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Hello friends this is an interesting news storyby the way our channel is watched by 87 of people without subscribing to the channel please likethis video And subscribe to the channel it gives us motivation to create more videos for you enjoywatching the Twilight sun which was visible on the horizon of the lavender blooming slope dazzledthe eyes and it was difficult to see the fragile tall silhouette in the distance elwana ran tomeet her in the arms of her mother who called her daughter in a gentle voice that swept throughthe wind with notes of blooming flowers elijuana loved the Deep loving motherly look and smileshe saw every day these are the facial features in light thick hair of a loved one that she doesnot confuse with anything else Eleanor Anna ran with her arms outstretched in her new dressblue as clear water with her hair caught in.

The grass the color of wheat in the sun hoping tosmuggle up to her beloved burning mother's heart green eyes Shone like Morning Dew from happinessbefore something important and beautiful for a child mom mom she screamed in a gentle childishvoice but suddenly The Voice began to subside perplexed by what is happening her eyes arefilled with pain and fear suddenly an iron cold grating appears from the void between elwanaand her mother protecting their happiness and love the eyes are filled with childish pain andmisunderstanding what Mom she screamed as best she could tears without stopping pour overthe porcelain skin this gentle silhouette of mom which she remembered for her whole life goesaway from her into the distance the last time she saw her hair the smell of which she will rememberforever green eyes that looked at her with strong.

Love and care going into the distance her motherwalked along this blooming lavender as if it didn't matter as if she was destroying children'shopes for the last time she turned around and looked into the eyes of her daughter her onlyblooming flower and with the setting of The Sun she leaves for the evening Sunset meanwhilein a small town the sun had already risen it illuminated the roofs of the houses and the Raysof the sun peered into the windows in one of the dungeons of the castle the window was closed withthick iron bars there was a girl it was Elena she was lying on a thin blanket spread on thecold floor next to the cold stone walls her body was in wounds and her face was in tears andin her sleep she whispered the beautiful word mom stretching in a cold sweat with tears in her eyesthat flowed down her cheeks she realized that it.

Was just a dream on the stone floor there weretwo Iron Bowls in which there was stew and Elena thought about splitting it into two portionsbefore her brother woke up selecting all the meat from one plate and transferring it to hisbrother's plate so that his portion was larger she kept only the meat broth for herself pouring waterinto it so that her portion seemed larger suddenly a small hand tugs at the Hem of her dress sistersays her brother she was pleasantly surprised that he woke up with her at the same time and now sheoffers him breakfast gives him almost her entire portion of soup her brother did not understandwhy the portions were different in volume Atlanta was surprised that her brother was smart for achild and pretending that everything was fine she said that she had drunk a lot of water so shewas full you have to drink a lot of water so that.

You don't want to eat any longer Elena told herbrother after all the portions were quite small unexpectedly the big Bell made many repetitiveloud noises Elena had fear in her eyes because she heard the sounds of boots clicking on the stonefloor which were heading in their Direction cover yourself with a blanket and don't move Alina sayswith excitement on her face to her brother she sees him through the bars this is ridges the firstprince his hair was a shade of red as were his red eyes bloodshot from other people he is currentlyon his way to the Village of Aden and this is the worst person she has seen in her life for Registhe prince of the Empire there are many reasons to kill people because it's raining becausehe's in a bad mood because you didn't greet him anything can be a reason to kill innocent peopleElena wasn't afraid to stand face to face with him.

You are a very cruel person Elena told him bluntlyshe had a Tremor in her voice has he come for you Regis asked he wanted to know where he was nowthis was very important information for him because Ford he is ready to inflict physicalpain with rage Elena replied that she did not know where her father was that he did not havea clearly drawn up route he could be anywhere the prince's eyes turned red even redder than whenthe light fell on them he said that then he has no choice this time our heroine will receive allthe blows alone pursing her lips and turning her back to the prince realizing that this cannot beavoided Elena quietly says that she will take all the blows alone on her bloody back but suddenlythe brother who was told to hide under the blanket stands between her sister's back and looks intothe prince's eyes with the words that only he will.

