She Modified into Taken to Be the Dragon’s Consort (PART 1-5) – Romance Manhwa Recap

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The tale unfolds beneath a moonlit sky, cloakingthe night in darkness. A young maiden with silvery locks flees throughthe forest, her tearful cries betraying her fear. Haunted by past scoldings and the sting ofa slap across her face, she bears the burden of being an illegitimate child, scorned byothers due to her mother's profession as a prostitute. Each day leaves its mark upon her woundedcountenance. Yet, as she runs, the girl yearns to mendher pain, for she possesses the gift of restoration. A sudden noise startles her, causing her tohalt and cast a glance behind.

A mesmerizing sight awaits her gaze—a toweringinferno, consuming the leaves in its wake. Drawn closer, she ponders the nature of thisenergy, perhaps a fiery essence. A resounding boom shakes the air, and as sheturns her eyes toward it, a mighty dragon emerges before her, its body scorched andravaged by flames. Fear eludes the young girl, replaced by adeep concern for the dragon's well-being. Moving closer, she meets the dragon's gazeas it rouses, its roars echoing through the air. Instead of fleeing, she ventures to inquireabout the creature's wounds, offering her assistance.

The dragon responds with an intense roar,seemingly displeased. Unfazed, she smiles and reassures the dragonthat she can heal its wounds. With determination, she channels her healingpower, mending the dragon's injuries with great effort. Astonished, the dragon observes the younggirl's actions. Although the wounds were vast, her unwaveringresolve triumphs, and the dragon's injuries are completely healed. Overwhelmed, the girl loses her balance andcollapses to the ground. Turning his gaze upon his savior, the dragonrises, transforming into a man—a striking.

Figure with red eyes, dark flowing hair, andadorned in dragon armor. As he gazes upon the unconscious young girl,he commends her fearlessness. Gradually, she opens her eyes, straining tohear the man's words as he carries her in his arms. A decade passes… The young girl has blossomed into a womanof twenty. Unfortunately, the hair dye applied by themaids causes an irritating rash on her delicate skin. Sold off to an elderly king with a preferencefor blondes, her hair is forcibly transformed.

She ponders the possibility of escaping tenyears ago, but her encounter with the dragon left her weakened. The maids forcefully apply makeup to concealthe rash on her face. Her stepmother ridicules her lack of beauty,concerned that the king will not be pleased with her appearance. However, her stepbrother assures his mother,revealing a substantial dowry he acquired from the Tayar's tomb. Shocked, his mother attempts to explain further,but their conversation is abruptly interrupted by the deafening roar like a thunder, accompaniedby the cascade of rubble from the roof.

Peering out the window, the girl catches sightof dragons attacking their stronghold. Knights storm the castle, responding to theking's command to engage in battle. The war commences, but the tide appears tofavor the Tayar faction. As the king enters the fray, the girl remainsat the window, transfixed by the sight of the Tayar slaying castle dwellers. In that moment, her gaze meets the eyes ofthe king. Overwhelmed with fear, she instinctively retreatsinto hiding. Unmasking himself, the king commands his knightsto set the castle ablaze. And the truth is revealed he is the very samedragon, the one the young girl had healed.

The assault by the dragon tribe wreaks havocupon the castle and its inhabitants. A castle knight informs the stepmother thatthe intent of the dragon tribe appears to be annihilation. Reacting swiftly, she commands her knightto surrender and raise the white flag. Seizing the chaos as an opportunity, the girlstealthily escapes, driven by her determination not to fail again. The castle's residents surrender, hoping formercy from the King of Tayar. To their shock, he orders his tribe to slaythem all and display their heads upon the castle gate.

As the moment approaches for the stepmotherand her son to face their fate, they tremble as the king draws near. The son pleads frantically for forgiveness,promising to return the stolen treasures. Yet, the king remains unmoved, issuing thecommand for his people to kill and incinerate all the humans present. Gripped by immense fear, the stepmother desperatelyseeks an escape from the imminent death before her. Suddenly, she calls out to the King of Tayar,offering her precious daughter as proof of her beauty, claiming that King Brion himselfhas chosen her daughter as his lover.

At her words, the Tayar’s king turns hisgaze, confirming the stepmother's assertion that her daughter is King Brion's beloved. Aware of the ongoing war between King Brionand the King of Tayar, the stepmother sees an opportunity and readily agrees, statingthat King Brion desires her daughter. King Tayar inquires about the whereaboutsof the mentioned daughter, only for the stepmother to realize that her daughter is nowhere tobe found. Meanwhile, the runaway girl descends the tower,freezing in her tracks as the sound of wings flapping reaches her ears. To her astonishment, the dragon arrives andtakes her into its grasp, soaring above the.

Gate adorned with the heads of the castle'sknights. The dragon returns her to her stepmother'sside, releasing its grip, causing the girl to tumble to the ground. Before her stands the King of Tayar, his gazefixed upon her. He questions whether she is the girl the stepmotheroffered. Observing her, the king is struck by her mesmerizingeyes, evoking memories of the past when a young girl aided him, possessing eyes identicalto hers. He wonders if she is the same girl, thoughher hair color now differs, suggesting she may be someone else entirely.

Extending his spear to tilt the girl's chin,the king poses a question: Will she become his bride, or will she and all the castle'sinhabitants meet their demise at his hands? Overwhelmed by the fear of impending death,the girl reluctantly accepts the offer to become the bride of Tayar's King. To her astonishment, the King draws near,kneeling down before her and inquiring about her name. Nervously, she stammers that her name is Lucina. The King affirms that in the language of Brion,her name means “moon,” to which she nods in agreement.

He remarks that her name befits her appearance. Introducing himself as Hakkan, he leans inand whispers in her ear that he forgives her. Rising to his feet, Hakkan proclaims the needfor a priest to officiate their wedding ceremony. Turning his gaze towards a nearby priest,he commands him to lead the ceremony, as Hakkan and Lucina are to be wed immediately. This surprises both Lucina and her stepmother. Hakkan instructs the priest to inform KingBrion about his marriage to Lucina once the ceremony is concluded, revealing that KingBrion's intended bride has been taken away by Hakkan, the King of Tayar.

Hakkan claims that a decade ago, King Brionhad sent a dragon slayer to kill them, and now King Brion must pay the price. He intends to use Lucina as a catalyst toincite war between Brion and Tayar. The wedding ceremony between Hakkan and Lucinais on the verge of commencing, with the trembling priest leading the way. The atmosphere is tense and somber, promptingHakkan to order his people to fetch some flowers. A beautiful bouquet is prepared, and Hakkanholds it out to Lucina, telling her to take it. Understanding the tradition of Brion, wherethe bride carries the flower bouquet, Lucina's.

Hand trembles in fear as Hakkan places itin her grasp. Satisfied with Lucina holding the bouquet,Hakkan turns to the priest, signaling the start of the ceremony. And so, the ceremony begins. The nervous priest declares that it is timefor the bride and groom to exchange a kiss as part of the wedding vow and to concludethe ceremony. This announcement shocks Lucina. Hakkan wraps his arm around Lucina's waist,drawing closer to her, and she is taken aback by his proximity.

