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A desperate and disturbed woman recruits astranger from the internet to assist in her haunting quest to end her life. Frustrated with life and an unhappy marriage,Nancy Stockwell, a troubled internet entrepreneur addicted to pain, takes the bus to a trainstation. She's determined to meet an online acquaintancewith sadomasochistic tendencies who has agreed to assist in ending her life. Meanwhile, following a car wash, Albert, thedistressed woman's husband, returns home and notices he’s alone. While organizing his mail at the dining table,he discovers a note from his partner stating.

Her departure to Baltimore with friends. During Nancy's wait at the terminal, a dognamed Walnut approaches her, encouraging her to pet the animal. Shortly after, the furry creature's owner,Louis Farley, arrives and warmly acknowledges the woman. He notes that she appears different in reallife. Strolling towards the car, the troubled wifebrings up the existence of two types of dog food: one for regular consumption and anothermeant for those who intend to eat their dogs. Hearing this, the man playfully tells hisdog that their new friend has plans to have.

Him as a meal. Back at home, Albert spots a razor on thebathroom floor during a phone conversation with his friend. After quickly touching the sharp item, hepromptly ends the call and cleans his hands. Afterward, the man invites his friends andcolleagues over, Stan and Billy, to let them watch a video for their golf company. After the presentation, the men commend thegolfer for his excellent work. Following this, Albert brings his pals tothe virtual golf playroom he built downstairs. As Stan practices his skills, Billy asks thehomeowner about his wife’s whereabouts.

In response, the husband informs his guestthat Nancy is in Baltimore and will return the next day. However, he discloses that it is unusual forhis partner not to call when she’s on a trip. Shortly after bidding his friends farewell,the concerned spouse reminisces about the day he witnessed his wife smiling while usingher computer. He also recalls an incident where he accidentallyrolled his golf ball near her door and caught her engaged in self-pleasing behavior. Intrigued, Albert takes a seat at the computer.

He then presses the keyboard, which promptsthe monitor to display the desktop. Meanwhile, while Louis takes the wheel, Nancysuggests a detour to an arcade for enjoyment. Inside the gaming hub, the distressed womanimitates the dance steps of a player on Dance Revolution. Soon after, she heads to the shooting arcade,aiming at virtual enemies on the screen. While the troubled entrepreneur engages inplay, Louis inquires about how she recognized him as the “chosen one” for her request. In response, the woman explains that it wasan instinctual feeling. Without delay, she shares her desire to weara beautiful dress on her final day.

Back at home, Albert listens to golf adviceon the radio while relaxing in the bathtub. As he gazes into the bathroom mirror, he envisionshis wife using the blade to harm herself. During one of Nancy's therapy sessions, psychoanalystCarol inquired about the emotions preceding her urge to self-harm. In reply, the troubled woman bluntly statesthat she felt nothing. When the counselor probed into the natureof her thoughts, the patient disclosed that beyond the thoughts of her husband and hunger,her uncle, whom she knew cared deeply for her, also crossed her mind. Upon receiving this information, the therapistcorrected her patient, reminding her that.

Her relative had caused her harm and did notgenuinely love her. However, the client persisted, asserting thatshe perceived her family member's actions as a form of affection and chose to reciprocatethat supposed love. The internet entrepreneur also confirms thatshe enjoyed engaging in painful “games” with her uncle, revealing the origin of her masochism. Delving into her patient's remarks, Carolinquired whether Nancy felt accepted when someone hurt her, or she inflicted harm uponherself. In response, the client clarified that suchexperiences only made her feel something. She further revealed that her husband hadnever caused her harm, leading her to believe.

He didn't truly love her. During Stan's talk at the golf company event,he thanked Albert for his contributions and then announced the start of the dance. However, as soon as the speech ended, Alberthappily texted someone on his phone. Nancy then invited her husband to dance, andalthough he joined briefly, he abruptly left her. Consequently, she returned to her table aloneand wanted to go. Later, the apathetic husband encountered hispartner in the hall and requested that she set aside her feelings of sadness as it wasa friend's special evening.

In the present, following their arcade time,Nancy and Louis resume their journey. As they drive, he observes her dried flowernecklace, prompting her to explain that it's a gift for her husband on their tenth anniversary. She underscores that the dried pendant symbolizestheir marriage. Upon hearing this, the sadomasochistic mannotes that the entrepreneur still has the option to change her decision about endingher life, to which the woman firmly responds that she met up with him because she is resoluteabout her decision. Upon arriving at Louis' apartment, Nancy noticesnumerous shelves filled with videotapes, leading her to inquire if there's one for her.

Playfully, the man teases her that she's gettingher shelf. Later, after having some drinks, they engagein intimate activities that involve some form of torture. Meanwhile, an anxious Albert's excitementbuilds as their phone rings. Yet, it's Carol's message for Nancy abouta missed appointment. Hearing this, the husband promptly contactsStan, sharing his concern that his partner has been unreachable for two days. After ending that call, he dials 911 but tossesthe phone onto the table. Following their private yet painful bond,Louis drives Nancy to a boutique, where she.