Receive blows for her Elena would never givea fence to her loved one who is with her now therefore after telling Lewis that she would beangry if he did not move away she stood her ground that only she would get physical pain but Lewiswanted to protect her as much as he could so he resisted her words it was all a joke to the princehis heart was so Stony even before the situation with the child for him all this was just a gamehe will not change his decision so who will get physical pain today will be decided now suddenlythe prince asked his Butler to unlock the dungeon with a key in order to get closer to his victimsElena's thoughts were the request of the universe that this lock would not open and no one wouldapproach either her or her little brother the Butlers don't understand what's going on after allfor some reason the key cannot open he can't turn.

The key to the lock there was confusion and fearon his face the prince was Furious did not think long and hit the stocks with all the anger in thebutler's face you're so useless keep it open until you get back from the forest he said to the butlerwho had only one eye left intact and now they are hiding in a long dark cold Corridor of thedungeon as cold as the prince's heart in complete confusion with thoughts about what happened Elenafalls to the cold floor leaning on the cold wall there was only worry and fear in her eyes sisterhow stupid you are I could take the blows too her brother said surprised Elena told him inresponse that he was an even worse stupid little man because he didn't understand how much it hurtno matter how great his desire to protect her was he would not have had the strength to endure somuch having told him that he would be able to help.

Her when she could no longer endure this pain herback was all bloody covered in cuts from branches you're stupid her brother said and hugged her withtears in his eyes out of desperation he feels her pain but he can't help her in any way suddenlyElena hears someone entering the dungeon it was two guards who were carrying a young guy to oneof the dungeons who could it be she wondered but she would not get an answer yet the guy apparentlydidn't have the strength so much that he couldn't even open his eyes a few years ago there was atragedy and not one Elena and Louis mother died when their younger brother was born her fatherwas taken away by an accident a chariot accident therefore neither are heroine nor Luis has anyoneleft she became his family and the closest person to him and he became her in order to survive andprotect herself and her brother Elena took her.

Father's name and began selling swords createdby Master Ron Vida after all the swords were of excellent quality they were talked about inall parts of the city and this became a problem Prince Regis became interested in these swordsafter looking at all the swords presented he chose one after putting it on the table he wanted to cutit with a blade to check if these rumors were true he swung his sword and struck at the sword thatMaster vit was forging and the rumors really turned out to be true the Master's sword was sogood quality or it was just spells as the prince thought his sword split into two pieces with allthe rage and anger in his eyes he asked Elena how she dared to deceive the prince because his swordcould not be broken he makes an unconditional decision to throw Alina and Lewis into prisonand catch the master who forged the sword.

So they ended up in this cold dark dungeontogether until today looking at the mysterious man she asked herself who is he he doesn't looklike the ones Alina saw in the town how is his condition was he dead all these thoughts werein her mind at the sight of the new man in the dungeon who lay without the slightest movementsuddenly his eyes opened and the first thought that he had in his head the name Hawk he saysHawk betrayed him he was poisoned there are no more than three days to remove the poison fromthe body turning he looked in the direction of the place where Elena was he was surprisedthat there was someone else here besides him you're not from Aiden then what are you doingin the dungeon Elena asked the mysterious man the thought ran through her mind that but if hewas still from Aiden then maybe he lived near the.

Western border but she didn't dare to voice itout loud as it turned out he was kidnapped and the first question he asked Elena was howshe knew that he was not from these places she said there aren't even a hundred houses inAden it's a very small town therefore she knew all her peers in this town elinette asked theyoung man how he got here in response I heard that he had been stabbed in the back but itwas his fault that he trusted another person there was indignation and surprise in the eyes ofElena angrily she screamed why what's wrong with trusting people she also said that someonewho has no idea what trust is is to blame apparently this situation affected her and shewas determined to break the legs of whoever did this to this companion the young man waspleasantly surprised a grin appeared on his face.

I am carzer and you he asked the girl withhappiness on her face she replied that her name was Elena and pulling the Hem of her dressfrom behind her brother whispered in a low voice I'm Lewis her brother hearing a familiar surnamewith an understanding of who is now in front of him he asked her a question then if you areboth Veda Ron Vita this is the author of shining deadly night and quiet Dark Sun am I right withembarrassment Alina replied that everything was right and the creator of this sword was her dadkarzer had a misunderstanding and asked so you are still an aristocrat if you belong to the Vedafamily then what are you doing in the dungeon Elena was embarrassed and replied that eventhough she was an aristocrat she still could not take her head off suddenly their conversationwas interrupted someone opened the prison door.

