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If you could make one wishcome true, what would it be? Many reasonable adults would wish for fame,money, power, love, beauty, happiness. Children, you can count on them to bemore creative with their wishes. In fact, ten years ago, a certain Hoshimiya Eijiwished for the end of the world. It wasn’t out of spite or even malice – he was justwatching some cartoon about a supervillain. After that, the Great Destruction came, and theworld was nearly annihilated. In this world, people called ‘Orders’ exist, and they are capableof turning their wishes into great power. Eiji is one of them. All this time, he’s been blaminghimself for the Great Destruction, but the goddess Daisy, who granted his wish, assures him that hetechnically didn’t wish for the end of the world.

So what is Eiji’s power? It revealed itself when Eiji was up againstthe immortal assassin, Kurenai Rin. Rin’s an Order who kidnapped his beloved sister Sena andtried to kill Eiji. Her parents died during the Great Destruction, and she only had him to blame.Unfortunately for her, his power as an order is to bend everything according to his will. Anythingwithin his domain, whether people or objects, is his to control and manipulate. Andthus, her efforts are rendered futile. Hell, she may never have thechance to kill him again. It’s revealed that their entire fight was being watched by ten other Orders whowant to make Eiji the King of Kings.

Because of the Great Destruction, Japan lost itsability to function as a nation, and they were placed under the UN Interim Governance Mechanism’srule. The designated headquarters for Kyuushuu is the Dazaifu City Government Office. However,they believe that destruction is also part of a new world’s creation. The old human world is atan end, and a new world is beginning. As Orders, they’re tasked with leading this new world, andthey want Eiji at the forefront of this New Order. Is Eiji up for the job? Well, it doesn’treally matter. Because if he wants his sick step-sister Sena to get betterand live, then he better act right. Since Hoshimiya Eiji has no choice but to be theking of the Dazaifu City Government Office's Group of Ten, he joins their meeting. To explaintheir upcoming Yamaguchi invasion, Kunou Mari.

Details Yamaguchi's governance being left to anOrder who possesses the power of petrification. Eiji plays a crucial role in this operation– the start of their world domination plan. HUH??? He's their king, right??Why would they do that!? Silence looms in the air as none of theOrders answer him. Eiji then suggests another plan instead: to strengthentheir defenses by placing Kyuushuu's coast under Eiji's domain. This way, Eiji willbe able to dominate anyone who tries to land. Mari chuckles and calls it a laid-backstrategy. Eiji doesn't have a choice but to hear out Mari's elaborate plan.That is if she plans on discussing it further. It seems that withholding furtherdetails is also part of the operation.

Outraged, Eiji tries protesting, but Mariuses her Order to put Eiji in place. She's the master tactician in the team, while Eiji'sjust a puppet who merely gets to play king. He has no choice but to play along. — In the hallway, Eiji bumps into the Group ofTen's Fourth Hand, Iyo, who reassures him that her divination says everything will go accordingly.Before separating ways, Iyo hands Eiji a gun. Later that day, Mari aids Eiji in a broadcastconnection with the Prime Minister. This famous a-hole starts taking jabs at Eiji for plotting acoup d'etat. Wanting to confirm his thoughts, the Prime Minister asks if Eiji is really dominatingthe Dazaifu Government Office against their will.

Mari confirms this, stating Kyuushuu is under Eiji's domain. The Prime Minister thengives the green light to broadcast the capital punishment to the Kantou-areafamily members of the Group of Ten. If the Group of Ten really isfollowing Eiji against their will, they'll just have to sitback, relax, and watch… Right? The executioner doesn't hesitate as heswings his blade at Narukami Benkei's uncle, decapitating him. Another familymember gets plunged to death after. Wide-eyed, Eiji is baffled to see a nationalhead of state make such foolish decisions. “Heads are rolling because of you, EijiHoshimiya,” says the Prime Minister,.

While the masses watching chanttheir approval of such a bloodbath. The last execution is Mari's nephew, Kengo. Before Mari can say anything else,Eiji stands up, looking all serious, telling the Prime Minister to purge as manyas he wants because it won't matter at all. Taking out the gun Iyo gave him, Eijiconfidently tells the Prime Minister annihilating hostages only matters if HEdoes it. Eiji suddenly shoots Mari in the head. He then annihilates every Order whilethe Prime Minister can only watch in shock. Was the Prime Minister wrong all along?Could Hoshimiya Eiji be the real deal, and the Group of Ten really arebeing used against their will?.