Tries on dresses for her final day. While she wears her chosen garment, the manadmires her beauty, prompting her to purchase the clothing. Then, they book a hotel room and spend anotherintimate yet torturous time together. Afterward, the man praises his partner’sperformance. Continuing their conversation, Nancy sharesa story about her mother insulting her and confining her to a room for five days uponlearning she couldn't conceive. After laughing at her traumatizing moment,she playfully envisions birthing golf clubs, considering it might capture her husband'sinterest more than the idea of having babies.

Following this, Louis asks if they can stopwhat they’re doing. However, the woman pleads with him to continuehurting her, prompting him to slap her face. She advises him to stick to their plan ofending her life. Days later, the end-of-life facilitator visitsAlbert's apartment, presenting himself as Nancy's server maintenance person responsiblefor virus protection. When the husband mentions his wife's absence,the pretending man inquires about her expected return time. However, the golfer acknowledges that he hasno idea when his partner will return. Attempting to gain access, the technicianmentions the impending expiration of the computer's.

Firewall, emphasizing the risk of file lossfor Nancy. Upon hearing this, Albert approves, permittingthe maintenance guy to access his wife's computer. He explains that he also needs help sendingthe emails his partner had asked him to do. When Louis requests the device's password,the husband confesses to not knowing it, implying he doesn’t care for his spouse. Quickly, as he powers on the machine, theserver maintenance learns that the owner had no set passcode. As the technician inquires about the emailtask, Albert confesses that he fabricated the request and is trying to determine whohis absent wife has been meeting with so he.

Can get in touch with her. While Louis reviews the emails, he questionsthe worried husband about a person named “Deephurt Farley,” with whom his wife had been corresponding. However, just before delving into those messages,the golfer stumbles upon an email bearing his name and requests the server maintenanceto open it. As the computer technician clicks on the message,Albert moves to the seat and begins to read the content that Nancy has left for him. Reading through, he gradually comprehendsthat she has chosen to depart from their unhappy marriage for her liberation.

Meanwhile, the server maintenance man oddlyopens his coat. Upon completing the letter, the concernedhusband claims that the writing is not his partner's. Nevertheless, the guest suggests his wifemight have connected with another romantic interest. However, the golfer rejects this idea, highlightingthat his wife's activities mainly revolved around computer work. As Albert confronts the server maintenanceguy, he notices him wearing the dried flower necklace, which unsettles him.

He quickly excuses himself to get a drinkwhen he realizes what's happening. Then, he returns to the computer room andstrikes the pretending maintenance man with a golf club. During a therapy session, Nancy candidly sharedher vision of an entirely different life marked by a joyful marriage and the presence of children. When Carol inquired whether she and her husbandhad considered adoption, the woman mentioned that they had briefly discussed it beforetheir marriage. However, her husband had brushed it aside,diverting the conversation by expressing his craving for Chinese food.

This evasion pointed to his avoidance of thechallenging topic. Following this conversation, Nancy excusedherself and headed to the restroom, where she harmed herself with a blade. Sensing that her patient was hurting herself,Carol knocked on the bathroom door, gently reminding her there were alternative waysto find relief beyond self-injury. Upon exiting the lavatory, the patient fabricateda lie, telling her therapist that she had only changed her tampon. In the current moment, Albert restrains Louis,realizing that the man is Nancy's other partner, as her emails indicate.

Then, the furious husband questions his guestabout his wife's location and demands to know what he has been doing to her. In response, the sadomasochist discloses thathe had been engaging in intimate activities with the internet entrepreneur so she couldhelp her break free from their unhappy marriage. However, Albert remains skeptical and rejectsthe explanation. The golfer insists that Louis groomed hiswife and cites the emails as evidence of the manipulation. When the subdued man inquires why he didn'taddress his wife's distress, the provoked man strikes him with his golf club.

This action leads the sadomasochistic manto sarcastically commend him, acknowledging his capacity to cause pain to others, whichhis wife would have liked. In the past, there was an occasion when Nancyput all the salt and mashed potatoes on her plate, playfully tossing the food onto herhusband's face as a romantic gesture. However, the selfish Albert didn't find itamusing and declined to join her. That night, the woman tried to initiate intimatemoments with her partner. However, the golfer turned down her advances. When she insisted, the man grew irritatedand eventually became forceful, aggressively engaging in intimate activity with her againsther will.

In the present, Albert awakens from his sleepand confronts Louis about what he’s getting from his involvement with Nancy. In response, the bruised man points out thathe feels hurt after engaging with the woman, adding that the golfer is experiencing thesame, too. As the concerned husband questions him abouthis wife's location, the sadomasochist reminds his captor that the internet entrepreneuris gone. However, the restrained visitor suggests thatthe golfer can still search for his partner, as the woman wants to be found. When Albert inquires about Nancy's well-being,the tied guest questions why the golfer suddenly.