Two young guys enter the dungeon holding sharpenedsaws in their hands one of the employees says we'll end up the same way if we don't sort thisout right now another employee replies and I don't think we'll get by with just one lost eyeball moveover one of them said looking into Alina's eyes after seeing the employees our heroine says in herthoughts will I be able to withstand only 18 blows but I definitely can't stand it if Lewis getshurt even more they saw the castle with saws this is the sound that Elena was most afraid of thatsomeone would approach her now no not that she thought and suddenly out of nowhere dark purpleSparks connected the two servants of the prince there were screams all over this prison whatis this get off devil this is the machinations of the devil this is black magic the servantsshouted the unknown force was higher and higher.

Lewis with his eyes full of Hope says sis is ourchance to get out with complete surprise at the situation misunderstanding of what was happeningour did not see that the passage was open to Freedom oh yes let's get out of here first ourheroine said and the three of them run out of the dungeon Lewis Alina and karzer they ran as fastas they could suddenly Elena slips and almost fell karser takes her by the hand she thanks himand he asks her a question in Surprise do you do alchemy within comprehension andsurprise he asks Elena carzara in Alchemy Kaza replies to her that as she is not fromthe specs family then she could not use alchemy our heroine asks the question what are you talkingabout wasn't it you the kazza replies to her do you think I did it our heroine looked at heryounger brother and said maybe Lewis did it.

Parser looked at him and in his thoughts he hadonly one thing he was too small for such Powers Elena couldn't cope with the emotions she feltnow our heroine says with delight so you are a magician for the first time I see a magician Kazareplies a magician no I didn't do it there was no way I could have known if it was magic Elena cameup with a good idea and said but no matter who did it let's run away from here I know one loopholeand she led them after her turning her back to the young man there was pain in his eyes you'reback he said yes I know but I won't die from such a wound Atlanta said calmly did Prince ridges dothis asked karzer yes the usual things for this madman says Elena calmly showing the way karzertook Lewis in his arms and they followed Elena on what a Pity little sister I don't havethe strength to carry you little Lewis.

Exclaimed they climbed the high wooden stairs withthoughts about how many soldiers there were Elena immediately replied that no one usually comes hereonly a couple of butlers are brought by the prince karzer was surprised it doesn't matter how smallthe population is here does it really happen when they went up to the wooden door with iron insertsthey were surprised that there were no guards here our harrowing seeing a big door in front of herdoes not understand how to open it and what to do with a simple gesture of his hand karzer touchedthe door with his hand and in some unusual way it opened are you a magician after all Elena asksthe young guy with surprise not at all he told her okay I'll keep a secret in the end we got outof here thanks to you she happily replies and they leave the onslaught of this dark place for Freedomwhich they have not seen for a very long time.

Passing along the long Stone Road surrounded by aleafy maze Elena purposefully walked to one place it was a space between the foliage like anotherportal that led them to a calm peaceful place karzer asks how did you find out about thisloophole anyway I've known about him for a very long time Lewis used to walk around here andI had to look for him she replied apparently this situation served to save them today passingthrough the foliage they saw a beautiful Starry Sky it was already dark outside and the stars wereshining as brightly as if they were a meter away from them karzer asks where do we go now Elena'sanswer was brief and more than understandable it was impossible to walk on the high roadas most likely they would be noticed but before continuing on her way she offeredto look into their house karzer speaks in.

His mind the antidote can be taken later Ithink it's okay to accompany her for a while he was worried that he would leave them alonesooner or later Elena came into the house and said she would be right back harzer and Luis stayedoutside with complete confidence she enters a dark unlit house it was very empty no one was waitingfor her here some time ago she made a hiding place in the wall of the house there was a box and aback it was the most expensive thing in this house in the Box was a gold necklace with a largegreen stone in the middle and without thinking twice Elena put it on her neck there were a lotof gold coins in the bag after thinking about it she decided that she would not take everything atonce but rather take only 20 gold pieces leaving the rest she took my mother's necklace and a bagof money these coins should have been enough for.

