She Got Taken Advantage Her Complete Existence Nonetheless In a roundabout map Will get Revenge

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A creative director's thriving life descendsinto turmoil as he backs his friend's offender, leading him to lose everything he worked for. On May 12, 1998, four men chased a teenagerand exploited her in the woods. Suddenly, The General arrived on the scene,swiftly intervening by shooting one of the assailants. As the second aggressor attempted to escape,the high-ranking official aimed again, successfully stopping him. As a result, the two remaining culprits kneeland surrender. However, the officer proceeds to end theirlives as well before completely disappearing.

Finally safe from her perpetrators, the teensits on the ground alone, processing the shocking event that had happened to her. Years later, in New York, Eddie Schneider,the charismatic, creative director of a prestigious advertising firm, arrives in style with hispartner Judy Birk at an opulent mansion. Stepping out of the car, he receives a warmwelcome from his boss and his girlfriend’s father, Russel, who is with his wife, Linda. Meanwhile, Anthony, the design lead's colleague,and the superior's son, engages with the family dog nearby. Within the luxurious house, Eddie takes thestage to announce his engagement to Judy,.

Seeking the executive's blessing for theirunion. In a playful tone, the firm owner adds thathe'll approve the marriage after the creative director seals the deal with their airlineclient the next day. Following his joke, the supportive chief giveshis blessing, expressing excitement to have him as part of the family. The next day, as Eddie heads out for work,he shares a kiss with his fiancée, who wishes him luck with his presentation. However, before reaching the office, he meetshis mistress Vicky for an intimate time, revealing his womanizing tendencies.

Shortly after, he accelerates his car towardsthe company building, swiftly attempting to arrive on time for his pitch. At the Birk Advertising Agency, Russel andAnthony notify their major airline client, Edgar, about the creative director's delay. Upon receiving the news, the guest displaysdissatisfaction with the presenter's unprofessional attitude. Trapped in traffic, Eddie immediately callsthe receptionist, Norah, and instructs her to provide iced coffee to Edgar. Nevertheless, when the client takes a sip,he promptly spits it out and feels unsatisfied.

Upon the creative director's arrival, he tactfullyadvises the front desk clerk to call him on his cell phone just before the presentation,setting the stage for a dramatic entrance. Following the call, Eddie inquires about Edgar'sfeelings, leading the disappointed client to express his intention to ditch the meeting. In a bid to mediate, Russell steps in, preventingthe guest from leaving and subsequently terminating the creative director from his position. Nonetheless, the design lead responds to hissuperior's decision with a laugh and continues with his presentation, skillfully capturingthe attention of the irritated client. During his presentation, his innovative approachcaptivates the audience.

He shrewdly utilized his late arrival andthe iced coffee incident to simulate airline clients' frustrations during flight delays. He emphasizes that when disgruntled passengersfind themselves in the lounge, confronting a sign that reads “Can I help you?” only amplifies their disappointment. As a part of his strategy, the creative headwhips the current ad prints and suggests a new airline motto: “Your business. Now.” This move impressed Edgar, ultimately promptingthe airline client to seal the deal with the.

Advertising agency. After the meeting, Eddie's chief copywriterand close friend, Angelina Sable, congratulates him, mentioning that he should have informedher in advance. In response, the creative director explainsthat the idea struck him while he was on the road, leaving him no time to give her a heads-up. Celebrating their successful pitch, the designlead and his advertising writer head to a sushi bar and raise their glasses in a toast. During their time there, he discloses hisengagement, prompting her to advise him to leave behind his womanizing ways.

Playfully, she makes him swear on a menu aspart of their lighthearted conversation. Upon returning to the office, Russell andthe entire agency commend Eddie for his triumphant presentation. This recognition results in the boss promotingthe creative director to the position of his business partner. Meanwhile, at home, Judy picks up an unfamiliarscent while smelling her fiancé's laundry. The following morning, Eddie informs his futurepartner that he’ll head out for a run before going to work. However, he detours to Vicky's apartment totell her he's ending their relationship due.