Hakkan instructs her to close her eyes, asshe will faint shortly afterward. Their lips draw nearer, and as Hakkan kissesher, Lucina tastes a mixture of blood and sweat on his lips before suddenly losing consciousness. One of his knights playfully teases Hakkan,remarking that he only needed to kiss Lucina and not make her faint. This makes Hakkan wonder if his kiss is somehowlethal. Hakkan carries the unconscious Lucina andplaces her on his horse, declaring his forgiveness towards her family. He warns them that any attempt to harm Tayar'sprecious gem again will result in their castle.

Being wiped off the map without a trace. With that, Tayar's tribe departs from thecastle, leaving behind the chaos. With Tayar gone, the stepmother asserts thatthey must reclaim Lucina, shouting to her son that King Brion has promised a great fortuneif they bring Lucina back to him. This revelation shocks the son, who questionshow they can retrieve Lucina when they do not possess a single knight. The stepmother declares that they must hiremercenaries to aid them in their mission. Lucina awakens with a start, her surroundingsunfamiliar as she gazes out of the window. She catches the attention of a knight fromTayar's tribe, who promptly informs Hakkan.

Of her awakening. Hakkan halts and turns his head, confirmingLucina's consciousness. Anxious, Lucina swiftly closes the curtain. Hakkan then instructs his people to preparea meal and set up camp. Inside the carriage, Lucina still feels uneasy,but to her surprise, the carriage door suddenly opens. Hakkan inquires about her well-being, expressinghis surprise at her sudden fainting spell earlier. Trembling, Lucina assures him that she isfine.

Hakkan extends his hand, inviting Lucina tojoin him for a meal. However, she declines, insisting on stayinginside the carriage. Yet, her stomach betrays her with a loud growl. Lucina feels embarrassed, but Hakkan chuckles,stating that his wife is shy. He suggests they step outside as he plansto light a bonfire to keep her warm. The aroma of the food entices Lucina, andshe reaches out for Hakkan's hand, stepping out of the carriage. As they walk toward the camp, Tayar's knightleads them to a ready-made tent. Hakkan thanks the knight and dismisses him,urging Lucina to sit inside the tent for a.

Softer seating arrangement. Hakkan removes his cloak and wraps it aroundLucina, providing her with warmth. As she wears the cloak, Lucina feels the comfortingembrace. Hakkan offers her a meal, a tuna-stuffed breadthat emanates a delightful scent. Unintentionally, Lucina inhales deeply, recallinghow she only had dried or old bread in Baron Berg's house. Observing her, Hakkan assures her that thebread is not poisoned. Gathering her composure, Lucina begins toeat. The taste of the bread astounds her; it isdelicious beyond belief.

Seeing her eat heartily, Hakkan advises herto eat slowly to avoid any stomachache. He then offers her a glass of milk, assuringher that it is also safe to drink. As Lucina sips the milk, memories flood backof the days in the castle where she had to toil relentlessly for a meager breadcrumb. She can hardly fathom the fact that she cannow enjoy such good food. Curious about Lucina's age, Hakkan asks herwhile she still has her mouth full. Lucina responds by gesturing with her fingerthat she is twenty years old. Hakkan's expression darkens slightly, realizingthat Lucina is too young to have been King Brion's intended bride.

He reminisces about the previous war whenKing Brion had sent a dragon slayer, which resulted in the loss of his beloved brother,the former King of Tayar. If circumstances had allowed, Hakkan wouldhave gone mad and slain King Brion, were it not for his own injuries at the time. He asks Lucina if she regrets not being KingBrion's bride, but she shakes her head, confirming that she is better off where she is. Suddenly, Lucina inquires about Tayar, promptingHakkan to expect tears and pleas to return to her family. However, she remains remarkably composed.

Breaking off another piece of bread, Hakkanexplains that the people of Brion perceive Tayar as a haven for monsters, but that perceptionis incorrect. With a smile, he offers another slice of breadto Lucina, informing her that she will discover the truth for herself. For some reason, Lucina would rather livewith Hakkan than in Berg. Lucina happily savors the bread, promptingHakkan to inform her that the food will only get better when they arrive in Tayar. Yet, Lucina insists that the current mealis already more than enough. This leads Hakkan to realize that Lucina isdifferent from other noble ladies; she possesses.

Humility. He then suggests that Lucina rest after eating,as he needs to remove his armor. Hearing this, Lucina is taken aback. As Hakkan begins to unfasten his clothes,Lucina turns around and covers her head, informing Hakkan that she will wait outside. Hakkan smiles in response, suddenly liftingher up and questioning why she should wait outside when they are husband and wife. Moreover, they will be sleeping together fromnow on. Lucina is shocked by Hakkan's statement.

Hakkan proceeds to explain that in Brion,the husband and wife share intimacy on their first night of marriage. Lucina blushes and becomes nervous upon hearinghim mention intimacy. Lucina's sudden crying catches Hakkan offguard, causing him to reassure her that he was only trying to confirm something. In Tayar,it is customary for couples to engage in intimacy before getting married when the woman is pregnant.Hearing this revelation, Lucina becomes even more shocked. Trying to calm her down, Hakkan asks ifbeing with him is better than being King Brion's bride. Still trembling, Lucina confesses thatshe is simply afraid. Understanding her fear, Hakkan swiftly stands up, turns away, andassures her that he won't do anything to her..

He suggests that Lucina shouldrest while he sleeps outside. Tayar's knight, Turan, is surprised to findHakkan outside and questions why he left the bride alone. Hakkan joins Turan, explainingthat he chose to sleep outside because forcing Lucina into anything after she was kidnappedcould make her ill. He also warns Turan to be careful with his words since Lucina is nowhis wife. Turan finds it hard to believe, noting that Hakkan has changed because ofLucina. Previously, Hakkan was known for being cold-hearted, but now he even forgavethe Berg people who stole Tayar's treasure. Hakkan shares with Turan that whenever hesees Lucina, he is reminded of his savior from before. He believes the girl mustbe somewhere near the Berg Castle and.

Decided to spare the Berg people as away to repay the girl who saved him. The following morning, Lucina wakes upto the sunlight filtering through the tent. Remembering she didn't wash her facebefore falling asleep, she decides to find water nearby to freshen up. As she washes herface, she notices her reflection in the water, realizing that her rash looks worsewithout the makeup covering it. However, she remembers Hakkan's words and resolves notto heal herself so that Hakkan won't touch her. Suddenly, someone approaches from behind—it'sa group of kidnappers sent by Baroness Berg, Lucina's stepmother. Lucina is terrified, as shenever wants to return to that place. They take her into the nearby forest, and soon it startspouring rain. According to legend, the Pooka elves.