Several years on high shelf barely reaching withher small hand there was a medicine that she took with her they Hive until they reached theirmajority and then they will have to draw their blades again it was very dark outside and onlythe Starry Sky illuminated the beautiful Lavender Fields carser looked at these flowers with theidea that one has only to think about them and one family comes to mind the estate of the Dukeof speth Alchemy is the union of blood and a degenerate talent that belongs to the specs familythe most powerful family in the entire Kingdom looking into the distance hars are musedthis place is very similar to the estate of the specs family Elena hands him a darkthin steel sword and says kazer take this cozard looked at him as if it was somethingforgotten something that has great value in itself.

Elena hung a small bag on her brother's shoulderthen she told her brother that it was difficult for her right now so Lewis would take care ofthis bag which he agreed with then she no doubt suggested the idea let's go we'll go throughthe forest and so they began their Journey A New Path of freedom in which there was no fearbut suddenly Kaiser says stop there's someone ahead and with a bit of fear they see a talldark silhouette in the bushes that resembled a man he was getting closer and closer tothem he had a bloody iron ax in his hand causer took the sword to prepare to defend Alinaand Luis but once a man voiced her name as if he had known her for a long time everything becameclear Elena recognized the man and said Mr Sam the man was worried about them and asked ElenaLewis what happened I heard you kids went to.

Jail suddenly a sound was heard from afar ThereWas Fear on her face she felt as if something was going to happen Elena put her finger to herlips making it clear that she needed to listen I didn't hear anything the uncle said butafter a couple of seconds he added go faster Elena thanked her friend although this meetingwas not long it was necessary to leave quickly The Sounds were unfavorable and so they go intothe thicket of the forest accompanied by fireflies walking along the path Kaiser was surprised thatElena's Uncle really allowed them to leave like that aren't they escaped criminals to which thegirl replied that Mom and Dad used to share food every drought so that no one would die of hungermaybe that's why their family is so special Kazar was surprised by their kindness of heartbut still she said it was better not to trust.

People unconditionally but Elena realized thatit's not so bad to trust people it's bad to give trust to others am I trusts you these arethe words she voiced in response Elena came up with an idea and says if you cross this place youwill see the estate we need to cross the road and then we can go to the forest which is directlyopposite apparently she knew these places quite well meanwhile it was getting harder for her towalk with every step the pain was getting worse which she was trying so hard to hide it's likeher back is on fire turning around she notices the smell of burning suddenly out of nowhere ahot flame began to consume everything in its path followed them with great speed it was a fireour heroine screamed run run but the walls of flame could not let them out the fire was rightin front of them suddenly Alina remembers that.

There should be a river nearby it was locatednot far away without a second to think they were already running they ran to escape togetherto stay together so that the fire does not destroy them Elena remembered the river Rita it flows nearthe kingdom of villau she was seized with thoughts that it would be better to escape from the Empirethan to a neighboring state causer says only one thing bothers me if he set the fire to lurushere then we won't know if we'll have someone on our tail but Eliana thought that they had nochoice and it was worth thinking about it tomorrow and so they reached the edge of the Earth thewater was blue as the sky it twinkled like a thousand stars the current of the river wasquite strong therefore Kazar said that they could be carried away by the current in the middlesuddenly out of nowhere familiar sounds are heard.

The sound of hooves he was so close so fast he wasapproaching them that they had the last seconds to escape across the river as soon as possible causershouted let's go quickly Eliana who stayed on the shore thought about saving others perhaps how shecould save the closest thing she has her brother kazur says in his mind is the poison the reasonthat I see so many things so clearly suddenly he turns his attention to Alina she is stillstanding on the shore and does not take a single step to escape with them she looked at them witha look of Hope a look that it would all end and she would be able to save them no matter what thelast thing she said was please take care of him cows are read it on his lips and realizedthat something was going to happen now after a couple of seconds she was surrounded bythe prince's servants she kept swinging her sword.

