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Just as their lips were about to meet the coachman interrupted by asking if he should move the luggage Asrahan got flustered and ran away, leaving Lariette confused After a few days, there had been no progress in their relationship since Asrahan ran away when they tried to kiss Asrahan had improved his gestures of attention by doing small things like pulling out chairs but Lariette didn't have much time left and couldn't waste any more time So, she seduced Asrahan by asking him to feed her As he fed her, she moved closer and embraced him, telling him that he was the best.

Asrahan's heart was racing, but suddenly he stood up and said he had some documents to take care of and he left despite Lariette's protests She wondered if Asrahan only wanted a platonic love relationship with her Platonic love is a deep and emotional connection between two people that doesn't involve any romantic feelings or physical attraction Asrahan seemed unapproachable, but Lariette was determined to make progress in their relationship Lariette visited Asrahan a few days later for a purification ritual but she had a secret plan in mind She wanted to test Asrahan's aversion to physical touch and hoped to work on making him more comfortable with it Asrahan was ready to be purified and Lariette began the process.

However, Asrahan's impure thoughts made the process difficult for him Suddenly, Lariette became dizzy and asked Asrahan for a hug but he told her to keep her distance because he was losing his patience Lariette encouraged him to act on his desires which shocked Asrahan He pushed Lariette onto the couch and asked if he could do anything he wanted Actually, Lariette only wanted a kiss, but it seemed like Asrahan wanted to devour her As Asrahan made his move, Lariette hesitated and apologized Asrahan warned her not to do it again because he might not be able to stop himself next time.

Lariette promised to remember his words A few days after the purification Lariette invited Asrahan to a date at a bar, but he declined due to his concern about his curse Asrahan felt sorry for Lariette for having to date a monster like him but he couldn't bear the thought of letting her go Lariette reassured him that they could go on a date anywhere, as long as they were together which made Asrahan happy Asrahan had to attend a meeting at the palace and Lariette reminded him that he might be late if he didn't leave soon.

Asrahan promised her that he would be back as soon as possible He had planned to finish his work quickly and have a dinner and a drink and a nice talk with Lariette but the meeting seemed to drag on with no end in sight Asrahan grew annoyed and asked the emperor when they were going to end the useless argument The other participants fell silent, but then Duke Blanche, Lariette's father, scolded him for his rudeness Asrahan thought of warning Duke Blanche, but he let it go because Duke Blanche was his lover’s father To avoid any commotion, The emperor decided to call it a day since they couldn't come to a conclusion Asrahan quickly left the meeting room (hmmm, someone was being impatient to have a date with “his lover”).

As Asrahan hurriedly left the meeting, Duke Blanche grumbled to himself The Duke sitting next to him advised him that he was fortunate Asrahan didn't do something bad to him However, Duke Blanche insisted that Asrahan was the one being arrogant towards the elders His companion warned him that if he wanted to save his failing family, he should behave more wisely This made Duke Blanche feel upset and he began to blame Lariette for everything that had happened since she left the Blanche household He even thought that if Lariette were to return and beg to live there again he would show her mercy (duh…. really bro? I think you’re the one who should beg for her mercy).

As soon as Lariette heard that Asrahan had arrived home she hurried to the front door, but he wasn't there Halstein informed her that Asrahan was changing his clothes She was relieved that Asrahan didn't see her running because it wouldn't have looked elegant However, Asrahan was already behind her and told her that she shouldn't have run just to meet him The way Asrahan treated her made Lariette think that he must have a lot of dating experience Asrahan wondered what was on Lariette's mind Halstein kicked off the show with his bartending skills leaving Lariette amazed by his talent.

He also mentioned that, being the head butler, he needed to have the skill Rushing out, Halstein told them to have a memorable night Lariette and Asrahan toasted each other before taking a sip Asrahan was surprised at how quickly Lariette downed her drink but she explained that she had a high tolerance They chatted and enjoyed each other's company Lariette then brought up Doha, clarifying that he was only a friend and had even helped their relationship She asked Asrahan to let Doha continue treating her since he was the best at it Asrahan was displeased at Lariette getting close to another man.

But agreed for her health's sak Lariette was grateful Suddenly feeling hot, she asked Asrahan to help remove her clothes Asrahan asked Lariette if she was drunk but suddenly she pushed him down onto the couch and suggested they continue where they had left off (whoa, not too fast honey!) Asrahan was cautious, concerned that Lariette was drunk but her tender caresses ignited a fire within him.

Asrahan told Lariette to get away from him, but she countered with a request Lariette asked Asrahan to kiss her Asrahan touched her cheek, thinking that a kiss was all she wanted and told Lariette to keep her promise Lariette closed her eyes, but instead of a kiss on the lips Asrahan planted a kiss on her cheek! Asrahan asked if that satisfied her Disappointed, Lariette grabbed Asrahan's face, and kissed him on the lips Finally satisfied, Lariette told Asrahan that's what she meant by a kiss Flustered, Asrahan told her it was enough, and pinned her on the couch.