Bring rain when they are not offered peanuts.Drenched by the rain, Lucina feels cold. The kidnappers notice her trembling and, upon seeingthe rash on her face, mistakenly believe she has a contagious disease, deciding to abandon her.However, before they can do so, an arrow pierces one of the kidnappers, knocking him down. It turnsout that Turan and Hakkan have come to her rescue. Hakkan sets Lucina free, hisexpression filled with concern as he inquires about her well-being.Despite seeing Hakkan covered in blood, Lucina no longer feels afraid. In fact,his presence brings her a sense of comfort. Hakkan drapes the cloak over Lucina and gentlyplaces his hand on her head, realizing that she is running a fever. He expresses regret,feeling that he may have been slightly delayed,.

And apologizes to Lucina. Tenderly liftingher in his arms, Hakkan assures her to hold on as they will soon emerge from the forest.Lucina experiences a sense of relief, grateful that she did not return to the Berg house, as herdesire to be with Hakkan permanently strengthens. While wiping her face, Lucina gazes ather reflection in the mug she holds, noticing that her rashes have worsened due toher fever, giving the impression of a genuine illness. Contemplating whether to heal her rash, amysterious voice unexpectedly advises her against doing so. Startled, Lucina turns around anddiscovers a little elf standing beside her, introducing himself as Pooka. Engagingin playful banter, Lucina teases Pooka about being the small elf responsible forrain if peanuts are not offered. However,.

Pooka swiftly warns Lucina against utilizing herhealing power, emphasizing its rarity and the attention it could attract. Pooka observes thatLucina has become more talkative and inquires about her previous reticence. Lucina confessesher nervousness when faced with many people, fearing their anger and potential harm if shewere to speak her mind. She admits feeling more at ease conversing with non-humans. Just asthey converse, Hakkan's voice interrupts, asking permission to come inside. Recognizing the needto depart, Pooka hastily bids farewell to Lucina. As Hakkan enters the tent, he is shocked tosee the rash on Lucina's face. Approaching her, he confirms her fever by touching her forehead andasks if she is feeling unwell. Hakkan instructs Turan to summon the physician for assistance.Turan enters the tent to assess the situation.

But quickly pulls Hakkan away upon noticing therash on Lucina's face. He informs Hakkan that it could be smallpox. Panicking, Lucina tries toexplain that it's not a disease but rather a reaction to hair dye. However, Turan draws hissword and warns Lucina to keep her distance. Hakkan intervenes, instructing Turan to lower hissword. He assures Turan that it's not smallpox and turns his attention back to Lucina,encouraging her to speak her mind. However, Lucina struggles to articulate her explanationclearly, nervously mentioning that it's a sulfur reaction from the hair dye and that her feveris due to the rain. Turan fails to comprehend Lucina's explanation as she stammers through it.Feeling unheard, Lucina stops trying to explain. Turan suggests that they couldn’ttake Lucina to Tayar if she has.

A contagious disease. Lucina senses herlife is in danger and contemplates using her healing spell to cure her rash, butshe remembers Pooka's earlier warning. While Lucina grapples with her decision, Hakkanadvises her to stay calm and speak slowly so he can understand. Turan cautions Hakkan againstgetting closer to Lucina, but Hakkan assures him that it's not smallpox, pointing out the differentsymptoms. Turning to Lucina, he gently encourages her to speak, assuring her that nobody will getangry with her. Determined to explain, Lucina puts in her best effort while Hakkan attentivelylistens, ultimately reaching a conclusion: the rash on Lucina's face is a result of thehair dye, worsened by the rain-induced fever. Putting his sword away, Turan is convinced byHakkan's explanation. Hakkan mentions that if.

Lucina truly had smallpox, he who kissed andhugged her would have also fallen ill. Lucina gazes at Hakkan, feeling flattered that someonehas taken her seriously for the first time. Hakkan gently places Lucina inside the tent, and oneof his knights informs him that the kidnapper was acting on Baroness Berg's orders. Enraged,Hakkan vows to return to Berg Castle and punish them. Concerned for the innocent people whomight suffer, Lucina grabs Hakkan's arm and pleads with him. Hakkan is puzzled by Lucina'sunexpected worry for others over her own family. Realizing Hakkan's confusion, Lucina kneels downand begs for forgiveness on behalf of her family, concealing her true identity as an illegitimatechild. Hakkan instructs her to rise, lifts her up, and playfully suggests that he can onlyforgive those who touch his wife if she.

Offers something in return. Lucinapromises to do whatever he desires. With a smile, Hakkan revealshis request: a kiss from Lucina. Hesitant at first, Lucina summons her courageand kisses Hakkan on the lips. As they part, Hakkan feels overjoyed and embracesLucina. He then instructs his knight to present the kidnapper's head to Baroness Berg asa warning against further encroachments on Tayar. As Lucina lies on the mat, Hakkan sits beside her, ensuring her safety as promised. Lucina expressesher gratitude, but Hakkan playfully teases her, suggesting that she can thank himby kissing him again. Surprised, Lucina reacts, but Hakkan was merely teasing her,prompting him to tell her to rest while he watches.

Over her from outside. Hearing Hakkan humming,Lucina wonders what brings him such happiness. Lucina awakens to the sensation on her forehead and opens her eyes to find Hakkantending to her fever by her side. As they arrive in Tayar, Lucina is in awe of thebreathtaking Tayar Castle. The people in Brion had held misconceptions about the Tayar tribe,believing them to be primitive cave-dwellers who subsist on wild animals. Turan opens the carriagedoor, assisting Lucina as she alights from the carriage. As she takes her first steps, a scentoverwhelms her, causing dizziness. Hakkan notices and firmly holds her arm, inquiring about herwell-being. He explains that it takes time for humans with a strong earth energy to adjust tothe scent of Tayar with a strong fire energy.

The people of Tayar warmlywelcome the return of their King, and seeing Hakkan accompanied by a stranger,they are curious about Lucina's identity. The priest of Tayar greets them and, upon sensingLucina's earth energy, suggests the need for her purification. But as the priest approaches her,she trembles in fear and quickly hides behind Hakkan. Hakkan reassures her that the priest'sintentions are welcoming, not harmful. As the priest sprinkles holy water on her head during thepurification ritual, Lucina feels as if the water also soothes her rash. Once the purification iscomplete, Hakkan and Lucina are welcomed inside. Upon entering the castle, a woman rushes togreet Hakkan and leans on him, expressing her joy at his long-awaited return. The woman,named Garret, questions if Lucina is the captive.

Brought from Brion and shows her displeasure.However, Hakkan introduces Lucina as his bride, whom he took from Berg. Garret is taken abackby this revelation. Expressing her discontent with Hakkan's statement, she points out theyellowish hue on Lucina's dress, assuming it to be a symptom of a disease. Lucina clarifiesthat it's merely the faded color of her hair dye. As Hakkan observes Lucina's hair,he wonders if her true hair color is silver. Hakkan then assures Garret that there'sno cause for concern, but Garret counters, stating that her worry is not for Lucina,but for Hakkan himself. With an intense gaze, Garret implies that Lucina may not be capable ofshouldering the same obligation as she has done. As Lucina inquires about theobligations Garret mentioned,.