To his impending marriage. Unbeknownst to him, his suspicious soon-to-bewife is discreetly investigating his running route. Later at the agency, Anthony subtly confrontsEddie about his presentation gimmick to hide his delay. Also, he brings up marriage as a significantcommitment, hinting at his knowledge of his future brother-in-law's secret affair. After work, the creative director and Angelinahead to the parking lot to get into their cars.

Once the design lead drives off, the copywriterrealizes she has left her keys inside the office. Nevertheless, upon her return to the building,she unexpectedly encounters Anthony. He then directly questions whether she hadan affair with her sister's future husband. Despite her denial, the perpetrator remainsunconvinced and proceeds to exploit her. After taking a shower, the traumatized copywriterheads to the parking lot. There, she sobs and can’t get herself todrive home. The following morning, Eddie arrives and findshis best friend in tears in the parking garage. After discovering what Anthony did to Angelina,the creative director becomes enraged and.

Vows to confront his future brother-in-law. However, the shaken woman intervenes, urginghim to take her to the hospital instead. Following his colleague receiving medicalcare, the design lead covers all the expenses and converses with his former partner, Dr.Evelin. She informs him that the sedated patient isexhibiting symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Enraged, Eddie returns to the office and directlyconfronts Anthony for taking advantage of Angelina. However, the perpetrator skillfully reversesthe scenario and blackmails the creative director, presenting photographic evidence of his affairs.

In the meantime, Detective Helen Drake questionsthe distressed patient and accompanies her to a convent the following day under the careof Sister Meryl. Shortly after dropping her things off, thecopywriter heads to the police station to report her complaint. On the way, she attempts to call her bestfriend, but he rejects the call. Within the advertising firm, the investigatorvisits Eddie and invites him to testify on behalf of his best friend. However, their conversation is cut short whenthe company owner, Russell, enters the scene. The detective then takes the opportunity tobrief the agency boss about Anthony's connection.

To the case. In response, the executive engages Bert Zikinskyto establish his son's innocence. In their discussion, the lawyer seeks thecreative director's help testifying against Angelina. Faced with the desire to protect his careerand marriage, the man agrees to the request to let his colleague get away with his wrongdoing. Later, Helen approaches Eddie and inviteshim to testify for the copywriter. Regrettably, he declines the request but grappleswith sleepless nights due to the burden of betraying his best friend.

The next day in court, the womanizer weavesa tale to doubt Angelina's credibility. He claims that his best friend followed himclosely when he drove home to prove that she wasn’t in the office and that the exploitationwas a lie. As she hears her best friend’s fabricatedstory on the stand, the afflicted person feels silently furious, unable to understand whyher colleague is protecting the wrongdoer. As Bert interrogates Eddie, the creative directorcontinues to make up a tale about the executive's plan to fire the woman because of her poorperformance at work, strengthening his claim that she’s unstable. Feeling let down by her best friend's betrayal,a vindictive Angelina takes the stand and.

Asserts that she had an affair with the creativedirector. In response, Anthony's lawyer accuses thedistressed woman of falsehood, suggesting that she accuses men of exploiting her whenthey don't comply with her wishes. Supporting this claim, Bert refers to thewoman's prior police report wherein she detailed an incident of four men taking advantage ofher until a general intervened and shot the attackers. The legal expert then argues that the accusationnever reached trial due to a lack of evidence supporting the exploitation claim and thatthe mentioned military officer did not exist. Bert then mentions that after the police report,Angelina spent two years in a psychiatric.

Clinic due to mental illness. He emphasizes that the woman, who has a historyof dishonesty, is repeating her pattern. As a result, Anthony emerges victorious inthe case, officially getting away with his heinous act. After the trial, an angry Judy confronts Eddieabout his involvement with his copywriter. Despite his denial, the enraged woman remainsunconvinced and distrustful. The following morning, the womanizer reachesout to Vicky. Yet, when he requests permission from hisfiancée to “go for a run,” he is taken aback to find her waiting outside their apartment,prepared to run alongside him.

While running together, Judy observes thatEddie tires unusually quickly for someone who often uses running as an excuse. This revelation leads her to confront himabout his involvement with another woman in the vicinity and urges him to confess to theaffair. When the creative director remains silent,his fiancée interprets his lack of response as confirmation and ends their relationship. In the convent, Sister Meryl offers comfortto the distraught Angelina, assuring her that justice will prevail and those responsiblefor her suffering will face the consequences of their actions.