He told her not to go too far Suddenly, Lariette's eyes slowly closed, and she fell asleep Asrahan was left bewildered, sitting by her side in silence The next morning Lariette entered Asrahan's workroom to find him looking exhausted He told her that she had finally woken up Lariette pretended not to remember anything from the previous night except for when Asrahan agreed to let Doha continue treating her As Asrahan thought that Lariette had taken his first kiss but didn't remember it.

He forbade her from drinking alcohol with others Lariette argued that when she drank with others, she never did anything bad Asrahan appeared jealous upon hearing this, thinking that she might have been drinking with her ex-boyfriend Meanwhile, Lariette felt that Asrahan was being unfair assuming that he may have also drunk with many of his ex-girlfriends (all you guys need is good communication!) Halstein announced Doha's arrival and Asrahan instructed him to show Doha to the living room Doha was waiting, and Lariette quickly apologized for what happened before.

Doha reassured her that there was no need to apologize but if she still felt that way, Doha told her that she could visit him next time instead Lariette requested that Doha alter the healing technique as she had a boyfriend and preferred to minimize physical contact with others Despite feeling annoyed, Doha agreed However, Doha expressed discomfort being watched by the servants Doha suggested they go to the library that day and Lariette assumed Asrahan would be busy so it would be fine Doha believed that Asrahan could only monitor them through his servants and wouldn't join them because he values his honor.

However, Asrahan surprised them by saying he would come along, leaving Doha stunned (YEAH! that’s how you should act Asrahan!!) Of course he would! It was his first kiss that Lariette took, but she didn't remember a thing Even though she knew Asrahan was jealous, she still wanted to go out with another guy oh poor Asrahan As Asrahan expressed his desire to join Doha and Lariette on their trip to the library tension filled the air Doha tried to greet Asrahan, but was met with silence.

When Lariette asked if Asrahan had been busy with work he insisted that being with her was his top priority (oh my! now he’s really good at it!) It was awkward inside the carriage but Lariette hoped that her friend and lover could find common ground Suddenly, Doha had a sense of foreboding that something bad might happen if he accompanied them When he learned that they were headed to the imperial library, Doha panicked knowing that being recognized by members of the royal family could spell trouble He quickly made up an excuse about needing to attend to an important matter at the temple and begged off.

Once Doha left, Lariette and Asrahan were left alone in the carriage Lariette took Asrahan's hand, causing his heart to race Though he struggled to control himself, Asrahan reminded himself that he was human and not a monster In the library Asrahan trailed Lariette closely, which made her think he was adorable She whispered to Asrahan and asked him to pick a book which made him flustered by the way she did it Lariette playfully reminded him that they were in a library and needed to be quiet She then went off to find a book, and couldn't help but imagine the romantic library scenes like in novels.

Lariette tried to reach a book on a high shelf hoping Asrahan would come to her aid However, a stranger approached her and offered to help. She declined his offer fiercely and tried once more but this time Asrahan came to her rescue Lariette asked him if he had witnessed what happened earlier Asrahan teased her by asking which part she meant – the way she reached for the book or the way she shooed away the stranger He admitted to liking her fierce attitude and told her to treat all men like that.

Lariette expressed her fear that Asrahan might be scared away by her fierceness Asrahan reassured her that it wouldn't happen in fact, if Lariette ran away, he would find her wherever she went As they were leaving the library they discussed getting cake when someone called out to Lariette from behind It was her wicked brother, Raon Concerned that Raon might mistreat her in front of Asrahan, she asked him to go ahead without her as she needed to have a lengthy chat with her brother Raon belittled Lariette, accusing her of clinging to Asrahan after leaving the Blanche household.

Which he deemed a disgrace to the family Lariette retorted that Raon was also bringing shame upon the family Raon then told her to return home since she was incapable of doing anything else but Lariette didn't care and told him to handle family affairs himself Raon's anger surged, causing him to strike Lariette in the face in front of others While thinking what to do with him that wouldn’t cause much problem to her Lariette stood up She declared that she would end the family lineage and kicked him in the groin (ouch!).

Then Lariette went to a healer to get treatment for her bruise However, since the healer was low-ranked, the treatment was not perfect Lariette avoided Asrahan, not wanting him to see her in that state, and decided to stroll around Suddenly, someone tapped her shoulder It was Madame Charbe, the owner of a boutique She asked Lariette what she was doing out alone at that hour Lariette hesitated to answer, but Madame Charbe invited her to the boutique and gave her a gift of new accessories She suggested that Lariette change her hairstyle to make it look better Madame Charbe shared with Lariette that many people came to her boutique after a long tiring day.

And she hoped that Lariette could end the day without worrying about anything and that the next day would be great Lariette was surprised to learn that Madame Charbe knew who she was despite never having met her before Here’s some explanation: Madam Charbe had been close to the princess who had broken off the engagement with Raon causing tension between the princess and the Blanche family This tension prevented Lariette from getting close to the princess and Madame Charbe However, Lariette expressed that she was no longer a part of the Blanche household and asked Madame Charbe.

