel's request,.

Which makes both Max and Juvel relieved. Juvel thanks Legis, but he feels guilty for lying to her as he believes he needs to protect her. Juvel is ecstatic that her father has given his approval to her relationship. As she and Max enjoy their tea, Juvel reminds him to draw up the contract and asks if there is anything he wants from her. Enchanted by Max's graceful manner of sipping tea, Juvel speculates whether he might be a runaway nobleman's son. Out of nowhere, Max blurts out that the tea is the most disgusting he's ever had. Juvel takes this as a sign that Max isn't a noble,.

Considering his reaction to the tea which was supposed to be of the highest quality and her father's favorite. Max finishes writing the contract and hands it over to Juvel. After going through the contract that Max had written, Juvel realizes that it's a mess and needs fixing. She spends some time editing it and finally presents the final version to Max, asking him to review it and suggest any changes. However, as soon as he reads it, he tears up the contract that Juvel had painstakingly put together.

Juvel is left stunned by Max's sudden action. She thinks to herself that if Max had any issues with the contract, he could have simply communicated them to her. She recalls how Max had never considered her feelings in the past. He would leave without a word after she took care of him for days, suddenly disappear without answering her requests, and get angry at her more than a few times. Juvel realizes that if they are in a contract, they will have to see each other frequently,.

And she doesn't want someone to look down on her anymore. Then Juvel asserts that she wants to terminate their contract immediately. Let's get back to the contract that Juvel has worked so hard on. She told Max to read it slowly, and this is how Max read it; he thought they would be agreeing on a few basic rules, it turned out to be a detailed and formal contract. When he read the part about both parties having to report their location if they would be unreachable,.

Max found it to be excessive. He never even did that with his subordinates. The next section that bothered him was the clause that stated if feasible, the dates would take place in locations with a significant amount of people. Max ripped up the contract and threw it away, solely because of his pride. He felt like Juvel was treating him like a pet to show off to others. But upon seeing Max's actions, Juvel doesn't stay silent.

She decides to break off the contract before they even sign it, which shocks Max to the core. Max explains that they have already obtained permission from Legis, so breaking off the contract is not an option. He brings up the fact that Juvel has to marry the crown prince and even bad-mouths himself, saying that if Juvel doesn't do the contract relationship with him, she'll have to marry the trash tyrant. It's as if he's fighting himself. But Juvel sticks to her choice,.

Saying that they are not suitable for each other and will only exhaust each other if they continue. Seeing Juvel being stubborn, Max says she is being too hasty. Juvel points out the contract he ripped up, which shows that Max has no intention of compromising, and says she cannot sign a contract with someone like that. Max is surprised and recalls his behavior towards his subordinates when he ripped and tossed away documents they gave him. Essentially, ripping up documents is a habit for him.

Juvel then tells him that she doesn’t like it when someone ignores her opinions, as it hurts her self-esteem and makes her feel terrible all day. Max listens to her complaints, but his pride tells him why should he be careful with her since he's the one helping her. However, Juvel seems to be able to read his mind and tells Max that if it's too difficult for him to help her, then it's better to end it since she's the one who asked him for help. Max is struggling to decide how to react.

Part of him feels that if he continues to be stubborn, he may never see Juvel again. However, his pride is telling him not to care about it. When he sees Juvel's glum expression, he makes a quick decision to set his pride aside and apologize to her. Obediently, he signs the contract. His sudden change confuses Juvel, but it's a good thing anyway. Juvel is relieved that the contract is finally completed, while Max feels manipulated.

Juvel is so excited to announce that they're lovers. She intends to ask Max to accompany her to the upcoming tea party at Count Terence's house. Max asks Juvel if she knows who's going to come to the party, and Juvel mentions her friend Lady RoseMary and some of her other friends. Judging by her answer, Max confirms that Juvel has no idea that Mikhail will also be there. Max suddenly stands up and tells her that he will be her companion to the party. Juvel wonders why Max looks so enthusiastic.

The day of the tea party To the surprise of everyone, Veronica brings Mikhail along with her. She explains that she followed the rules and invited whoever she wanted as the host of the party. RoseMary objects, insisting that everyone should have agreed on the guest list beforehand. Mikhail interrupts her, saying that RoseMary is the one who makes decisions without consulting others.

He then grabs Veronica's shoulder and criticizes RoseMary for being strict with everyone except herself. The other ladies seem to agree with Mikhail, stating that RoseMary only obtained permission after she had already invited Juvel. Therefore, they believe that it is not a big deal, as two guests are exceptions to the rule. Mikhail smirks and puts on a smile, thanking the ladies. RoseMary still feels uneasy about Juvel and worries that she will become uncomfortable.

When she finds out that Mikhail is present. Suddenly, the door opens and Juvel enters with Max, surprising everyone. Mikhail's expression turns dark upon seeing Juvel with another man. As Mikhail believed he had already removed the obstacle to attend the party, seeing Juvel with another man came as a shock. RoseMary politely asks Juvel who the man accompanying her is, to which Juvel introduces Max as her lover. The other ladies express their amazement at how handsome Max is,.