Hakkan deflects the question and suggeststhat she change her dress. He then commands Garret to provide Lucina with a maid.An attendant named Titi is tasked with accompanying Lucina to the palace. OverhearingTiti mention the late queen to Garret, Lucina speculates that Garret might have been the wifeof Hakkan's deceased brother from a decade ago. Introducing herself as Lucina's personal maid,Titi clarifies that the room they are in is not the queen's palace since Lucina has not yetborne a descendant of Tayar's King. Lucina comprehends that the obligation Garret referredto is the expectation for her to give birth. While changing her clothes, Lucina recallsthe purifying holy water from before, which not only faded her hair dye but also healedher rash. Curious, she asks Titi if it is possible.

To obtain the holy water again. After Titi leavesthe room, a small bird enters and begins to speak, transforming into the elf, Pooka. Delighted byPooka's return, Lucina expresses her comfort in Tayar compared to Berg. However, Pooka raisesconcerns about Lucina having a child with Hakkan. Lucina admits her worries butquickly dismisses the thought, deciding to think about it later. Just then, Titireturns with permission to use the holy water. Meanwhile, Hakkan removes his armor while Turaninforms him that the dragon knight has returned from Berg Castle and carried out Hakkan's orders.Turan questions Hakkan's decision to forgive Berg and refrain from seeking revenge on the BrionKing. Hakkan affirms his stance, but he has one matter to confirm. He reveals that a girl savedhim ten years ago and ponders if she might still.

Reside near Berg. Before decimating the people inBrion, Hakkan intends to rescue the girl first. He instructs Turan to locate the girl beforecrushing Brion and also to investigate whether Lucina is truly Baroness Berg's daughter. OnceHakkan assigns Turan his tasks, he declares his intention to cleanse himself in the hot springsand states that he does not require a servant. In the hot spring, Lucina immersesherself in the purifying holy water, marveling at how it restores her hairto its natural color and heals her rash. Suddenly, she hears footsteps approachingand turns around to find Hakkan entering. Lucina hastily conceals herself, fearingthat Hakkan might discover her presence. Hakkan detects a presence behind him andturns around to discover someone hiding..

Annoyed, he questions the person's identityand asserts that he does not require a servant. Fearing Hakkan finds her, Lucina decidesto conceal herself beneath the water. As Hakkan approaches, Lucina attempts toswim away, prompting Hakkan's impatience. He reaches out and grasps Lucina's arm justas she stumbles, preventing her from falling. Enchanted by Lucina's true appearance,Hakkan marvels at the beauty before him. Captivated by her mesmerizing eyes,he confirms if she is indeed Lucina. Hakkan ponders whether Lucina is the girl whosaved him ten years ago, but suddenly Lucina trembles in fear and begs for forgiveness, fearingthat he might strike her. Feeling confused, Hakkan quickly dons his bathrobe and drapes one overLucina, reassuring her that no one will harm her..

He also assures her that she has donenothing wrong and that he had mistaken her for someone else. Gently touching Lucina'scheek, Hakkan apologizes for frightening her. He then pulls her closer, advising hernot to reveal her vulnerability to others, as she will eventually become the queen of thepalace after giving birth to Hakkan's child. Hakkan contemplates whether Lucina is trulythe same person who saved him, as the girl was incredibly brave. Judging by the girl’s appearancebefore, she did’t appear to be a noble's daughter, and if Lucina is indeed the girl, shemust have already healed her own rash. Uncomfortable with the close proximity,Lucina requests permission to leave. However, Hakkan suddenly embraces her from behind,tenderly carrying her in his arms and offering to.

Escort her. Confused, Lucina inquires abouttheir destination. With a mischievous grin, Hakkan assures her that they are headingto their room and playfully asks if she is still afraid of him. Feeling overwhelmed,Lucina's heart races, leaving her speechless. The servants aid Lucina in getting ready.Titi admires Lucina's hair, while other servants express concern about her slim figureand question her ability to endure the first night with Hakkan. Titi offers support to Lucina,boosting her self-assurance. Contemplating the servants' remarks, Lucina wonders if Hakkan willcause her harm on their initial night together. As Lucina enters the room, Hakkan becomesmesmerized by Lucina's beauty. He praises her hair, causing Lucina to blush as she receives sucha compliment for the first time. In a soft voice,.

Hakkan whispers in her ear, inquiring whethershe would faint if he kissed her. Lucina shakes her head, indicating that she will be able tohandle it. Drawing closer, Hakkan gently kisses Lucina's lips. Noticing her gaze on his body,Hakkan explains the significance of his tattoo and reassures her not to flee. He then asksif she desires to spend the night with him. As Hakkan lays Lucina on the bed, sherecalls the words of the servants earlier, wondering if Hakkan will harm her. The fear ofbeing hurt by him terrifies and shakes Lucina. Sensing her fear, Hakkan stops and turnsaway, assuring her that he is not angry. Suddenly, Hakkan asks if she wants to return toBerg. Lucina states that she doesn’t want to go back, as she is now Hakkan's wife. Stammering,she declares that she will give birth to his.

Child and become the queen of Tayar. Hearingher words, Hakkan asks if she understands the significance of being Tayar's queen. Lucinaappears perplexed, and Hakkan explains that it means she must be prepared to sacrifice herlife for him and Tayar. Lucina is left speechless, contemplating the weight of those words. Hakkanstands up, dons his robe, and states that he won't sleep with her until she is ready for it. He tellsLucina to rest and leaves her alone in the room. As Lucina and Titi pass by, they overhearthe servants gossiping about Lucina being left alone in the room and Hakkan not visitingher afterwards. The servants mention rumors of Hakkan's impending marriage to Garret,suggesting that Hakkan has had feelings for Garret since childhood. Lucina lookssurprised upon hearing this revelation.

While sitting alone in her room, Lucinacontemplates the rumors she overheard, underestimating herself and comparing herself toGarret. She wonders if Hakkan, being attracted to a beautiful girl like Garret, could neverbe interested in someone as pitiful as her. Suddenly, Titi barges in and informs Lucinathat Hakkan has returned to the palace. They set off to greet Hakkan, but on theirway, Garret calls out to them from behind. Garret remarks that she almost didn't recognizeLucina with her true appearance and mocks Lucina, stating that Hakkan must have been annoyedand left because Lucina speaks like a fool. Garret grabs Lucina's arm, commenting onher skinny physique and warning her that she will surely die if she sleeps with Hakkan.Confused, Lucina asks Garret to explain. Garret.

Reveals that Tayar's Palace is the graveyardof women, and it's rare for a woman to survive after receiving the dragon's energy. Sheadvises Lucina to leave if she wants to live. Suddenly, Hakkan approaches from behind, noticingGarret talking with Lucina. Garret informs Hakkan that she was just giving advice to Lucinaand questions Hakkan's choice of bride, warning that weak people like Lucina will only diein vain. Hakkan thanks Garret for her advice but asserts that choosing his bride is his ownconcern. He calls Lucina to come with him. During their walk, Hakkan explains to Lucinathat he was busy and couldn't visit her. He asks if there's anything bothering her or ifshe has any questions for him. Lucina has many questions but doesn't know where to start.Nervously, she asks about being the queen.