In the hope that it would give them some time toget away taking her by the wrist they surrounded her and all the hopes that had been dashed andonly a quiet little voice of Lewis shouted to the side writhing in the wind little sister there wasnothing left but to leave quickly otherwise they would be captured too wakes up in familiar placesin the same cold and dark as it was a couple of hours ago it was cold walls again this Stonefloor again sadness sadness and hopelessness the first thing she thought about was whether shewas alone here whether kazer and Lewis were okay whether they were safe no one was around therewere only consequences from their escape that time our heroine says in her mind apparently I willnot be able to avoid false accusations and my head will fly off my shoulders what shouldI do if I die how will Lewis live alone.

Sitting on the cold floor she didn't know whatto do next what would happen in minutes what would happen in a second suddenly out ofnowhere the sounds of footsteps are heard Elena turned her head towards the dark Corridor atthe end of which she sees the silhouette of a man he walked purposefully in her Directionstep by step he was sitting closer to her she thought it was Prince radius again shewas already prepared for any outcome of events and suddenly she sees him a tall man with shortwhite hair and golden eyes that look into the soul there seemed to be no bad intentions in his gazeshe remembered that she had once seen this face in a portrait that her mother had drawn she saysin her mind how did Mom know him who is this he looked at her with a calm look and asked thequestion where is Ron Veda Elena replied that she.

Did not know he looked at her and said she mustbe Stella's daughter our heroine says in her mind as I thought he knows my mother our heroine askedindignantly who are you this young man answered very clearly gave his name taruno advancedhearing this name she remembered about the house of Alchemists whose strength is comparable to theroyal family the Duke of spess ruling in the south best asked her if she had heard his namebefore she nodded her head and replied that she had heard it somewhere he held out his handto her and said that even her voices were similar he grabbed the bars with both handsand said anyway I think I'm your father they stood and looked at each other lookedstraight into each other's eyes Elena was at a loss suddenly memories from her childhoodpopped up in her head her mother's maternal.

Female Hands Held her in her lap everything wasso calm so safe little Elena understood even then that this was not her own father and asked thequestion did her mother love her biological father she looked at her daughter with a warm loving lookand replied that she loved him maybe even more than herself she hung her heroine and said that'swhy you were born in love between two people Elena didn't understand what was going on and where herbiological father was she kept asking her mom if she missed him of course she replied that shemissed him that she would always miss him until the day when she would close her eyes forever afew years passed and her brother Lewis was born while her father was babysitting her brother Elenawas sitting on the floor and found a photo in a box not understanding who it was she decidedto ask her father he replied that this was her.

Biological father it was obvious he had the samegolden hair and here is her own father in front of her he's standing in front of her now she can'tbelieve it the father who she thought was dead not only turned out to be alive but also appears tobe a Duke her warm thoughts and pleasant surprise were replaced by bad ones he abandoned his motherthem and her because an illegitimate child would be a disgrace to the family frowningshe looked at him no longer in the eyes she asked with bewilderman and childish resentmentwhy did you come for me his speech was brief he didn't answer her maybe it wasn't time yet he tookthe buttons from his clothes which opened the lock of this thick lattice our heroine says in her mindhow did it happen in what way meanwhile they are standing opposite each other they don't understandwhat's going on between them right now it's like.

It's a dream after all these years he stands andlooks into her eyes and she looks into his he pulls her hand full of Hope and perhaps even lovewhich remained in his heart he offered to go with her he looks at his daughter as someone who wasonce very close is she close now Elena angrily asks him the question why she doesn't understandwhy he's here now why he didn't come earlier why she has to go with him why she should trusthim he answers briefly because I am your father she tells him with childish resentment whenyou throw something away you can't bring it back later so why are you here now her fatherreplies that he didn't leave them his voice was trembling he didn't know how to approach whereto start a conversation how to justify himself and whether it was necessary to do it our heroinesays in her mind that there is no time to look for.

A reason that a linen must get out of here andfind Luis right now every second counts Prince kagri May return now she tells him they calledme out of here and I'll take care of myself I'll be quiet and never come out her fathergot down on one knee to be closer to her as if he wanted to share something important withher he tells her the sword that broke the crown Prince's precious sword was not made by ronvitaElena doesn't understand how this is possible is he telling the truth her biological fathertells her that she may think that she created him but the swords that came through her handsthey were all created with the help of alchemy he did not talk about his feelings and experienceshe wanted to convey important information to her as if that was his mission alone our heroineuttered the word alchemy in surprise he briefly.