Nevertheless, consumed by despair, the copywritercontemplates ending her life through hanging. Unexpectedly, the General materializes, leadingthe woman to doubt the reality of his presence. In response, the high-ranking official affirmsthat he is an actual being and encourages her to be brave. Before he disappears, he advises her to discardher medication, which he claims weakens her. As Angelina disposes of the capsules in thesink, the nun enters and inquires about the person she has been conversing with. In response, the traumatized woman fabricatesa lie, explaining that she was merely talking in her sleep.

The following day, Russel dismisses Eddiedue to the broken engagement, resulting in him losing his position as a business partner. As the creative director highlights his significantcontributions to elevating the company's status, the executive offers him a severance packageof $200,000. However, this gesture only leaves the employeefeeling insulted, given that his contributions far exceeded that amount. With determination, a vengeful Angelina gathersher courage and takes matters into her own hands. That night, she navigates the dark streetsand acquires a weapon from an underground.

Merchant. The following morning, Eddie pays a visitto Judy at her newly-opened furniture shop to break the news of his termination fromthe advertising firm. Amidst their conversation, the heartbrokenstoreowner questions her former partner about the extent of his involvement with other women,specifically if it includes Angelina. In response, the former creative lead confessesto engaging in affairs with numerous individuals but clarifies that the copywriter wasn't amongthem. Eddie then reveals the truth and explainsthat his best friend fabricated an affair story to get back at him for testifying againsther in court.

He mentions that he had to lie on the standbecause the real culprit, Anthony, discovered his womanizing and blackmailed him into helpinghim avoid consequences. Learning this, Judy feels let down by herex-partner's betrayal of his best friend. She walks out, prompting the man to exit theshop. That night, Eddie attends a party, where Anthonytaunts him about using his severance money for womanizing. Provoked, the former creative director endsup physically confronting his ex-colleague. Shortly after the bouncers throw the formercreative director out of the nightclub, a disguised and vengeful Angelina arrives atthe bar to execute her plan.

When Anthony orders a drink, the woman discreetlyslips an illegal substance on the liquor. As the perpetrator starts to feel disoriented,Angelina invites him into her car and drives to a secluded spot on the pier with the General'sapproval. Inside the vehicle, the former copywritersecures her assailant to the steering wheel with handcuffs and removes her wig to revealher true identity. She brandishes a handgun and confronts him,demanding his true motivations for exploiting her. The captive man then admits that he's in lovewith her and proposes a substantial sum in exchange for his release.

Nevertheless, an undeterred Angelina followsthrough with her scheme, using her advantage over him to make him experience the harm heinflicted on her. Subsequently, she ends her perpetrator’slife with a gunshot and disposes of the weapon by discarding it in the bay. Meanwhile, a drunken Eddie heads to his ex-fiancée’sapartment. Out of concern for his ex-lover, the womantakes his keys to prevent him from driving off and getting into an accident. She then allows him to stay the night butdemands that he should be gone the coming morning.

The following day, the former creative leaveshis ex-partner’s apartment. A moment later, he discovers news of Anthony'spassing and accompanies Judy to the memorial service. As they gather there, he unexpectedly spotsAngelina among the attendees. Later that night, Detectives Paula York andSteve Dwight visit the former copywriter at the convent and inquire about her presenceat the funeral. In response, the vengeful woman fabricatesa story, asserting that she wrongly accused the deceased man and attended the memorialservice solely to pay her respects. When the investigators inquire about her whereaboutson the night of Anthony's demise, Angelina.

Asserts that she never left the premises,with Sister Meryl supporting her statement. Meanwhile, Eddie bounces back as a creativedirector at a different company and offers Edgar the opportunity to be one of his clients. However, during his presentation, Paula andSteve show up to arrest him. As another part of her revenge scheme, Angelinaframed her former colleague to appear as the perpetrator behind Anthony's demise, effectivelydiverting suspicion from herself. When the detectives highlight Eddie’s fingerprintson the victim's body and suggest a possible motive due to his expulsion from the firm,the innocent man vehemently refutes the claim and ends up in prison.