Cares for his wife only after realizing shehas left him. However, instead of answering, the guiltyspouse is speechless. Shortly after, the man reassures the worriedhusband that his partner is safe, making him feel relieved. A few days prior, following their intimateencounter, Louis accompanied Nancy's partner to a pet shop, where they came across a lifelessfish in one of the aquariums. Upon witnessing this, the sadomasochisticman inquired about the woman's perception of her passing. She responded, likening it to an awakeningfrom a troubling dream.

Then, she boldly requested him to kiss herpassionately in the store. When Louis inquired if she had any other requests,Nancy expressed her desire for her husband to experience the same loneliness he had subjectedher to throughout the last fifteen years of their marriage. She highlighted that sharing those feelingsmight finally find some common ground. During a meal at a restaurant later that day,the troubled woman asked her end-of-life facilitator how he had met his ex-wife. He shared that he had encountered her at apet shop while selecting his dog, Walnut. When Nancy questioned why they had partedways, Louis hesitated to delve deeper, indicating.

That it wasn't within the scope of their arrangement. However, upon her persistent prodding, heeventually revealed that he had children from his previous marriage. When the sadomasochistic man inquired whyshe wanted to learn about his past, the troubled wife pointed out that she was nearing herfinal moment anyway. Abruptly, he asked why she hadn't kept herself-harming behavior to herself instead of involving him. Upon hearing the question, Nancy felt insultedand screamed at him for the other customers to hear.

However, the man defended himself, claiminghe only asked out of curiosity, not because he wanted to change her. However, the woman remained unconvinced byhis explanation, insisting that he was attempting to dissuade her from carrying out her suicidalplan. The entrepreneur also pointed out that evenif she were to divorce her spouse, she wouldn't find happiness because she would still haveto continue living. When she caught the customer looking at her,Nancy rose and attempted to hit the diner, leading Louis to intervene. A short while later, the troubled wife angrilyleft the restaurant, prompting the sadomasochistic.

Man to follow her. However, she merely requested to be takenback to the hotel. Along the way, they stopped at a hardwarestore for Louis to procure the items needed for their intended plan. However, things took an unexpected turn whenthe disturbed woman accidentally harmed herself using one of the tools, capturing the attentionof the staff and other customers. Meanwhile, in the present, Albert feeds Louisand shares that he has hired courtesans because of his unhappy marriage with Nancy. He then openly admits that he couldn’t handlehis partner’s mental issues.

Suddenly, the sadomasochistic man proposesa deal to the unhappy husband: he suggests that if the golfer sends his dog, Walnut,to a caretaker, he will disclose Nancy's location. Fueled by concern for his wife, the golferagrees to the request. During a therapy session, the frustrated internetentrepreneur took Carol's notes and questioned her credentials, expressing doubt about herability to help with her issues. Feeling offended, the therapist ended thesession abruptly, noting that the client needed to be willing to help herself for any progress. As the professional appeared agitated, a devastatedNancy sat on the couch, leading the counselor to offer a comforting pat on her back.

At present, Albert arrives home and discoversunexpected guests when he goes downstairs to his golf playroom. To his surprise, he finds Louis, who is nolonger restrained, engaging with the Stan and Billy. Subsequently, the sadomasochistic man complimentsthe golfer, acknowledging his skill in constructing the virtual golf room. When Stan inquires about Louis' family, thebruised man reveals that he has two children he hasn't seen for years due to his ex-wife'srefusal to allow him access. Shortly after, they ask about his connectionto Nancy, prompting the man to reveal that.

He met the golfer's wife online due to sharedinterests. Continuing the conversation, the guest directshis attention to Albert, inquiring whether he had contacted the police regarding hismissing spouse. The worried husband confesses that he hasn'tand then questions Louis about the actual location of Nancy. In response, the sadomasochist discloses thathe had “released” the woman, indicating that he had carried out her request to end herlife. On the day of the troubled woman's passing,Louis vented frustration in his apartment before going to the hotel to meet Nancy, indicatinghis hesitation to assist the woman in sending.

Her off. Shortly after, he headed to the inn and sawthe woman in her elegant farewell dress. Following this, they shared an intimate momentfor the last time. During their private bond, the troubled wifecasually asked her end-of-life facilitator if he would terminate her life while she worethe beautiful garment. When he declined, Nancy labeled him a cowardfor hesitating to continue with their agreement. In response, Louis admitted that he didn’tsupport the woman’s demise idea anymore, implying that he had fallen in love with herand wanted her to stay alive. Upon receiving this response, the woman'sfrustration escalated as it became clear she.

Wouldn't attain her desired outcome. However, due to his romantic feelings forher, the sadomasochistic man ultimately strangled the woman, fulfilling her wish. Subsequently, the demise facilitator transportedthe lifeless body to a field. Years later, Albert switches on the televisionand replays a news clip from a year ago. In the footage, the news anchor disclosesthat Louis has received a life sentence without the possibility of parole for carrying outNancy's disturbing online request for someone to end her life. Following this, the guilty husband goes throughhis late wife's belongings and reads her email.

Exchanges with the convicted sadomasochisticman.

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