To call her by her first name, Lariette She was grateful that leaving the Blanche household had led to a new friendship Back at the Candel Manor Halstein excitedly announced Lariette's return to everyone in the house, who had been worried about her Asrahan rushed to check on her, and Lariette apologized for being late explaining that she had a long chat with Raon and went to a boutique However, Asrahan noticed a bruise on Lariette's face and angrily demanded to know who had caused it Lariette hesitated to reveal the truth but Asrahan recognized the wound as being from a bare-fisted hit.

And just had a treatment with a low-ranked healer Lariette, concerned about Asrahan's potential reaction to the perpetrator decided to handle the situation herself to avoid wasting any more of their limited time together Asrahan understood her decision and offered to call a priest to treat her injury properly In his room, Asrahan made a discreet call to Gerard the leader of the shadow unit to investigate what had happened to Lariette and the Blanche family The Altheon Temple was holding its most important meeting of the year.

with only the pope and senior priests in attendance Doha found the meeting boring but when a subordinate asked to speak with him the Deputy Head became displeased and reminded him that he needed to teach his subordinate proper behavior Doha used sarcasm to reply pointing out that even the Deputy Head was telling him what to do Despite this, Doha allowed his subordinate to enter and inform him that the Candel House was seeking his assistance in healing Lariette Doha promptly left the meeting, causing some displeasure among the other priests.

When Doha arrived at the Candel House, Lariette greeted him and he noticed the bruise on her face Doha became angry and demanded to know who was responsible Lariette was confused about why Doha was angry While treating her, Doha asked if the bruise was caused by Asrahan but Lariette denied it Doha was sure it wasn't Asrahan because if it was, Lariette would not have survived He continued to examine her face and wondered who could have done such a thing Lariette was under the protection of the next pope and the warmonger, so who would dare harm her? Lariette invited Doha to have a seat.

Doha realized that if anything were to happen to Lariette it would be problematic since she was also the one capable of healing him He then asked Lariette to lend him her wrist and gave her a sacred bracelet with divine power that could heal her Lariette was surprised by such a valuable gift, and she thanked him for it She also apologized for not having anything to offer him but Doha reassured her that her company was enough In reality, the bracelet had another purpose It was designed to monitor Lariette's health and would alert Doha if she was in danger.

Meanwhile, Asrahan was reading a dating guidebook when he came across a passage stating that adjusting the pace of physical intimacy was essential It warned that going too fast could lead to boredom This idea shocked Asrahan and made him worry that Lariette might become bored with him and want to end their relationship He became lost in his thoughts, fearing that he would be left by Lariette The next purification process was carried out in the workroom, as suggested by Lariette to avoid the story being rated for 18+ if it was done in his bed Although Lariette was fine with physical intimacy, she wasn't emotionally ready to take things further yet.

During the process, Asrahan tried to control his thoughts As the purification was finished he thought that he shouldn't be too greedy and risk making Lariette bored with him Suddenly, Lariette showed him a to-do list and asked if they could cook together Asrahan pushed her face away because it was too close but then Lariette kissed his hand, leaving him flustered The kitchen had already been prepared by Halstein who also reminded Asrahan about marriage Lariette asked Asrahan to wear the apron.

But he was too shy and declined, saying the size didn't fit him but Lariette thought it would be cute on him Asrahan had something on his mind and was thinking about how they should take things slow before Lariette got bored of him which scared him the most He spoke up and asked Lariette to take it slow for a bit, and she instantly agreed But what Lariette was really thinking about was taking it slow in cooking, while Asrahan was focused on physical intimacy They started cooking together and had fun, even laughing together when Lariette did something silly.

As the food was finished Lariette fed Asrahan and teased him to wipe off the chocolate left on his lips Lariette playfully licked the chocolate off Asrahan's face, but then had a thought She realized that their first kiss had happened when she was drunk and wasn't very romantic So, she decided to create a more romantic moment and left some chocolate on her lips asking Asrahan to clean it off However, Asrahan was hesitant and told her it was too much He had expressed his worry that she might get bored with him he felt like Lariette wasn't taking his concerns seriously.

Even felt a bit pathetic for worrying so much Asrahan then stood up, wiped her lips with a handkerchief and hurried out of the kitchen, leaving Lariette confused (again?) The next morning Lariette was determined to have a proper conversation with Asrahan without pushing him away Asrahan greeted her by calling her “Wizard” instead of her name, which confused her Lariette found it amusing and teasingly asked if he was mad at her Asrahan struggled to tell her the truth, fearing that Lariette would be disappointed and leave him.

He realized that he should be grateful for Lariette's love and loyalty but he couldn't keep his feelings to himself any longer Asrahan explained that Lariette didn't seem to take his request seriously Perplexed, Lariette asked which request he was referring to Asrahan mentioned the request he made yesterday to take things slow in their relationship Lariette was taken aback She told him that she had thought his request was to take things slow in the kitchen, not in their relationship Asrahan was embarrassed and tried to run away, but Lariette stopped him Asrahan asked her to let him go, but she refused.

Then Asrahan pretended that his hand was hurt, causing Lariette to release his hand However, he quickly ran away feeling embarrassed about the misunderstanding It's unfortunate that we have to wrap up here but rest assured that we will continue the series as soon as the next chapters are released In the meantime, we invite you to explore our other videos and thank you so much for tuning in We hope you enjoyed every second of it!

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