Replied to her yes these iron bars were made tobend by Alchemy then she remembered karzer who was surprised that she was an alchemist but she hadnever understood the meaning of this word before her biological father tells her did you reallythink that a simple iron sword could break the one made of mithril the one that was forgedby a dwarf and given to the Imperial family Elena began to realize that he hadcome here because of her abilities when he heard that regis's sword was corruptedhe realized that our heroine has Alchemy Elena suggested to spess if she would be useful then heshould help her with the search for her brother Lewis she will try even harder if spess treats herwell there was distrust and doubt in her words she wanted to trust him like her own father but afterall this time it's like he's a stranger to her he.

Says she can get rid of the false accusations ifshe says that the sword was created with Alchemy and she will be cleared of using magic evento the first prince will have to pay the first prince for this he continued she askedwith a trembling voice and you want to pay he tells her I was going to find your brotherand bring him here with me so let's go she looks at his hand The Hand of Hope thatshe knew before when she was a child but trust in him was also exhausted once again sheasks questions to make sure of his intentions is he really going to find Lewis and bring himback to her to which he resolutely responds with an oath in his name she looks into his eyesand timidly gives her small hand into his palm he does not believe that this is happening nowthat she is his daughter that he has touched her.

But apparently someone had touchedher before spez saw her wounds on her fragile back his gaze changed at the samemoment and then came the question that was fraught with so much pain and anger whoraised a hand against her who did this At first she didn't understand anything butthen he said that he saw wounds on her back she looked away and said it's the bastard Princethat is it was his highly moral first prince there was anger in her father's eyes he wanted whoeverdid this to pay pain with his life for the way he treated her daughter meanwhile a sunny clearsky stretched over a ruined wooden house the roof of which was full of holes Lewis seemed tohave woken up his gaze was empty he didn't know what would happen next where they were he sawonly the Rays of the Sun that fell into the room.

And it seemed to him that this was a ray of Hopenot realizing where Elena was he shouted sister turning around and looking in different directionshe saw that Kaiser was asleep and no one else was around Lewis crept up quietly to him and beganto wake him up and ask brother brother are you asleep causer was lying on the wooden floor coldsweat was flowing from him and he did not react to Louis words in any way he says brother you'renot dead are you you can't die with tears in your eyes but no one hears him except the emptinessof this house he didn't know where he was at the moment but he knew for sure that he had to savehis sister soon karzer woke up and said that he was alive these few words were another hope forthe best for Lewis that everything is possible that it will work out and they will get out ofhere soon karzer looks at Luis and says I can't.

Move my fingers I am glad that the current broughtus here but is it really my excuse to light a fire Lewis looked at Kaiser with tears in his eyes andasked him not to die khasr offered Lewis an option on how they could get out of this place Lewis hadto walk up the road and then walk around the cabin to see what was around if he walks All Day Lewiswill come to a town called yonazu he needs to find The Starry Night in tell the name of the causerand ask for help tell him that he was poisoned he was worried about Lewis as the way is not fasthe understood that this was a dangerous option for this child but they had no other options forhow they could be saved and who would help them there was heroism in Lewis gaze he alwayshelped Alina even when she didn't want to therefore his hour of achievement has come Lewislisted all that kazer had told him he thought.

That if he stayed late his brother would be alonefor two whole days therefore without thinking for a long time he took a couple of coins from hislittle bag that was on his chest and put them in the pocket of the causer leaving he said that hewould return and ask the causer to wait for him was left lying on the floor exhausted he didn'teven have the energy for a few words in response and so Lewis began his journey he ranas fast as he could he didn't have the strength he thought that they were beingpersecuted that they didn't eat normally he wonder if he would be able to get to thecity safely he had so many thoughts in his head but he was sure of only one thing that hewould find a way to survive as soon as he got to the city the main thing is to get there themain thing is to get there as soon as possible.

Was lying on the floor looking up thinkingthat he had been poisoned by The fishmonger Who had brought him to Aiden most likely he isfollowing the Kaiser he didn't know if I could hold out until Lewis called for help kazer'sstrength left him and his eyes closed foreign

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