And its relation to her life. Hakkan wonders ifLucina is still scared by his previous words. He clarifies that being the Dragon's bridemeans she must be willing to risk her life. Saying that from Lucina's perspective, Hakkanmay appear similar to King Brion. Lucina grabs Hakkan's arm and claims that he is different,explaining that he is the one who listens to her. Hakkan questions why no one listened to herdespite being the only daughter of Baron Berg. Lucina admits that it's because she speakslike a fool. Hakkan touches her hair and remarks that the people of Berg are strange.He kisses her hair and tells her that if he had a beautiful daughter like her, he wouldcherish her and listen to whatever she says. Suddenly, a guard informsHakkan that Adar is missing..

Prompting Hakkan to apologize to Lucina andsays he must go now. While seeing Hakkan’s off, Lucina is still flattered by the complimentHakkan gave her earlier, causing her to blush. Studying her reflection in the mirror, Lucina isoverwhelmed by Hakkan's compliment on her beauty, experiencing it for the first time in her life.Suddenly, she remembers Garret's words about not being able to survive after receiving thedragon's energy and Hakkan's explanation about the risks involved in becoming a mate of thedragon race. Still uncertain about the meaning behind those words, Lucina turns to Titi and asksher to explain what receiving the dragon's energy entails. Titi hesitates at first, unsure if sheshould reveal this information to Lucina since Hakkan hasn't informed her yet. Eventually,she clarifies that it means becoming pregnant.

And giving birth to a healthy child for thedragon race. Lucina inquires if she will die after giving birth, to which Titi reluctantlyresponds that it's common because it's not an easy task to give birth to a strong child of thedragon race. Lucina wonders if Garret believed she would immediately die due to her slender physique.Titi further elaborates that whoever gives birth to the King's child becomes a queen since it's achallenging endeavor. Garret herself was once a lowly maid from a humble background but became aqueen after giving birth to the late king's child. Lucina realizes that all she needs to do is havea baby, and her background won't matter anymore. Meanwhile, Hakkan pays avisit to his mother, Adar, who is lying on her bed. Hakkanassumes that Adar sought him out.

Because he had been away at war and she wasconcerned about losing her remaining son. Adar, Hakkan’s mother, once a revered queencelebrated for giving birth to two sons of the dragon race and receiving the blessingsof the fire god, has since succumbed to madness. Consumed by grief over the loss of herbeloved son, the late king and Hakkan's brother, ten years ago, she has refusedto accept reality and give him a proper burial. Adar fears that hisbody will be taken away, and thus, her son has been preserved in a sacred cave whereshe believes he will awaken and open his eyes. Hakkan returns to the main palace, where Turanquestions why he didn't go to Lucina's place. Hakkan replies that he's not in the moodat the moment, causing Turan to raise his.

Voice and urge Hakkan to consider Garret insteadif he has no interest in Lucina. Turan expresses concern about the bloodline of the guardiandragon coming to an end if Hakkan doesn't have a child. Hakkan asserts that he has alreadychosen his mate. However, Turan elaborates, explaining that due to the difficulty ofconceiving a child of the dragon race, the late king spent his life with numerouswomen until he finally had a child with Garret. Turan advises Hakkan to follow the samepath. Hakkan, infuriated by Turan's suggestion, raises his voice and confronts Turan,accusing him of suggesting that Hakkan should witness countless women's deaths, statingfiercly that he could never do such a thing. Turan questions why Hakkan doesn't considerremarrying Garret, emphasizing that she has.

Already given birth to a child of the dragonrace, making her chances of success the second time around quite high. As Turan speaks, Hakkan'smind drifts back to his childhood memories when his brother showed him how much he loved Garret.Hakkan expresses his dislike for Garret and lets out a sigh, pondering why the dragon race musttake so many women's lives to conceive a child. Turan explains that the dragonrace serves as guardians, keeping Tayar in peace by instilling fearin the Brion people with their fiery nature. Turan reminds Hakkan of his duty as the kingand urges him to go to Lucina. However, Hakkan worries about Lucina's well-being, recallingher as his savior every time he sees her. Meanwhile, Titi bursts into Lucina's room,informing her that Hakkan is on his way to.

See her. Surprised by the news, Lucina watchesas Hakkan enters the room with a flushed face, carrying two glasses and a bottle ofwine, and asks if she is still awake. Approaching Lucina, Hakkan complimentsher beauty and asks if she felt sad when he didn't visit. Seeing Lucina blush, Hakkansuddenly kisses her. As they share the kiss, Lucina feels a warm sensation and nervously asksfor more, which prompts Hakkan to inquire if she is no longer afraid of him. Lucina, wrappingher arms around Hakkan's neck, kisses him in response. While they continue kissing, Hakkancarries Lucina to the bed and places her there. Seeking reassurance, Hakkan asks if Lucina isnow prepared to risk her life for him and Tayar. As Lucina ponders her response, sheabruptly asks Hakkan if she is pretty..

Drawing closer to Lucina, Hakkan assuresher that she is indeed beautiful. However, the rumors about Hakkan andGarret suddenly flood Lucina's mind, and she asks Hakkan if he also has feelings forGarret. Confused by her question, Hakkan wonders what she means, emphasizing that he is with Lucinanow. Lucina, feeling nervous, continues to mention Garret and her doubts about Hakkan's feelings.Annoyed by the topic, Hakkan warns Lucina that he will leave if she keeps bringing up Garret.Believing that Hakkan didn't deny it, Lucina expresses her belief that Garret is prettierthan her. This statement infuriates Hakkan, who angrily questions if Lucina truly wants him to go.Disappointed, Hakkan leaves Lucina, stating that she should simply tell him if she doesn't wantto be his bride instead of provoking his anger..

Lucina is left unable to properly articulate herthoughts, feeling bewildered by the situation. Days later, Garret's servants inform her thatHakkan has not visited Lucina's room since their last encounter. Assuming that Lucina mustbe frightened of Hakkan, Garret feels a sense of arrogance, believing that Hakkan will soon loseinterest in Lucina because he dislikes cowardly women. Encouraged by her loyal servants, who areaware of Hakkan's admiration for Garret since childhood but acknowledges that he suppressed hisfeelings due to his brother, Garret confidently asserts her position. Reflecting on her pastencounters with Hakkan, particularly the times she caught him stealing glances at her, only forhim to blush and shy away when she looked back, Garret is convinced that Hakkan will eventuallycome to her and choose her as his mate..

She firmly declares that she will notallow anyone but herself to be with Hakkan. Feeling remorseful about her previous interactionswith Hakkan, Lucina regrets not expressing her true feelings and instead provoking his anger.Realizing that she needs to change her approach, Lucina turns to Titi for assistance, seekingguidance on how to rectify the situation. Titi is taken aback by Lucina's request to helpher improve her speech. Surprised but willing to assist, Titi suggests practicing with her toenhance Lucina's speaking skills. Emphasizing the importance of avoiding stammering while talking,Titi opens up about her own background to create a comfortable environment for Lucina tocommunicate. However, their practice is interrupted when a servant knocks on the door,informing Lucina that Garret has summoned her.