Nah, you're absolutely correct, Mr. PM.They're in it with Eiji. It's just that Eiji's clever enough to use hisOrder to stop the bullets before they land on anyone's head. A ruse tostop the Prime Minister's live killing. Suddenly, Kurenai Rin bursts through the doors,swinging her sword toward Eiji, who shoots her in the head, by the way. Rin's body lands on thefloor with a thud as Eiji repeatedly shoots her. Cool as a cucumber after supposedlyunaliving a bunch of people, Eiji formally declares war. Eitherthey surrender or face Eiji's wrath. — After the transmission, everyone gets upwhile Rin starts regenerating. Everything.

Went as planned – the Prime Minister willthink Eiji's acting against the Dazaifu City Government. And the mastermindbehind such a brilliant plan? Hiragi. Check. Mate. — Their mission begins with Eiji and Rin,accompanied by some soldiers infiltrating an entrance on the Kyuushuu side ofthe Kanmon Tunnel. At the same time, Squads 6 and 7 are already landing at Doigahama, Yamaguchi Prefecture. A recon squad iskeeping tabs on what's thought to be the Rock God. Mari gives out orders regardingcombating the Rock God to all the squads.

While walking in the tunnel, Eijiinstructs Rin to help him earn the Group of Ten's respect. However, weall know Rin's out to get Eiji's neck, so the boy uses his power to have Rin reportto him as soon as she finds the Rock God. The whole tunnel suddenly starts shaking,and the ceiling starts collapsing. Eiji's power isn't enough to protect everyonesince his domain isn't wide enough. The soldiers decide to retreat whileEiji informs Rin they'd continue on. Luckily, Iyo appears before them and uses herpower of 100% accurate divination. With Perfect Astrologer Star Seeker, a paper reveals some kindof reading. Iyo then leads Eiji and Rin out of the tunnel. The paper is actually something thataids Iyo in avoiding edges and falling debris.

The three make it out of the tunnel unscathed.Iyo then informs Eiji of their main objective: avoiding combat and securing thetarget at the designated location. Target? Who is this target, anyways? Eijiseems slightly disappointed to find out he's not going to fight off the Rock God himself. Iyo and Eiji continue walking, but Rin getsdistracted by a Keroron doll, leaving her behind. Iyo's ribbon is also moving. Is it rabbit ears?Is it part of her costume? Curious, Eiji moves to touch it, but Iyo immediately dodges his advances.She lands on top of a post and is shaking in fear. Eiji's not allowed to touch Iyo's ears…becausehe might get her pregnant. Say what now??? Iyo explains how her father said miko's spiritualpower resides in her virginity. If a man were to.

Touch her, she'd bear a child. But because Iyocouldn't obtain such spiritual power no matter how much she trained, she made a wish – toreceive a divine sign. Hence, Star Seeker. However, if Iyo gets pregnant,she'll lose her power as a miko. Although Eiji promises notto touch it, deep inside, he totally wants to. Dude, youwanna be a dad that much??? Catching up on the two, Rin seems to bechirpy…waaaaay too chirpy. It's because she's managed to lead the Rock God toEiji. And Mari's staff has lost contact with the recon squads. They've beenpetrified and outscored by the Rock God. Now Mari's wondering why Eiji'slocation has been compromised,.

Especially since only the Group of Ten anda handful of people know of their plan. Back on the streets, Eiji's tryingto use his power on the Rock God, but to no avail. He'll have to dominate theOrder behind the Rock God to control it. Iyo and Eiji escape from the Rock God's havoc, hiding under a tunnel. Iyo then suggestsshe'll divine the real location of Rock God's Order. Because of Iyo's injuredleg, Eiji has to aid her in walking. However, Eiji loses focus and lets go ofIyo. Before she can fall to the ground, Eiji holds Iyo by her rabbit ears. AAAAND Iyo does become pregnant. Congratulations onthe kid! When's the gender reveal party?.

Spotting Eiji and Rin's escapingforms, Rin rushes towards them, ultimately stopping when she spots anunconscious girl falling to the ground. Then, Taira no Kagekiyo, the ruler of Yamaguchiand the Rock God Order, appears before Rin. [4] Seeing Rin inside Eiji's domain, Taira triesgrabbing her forcibly. She offers Rin a chance to switch sides, especially since a nuclearmissile is about to strike Yamaguchi. It'll wipe the entire city off the map and poisonthe land with radiation. Even the Group of Ten knows this since they hacked intothe system to alert them to the launch. This is why they sent Eiji to Yamaguchi -to use him as bait and capture Yamaguchi.