And comment that Juvel and Max make a great pair. Max quietly hopes that the ladies would repeat their comments louder, so that Mikhail can hear them. Juvel thinks Max’s acting isn’t bad at all and she should praise him once they’re done. But they have forgotten something… Mikhail is still seething with anger. The first thing Max does upon meeting Mikhail in person is to glare at him, while Mikhail thinks that Max is looking down on him.

The other ladies are excitedly watching a live drama unfold before them a confrontation between the current and ex-boyfriend. Mikhail still believes that Juvel is only pretending to seek his attention. He assumes that Max is a commoner since Juvel did not mention his family name, and she randomly chose him to provoke a reaction from Mikhail. Mikhail quickly changes his mood and greets Juvel with a smile. Upon seeing Mikhail's reaction, Max becomes angry, and Juvel wonders.

If something is wrong with Mikhail for greeting her so happily. However, Juvel ignores Mikhail's hand and responds to him normally. Then Juvel turns to Max and expresses her gratitude for accompanying her. Max then takes Juvel's hand and wraps his arm around her, as if to show Mikhail that Juvel is now with him. While Juvel assumes that Max is nervous based on his expression. RoseMary suddenly interjects and suggests that Max join the tea party, which causes Juvel to become worried. The other ladies agree with RoseMary's suggestion,.

Which only further exacerbates Juvel's concerns. But what's on Max's mind is that since RoseMary is on his side, she must be on Juvel’s side, making her number one ally! Just as Juvel is about to decline the offer, Mikhail suddenly disagrees, followed by Lady Veronica who offers Max a room to wait in instead. Juvel sees this as a blessing as she was worried about taking care of Max during the tea party,.

But now she feels safe thanks to Veronica. Mikhail attempts to impress Veronica with his charm, hoping that Juvel will take notice. Observing Juvel's reaction, he concludes that she will never be able to forget him easily and that he still has a hold on her, regardless of what she does. However, what Juvel actually observes is the way Veronica behaves around Mikhail, which brings back memories of when she was deeply in love with him.

Despite Mikhail being destined to marry the princess, he still pretends to act sweetly towards Veronica. Juvel wishes that Veronica won't be a villainess if her story ends tragically. While waiting in the room as per Juvel's request, Max realizes he can't just sit idly without knowing what Mikhail might do. Remembering Fresia's account of how Mikhail mistreated Juvel, he stands up with a resolve to take action. Mikhail continues to work on his acting, trying to make Juvel jealous by asking Veronica to go on a picnic sometime,.

And Veronica takes it seriously. Mikhail's intention is to make Juvel see and hear everything he does with Veronica and act as if Juvel was in the past. However, Juvel is not paying attention to what Mikhail is doing, as she is engrossed in conversation with RoseMary and other ladies about Max. Failing to get the desired result, Mikhail feels defeated. Suddenly, RoseMary suggests that Juvel join their tasting event as the newest member.

But Juvel is surprised and declines politely. Mikhail still can’t believe what he sees, Juvel’s expression isn’t addressed to him but to the ladies. As the other ladies express their excitement for the new member, Juvel struggles with the decision to join. However, Veronica is against it and reminds the ladies of the proper procedure for joining. Just as Juvel is about to decline again, she catches something out of the corner of her eye and is shocked to see Max watching her from a tree outside the window.

Juvel worries that others might see Max and cannot concentrate on what RoseMary is explaining about the requirements. Seeing Juvel staring at the window, Mikhail’s curiosity leads him to find Max on the tree which shocks him. Juvel is distracted by how to get Max back to the room quickly, so she simply answers RoseMary's question without much thought. Just as Mikhail's eyes meet Max's, Max gives him a rude gesture, which angers Mikhail.

He rises from the couch and asks for permission to get some fresh air. Veronica tries to reach his hand and follow him, but Mikhail abruptly shoves her hand away and insists on going alone, leaving Veronica shocked. Meanwhile, Juvel is still worried that someone might spot Max on the tree, but when she looks back, Max is nowhere to be found. As the other ladies express their excitement about trying Juvel's special tea, Juvel becomes confused. She had been too distracted by Max to pay attention to their conversation.

When RoseMary also expresses anticipation for the tea, Juvel asks what they are talking about. They explain that they are looking forward to a tea party where Juvel will provide the special tea as a requirement for signing up. Juvel turns pale with shock. Mikhail suddenly rushes out of the room, holding a sword. While Max is already waiting for him outside and even comments that it took him too long,.

Further enraging Mikhail. Will Max choose to draw his sword to protect his loved one or will using his knee be enough? We’re going to find out in the next part. Remember to hit the like button and leave a comment to let us know your thoughts Thanks for tuning in. Hope you enjoy every bit of it.

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