Inside the queen's palace, Titi encouragesLucina to apply their practiced techniques. Garret explains that she called Lucina to presenther with a suit for an upcoming royal event. The suit happens to be black,which traditionally symbolizes mourning in Brion. Lucina is curiousif the symbolism differs in Tayar. But then confirmed by Titi’s question to Garretabout the suit’s resemblance to a funeral outfit. Garret clarifies that she personally selectedthe suit for Lucina because she noticed Lucina's avoidance of the King of Tayar and her longingfor her homeland. By gifting her the suit, Garret intends for Lucina to convey to the Kingher desire to leave Tayar soon. Additionally, Garret expresses her pity for Lucina andinsists that she accept this gesture of honesty.

Titi can't help but worry about Lucina wearingthe black suit, concerned that it may create a misunderstanding for Hakkan, making him thinkthat Lucina blames him for the deaths in Berg. Lucina herself is anxious, fearing that Hakkanwill interpret her attire as a desire to return to Berg. However, their conversation is interruptedby a voice calling out to Lucina. It's Adar, whose identity remains unknown to both Lucina and Titi,as they are both new to the palace. Adar notices Lucina wearing the black suit and assumes sheis mourning someone. Lucina clarifies that she is wearing it for the royal party. In returnfor helping fix the suit, Adar requests food. Meanwhile, Garret and her servant areinformed of Adar's arrival and entry into the palace. Believingthat Adar will visit Lucina,.

Garret insists on escorting her back andinstructs the servants not to inform the King. After satisfying her hunger, Adarbegins working on fixing the suit. Lucina and Titi express their concern asthey watch Adar cut the fabric. However, Adar reassures them to trust her, promisingthat she will make Lucina stand out in the suit. Garret observes them from thepartially open door and then departs. Lucina feels a sense of embarrassmentas she covers herself with a cloth. Titi tries to remove the cloth, remarkingthat the suit looks much better now. As the cloth falls away, Lucina's beauty isrevealed, and the suit fits her perfectly. The royal party has commenced.

Hakkan inquires about Lucina from his guard,but suddenly Garret intervenes, suggesting that Lucina might feel uncomfortable aroundHakkan and may be avoiding him due to her fear. Sensing Hakkan's displeasure, Garret offersto perform a dance for him. Meanwhile, at the entrance, Lucina and Titiare denied entry to the party. The guard informs them that Lucina cannotenter because she is not wearing the suit from the late queen. Titi explains that it is the same suit witha slight modification. Following Garret's instructions, the guardblocks their entry and forcefully pushes Titi,.

Causing both Titi and Lucina to fall to theground. The guard believes that he doesn't need totreat Lucina kindly, assuming Hakkan mistreats her as well. Suddenly, a bird, Pooka, flies nearby. Noticing the bird, Lucina hopes for assistancefrom Pooka. While Hakkan, with a flushed face from drinkingwine, watches Garret's dance performance in front of him. He reminisces about his childhood with hisbrother, Raikan, when he idolized Raikan, who was a great knight that unified Tayar'stribes to form a single kingdom and earned.

The title of The King. Raikan was loved and respected by all, andHakkan admired everything that belonged to Raikan—his weapons, his wife, and even thethrone. Hakkan imagined himself in Raikan's position,possessing everything Raikan had. He believes it is his karma for his ambitiousdesires, as Raikan died protecting him. Even in his dying moments, Raikan expressedhis desire to see Garret. After the lost of the king, Hakkan was forcedto produce an heir, and Turan suggested Garret as his mate. However, as Hakkan was about to sleep withGarret, he remembered Raikan's love for Garret.

And told her she didn't have to do it sinceher love belonged to Raikan. Garret surprised Hakkan by embracing him frombehind and confessing her love for Hakkan as a man, stating that Raikan was her loveas a King. Shocked by her words, Hakkan was assured byGarret that she wanted to become queen again. These memories leave Hakkan feeling dizzy. Suddenly, he catches a glimpse of silver hair—it'sLucina, captivating with her stunning appearance, standing before Hakkan. Flustered by Lucina's presence, Hakkan believesshe is an angel descending from the moon, and seeing her causes his dizziness to vanishinstantly.

Previously, Pooka had cleverly distractedthe guard, allowing Lucina and Titi to sneak into the party unnoticed. Summoning her bravery and recalling her trainingwith Titi, Lucina approaches Hakkan gracefully and greets him. Taken aback, Hakkan wonders if the girl beforehim is truly the same Lucina he once knew. Collecting himself, Hakkan remarks that Lucinaseems to be late. However, before Lucina can explain, Titi comesto her aid, explaining to Hakkan that they encountered a problem earlier. This prompts Hakkan to approach Lucina closely,inspecting her arm and noticing a bruise.

Concerned, he asks Titi what happened to Lucina,and Titi explains that the guard prevented them from entering due to Lucina not wearingthe given attire. Outraged, Hakkan demands an explanation, andTiti mentions the late queen, causing Garret to react with shock. Without hesitation, Garret slaps the guard,asserting that the suit she gave Lucina is the correct one and feigns care for Lucina'swell-being. Garret then apologizes to Hakkan, clarifyingthe misunderstanding and offering to handle the guard. However, Hakkan insists that Garret need notintervene and commands Turan to give him his.

Sword. Approaching the guard, Hakkan unsheathes hissword, declaring that the guard had the audacity to harm his wife and disrespect the king ofTayar, tarnishing the kingdom's name. He proclaims that such crimes must be paidfor with the guard's life. Witnessing this, Lucina assures Hakkan thatshe is unharmed. As Hakkan drapes his cape around Lucina, heassures her that within the castle, nobody can touch her except for him. Drawing Lucina closer, Hakkan explains thatanyone who disrespects her also disrespects the king, and disloyalty will result in theirlives being forfeit.

Terrified, the guard kneels and pleads forforgiveness, begging Garret to intervene. Reluctantly, Garret asks Hakkan if executingthe guard during the party is truly necessary. Hakkan responds coldly, questioning whetherit was Garret's order to prevent Lucina from attending the party. Taken aback, Garret realizes that she hadmistakenly assumed Hakkan had lost interest in Lucina. Now, she contemplates how to adapt to thecurrent circumstances. Maintaining a smile, Garret claims that shewould never do such a thing to Hakkan's chosen woman.

She accuses the guard of arrogance, assertingthat he mistakenly interpreted her orders, and encourages Hakkan to proceed with thepunishment. Hakkan then instructs Lucina to close herears and eyes, urging her to stay back as he carries out the execution. He orders another guard to dispose of thebody in the Valley of Fire. Turning to Lucina, Hakkan carries her andproclaims that the party is over, as he intends to take Lucina with him, instructing othersnot to interfere. As Hakkan carries Lucina, who still has herears covered and eyes closed, he instructs her to open her eyes and ears.