— Meanwhile, Iyo's baby bump seems to be ready topop. Carrying Iyo, Eiji stumbles upon some older women who take the duo to a nearby hospital.Ah, the gender reveal party IS the birth! Cool! Frustrated, Eiji has to come upwith a plan to save Yamaguchi ASAP. — Going back to Taira and Rin,it seems that these girls are working together. Rin doesn'tknow Taira has a hidden agenda, though. This chick believes Rin's easilydeceived, based on the intel Taira received. Suddenly, Rin stops in her tracks and laysthe little kid on the side. Rin just has this.

Gut feeling that she hates Taira. Unsheathingher sword, Rin exclaims how she doesn't care about the missile at all. She only wantsto be the ONLY ONE to annihilate Eiji. Rin's walkie-talkie startstransmitting a message from Eiji, who's figured out what's beenjamming their communication. Eiji's hanging on a tall antenna postas he uses his power to command Rin to defeat the Rock God's Order. Raising her sword, Rin swings an attack toward Taira,who's able to break Rin's sword in two. Rin then uses her Order to regenerateher sword, using it to land an attack on Taira. As the two get into a heatedbattle, Eiji's now able to contact HQ,.

To which Mari informs Eiji the enemyalready knows Eiji's exact location. While Taira blocks Rin's attack, sheuses her Order to petrify Rin's body; victoriously telling Rin that shealready knows where Eiji is. It's a no-brainer since Eiji's able to fix theantenna and use his domination power to command Rin. Taira's already reportedEiji's location to the higher-ups, too. Now knowing Eiji's location, the UN launchesa nuclear missile heading straight toward him. At HQ, Hiragi instructs the staff to withdrawtheir troops in the 10km vicinity of the strike zone. Mari tries to negate Hiragi'sdecision, but Hiragi's word is law. Rushing to the hospital, Eiji hurriedly tellsIyo they need to escape. But the Rock God and.

Taira have managed to locate Eiji. Beforethe Rock God could smash them to pieces, Eiji manifests an air-pressurewall to protect himself. Seeing the residents nearby, Taira nudgesthem to help her annihilate Eiji. With all their pent-up anger toward the Orderthat destroyed the world ten years ago, the people start throwing rocks at Eiji. Dark shadows cloud the sky, emergingfrom the Rock God. It's actually made from gravestones of those who died hatingEiji. Taira used to be a cemetery keeper, constantly hearing hateful voices, and so shewished to be able to put their resentment to rest. Eiji tries to plead with the residents,telling them about the incoming nuclear.

Strike. However, the nurse tending toIyo earlier attacks Eiji from behind, plunging a sharp blade into Eiji'sbackside, making Eiji lose his balance. Everything goes in slo-mo, as Eiji thinks of his situation right now. He's thishated. All alone and done for. Taira gets a transmission messagefrom her “intel” about Dazaifu Government Office withdrawingtheir troops. Lo and behold, our 007 (double O seven) is none other thanGroup of Ten's Tenth Hand, Ayahito Sundan. With everyone in just the same vicinity, Eijicalls out his Order to use Bind Dominator, piercing everyone's hearts to makethem cooperate with him to survive.

Now that Taira's also in Eiji'sdomain, the Rock God is at Eiji's disposal. Eiji then rides the Rock God'shand, vowing to face his battles head-on. Right now, Eiji's battle is heading straightfrom the sky. With the missile oh-so-close, Eiji calls out his Order to Control Gravity.It's clear that he can't decrease its velocity fast enough, but Eiji does manage touse the Rock God to catch the missile. It's literally heaven-sent to Earthwhen The Group's Second Hand, Benkei, and Sixth Hand, Lorin Wright, fall from a plane. Benkei immediately summons hisOrder Aramitama, Battle On, easily pulverizing the missile into specks ofdust. That's the power of someone who wished.

To be the strongest. Benkei can easilypulverize its targets at an atomic level. Their problems aren't over yet. Asecond missile has now been launched, and they have 10 minutes 'till impact. Hiragi instructs his staffto patch him with the UN, offering to negotiate with them. But thepresident sarcastically declines Hiragi's offer. They can use all the world'sweapons on The Group if they want to. Being saved from the nuclear explosion hasTaira angry. They've failed to purge Eiji. She tries to gain control of her RockGod once more, making it attack Eiji. “I don't want anyone dying becauseof me again!” exclaims Eiji,.