During his time in jail, the former copywritervisits him, and he seizes the chance to apologize for testifying against her during Anthony'strial. He also reveals that he knows her involvementin their colleague's demise. When Eddie asks Angelina to admit her murderousaction, the traumatized woman refuses. She explains that if she takes his place inthe cell, she will only end her life through hanging. When the former creative director suggeststhat she claims self-defense as a motive for her act, she points out that the justice systemwill likely let her down, much like it did when she was a teenager.

She then explains her desire to have a safefuture and family life, leaving her former best friend to face the repercussions of heractions. During Eddie's trial, lawyer Nick Swell emphasizesto the jury that placing blame on an innocent individual occurs when the wrongdoer remainsunidentified. While testifying on the witness stand, Vickyadmits to her affair with the defendant for several months. She adds that the former creative directorterminated the relationship because he was preparing to marry his boss's daughter. During Judy's testimony, she discloses thather ex-partner stayed at her residence the.

Night of her brother's demise and departedthe following morning. However, upon hearing her statement, lawyerWilliam Henderson suggests that the defendant could have left in the middle of the nightto end Anthony’s life. While Eddie is on the stand, the complainant'slawyer insinuates that the former creative director developed a motive to harm RusselBirk's son after being fired from the advertising firm, despite testifying for him during histrial. However, the defendant clarifies that histermination was due to his broken engagement and the executive's choice to maintain thebusiness within the family. Upon hearing this, William asks Eddie aboutany potential blackmail from Anthony.

When the accused man provides a false response,the lawyer presents photographs of the former creative lead's affairs, considering themevidence of extortion. With this evidence, the legal expert reinforceshis claim that the ex-creative lead's resentment towards his former colleague’s action mighthave driven him to lie and carry out his murderous plan. After the trial, the Birk family drives home. When they encounter Angelina crossing thestreet, a furious Linda tells her husband to run over their deceased son’s formercomplainant. However, shortly after the vehicle moves,the tearful Judy demands her father stop the.

Car and gets out of it to relieve herselffrom her toxic parents. Meanwhile, Nick confronts Eddie for not disclosingthe photographic evidence, which weakens their chance of winning the case. In hopes of turning things around, the defendantreveals that Angelina told him she had ended Anthony’s life. However, when the lawyer asks him to revealthe truth, the accused man declines, pointing out that his ex-best friend would only endher life in prison. To convince him to testify, the legal expertexplains that his friend will only have four or five years in jail because Anthony exploitedher.

The following day, Eddie takes the stand andrecounts Angelina’s visit. As he sees the traumatized woman among theattendees, he changes his mind about telling the truth and only informs the court thathis friend feels sorry for him and wishes him luck in the trial. Upon hearing this, the judge and the crowdlaugh at the unimportant statement. To support her former partner, Judy conferswith Nick and requests to testify truthfully the following morning. When she takes the stand, the furniture shopowner asserts that the accused man couldn't have committed the murderous action becauseshe had taken his car keys, implying he remained.

In her apartment throughout the night. When the lawyer inquires why she didn't disclosethese details in her initial testimony, she explains that her brother is the actual wrongdoerand has exploited numerous women, including herself, when she was a teenager. She emphasizes that her sibling consistentlyevaded consequences because her wealthy father always covered up his misdeeds. Following the trial, Linda and Russel grapplewith the controversy surrounding their deceased son's reprehensible actions. Meanwhile, Eddie is proven innocent, yet theidentity of Anthony's assailant remains unidentified.

To public knowledge. Inside the courtroom, Judy approaches Angelinaand begins to ask a question. However, before she can finish, the formercopywriter nods, presuming that the woman is about to inquire if she is the perpetrator. Following her interaction with her fellowsufferer, Judy embraces Eddie, who commends her for her courage on the witness stand. Simultaneously, Angelina leaves the buildingand catches a taxi to the airport, excited to start a new life. Leaving the courthouse, the former coupleshares a reminder to take care and a parting.

Kiss before heading their separate ways.

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