Curious, Hakkan asks if Lucina was scared,to which she admits she was, but expresses her gratitude for his actions. Flattered, Hakkan apologizes to Lucina forraising his voice during their previous encounter. He explains that he had intended to apologizeearlier but didn't know how to express himself, leading to the delay. He also apologizes for not keeping his promiseto visit her frequently. In reality, Hakkan was apprehensive aboutvisiting Lucina and apologizing because he feared that revealing the possibility of herdeath after spending the night with him would make her resent him and long to return toBerg.

He dreaded the thought of losing her forever,causing him to postpone the visit. Suddenly, Lucina interrupts, apologizing fortalking foolishly and annoying Hakkan. She explains that she wanted to see Hakkanand apologize, but her fear of making the same mistake held her back. Gently placing her down, Hakkan reassuresLucina that he doesn't want to scare her, and if she feels scared, he will take herback to her palace. He tells her not to worry about making himangry and encourages her to do as she pleases. Hearing this, Lucina grasps Hakkan's clothes,expressing her desire to be with him. However, she admits that she's unsure if she'smentally prepared to die for him yet.

She eagerly wants to learn everything aboutHakkan first, as it will help her determine her readiness to make that sacrifice. Lucina's words leave Hakkan stunned, but helaughs and gently caresses her face. He agrees with her sentiments, acknowledgingthe need to truly understand each other before making such commitments. They then proceed to Hakkan's room. Once inside, Hakkan compliments Lucina's beauty,confessing that his eyes were solely fixed on her when she entered the party. Drawing closer to her ear, he requests thatshe never wears the suit again, as he dislikes.

Others seeing her in it. Hakkan's face draws nearer to hers, and asHakkan gently wraps his arm around Lucina's waist, she flinches, causing Hakkan to inquireif his touch bothers her. Lucina quickly clarifies that it's not thatshe dislikes it but that she simply wishes to talk with him today. Seeing her response, Hakkan laughs and assuresher that he understands. He then retrieves glasses and a bottle ofTayar's wine, pouring it into each glass. Hakkan invites Lucina to sit and asks whatshe would like to know about him. Lucina hesitates but remains determined, havingpracticed with Titi.

She swiftly drinks the wine and asks Hakkan'scurrent age. While pouring another glass for Lucina, Hakkanresponds that according to human age, he is now 29. Lucina recalls Titi's advice on getting closerto someone by sharing likes and dislikes, so she inquires about Hakkan's likes. Hakkan playfully teases her, stating thathe likes Lucina. Lucina clarifies that she meant his hobbiesor preferred food. Finishing her drink once more, Hakkan remarksthat Lucina must be fond of wine and pours her another glass.

As Lucina drinks, she marvels at the delicatetaste and different color of Tayar's wine, finding it relaxing. Moving closer to Lucina, Hakkan expresseshis interest in getting to know her better and suggests playing a game. As Hakkan pours the wine into Lucina's glass,he proposes a game where they can choose to answer a question or take a sip of wine ifthey prefer not to answer. It's Hakkan's turn to ask the first question,and he inquires about the specific type of man Lucina likes—whether it's someone intelligent,physically fit, wealthy, or sweet and romantic. Lucina contemplates his question, realizingthat all the qualities she likes are already.

Present in Hakkan. However, feeling a bit embarrassed to admitit directly to him, she opts to drink the wine instead of answering. Now it's Lucina's turn, and she poses thesame question to Hakkan, asking him about the kind of woman he prefers. Hakkan responds by saying he admires a womanwho isn't afraid of him and loves him for who he truly is, rather than just seeing himas a king. Hakkan then declares that it's his turn toask a question. He wonders if Lucina is genuinely skilledat conversation or if her quietness stems.

From being in an unfamiliar environment. Lucina reveals that she has been practicingwith Titi to improve her communication skills because she wants to be able to share everythingwith Hakkan without sounding foolish. Hakkan commends her determination and affectionatelypats her head, expressing his admiration for her efforts to change what she feels she cannotdo through practice. He muses that perhaps Lucina was once a bravegirl but became shy and frightened due to past traumas. Reflecting on their past conversation, Hakkansuddenly inquires if Lucina was physically abused by her family during her childhoodand subsequently ran away from the castle.

Lucina finds it difficult to answer, fearingthat if she reveals the truth, Hakkan might develop contempt for her. Sensing that it is now her turn to ask a question,she informs Hakkan that his query is invalid since it's her chance to ask. Hakkan chuckles and apologizes for the confusion. Lucina proceeds to ask what Hakkan thinksof her. Hakkan responds by expressing his fondnessfor her, stating that the more he gets to know her, the more his affection grows. He assures her that he has no intention ofhurting her, emphasizing his desire to make.

Lucina his queen and spend the rest of hislife by her side. Drawing his face closer to hers, Hakkan confesseshis wish to be with her every night and inquires about Lucina's feelings. After some hesitation, Lucina admits thatshe is indeed afraid but doesn't harbor any hatred towards him. She explains that she feels embarrassed ofherself as Hakkan possesses such a striking figure, and she worries that he might treatother women the same way. She implores him to only have eyes for her. Flattered by Lucina's words, Hakkan blushesand takes hold of her hand.

As he draws his face nearer, he kisses her. Holding her in his arms, Hakkan asks her topromise that she won't engage in similar actions with other men. While contemplating whether to disclose thetruth to Lucina, Hakkan ultimately decides to reveal the secret of the Tayar's tribe,specifically about the guardian dragon who possesses the most potent fire energy. He explains that women from other tribes cannotwithstand this energy, resulting in numerous deaths during pregnancies or childbirth, withsome even perishing during intimacy. Initially, Hakkan had no intention of sharingthis truth, as he planned to eliminate all.

The people from Berg. However, as his feelings for Lucina grew,he became afraid that if she discovered the truth, she would flee from him. Acknowledging his cowardice in concealingthe truth, Hakkan apologizes to her, assuring her that he won't harm her and would evenreturn her to Berg if she desires. But as Hakkan is about to inquire if she iswilling to take the risk and potentially sacrifice herself for him, he realizes that Lucina hasbeen snoring all along. Calling her name, he confirms that she hasbeen fast asleep throughout his revelation. Tenderly placing Lucina on the bed, Hakkancovers her with a blanket and kisses her forehead.

The following day, Garret's servants informher that Lucina and Hakkan spent the entire night together in Hakkan's bedroom, and itis speculated that they engaged in intimacy, marking the first time a woman has ever stayedovernight in Hakkan's room. Upon hearing this news, Garret expresses herdispleasure. As the sun's rays burst into the room, Lucinafinds herself in the midst of a dream where a large apple awaits her bite. Just as she opens her mouth, she abruptlyawakens, startled to see Hakkan sleeping beside her. A throbbing headache overwhelms her, and sherecalls the events of the previous night when.