Who's trying to hold back the Rock God's attack. Tearful, Taira releases her frustrations atEiji, saying he'll never be able to wash away his sins. He never knew how much damage hiswish caused the world. All those people died, and the people left behind had to endurepain that soon turned to resentment. “Our grudge isn't so lukewarm that it canbe absolved through your repentance!” Taira bites back. But unlike before, Eiji's not aloneanymore. Benkei and Lorin are here to aide Eiji. As the second missile nears, Eijiuses the Rock God again. However, it starts crumbling and falling apart. Still, Eiji persists and uses Control Gravity whileprotecting the people from falling debris.

Taira finally snaps out of her misery andorders the Rock God to keep it together, revealing a brand new build.But it's still not enough. Eiji then shrieks an Order, and hands startappearing in the sky – like it's stretching the sky open. Rin falls from that openingto assist Eiji in this second do-or-die dilemma. Through their combinedefforts, the warhead is stopped. — Once more, Hiragi proposes a dealwith the UN. If they withdraw, they'll learn the truth about theGroup themselves. In the background, Ayahito arrives with the littlegirl Rin's protected the whole time.

This was all part of Hiragi's plan.Ayahito would be a double agent, and Eiji, a diversion. Their main goalwas always to secure this little girl, Tarutama Hikari, an Orderwho can neutralize nukes. The UN can send all the warheads theywant, but they won't work anymore. [5] Someplace else, Daisy is talking toanother Order about how interesting Eiji is. He pulled through such a difficultsituation! The guy responds that Eiji's willpower is something else, and perhapsit's a bad idea to leave him with Hiragi. Daisy tries to say that Eiji'sthis guy's… something. But then.

The room starts to warp into adimension full of flowers. The guy hopes the world will soon becomelike this beautiful flower garden. — At HQ, everyone's enjoying a nice hot spring bath. Rin stares at the tattooed binding symbolon her finger. It's proof of her complete subordination to her dominator, who shehates so much. Eiji, who saved Yamaguchi, her sworn enemy. Yet… he's her Eiji.Hmmm, is that a crush I'm sensing??? Taira's also there, closing in on Rin totouch her ample chest. Taira brings up the topic of working together to defeat Eijionce more, to which Rin hesitantly agrees.

Mari, who's also in the bath, informsTaira and Rin of Hikari's use in cleansing combat zones. Neutralize warheads,AND wash off radiation? Pretty snazzy. Minamoto Nene, The Group's Eighth Hand, cradlesHikari in the bath. Nene's power is the Parallel World's Sleeping Beauty, Parallel World DoorKnock. In short, she rules the dream world. As a part of securing Hikari, Nene's been controlling Hikari's dreams and hadher sleepwalking towards Yamaguchi. Meanwhile, Taira tests out thegirls' melons, even Iyo's. Iyo, who’s baby-less! Aw, I wanted to seeif her and Eiji’s baby will be cute… Anyway, her screams ring out the whole place. whenTaira touches her divine, if small, mountains.

It's so loud that Eiji can hear them from theboy's bath. That and Lorin's news of Sena's awakening ruin his peaceful bath. Apparently,Hiragi has ordered Franc to lift his time stop. — He's already ready to attack Hiragi,but the latter informs Eiji that his request has been granted, andSena will now begin treatment. “Play along, Eiji,” Hiragi whispers in Eiji's ear, explaining that Sena has no memory ofRin's attacking and holding her hostage. Eiji gives his stepsister a smile, butinside, he knows Sena still doesn't know his true identity. He stillwants Sena to be left in the dark.

Reading Sena's medical chart, Hiragi tellseveryone about Sena's advanced illness – she only has up to 6 months left to live. Senahas rare atypical [ey-typical] leukemia, and there haven't been anycases of successful treatment. Eiji rushes to Sena, reassuring her everything'sgonna be okay. Sena already has an idea of what's happening, especially since she knows Eiji'sthe type to take on problems all by himself. Shakily standing up, Senaholds Eiji's face in her hand, then karate chops him and calls him adummy. Eiji hugs Sena while apologizing to her. Sena starts to cry as she tellsEiji she wants to go to school with Eiji. Hiragi interrupts the sibling's emotional reunion,informing them of a way for a cure. Sena's only.

Chance is Kamimusubi, an Order living in Izumo,who has the power to heal incurable diseases. With the mention of Sena and cure in onesentence, we all know Eiji will jump to every opportunity given as long as hisdear sister gets to live a healthy life.

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