She engaged in conversation and shared winewith Hakkan. Observing Hakkan's peaceful slumber, she cautiouslyslips out of the bed and makes her way to the door. Outside the room, Titi and Turan anxiouslyawait, concerned about Lucina's well-being. To their surprise, Lucina emerges from thedoor, remarking that she feels as if she's on the verge of death. Titi and Turan rush to her side, eagerly inquiringabout her condition. Lucina implores Titi not to shout, explainingthat her head is pounding with pain. Worried, Titi asks if Lucina is injured, towhich Lucina replies that it feels like being.

Stabbed and that she's having difficulty walking. Turan, unable to believe that Hakkan couldleave Lucina unable to walk properly, expresses his disbelief. Meanwhile, Titi asks if this has happenedmultiple times before. Confused by the question, Lucina assumes Titiis referring to the wine she consumed and admits to having done it three or four times. Upon hearing this, Turan and Titi burst intotears of joy, relieved that Lucina has survived despite engaging in intimate moments multipletimes. Still feeling dizzy and unable to speak much,Lucina requests some water.

Titi guides Lucina while Turan calls out toTiti, urging her to take care of Lucina as she carries the seed of the Tayar lineage. In his room, Hakkan finds himself hummingjoyfully. Turan enters, assuming that Hakkan has hada delightful night that has left him glowing with happiness. Intrigued by Turan's remark, Hakkan playfullyasks if he is handsome, recalling Lucina's words from the previous night when she hadcomplimented his looks. Turan is left speechless, witnessing Hakkan'sconfident assertion that among all the dragons, he possesses the most captivating physique.

Seeking clarification, Turan asks if Lucinahad indeed made such comments to Hakkan, to which Hakkan bashfully nods, confessing thatLucina was simply amazing during their time together. Hakkan declares that Lucina was as stunningas the moon goddess herself and as courageous as a valiant knight. Misinterpreting Hakkan's words, Turan congratulateshim and enthusiastically suggests that they now need to patiently await Lucina's pregnancy. Hakkan, caught off guard by Turan's earlyarrival, curiously questions the reason for his presence.

Turan proceeds to deliver the informationHakkan had requested, disclosing the existence of two additional women in Berg with strikingsilver eyes and hair, apart from Lucina. Sadly, one of them had succumbed to illness,while the other, an orphan, had been taken to the temple in Brion. Turan speculates that the latter might beHakkan’s savior, and have been whisked away due to the revelation of her unique powers. Hakkan's mind races as he confirms that Lucinais just similar to the girl who saved him. Turan goes on to reveal a startling truth:Baroness Berg is not Lucina's biological mother. Although Lucina is indeed Baron Berg's daughter,her birth mother was a renowned prostitute.

Whose exquisite beauty had captivated KingBrion. However, the whereabouts of Lucina's biologicalmother remain unknown. Turan further explains that Lucina was subjectedto harsh treatment from an early age, enduring countless wounds on her face. Astonishingly, it appears that Lucina wastreated even worse than a mere servant. Upon hearing the shocking revelation, Hakkan'sheart fills with sadness, finally understanding why Lucina always appears fearful. Empathizing with her pain, Hakkan imploresTuran to maintain the utmost secrecy regarding this revelation, emphasizing that he himselfwill pretend to be unaware of it as well.

Although such matters may not hold much significancein Tayar, where the priority lies in Lucina's ability to bear the dragon race, Hakkan takesinto account Lucina's emotions and fears the disgrace she would face if her backgroundwere exposed. He vows to shield her from further sufferingand devotes himself to her happiness. Turan, sensing Hakkan's concern, offers anapology for his audacity and raises another pressing matter. The officials are inquiring about the properburial of the late king alongside their ancestors in Mezarlic. Additionally, they claim that Adar has insultedthe deceased king, and this situation could.

Spell trouble for Adar. Understanding the gravity of the situation,Hakkan turns away but not before Turan informs him that Lucina is currently at the hot spring. Turan suggests that Hakkan join her there,as it could be a chance for relaxation and a further conversation with Lucina. Blushing with a hint of shyness, Hakkan agrees,realizing he still has more to discuss with her. Entering the hot spring, Hakkan scans thesurroundings, searching for Lucina's presence. Hakkan discovers Lucina with Titi, who isgently brushing her hair.

Startled by Hakkan's presence, Lucina happilygreets him. Apologizing for falling asleep abruptly theprevious night, Lucina rushes towards Hakkan and he assures her with a smile that it'salright, as he enjoyed watching her peaceful slumber. Noticing Lucina's damp hair, Hakkan offersto help her dry it. Titi promptly hands him a towel and informsthem that she will wait outside. Hakkan takes a seat and invites Lucina tojoin him. Confused, as the only chair is occupied, Lucinahesitates until Hakkan kindly offers his lap. Nervously, Lucina sits on Hakkan's lap ashe dries her hair with the towel.

Curious about her well-being after gettingdrunk the previous night, Hakkan inquires, and Lucina explains that she feels betterafter immersing herself in the hot spring. Tenderly tilting Lucina's chin, Hakkan shareshis experience with Tayar's wine, noting its sweet taste but also the subsequent morningheadache. Drawing her closer to his chest, Hakkan comparesthe wine to Lucina, confessing that even though he saw her all night, the moment she disappearedfrom his sight, he already missed her, making him crave her presence throughout the day. Overwhelmed by Hakkan's words, Lucina impulsivelykisses him and confesses her reciprocated feelings.

Wondering if Lucina's suffering in Berg ledher to easily give her heart to someone who took her to an unfamiliar place, Hakkan hasdecided not to make her suffer any further. He then invites her to his room later thatnight, as he has something important to share with her. Hakkan and Lucina stroll back from the hotspring together. Spotting Titi, Hakkan admires Titi's effortsin helping Lucina regain her ability to speak and rewards her with a gold as a token ofappreciation. Titi is taken aback and expresses her gratitudeto Hakkan. Hakkan then informs Titi that he and Lucinawill be having dinner together in his room.

Tonight, hoping to make it a regular occurrence. Tenderly kissing Lucina's hand, Hakkan bidsher farewell and looks forward to seeing her later. Meanwhile, in the queen's palace, Garret'sservants relay the news of Hakkan inviting Lucina for nightly dinners in his chamber. They also inform Garret that the officialshave decided to bury the late king in Mezarlic, indicating that Garret will be moving outof the palace soon. Pondering the prospect of letting Lucina takeover her position without resistance, Garret surprises her servants by ordering them tosummon Gillai immediately.

A man with long hair bows respectfully beforeGarret, addressing her as the late queen. Another beautiful man, called as Gillai, hasbeen summoned by Garret for an unknown purpose. Since this series is still going on, the currentvideo wraps up the last chapter, so we'll have to wait a while for the next one. But hey, no worries! We've got another series to keep you entertainedin the meantime, while we wait for Hakkan and Lucina to get all lovey-dovey again… So smash that like button and leave a commentbelow! and thank you so much for tuning in, hopeyou enjoyed every bit of it!.

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